Video Highlights: Arsenal 0-2 Valencia

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The Arsenal boys finished the pre-season with a 2-0 loss to Valencia at the Mestalla. Lukasz Fabianski may have saved a David Villa penalty but the Spanish side won the game with two late goals against an Arsenal team which featured eight second-half changes.

All the highlights are included in the video below (LINK):

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  1. silvester confirming what we all know walcott and diaby headless chickens for gawds sake wenger strengthen.

  2. Come up against quality and we are found out. Remember how far we finished behind Man U Chesea and Liverpool. Our players are skilful but uninteligent.

  3. I have been a fan all my life, wenger has been our most successful manager we ever had. Yes we not won anything for four years. We are fiancial secure we should buy.Can i say we must trust the Wenger,And i belive he will make a couple of buys

  4. Once again caught out in a set piece and defence exposed again, nothing has changed and nothing will until we bring in a DM and CH, if Wenger fails to do so then it will be a repeat of what we have been watching for the last three to four seasons.
    We do not have a natural born leader, this will be important season for Wenger and I believe he will experience pressure he hasn’t never had before.
    We are still not ready to mount any serious challenges for trophies.

  5. i think end is near, i fear the thread with which we were hanging at 4th place is going to be cut this season, and i fear worst as i did last season, we might be next newcastle utd. And u know, whats the worst part is? – its all because mad, unrealistic spending and wages given by clubs like chelshit, damnchester utd/city, real beggers(who just don’t know how to build their own team so instead buy it) and officials who allow such nonsense. What do they want every club should b owned by arab sheikhs. its painful to see a manager going down just bcoz he lack money not talent.

  6. The Valencia game confirmed some issued that I have worried about for a while now. We need strengthening at the back and in the midfield.
    We tried to play high back four and we were caught out on numerous occasions. This also happened in the game with Rangers and we were lucky not to concede any goal because of it. It demonstrated a huge lack of experience and awareness.
    Wenger, please we need to address this problem before the season begins.

  7. Guys let us face reality don’t blame other teams for spending they are paying back their loyal fans for the cold CL nights and the dreadful winter winds. AW should put an ultimatum to the board since all the achievements he has to his name are being washed down thw drain for what reason MONEY i nolonger crave to watch any game if i have anything more important to do cause even my best striker RVP has lost the zeal see what effect it has on the fans.

  8. Didn’t see the game but the result seems to confirm what everybody knows – we need to strengthen.

    We acquired Vermalen so early in the summer, and no other player has arrived since. I don’t understand it.

    Last minute buys take a while to settle in and haven’t gone through Arsenal’s pre season training.

    All this doesn’t bode well at all.

  9. The reaction to this game has been strange. With all due respect to everyone so far, this is still a pre-season game and the coach made 8 changes at half-time. To lose 2-0 to Valencia at the Mestalla is no disgrace and I don’t think it confirms or indicates anything in particular. I’ll speak more about this tomorrow.

  10. No andy you are wrong! This first preseason loss confirms everything, Arsene is a fool and always has been. That invincible season was a fluke, as was the season he did the double. Lets get Steve Bruce in, Juande Ramos perhaps, anyone really! There is so many class managers out there far better than Wenger we can’t lose.

  11. Although its sad to lose 2-0 everyone is jumping on the bandwagon a little, 8 changes at half time!! its pre-season to get players fit, we are ALL frustrated that wenger has bought only one player this year but lets judge him at the end of the season, we didn’t have a disaster last season and I dont think we will this season

  12. **** SHAKES HEAD ****

    Anyone bashing Arsenal obviously can’t see that both goals were down to Mannone’s very bad mistakes. He’s our 3rd choice keeper. There is no way Almunia would have conceded those goals.

  13. I’m a bit worried too, they are a really young side, which I like, but when things go wrong they could quickly loose their nerves and it will go even worse, but I will keep the faith and I hope they come through the beginning weeks quite well, the pressure at the start of the season is enormous so I think the start will be crucial

  14. swift you`re a clown, those managers you named prove you know nothing about football, go back to shite hart lane.

