Van Persie right about rotation being wrong

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Arsenal’s injury problems seem to be diminishing as the club prepares for the important Premiership clash with Sunderland this weekend.

Gallas should slip straight back into the side when fitManager Arsene Wenger revealed today that a number of his side’s key players are now injury-free and ready to return to training. Wenger commented that Jens Lehmann, William Gallas, Tomas Rosicky and Alexandre Song have all recovered from their injuries and will resume full training this week. However, all four players along with Eduardo da Silva, who is still suffering with an ankle problem, will be unavailable for the match with Roy Keane’s Sunderland.

The news means that Manuel Almunia and Philippe Senderos are set to keep their spots for another week, but it will be interesting to see whether they are displaced for the likes of Lehmann and Gallas when they latter two become match fit. Personally, I will be hoping and expecting that Gallas returns to the side in place of Senderos, despite the Swiss defender’s good performance against Steaua Bucharest midweek. A couple of readers of the blog commented yesterday that they believed Gallas does not have the right to walk back into the side. Whilst I would agree with this if Senderos was playing consistently well the fact is that he isn’t, and the presence of Gallas is only going to improve the Arsenal defence.

However, the same can not be said of Lehmann. Wenger has continuously reported that the big German has suffered from elbow problems, but the truth is that he was dropped because of poor mistakes against Fulham and Blackburn early on in the season. When you consider that Almunia has only conceded two goals during his time between the sticks and remember that the German also made some really inappropriate comments about him a few weeks ago, I think it would be a total injustice to see the Spaniard displaced. Nevertheless, it’s Wenger’s decision and he really could go either way.

Van Persie enjoys playing with the same team week in, week outThe great rotation debate

Robin van Persie spoke yesterday about the great ability of the current Arsenal side, and he followed things up today with some interesting comments about team rotation. Van Persie revealed that he is a fan of the way that Wenger refrains from rotating the squad too often because it gives the players an opportunity to build an understanding on the pitch that would otherwise be impossible.

“I like the fact that we play together week in, week out. Some teams switch – for example Liverpool – that is OK if they choose that. But when Cesc gets the ball I know what he is thinking about. When Ade gets the ball I know what I can do for him. Everybody knows their part.”

It’s certainly OK for Arsenal when Liverpool are dropping points in the Premiership, as they are at the moment. It’s also OK with me if they are losing games – like the one against Marseille – where I have $5 on their opponents at very, very long odds. On a more serious note though, I feel that rotation is a bit of cop-out and something that manager’s should avoid at all costs. It’s alright to give a player a rest if he needs it but to rotate players week in, week out simply to keep everyone fresh and give everyone a go is not the way to go. For a team to be successful you need to have players who know each other’s games inside-out and this is obviously something that van Persie believes Arsenal has, which is great. I just can’t see this happening anytime soon at Liverpool. However, if Rafa Benitez wants to continue rotating his side then I’m quite alright with it because it’s one less title challenger that Arsenal have to worry about.

I really don’t like this guy…Pretty boy Ronaldo

While I’m in the mood of criticising opposing teams – quite objectively, I might add – it’s probably worth mentioning a recent comment from Cristiano Ronaldo that many of you will no doubt enjoy/be infuriated by. Speaking with interviewers after Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Roma, Ronaldo was asked about a cut he sustained above his eye and came back with this response:

“It’s not a problem. In four or five days I will be beautiful once again.”

Oh. My. God. Get over yourself. This is exactly the type of comment that will always make me lean to the side of “diving pretty boy” as opposed to “dribbling genius” when it comes to my opinion of Cristiano Ronaldo. I really do despise the guy, despite his obvious abilities on a football pitch and when I read stuff like this I’m thankful that noone like that is running around in the Arsenal team week in, week out. Granted, there used to be, but thankfully he’s now long gone.

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What do you think?

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30 thoughts on “Van Persie right about rotation being wrong

  1. While I have respect for what Jens Lehmann has done for Arsenal,I cannot help but feel a little fearful seeing Jens come back into the starting line up.Its not just because of his two (Robinson style)errors early in the season,but also his temperament,which has often cost him time again.
    If you ask me,the guy is now a liability.Thanks for the memories Jens,but time to move over and let Almunia take over.
    Its sad,but his time is probably up.

  2. I absolutely agree, Jens has done great 4 things 4 ans wiv us but his time is up (for arsenal anyway) and now its time for Almunia to fit in the No.1 jersey although i have heard we are bidding for Jussi Jaaskelainen 2 become our no.1

  3. While Senderos has been on the pitch, we haven’t had a goal scored against us. How can people still be saying he’s not doing a good job?

  4. First guddos to Gilberto, that guy is just mature men! He understands that Flamini is in top notch form right now and so respects wenger’s decision to use him.

