Two Arsenal strikers with two very different opinions

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A number of Arsenal players have been talking about a variety of topics as they prepare for international fixtures set to take place this week and next.

Captain William Gallas kicked things off by speaking about the groin injury he has sustained and how frustrated he has been with not playing. Gallas mentioned how much the injury was affecting his mood and actually issued an apology to the rest of his teammates at Arsenal for his inability to always put on a positive face.

“Trust me it’s hard to keep smiling. So I want to say sorry to all of the players, and also the staff at the training ground, because they could see I wasn’t always happy. It’s just that I really want to play.”

Gallas has apologised to his teamMost people who play football will understand how annoying it is to be out for a long period of time with injury and I’m sure it’s only worse when it comes to professional footballers. If you live and breathe football the way that guys like Gallas do it would be very hard to be injured for a decent period so I can understand where he’s coming from, but I just wonder a little bit about the mentality of a man who is supposed to be the top leader at Arsenal. His comments suggest he has probably been taking out his frustration on the people around him and although he genuinely feels bad about it, it’s not something I’m particularly thrilled about. I can’t see Gilberto Silva or Kolo Toure doing it, but I guess that’s just Gallas.

Speaking of Toure, he had a bit to say today about the performances of everybody’s new favourite player, Mathieu Flamini. The Ivorian gave a great indication of just how much Flamini is appreciated by the whole team for doing his hard-working and selfless job at defensive midfield.

“He does such a huge job in midfield. Thanks to him, in defence we are rarely put in trouble. He has a fantastic heart and fights for everyone. He is involved in any clash, but only for the good of the team. That is why we call him Gattuso.”

The first time most people found out about the nickname ‘Gattuso’ was in the video clip of the Arsenal team completing the crossbar challenge. I said at the time that I thought the respect Flamini held within the team was quite evident, and if Toure’s comments are anything to go by then I can only say it has increased. I’m a big fan of Flamini and I’m happy to see him continue in the middle next to Cesc Fabregas for the very reasons that Toure mentioned.

Bendtner needs to be more patientTwo strikers, two opinions

Two Arsenal strikers whose chances in the first team have been hindered this season by the great form of Emmanuel Adebayor and Robin van Persie are Nicklas Bendtner and Eduardo da Silva. But the Dane and the Croatian have shown they have very different ways of viewing the current situation at the club. Frustrated with a lack of opportunities, Bendtner suggested that his future may lie away from Arsenal if the situation doesn’t change at some point in the future.

“It’s obvious that I don’t want to sit on the bench for two years. I will stay at Arsenal to fight for my chance and in case it doesn’t work, I will join a different club permanently.”

It’s not the first time Bendtner has shown some discontent and whilst he definitely has a point, I don’t think this is something he should be making public. Besides, he’s only 19 and will no doubt get plenty of chances over the next season or two (has he forgotten that Adebayor will be off for a month in January?). I’m a massive, massive, massive… fan of Bendtner as player and feel he has a big future at the club, so hopefully he can have a chat to Wenger about his problems and sort things out soon.

Whilst Bendtner is showing some signs of impatiency, Eduardo has shown that he is in for the long haul at Arsenal. The Croatian revealed how much he is looking forward to his national team’s match against Israel and gave some indication that he is fitting in well with life in London.

“I haven’t lost form, but I do need matches, and I’m really looking forward to this one. I’m feeling better and better every day at Arsenal. I have moved to a new flat, I have an English teacher and I speak the language better now.”

When you look at his goalscoring record for Croatia it’s no wonder he is looking forward to the match against Israel. Add to that the fact that it will be his first game back from injury for quite some time and you can understand his enthusiasm even more. He doesn’t say much, Eduardo, but when he does it’s usually quite positive and I like that about him. Even though he’s had a relatively quiet start to his career at the club I just get the feeling that Eduardo can still have a big say in Arsenal’s season. He always looks like he has a goal in him and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him poke home a injury-time winner or two in a couple of big matches. Fingers crossed then.

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17 thoughts on “Two Arsenal strikers with two very different opinions

  1. Good things come after.

    I like to apologise to my fans for taking quite some time without saying something.

    What is Arsenal? It is a team with a character, a team that will always show the best and the few will always doubt.

    In this very column, I once said that the doubtors will eat their words and beg to say that the best is yet to come, it is just the beginning that we are seeing.

    Am a fan of Arsenal and all the players. For Bendtner, I prefer that he matures so as he fits fully in the team.

    About Gallas, he right to be frustrated since he knows his potential and no doubt everybody knows what is capable of doing.