  15. granted it is pre season and changes were made but these will be the players we hav to fall back on when injuries and suspensions inevitably play their part this season and i think the issue being raised here is that the same frailties and mistakes are their for all to see…the 2nd goal we conceded was the type of goal we were scoring 4/5 years ago every game but that is a far cry from the way we play now as we dont hav players like henry,pires,ljungberg,vieira etc that can run in behind leaving opposition in their wake..our build up now is much more ponderous and appears to be a sort of pass the opposition into a dizzy state and hope a gap appears (which wont against quality defenses) and their is no element of surprise or pace to our attacks and i think we hav become predictable to utd,chels and pool who simply employ a blanket defense
    we need an aggresive pacy striker because,bendtner,nasri,deni,diaby dont possess the speed we need to hurt teams at our long mourned and long forgotten counter attacking raids
    if wer honest wit ourselves wev average goalkeepers, quality fullbacks wit backups, no sure or proven CB partnership, definate questions in CM no matter who u hope has ‘evolved’ since last year and song will be away in jan anyway, injured and injury prone widemen wit walcot still lookin far from the finished article and frontmen that are good in front of goal but none of home (maybe vela) have the pace or guile to get in behind a def.we will undoubtebly pass and move the ball from left to right,corner flag to corner flag with ridiculous repetition and look good in possesion but we dont hav that little extra to hav defs lookin over their shoulders that puts a doubt in defenders minds, we will once again concede goals to easily whilst havin to construct the perfect goal in order to break down blanket defense strategies….forecast; frustration mixed with hints of promise and pretty play for the future, shur wer used to that and obviously some of you hav become comfortable wit it
    everton will expose alot next sat as will injuries to cesc,RvP,arshavin or gallas if they wer to happen….oh i forgot shur wev got diaby,eboue and sylvestre to step in wer safe

  16. Got back from game 0130 , wanted to blog it but too pissed off with an AWFUL performance – thought better sleep on it .Cold light of day and it was indeed an AWFUL performance !

    Briefly. First half pretty mediocre with Diaby missing a good 1 on 1 chance against the ‘keeper being the only highlight.

    Beginning of second half we started really well – pretty Arsenal football and had Valencia on the back foot – for about 5 minutes !Really thought it was game on but very quickly went downhill – and when Cesc went off we were awful.

    Thought Gallas did well.
    Bendtner and VP were “missing”
    Arshavin was woeful – looked like he was playing in miners boots.
    Diaby was terrible , nothing went right for him.
    Silvestre has GOT TO GO.
    Eboue – read Diaby.
    Eduardo looked sharp but it wasn’t happening for him – same for Walcott.
    Ramsey played well.
    Wilshere is so full of enthusiam , so hungry for the ball, and played well . On a couple of ocasions he looked at his team mates and spread his hands out – like saying “what’s going on here”.
    Song had a good game , involved a lot and looking for the ball . Thought it significant that it was almost immediately after he and Cses were substituted that Valencia scored .
    Didn’t feel Fabianski at fault for either goal. First one the shot came through a lot of legs , may have been unsighted – second one , for sure he must have imagined Silvestre would deal with it .

    Very disappointing performance and maybe I’m kidding myself here but I really do think it was a “one off”, They can never play so badly collectively again ?!That’s not to say we don’t need new faces because clearly we do. DM a MUST . We need “bite” there,a “boss”.
    Silvestre OUT – also a MUST .

    Honestly folks , it can only get better – and will when AW either comes to his senses or is given money .

  17. @Anonymous – it’s okay. Swift was being sarcastic I believe. It’s a reaction because there’s a lot of people screaming and tearing their hair out and the damn season hasn’t even kicked off yet. It’s be nice to read a few more positive comments at this stage and leave off the ‘sack the board’ type comments until we are actually ****ed.