    Bout Lehmann, he should NOT displace Almunia at all. I’d advise him to take the bench and wait till Almunia makes like 4 straight blunders then only then can he try to prove himself better.

    Senderos impressed me in Romania and in fact he was my man of the match. Though am still not cormfortable with him at all, i’d like Wenger to give him a chance in the Sunderland game and see how he does. He deserves it!

    RVP and Ade should remain upfront but i won’t mind if Bendtner starts for Ade then Ade takes a rest and if things don’t go well Ade could always be brought in.

    If Wenger chucks Flamini for whatever reason for the game vs Sunderland, i’ll buy a sniper rifle and scout the whole of UK looking for him ;)..

    I love this blog Fry.. I love all a you. Keep it real. CHEERS!

  5. Someone needs some Midol methinks. Ronaldo’s comments are surely just cheeky. The guy gets on my tits too (mainly because of people rating him solely on the basis of last season’s early form), but as long as he keeps up his current form I’ll probably be ok with him. Surely it would have been ok to just say he’s a twat and leave it at that.

    It’s really hard to dampen my mood at the moment. A much-needed vacation coming up, the new Radiohead album on Tuesday, and the Arsenal playing Sunderland coming up. Chuffed to bits.

    I’d like to see this lineup for that match:

    Van Persie

    Despite my disdain for all things rotation, Denilson and Diarra have a very good understanding and could slot right in to give Cesc and Flamini a much-needed rest. Adebayor could do with a rest too I think, maybe bring him on when Sunderland get tired.

  6. Eduardo looks like a total pest. I like him. He’s not gonna’ displace Van Persie or Adebayor for now, but he’s a very good goalscorer.

  7. Cesc will play but i think Flamini will get a muc deserved rest as he has been one of our best players so far. Denilson to step in the mid and on the wings: Hleb and Diaby. My line up is :

  8. “It’s really hard to dampen my mood at the moment. A much-needed vacation coming up, the new Radiohead album on Tuesday, and the Arsenal playing Sunderland coming up. Chuffed to bits.”

    That’s awesome, Andrew. Sounds like life is an absolute dream for you at the moment. 🙂 Can’t say it’s any different for me; sitting on my balcony blogging with beautiful Australian weather 😀

  9. Sounds nice, weathers not great here in England but Arsenal make it seem as if the sun is always shining. I want a great result tomorrow to regain top spot that Man.Utd stole off us earlier in the day. Come on you GUNNERS!

  10. I’m torn about rotation. I’d like to see more of players like Denilson and Diarra, but I also like seeing the first 11 being rewarded for their good performances by retaining their places. Chelsea’s model of sticking with a best 11 worked great for them as they won two league titles in a row, and Liverpool’s rotation policy has their supporters up in arms, so I guess we won’t be seeing much of Denilson and Diarra.

  11. 433 – we will still c them in the carling n wen sum1 needs a rest but u cnt take out playas wen they r on form

  12. 433 – We’ll see these guys as injuries present. That’s the way it should be in my opinion. Although Wenger has been looking to the future for some time, there’s no need to hinder current performances just to blood players. As Jay said, that’s what the Carling Cup is for. Also, it’s a shame to see Manchester United back on top, let’s hope Roy Keane doesn’t do them any favours…

  13. hello sie ja je mir shka po ban naj sne te r eej cristion ti mu um pelqen shum si lojtare s e s je shum i mir edhe lun mir akm qefmme u taku em tu live qao uen ajm lirim nga kosova

  14. ronaldo is e best even kaka said it so we shd just gey it into our heads he’s thhe best in e wrld.our critics won’t change change anything or thir a button on his cloth.arsenal,liverpool and chelsea aren,t utd,s playmates.we won’t teams like ac milan.

  15. “It’s not a problem. In four or five days I will be beautiful once again.”

    That doesnt infuriate me at all. He IS hot anyway and there is no shame in knowing it. Besides, it looks like he meant it as a joke so yeah…

  16. can you really not see that it was a joke?

    or are you really as thick as everyone says Arsenal fans are?

    really get a life!

  17. c’mon now, what’s there worth quoting it out so loud and clear??? Can a man not be multi-talented, having both gud looks AND good playing skills?? i think that it ws too much of an exaggeration of “POINTING” it.
    P.S-i wonder wt dat fan wud say if d sm line would be told by ne gud-lukng arsenal player!!

  18. ronald0 y are u sexxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyy u are the best and will u go out with me love ya u seeeexxxxxy boy and persie u are gay love from melissa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. As far as Cristiano Ronaldo.. come on i am sure its tough to be that perfect..all the media etc..I do have to disagree with that remark about cut..Cristiano is still beautiful with or without it 🙂

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