Video Highlights: Arsenal 2-0 Olympiacos

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11 thoughts on “Video Highlights: Arsenal 2-0 Olympiacos

  1. you can see fab in the background looking at the linesman at around 2.59 cuz he knew he was off. class flick nonetheless

  2. Yesterday’s game was great, a team so resilient and very defensive I BEG TO ASK WAS THAT WHAT ZICO CALLS SAMBA SOCCER?
    I am now convinced that we can break organized deference and fantastic goalkeeping. Faby was fabulous yesterday but Diaby still has alot to do. Great Arsenal

  3. I was the best match I ever watched this season though with a lot of hard-lucks. I want to say that is the way to go, I like the winner attitude our players have adopted and I believe it will earn us some thing this season. Manone has shown a very high level of confidence so Wenger should focus on developing him. though in just few matches for me I believe he could be the next seaman for us.

  4. To be truthful Im suprised some people are calling this the best performance of the season etc.

    We had 28 shots against a very poor side. Arsenal were good, but lets not forget they were extremely poor. Do you think the likes of Chelsea or Man U will let us have soooooooo many shots and not punish us for not taking the chances??? Our finishing was woeful at times, we should of had at least 6 in that game.

    The def was solid though had very little to do, but the attack needs to work on finishing.

  5. I am not surprise to see Arsenal flourishing in the early stages of the Champion League. I am only amased not to get the same spirit in the EPL and Carling. if we are to win any trophy this season, our midfielders should be strenghten, strikers sharpen and defence fortified. I am thirsty of winning trophies, ashame of loosing to EPL big 4s, and ripe enough to celebrate victories.How i wish a bird could take this message to Arsene Wenger. Gunners 4 Live!

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