  18. OH MY GOD
    some1 just said lets judge wenger at the end of the season which is impossible cos when we do you all say its a new season and ‘put ur money on us this season’, ‘our young players have come on tenfold for the experience’ and ‘trust in arsene’
    right wel lets judge him on last season;
    let gilberto leave for a joke 1m when hes still a brazilian international
    nearly lost out on arshavin only reason deal went through was becos the player flew to london on deadline day
    team selection questionable at best of times
    ‘rested’ arshavin in fa cup semi vs chelsea even tho hed only played 10 games up to then and also rested nasri in a blatant display of misplaced arrogance
    fell badly to utd in champs league semi final which lacked guts aswel as pride and belief
    learned nothing fron chelsea fa cup game a month previous and took another whalloping in last PL home game to round off a hugely dissapointing season which had promised so much….well thats if ur to believe everything he said last aug after no signings of note ‘i believe in this team and believe we hav the quality’,myeah we do but wev no winners or leaders or individuals wit an edge to them

  19. GOD! do you not think you are all reading a bit to much into a preseason loss. one preseason loss, with 8 substitutes, and suddenly the knives are out for wenger and we are shit again; you are all fickle idiots, im sure you, the same people as are now saying aresenal are shit, were saying we were amazing a few games ago when we were beating athetico mardid and rangers- fickle idiots, let wenger do his job as you essentially know nothing

  20. Swift, Swifty…..can you re-read the contribution you have just made. I understand your anger and frustration for im a Westham supporter but FLUKE…. There is no way you can link that word with the INVINCIBLES or the double. Further more to link Steve Bruce with the hot seat at arsenal shows me that Wenger’s ego is really starting effect you. Take some time off, it works for me. All i would say Arsene needs to do is employe two leaders in the squad. They need drive, commitment, aggression, weight, strength and power they need to look imposing or have that Iron Mike Tyson affect, take no prisoners, S P A R T A. Sorry getting carried away….but im sure you get my drift…swift. They dont need to be able to play majestic or styleish footy. The team has enough players who do that. But Wengers ego want entertain it. Shame.

  21. haha, sarcasm lowest form of humour and all, I apologise :P.

    I am very excited for the next few weeks truth be told. The Game against Everton should be very interesting. The new signings made by Wenger should also be very interesting, because as of right now I don’t think anybody can predict who we will sign even Wenger himself.

  22. iT WIll NoT WorK if we bring in players now becuase they have not been in pre season training, played any pr season matches so their first match will be versus Man u at the latest!

  23. Spanish, how you can be so positive after a game like that, i will never know. Good on you though. There is a nasty taste in my mouth already. Im going off to watch the 2004 season to remind of what once was.

  24. what do you mean judge him at the end of the season we have done that for the past 4 season and had the same outcome we might go 1 worse this seasone by loosing adebayor and toure. that headless chicken (wenger) needs to spend some of that cashh he got all he thinks about is youth. players like bentdner need to go even though he has improved but sytill dosnt meet the standards to play for a team like arsenal perhaps villa. he needs to bring in a dm for couple of million we misssed out on felipe melo. why do we need vieira back he will just slow down are game and will look stupid in an arsenal shirt why leave arsenal in the first place. I dont know what will happen this season but manchester united and arsenal will not do great.

  25. Benjimon, look at the facts or look back at all the contributions made by people who felt Arsenal were going to win titles and notice they are still saying basically the same thing. The people who were more negitive or realistic are also still the same people. Open your eyes and RECOGNISE OBVIOUS CONSTANT CONSTANT CONSTANT PATTERNS. Look at the regular way in which things pan out for Arsenal. And form an opinion as to why it is happening. You might be wrong or wright but what you are doing is commenting on the situation the team have been in for the past 4 to 5 years. Does not mean your a worse supporter for it.

  26. Ill say it again- we are lacking the winning culture. We need to buy a couple of players who have it to go back to our best…

  27. have no idea. but didn’t feel so bad. a game’s gone and we’ll start a new game. it’s just so simple.

  28. gregor, i watched the Italian super cup between Inter and Lazio and patrick played like the player of old. It was really good to see. I take back all negitive i said about him. Inter were by far the dominant side creating many chances without the justified rewards. Lazio scored 2 quick and unexpected goals against the run of play in the second half which caused Inter to throw in the kitchen sink. Patrick pushed the team forward and worked like a a gladitor. Inter lost 2-1 but did not deserve it. But Pat was fantastic. Sam Eto’o was also very impressive and scored one goal. WHY DID WENGER NOT TRY TO SIGN HIM. I dont think 6mill would do it.