    Eduardo is such a lad who loves football. You can only learn from his comments. They are too possible and quite understandable. He will play given time. He is more than what we see today.

    Bataaze Musa are my true names and you can find me at


  2. I am glad that eduardo is a guy that understand the situation and will be patient to grab that opportunity with both hands went it comes,bentner must understand that henry too was good went playing for gunnars in early life, but was bench, while veterans suker, bergie n kanu were playing regularly,and henry had to wait until becoming popular.i hope that those who leave for international duty return injury free.spainish fry can u tell us if flamini n clichy have been selected for france it’s about time that fresh faces with something different to offer be selected and names to sit back and learn from them.

  3. Totally don’t agree with that Ronaldo7. Clichy will eventually take over from Evra. He’s a good player but I think you’ll see by the end of this season that Clichy is better in most departments.

  4. Nicely written article today SF.

    It’s a shame about Bendtner’s ego getting clouding his judgment at the moment – if he’s patient over the next few years i think he could really begin
    to cement a place in the lineup and produce a lot of goals…

  5. Yeah, Bendtner worries me. On one hand I really like his confidence (arrogance?) and his desire to become a star, but on the other hand I think he needs to be careful that he doesn’t lose the respect of the fans and his teammates. He has so much potential – I honestly believe he could be one of the best of the young players if he can keep his focus.

  6. I am a big fan of Bednter but he must understand and be patient, he is playing in the carling cup run but with RVP and Ade on form, Eduardo can’t even make the XI. He will get his oppurtunity and if he bangs goals in the carling then Wenger may use him him elsewhere.

  7. A bit off topic I know but the news coming from La Marca in Spain is that Fabregas’s agent is enticing Barca by saying “no doors closed” on barca move, you know the usual agent malarki. A £60 mmillion deal was attempted by madrid apparently last summer, if underline if he moves it will be a massive amount of dosh. Whilst I dont want him to move to barca a small part of me will love it, love it if he went for about 60 million to Barca meaning we got him for nothing and sold him back for £60 million. Think about it. What a pair of mugs. This would be the mugging of the century. His sale would be gutting but the sheer bloodymindedness of the scenario is somewhat appealing given the utter disrespect to Arsenal shown in La Marca this morning as if we are a small club with no say in the matter. Idiots.

  8. Gallas makes me nervous. Hopefully, he’ll return and play up to his potential and provide added stability and firepower at the back. However, we’re on quite a roll already, and he is quite a loud mouth loose cannon. Oops, now I’m even more nervous.

    As for Bendtner, you can’t really blame him for the way he feels. Nonetheless, one would wish he’d be a bit more politic, eh?

    F#*K BARCA!

  9. I hope Arsenal call Fabbys agent in to give him a bollocking and to remind him that he is under a long term contract and that it is illegal for him and Barca to have contact without permission from Arsenal. Also Arsenal should not give Barca the 2 mill for Fran because of their behaviour towards Cesc. I hope they threaten legal action against the Spanish wankers just like they did to us.

  10. We turn Henry into a legend, Barca take him off of us, we are making a legend out of Fabregas, they are trying to take us off of him. When Fran Merida becomes big, they will want him aswell.

  11. The reasons for Barcelona wanting Fabregas and Merida are pretty understandable; we did sneak them away from the Spanish club after all. I think it’s hard to tell who has said what in this particular case so I think I will steer pretty clear of making a judgment.

  12. Hi SF,
    Nice article once again.I have not visited the blog in 4 days because of the public holidays in Nigeria.
    Firstly for Gallas to apologise to the team and training staff it means he was a bad influence to the team during training considering the fact that Sanderous has being so good on the pitch and has nicked in a goal.Gallas is vocal which is okay but as a captain such vocal tendencies should be put in a positive manner.
    Bendtner is a good player no doubt. I understand he told Wenger he is better than adebayor before Ade scored the hattrick against derby.I have so much faith in him but he should be patient and work his way through the ranks ie carling cup, FA Cup, League then Champions League.
    Fabregas and Merida – With the departure of Henry I believe Arsenal can survive without any player. Fabregas can move to Barca no problem we are ARSENAL Lads common!!!!!!!!!!!There are so many players winning Fabs place in my heart right now and one of them is Helb. We will survive. Lets sell him and make money, we have denilson, rosiscky, diaby, helb, Fran Mrida etc in midfield.
    Finally clichy and Evra. No doubt evra is good at the moment for the french team but in the long run the speed and consistency of clichy will help him bench evra.

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