Van Persie spreads the love

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Robin van Persie has only positive things to say about the current Arsenal squadGet ready for a confidence boost!

Robin van Persie’s goal to win the Emirates Cup on the weekend was something absolutely special, but it was his comments after the game that have filled me with confidence about Arsenal’s chances going into the new season: 

“Football is not about age. It is not about money. It is not about those things. Football is about if you want to run for each other, if you want to fight for each other, if you want to really play some ball. Chelsea and Manchester did a great job last year. It is hard to fight with them, but I know we can do it. Liverpool have spent lots of money, Chelsea have been doing that the last few years. I respect that. This is their way of winning things – but we can win things as well.”

“We are young. So what? Age does not matter. It is about the way we play football and the way we like to play together.  If you win the title with this team it would be great. I really believe we can do that. I really believe that in my heart.”

“I think the manager is thinking the same. I started pre-season training on June 18 and I am with these boys every day, I see their ability. Yes they are young and young people make mistakes, but that does not really matter – like in love, age does not matter. Everyone was really happy to play in this game against Inter. If we play the same way or even less, we will have a big chance to at least fight for the title.”

The current Arsenal side has the spirit of previous great sides under WengerThe spirit of 2001/02 and 2003/04?

If that doesn’t get the heart going, I don’t know what will. It is clear in my mind that the current side have a great team spirit and that is, after all, what makes watching team sports so thrilling. I remember watching the Arsenal sides of 2001/02 and 2003/04 and for me, the most enjoyable aspect of those sides was not necessarily the amazing football they played, but the fact that the played such amazing football with such a great team mentality.

Comments like the ones made by van Persie just make me so proud to be an Arsenal supporter. I’ve said time and time again that it is so much more satisfying to watch a young, talented team grow into a great team over a period of years than to watch a team consistently bring in new players to achieve success every year. Van Persie knows and smart Arsenal supporters know that manager Arsene Wenger is building something special and I just can’t wait to watch it unfold.

What do you think?

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32 thoughts on “Van Persie spreads the love

  1. When Players say certain things it makes you proud to say i support that team. Most Arsenal suportters love to see what young players are going to be handed prem debuts and get a go at the carling cup. A lot of other teams are not able to do that. They field 1 or 2 good young players or a team of young players who rubbish. Arsenal field a young XI that are quality so when people say we can’t challenge for the title it makes me angry. People underestimate us. With the way we play you have to have good team chemistry and spirit, we hav both. We did the double ova the champions last year, but critics decide to rule arsenal out of the title race before the season starts. A lot of people are going to be stunned this year and i just want to see their face and say ” i told you so….”

  2. Being underestimated is great though, I love it. There’s nothing better than proving people wrong and the club are in a great position to do that. And another thing, how much has van Persie matured since arriving all those years ago as a “trouble maker”.

  3. SF – The spirit of 2000/01? When we were out of the title race by Christmas, beating 6-1 by United and Liverpool won a treble? We’re fucked.

  4. Robin “Hood” Van Persie: Shoots with both feet and bound to score more. Prince of Prem league.

  5. that was very mature for Van Persie and in fact i think most arsenal fans have the same kind of point of view to least i have.This will be a special season for us and am sure we are out to rule. Let’s prove these people wrong :d

  6. Hear them say it and wait for them to do it! This spirit will make all Gooners wish to be part of the Party in May 2008.
    Go on Boys and Make us proud

  7. May not this season but surely in the future we will see Robin Van Persie as FIFA’S player of the year.He is one of the favorites for the golden boot this season and also could be the PFA player of the year.
    Why not FIFA player of the year? He’s on fire with Holland and Arsenal right now and with a bag of tricks as good as Kaka’s I believe he is on a par with the other great youngster.
    Do you agree?

  8. I have a good feeling too. It will be a very interesting season, and with TH and FL out this is the new Arsenal.

    Can they do it? At 10/1 odds, I going for it!

  9. Its not only Robin. Cesc has bee saying similar things. These young players have been fighting it out for sometime and we can see the spirit in them.
    We will surely see the best of them in the coming seasons.

  10. I know the RVP and fabregas are fan favourites but who do you think come the end of may 2008 will be arsenals player of the year?

  11. Player of the year i think will go to fabregas again.
    And Sam, Hleb might not even get to play in that position. He might still be on wings. But if Fabregas needs to be rested, hleb must be the one to play in that position.

  12. “SF – The spirit of 2000/01? When we were out of the title race by Christmas, beating 6-1 by United and Liverpool won a treble? We’re fucked.”
    Massive bungle. It should of course read, 2001/02. Correction made!

  13. Player of the year, that’s a very tough one. Logic says van Persie or Fabregas, so I would go for one of those two. However, Clichy or Hleb could be wild cards.

  14. Nick: Hleb and Fabregas play in completely diff positions. Hleb is naturally a CAM and AW is trying him out in his fav position. Fabs is more of a true CM who dictates play and gets forward. Hleb was filling the gap between him and RVP, and wa man of the match for me against Inter. He may very well play on the wing thhis season, but I have a feeling Eboue will play RM with Sagna supporting. Walcott will also feature heavily on the wing. It is fair to say that Hleb has not relished the RM position, but I think he will flourish in this spot behind the striker. Our squad is strong(minus a winger) and we have lots of players who can play in lots of positions.

  15. I would like to see Rosicky stay healthy and play well enough to merit player of the year. We would probably have had a really successful year if he was the one who won it. Hleb too. It would indicate tremendous team play as well as moments of individual skill, which they are both capable of. Nothing taken away from RVP and Fabby, but maybe if they one it it would have meant we depended too much on them.. if you get what I mean…

  16. Definitely understand. What you’re saying is that you know van Persie and Fabregas will play well, but it will require another player to step up in a big way for us to challenge and you hope it is Rosicky. Makes logical sense to me.

  17. Logic says Fabby or RVP but last season Clichy was running through the pitch like no-one was there he will benefit us and be a huge player for the gunners. Hleb has been the most talked about after the inter game, Who is going to win tomorrow – Lazio vs. Arsenal – squads , goalscorers what are your views and suggestions?

  18. am just in dubai, so no posts but am missing the website…

    take care lads, btw arsenal are big name in dubai was chatting to a few arabs who love football

  19. Who says we cannt win with Kids?Robin Van Persie believes we can.
    Age is just a number and a passport is just your nationality look at Gibbs he plays like he is 27 not 17 and that pretty much goes for the rest of our team,as for people saying youngsters make mistakes so to elders but everyone learns.

  20. What team do you think Arsene Wenger will start with against Lazio tomorrow?
    Sagna -Toure -Gallas -Clichy
    Hleb -Diaby -Fabragas -Rosicky
    Robin Van Persie -Emmanuel Adebayor
    Eduardo,Walcott,Senderos,Almunia,Denilson,Eboue and Bendtner.

  21. I think he won’t play Eduardo tomorrow but if he is officially an Arsenal player Friday, then he’ll start.

    Player of the year next season? Van Persie or Clichy. Wild card for me? Gallas.

  22. Sam, what u said about Fab and Hleb is absolutely correct. What i meant was, with Fab playing Hleb wont be deployed in that position just behind the striker unless its a 4-5-1. 🙂
    And it’s important that Rosicky doesn’t hurt his hamstring any more. If he stays fit for a season he can be great for us.

  23. it’s nice to van persie say this, i luv arsenal and i will always be gunners for ever. sayin this is not enough for me, but for arsenal to try their best in this season even in champions league.

  24. robin van persie is such a good goal scorer.I think he gotta be the top scorer in the EPL.He’s strong for sometimes,but not every time.He needs to keep mentally strong

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