  29. theicehammer i know what you mean he is good but i dont think we need vieira i wish we could somehow get essien i know it unrealistic buth with him we would be solid in midfield need someone just like essien. walcott needs build up his strenrth and needs also pactise in shooting the amount of chances he missed against chelsea was amazing. I would like to see more of vela this season that guy has something to offer. i was hoping nasri would have a really good season but now that he i injuried lost the hope and rosicky. that wenger man needs to consider who to buy why on earth dose he want chamakh he is rubishhhh we have plenty players like him why dont we make an offer for miguel veloso?

  30. We have done well in pre-season and im not going to start moaning about 1 loss. Our hardest test and we lost which shows we need to strengthen. We beat Atletico which are also a tough team. Maybe this loss will make AW buy. If it does then thank you Valencia lol.

  31. Sir t brooking talking about young JW palying for the England first in the coming world cup. If he is picked for the squad and plays well, can Arsenal keep him away the money men.

  32. Shambogunner it as me that said lets judge wenger at the end of the season, you really have lots of negatives things to say on here about a football club you say you support and if you think we had a shit season last year made fourth spot, champions league semi final and fa cup semi final them you are dreaming, do you even live in North London? come off championship manager on the PC, I live near Arsenal and have been supporting them when Don Howe and George Graham were managing the team and trust me to get top four was a dream, wenger has been the most successful manager we have ever had you cant argue with that, maybe you started to support arsenal when they started winning things and now because were not you have spat your dummy oit, by the way you are not a football manager so stop making out wth you pathetic comments on how you think the club should be run if we wanted your opinion we would take you out of your weekend job in tesco’s and have you manage Arsenal football club

  33. Played ok for 1hour and fell apart when Cesc went off. Fabiaski pulled a hamstring or something before 2nd goal so was fully fit. Do agree we play too high at the back, but agree I am realistic at the achevements of the club. In five years time, we will reap the rewards of the prudent times and the club will become stronger for it. Its a great club that was a traditional English team and with
    Ivan, Wenger and the Fox will become an international one with huge deals in place

  34. Jay, jay, jay, take it easy. Its because Shambo loves the team so much that he says what he does. You have got to stick to the facts when you contributing to the matter at hand. For all you know Shambo might be a better football manager than Wenger. Like i said before he is trying to address what Arsenal are going through right now. He is giving an honnest opinion based on the last four years which is a very very long time. What would be the point of the blogging if all that was said was make beleive and sticking ones head in the sand. Being a supporter is also about criticizing something you love. What has leaving in North London got to do with it, football supporters exist all over the world. Arsenal fc have a massive following in Africa which is 10 times the ammount of North london. And they have the right to an openion. Is Arsenal a big team or not. If so then they should be winning things or making more of an attempt by employing better or different type of players. Peace to all.

  35. Adam, can you imagine a youngster like JW waiting for 5 years for a team to win something. Out of the really good players Arsenal have, how many do you think can afford to hang arround for another 5 years. How old is RVP, Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Fabregas. Its a laughable comment. Your entitled to it though. Please answer.

  36. tell wenger dont keep a faith on youth player when u meet a big club like valencia..
    im dispointed!!

  37. come on all we have done is saying since 2005 that next season will be ours and we still do and adam sayys another 5 years are u kidding me why look into the future when we cant win anything at the moment. Jay why are you talking about in the passed it was a dream to finish in the top 4 its an embarassment for arsenal not to finish in the top 4. Wenger thinks only about himself and not the fans we see so many clubs buying stars and all arsenal fans can do is just imagine them play for arsenal whe cant we have an star that can help us out immediatly and not a youngster who will after 4 seasons.

  38. I watched the game last night and have to say at first I was incredibly dissapointed with the result, we looked second to everything and I don’t feel there was any stand out performances. Whilst this seems worrying on the surface you have to take into account that many of our players played 2 games in 2 days before flying to Valencia. Valencia also had a full strength squad out for the entire game and for 75 minutes couldn’t score against a below-par Arsenal side. I agree that we should make signings before the season begins and also feel that these should have been made before we completed pre-season but honestly who out there is worth buying in a position we need? On the topic of spending money, you only have to look at the likes of United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City to see that we have had a relatively successful pre-season without breaking the bank. We can’t draw too many conclusions from last night’s result, the real test will be to see if we are still unbeaten in the league in 6 weeks time. If so, we might even be in with a shout.

  39. Gregor good point who knows it does seem strange when we have had lots of money this year from sales not to have have spent yet….yet but I tell you one thing youth players in the past d rocastle, m thomas, t adams etc etc is the secret of having great talent look at Man Utd beckham, scholes, giggs etc do you really think its fair to have great youth players never make it at arsenal? whatever happens Arsene Wenger has only ever made money for our beloved club and as much as I would love to see a big signing it aint gonna happen it never has what was his biggest signing? reyes I think, before that wiltord £13m, also since chelsea have been taken over and spent fortunes what have they really won year in year out?? and how much debt are they in?? if their russian walked away from them its goodbye, icehammer the reason i said do you live near north london is because the local fans are not so negative they stick behind the team through thick and thin, being passionate about your football club is one thing but being negative is another, we have tried to buy an argentine defender and brazilian midfielder they both didn’t want to come, thats fine and great having lots of fans from all over the world but alot of these fans were not supporting the team before Arsene Wenger took over and i mean this in the greatest respect there we alot worse players than people are critizing today in the team and they way we play football now is amazing

  40. Gregor good point who knows it does seem strange when we have had lots of money this year from sales not to have have spent yet…. but I tell you one thing youth players in the past d rocastle, m thomas, t adams etc etc is the secret of having great talent look at Man Utd beckham, scholes, giggs etc do you really think its fair to have great youth players never make it at arsenal? whatever happens Arsene Wenger has only ever made money for our beloved club and as much as I would love to see a big signing it aint gonna happen it never has what was his biggest signing? reyes I think, before that wiltord £13m, also since chelsea have been taken over and spent fortunes what have they really won year in year out?? and how much debt are they in?? if their russian walked away from them its goodbye, icehammer the reason i said do you live near north london is because the local fans are not so negative they stick behind the team through thick and thin, being passionate about your football club is one thing but being negative is another, we have tried to buy an argentine defender and brazilian midfielder they both didn’t want to come, thats fine and great having lots of fans from all over the world but alot of these fans were not supporting the team before Arsene Wenger took over and i mean this in the greatest respect there we alot worse players than people are critizing today in the team and they way we play football now is amazing

  41. I agree with you jay about the fans, when I moved from russia to england I did not know who arsenal was i just watched them once and fell in love with arsenalll even though I live in birmingham. And yeah you are right not alot of people supported arsenal beffore wenger came in exactly the same thing happened with chelsea alot of people support chelsea now because of the money they have. Im not negative about arsenal losing to valencia but we need to spend all the big clubs need to spend to strenghen the squad but we are doing the opposite selling adebayor and toure ok they didnt want to stay but at least replace them roscky and nasry are both out for 6weeks who are we going to play on the wings if walcott or arshavin get injured, eboue? ramsey they both are good but not good enough yet.

  42. How long shal we b patient wt AW & His so called principles.transfer window is cumin 2 an end he has bought only one wen we need like three.question where r d boys dat we’ve been patient wt 4 4yrs now dat dey wuld ve been able 2 deliver d ve gone(flamini,ade.sendrous) AW PLS buy established players.PL is 4 men nt 4 growing ups.

  43. yeah jay it was you who made the judge wenger comment and i responded with some aspects of last year that wer questionable…this is a blog,i do my singing in the stands, this is where i make statements of the team on facts and sometimes its with over-the-top emotion but i can respond to fellow fans comments without the self-righteous tripe youve just spouted,you never even responded to the FACTS i mentioned on last seasons shortcomings,can u not engage in adult conversation?
    since you got personal; im irish and live in ireland and attend around 11-16 home/away games every year on a very modest income so dnt label me as post silverware arsenal supporter iv followed them for 18 years.
    wot AW has achieved has been unreal and no1 could hav predicted the great memorys hes given us but that does not mean hes excempt from critisism and his reluctance to spend or act reasonably in the transfer market is hugely frustrating for the wider arsenal say hes bid for two players and they didnt wanna come, how do you know they didnt want to come?from wot i hear he did his usual ploy of under bidding for these players and their clubs quite rightly refused the bids…that was it
    i dont need arsenal to be winning things every season, obviously becos im still ere, but its about wot direction were goin in and upholdin the tradition of the club and i dont think we will maintain our current status with other teams been allowed to catch us up aswel as us makin no effort to close the gap on the 3 teams who were so far ahead of us last year
    will go back playin championship manager now…put in a 5m bid for villa and 3m bid for essien but if they dont wanna come wot can u do

  44. Even that Arsese doesnt buy a big name yet it makes me feel good his intentions to buy Melo for 20m (10m + Eboue).

    And even more now that I heard that Zaidane said in french radio that Arsene offered 17m for Huntelaar but Huntelaar decide to go to Milan to be the new Van Basten LOL.

  45. shambogunner I couldnt agree more all we can do is just talk about the passed 49 games unbeaten etc etc I dont know what has gone into wenger that he has decided to get youth the guy likes to shagg youngsters dosnt like footballers who have experience he wants to show them all the moves thats all i can think of old perv!!!! headless chiken all that is left of him is his skin cant even stand on 1 leg no more.

  46. icy,ath madrid beat liverpool yesterday not manu.jay chill bro shambo is intitled to his opinion and just because we are all arsenal that doesn,t mean we all agree all the time, wenger is a very stubborn man more interested in making money for the club at the moment than winning tropies and until that changes the trend were seeing will continue. we got 40 odd million for bayor and kolo and what have we done with it?……….NOTHING.

  47. ShamboGunner and Ojei Peter Jnr might sound a tad pessimistic, not sure of the spelling, but they are both talking about things that are happening. Im sure they love the club as much as anyone else. Last season i went to 6 home games because my now 13yr old is in the Arsenal academy. We always sit in the academy section directly behind the away team. I hear how damming the abuse can get to the Arsenal team, some of it very colourful but sometimes very harsh and over the top. These people love the club but can no longer be patient and voice their fustration at Wenger and the team.

  48. Are Arsenal having problems paying the mortgage for the Emerates. Has anyone seen the books. Im really interested in knowing. There seems to be a new trend developing amongst some fans who appear to be more concerned with the profit the club makes rather than silverware accumulated. I suppose its no longr a working class sport. To many prawn sallad supporters.

  49. arsenal the stuff you said about wenger earlier was disgraceful you must be from the other side of north london? that was TOO strong and not what this blog is about so if you want to contribute here put your crayons and colouring book away and say something constructive!

  50. Shambogunner ok mate I was harsh but you were being very negative about the team you are suppose to support, we are all frustrated nothing has been done in the transfer market the two players I am talking about is Melo and Fazio – Fazio (DC) agent said he was settled and didnt want to leave and Melo (DM) chose another team, so he is trying and lets see what happens we all wanna see big signings maybe there is underlying issues with the board – Dein said they are too old fashioned!!!! But Wenger buys bargains and makes them stars look at kolo bought for £150k sold for £16million, Anelka etc etc etc

    We still have a huge debt from the new stadium we have just built we forget that

    Gregor we welcome you as a fan my friend and trust me I was gutted to see Kolo go but he wanted to, and as for Adebayor we didnt exactly welcome him anymore, I take your point and respect it but we still got a way to go for Transfer deadline day but dont expect a mega bucks signing cause its never gonna happen never has

    Lads I am sorry I got heated but we have to support the team through thick and thin look at Aston Villa or many other teams in the premier league they have won fuck all for donkeys years, i mean some of them 20 years!!!

  51. Shambogunner you have every right to say what you think and should never say sorry everyone has their own way of thinking which they think will help arsenal all of us voice our conserns because we all care. A couple of weeks ago i was quiet excited about the new season having had nasri and rosicky fit but now that they are injured i think we need to sign 1 or to players not world class players just players that can do their job well. NOWWWWWWWW lets talk about the positive all we have done is talk about the negatives its not the end of the world. Arsenal just need to get a good start but i have a feeling we might draw or loose against everton I hope im soooo wrong.




  53. You might also want to look at Liverpool. A club that once dominated English foortball. Look at the money they’ve spent. The big names coming and going every season. The manager’s coming and going. Now the club’s owned by Americans and in debt. They haven’t won the Premier League ever. They last won a league title in 1990 – nearly twenty years ago. Their last proper cup win was the 2006 FA Cup I believe, only a year more recent than ours. Buying ‘stars’ hasn’t done it for them so far. Yes, like most Gooner’s I think we need some strong defensive support but Arsene himself has also said that. Up the Arsenal! Bring on the new season!

  54. @ jay
    no harm done mate i can understand how ur feeling, rite now our fans seem to be split rite down the middle on many blogs but it would be worse if no1 was sayin anything in my opinion and it shows we still hav loyal caring fans,but i worry when the former arsenal greats, nicholas,merson and parlour come out with more questions over the team than votes of confidence as these are men with the inside track
    bottom line is really it would not be the end of the world to go trophyless again next year but if we lose out on CL and its revenue then in coming years when emirates debt is cleared we may not hav the money or attraction to lure big names as AW will not be around forever to pluck talent from obscurity and we cud realisticly lose the players wev made into household names like cesc,clichy,sagna,etc
    look at other former established PL teams fall from grace. newcastle and leeds wer CL contenders in seasons past…now that wil never be us but we hav standards to maintain with city,villa and everton posing very real threats

  55. Man citeh are not going to be a threat if they had kaka and ronaldo as new players they wouldn’t make the top 4. They only beat celtics 2nd team 2-1 and most of there pre season games have been easy but they still lost a few of those. Sparky is a shite manager also. Ade will not get 15 attempts to score like he did with us and tourre is already injured so 15 mill for a player that has gone past his best is also great buisness we should see if they will buy tweety off us for a fiver as thats all he is worth. I would rather see bendtner as cb than that manure reject as bendy can head a bloody ball and run more than 10 yards without being knackered for the rest of the half. I reckon with another cb we will be alright.

  56. it disgusts me how all of u so called fans turn on our boys just becuz we have lost a game to a spanish giant like valencia at their own stadium.piss off to all of you

  57. I’m afraid Arsenal have a reputation for making insulting offers.

    Why can’t they just buy Chamakh for me?….WHY? WHY?

    MAROUANE CHAMAKH has pleaded with Arsene Wenger to make his dream Arsenal move become a reality.

    Bordeaux striker Chamakh, 25, is desperate to join the Gunners but his French side have priced him out of a move.

    Arsenal boss Wenger insists he will not match Bordeaux’s asking price, leaving wantaway Chamakh in limbo.

    Moroccan ace Chamakh said: “My priority is Arsenal, but there are other clubs.

    “If it’s Arsenal, so much the better. I hope it’ll be sorted out very quickly.

    “I am not sleeping as well as I normally do.

    “I made my wishes known to the directors at the end of last season. I expressed a wish to join another league.

    “As much for Bordeaux’s sake as for mine, my situation has to be clarified.

    “I thought they would have made things easier for me.”

  58. Don’t you gunners get it? Wenger is the greatest disaster of arsenal and I tell you that we will lift no trophy until the man retires or is fired. The board can’t do anytin to him because he is making them money by not buying players and selling good ones at a high price. The board are comfortable as long as he is making money. Its we fans that are interested in trophies. These people are doing business and don’t care about trophies. I hate wenger and the stupid board we have.

  59. @ the anonymous person who told every1 to piss off…i dont see any1 here chastising the team for the valencia was no biggy, wot the arguments for and against hav been about is whether we are contenders this season or in danger of losin 4th spot so take ur time when readin peoples comments

  60. I think AW is a great guy wit a great vision for Arsenal, we ve a good team but i think d team lacks DRIVE and we need injection of experience into d team. Winning a game starts by affecting ur opponent psychologically.
    What im saying is we need guys dat can really carry d team on their shoulders even i mean even when d chips are down.
    Losing to a side like Valencia is no big deal it is going to lay bare our flaws, infact it wil do us much good than harm.
    We need new signings at least 2 or 3; a sharp attacker (very strong and mobile); a DM with much charisma and a fullback(tall and strong for attacking and defence in setpieces.

  61. I read your reactions on Arsenal vs Valencia and all I can say is that only Arsen can save us from attacking each other. If only Arsen can buy a holding midfielder, add quality and into Defence esp. central defence, and may be one experienced attacking Midfielder, then there shall not be any need for us to attack each. some have even gone to extent of trying to say they are the best and oldest fans of the club, something that is needless to mention here. Let’s keep the spirit of 2getherness and stop being hostile to one another. with that said, I wish everyone a wonderful season.

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