Tottenham 5-1 Arsenal: The scoreline says it all

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Well, I’m not sure anybody expected that. I know I didn’t. But Tottenham’s eight-year winless streak against Arsenal is over and they did it in some style. From an Arsenal perspective it was a poor performance and a shocking result, but it should be remembered that at the end of the day Arsene Wenger and his men still have a Premiership title and Champions League trophy to play for.

There’s no point going into the game because there it’s just not worth it. Nothing worked for Arsenal, everything worked for Tottenham and that happens in football sometimes. A defeat this big hasn’t occurred very often in the eleven years that I’ve been following Arsenal (if at all) so it was definitely a shock to me personally. But I will not be losing any sleep over it and neither should any else who follows the club.

Bendtner looks furious after clashing with AdebayorIt might sound like a cop-out to say that I would much rather Arsenal lose to Tottenham in the Carling Cup than lose to Newcastle in the Premiership clash on Tuesday but it’s the absolute truth. The Premier League and the Champions League are the priorities and I remain completely behind Wenger in his decision to stick with the reserve players throughout this competition. Having said that, you want your side to win every game they play and from that perspective it’s definitely a disappointing result.

What was particularly disappointing was the way that Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicklas Bendtner conducted themselves on the pitch late on in the match. Regular readers of the blog will know that I’m a huge fan of both players but for them to clash the way they did was a little bit ridiculous. I’ve noticed in the past when Adebayor has been substituted for Bendtner that they pair never really embrace the way most other players do so there might be a bit of personality clash for Wenger and the club to take a look at. I’m interested to see how it pans out and at least one of them (most likely Adebayor) should be apologising quick smart.

Regardless, the boys need to respond this weekend against Newcastle in the FA Cup. The other two losses this season (against Middlesbrough and Sevilla) have been followed up by victories and it’s imperative that Arsenal can find the spirit to bounce back again. I think they will and if so it will put the club in a good mood to tackle the same side for Premiership points just three days later.

That’s about all there is to say really. Hopefully Everton beat Chelsea 5-1 in the other semi-final later tonight. Wouldn’t that be something?

What do you think?

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67 thoughts on “Tottenham 5-1 Arsenal: The scoreline says it all

  1. I agree with wenger that the scoreline doesn’t say it all. the scoreline was harsh. they scored with almost every attack. it was one of those nights where everything went for them and against us. we actually played better last night than we did at Emriates when it was 1-1. they were picking us off on the counter attack. we could have settled for a 2-0 defeat but thats what crap teams do. players of Arsenal quality keep wanting to play – thats why they are Arsenal players. when Arsenal do lose we often lose heavily, remember chelsea in the league cup, Old TRafford in 2000 or Anfield last year? I dont take much notice of the scoreline. but Spurs were much better than us over the 2 legs.

  2. OK. I more meant that the scoreline said all that needed to be said; we’re out, Tottenham are through and they thoroughly deserved it. But it’s not the end of the world at all.

  3. I agree the scoreline didnt reflect the difference between the two sides. In fact I think Arsenal were lucky it was only 5-1. Berba hit the post, defoe and Steed missed sitters. Over the two legs 11-2 would have been a fair result.

    Oh happy day

  4. So, that’s basically a roundabout way of saying that the match didn’t matter that much, isn’t it? I think Arsene Wenger realised after the first leg that your youngsters don’t really have what it takes to see off a full-strength Spurs. So he packed the bench with “senior” players and put Gallas and Sagna in and brought on Fabregas early. But simply playing a full-strength side against us would have meant a big loss of face for Wenger, after all the fuss about Arsenal’s “brilliant youngsters”, Arsenal having two sides capable of playing in the Premier League, etc etc. Nonsense really. In the end he had to choose between the welfare of Arsenal and saving face. He chose to save face. And that vanity cost you lot big time!

  5. Was about time we beat you, and we well deserved it over the last two legs, wenger is a good a manager but an absolute f****** aragant tosa! why cant he admit it when a contoversial decision goes against his team? its the end of the season for you gus now you wont win the CC the prem or the FA cup we just destroyed your season!

  6. A very grown up article Mr Fly, a pity Gazzap isn’t so adult about it, but I can understand that it must hurt.

  7. To be honest, as a Spurs fan I should be doing what the other guys are and yelling and ruining the blog. What I would rather do is draw attention to the incredibly disrespectful comments of Wenger in the post match interview. Whilst I am not his biggest fan I thought he would be magnanamous enough to say well done, or admit he was outplayed, but made it sound as if we got lucky. Claiming that our first three shots were goals and that was the only reason his team didnt win, and that it was his teams naive defending that LET Spurs win. Now granted that will have helped, but Spurs’ clinical finishing and hasseling of play stopped you from playing the football you are used to. We played superbly against a team that featured something like 8 first team regulars (if not starts) like : Hleb, Gallas, Fabregas, Walcott, Sanga and for 30 minutes Adebayor (what a goal btw) and Eduardo- as well as Diaby and Bentner who make appearances- this may not have been your strongest XI but if you look at the spurs side that lost to you at the Lane- that was hardly OUR strongest side with no defenders, no real midfield etc- but that didnt stop Arsenal fans celebrating.
    Wenger attempted to cheapen a victory- it may be the mickey mouse trophy, but it is one that Arsenal would have liked to win- and their players’, fans’ and Wenger’s reaction shows that.

    and Adebayor should be punished for his alleged headbut- you just dont do that to anyone- team mate or not.

  8. can i just thank your defence? they were so kind last night to allow me to score, gallas is a great captain, a REALLY good defender who was shown up last night. your going dahn with the derby. another trophyless season for you lot then. hahahahahahahahaha

  9. just wana add, it must be somewhat strange supporting a club with 99% foreign players? how does it feel?

  10. I don’t take this game very serious but Arsenal could made really good money from it.What’s the rate from William Hills that Spur beat Arsenal 5 to 1.I’m sure Spurs at least hav to wait another eight years for the next win over Arsenal.

  11. Lads. This was a decent article written by a Goon. I have been on the blogs all day and they are ALL whingeing and making excuses. At least SPANISH FRY is a TRUE fan who knows that the better team won. It was OUR day and SPANISH FRY is accepting that.
    If only ARSEne WHINGER could accept defeat and admit that Spurs outplayed and outclassed them,I would be happy.
    To you SPANISH FRY….you are opposition but at least you are a honest,true fan.
    I’m now moving onto another blog to wind up the Goons who are hurting !!

  12. To all u fellow spursfans. Why on earth be so harsh on the arse-supporters? Can’t we all just be friends? Hahahaha… Great game by spurs, demolishing one of the greatest teams. Fabregas didn’t do much, thanks to JJ and Tainio(MoM)..

  13. Hey Spurs fans, can I firstly say that your opinions are most welcome here.

    Secondly, I want to add that the competition did matter to the club. Most definitely. And the side that came out was a strong one. It’s a copout to say that you beat a young side because it’s not really the case. But in big games like this if you have a couple of weak links things fall apart pretty quickly and that’s what happened to a couple of young players (not to mention some of the older ones too).

    I might sound a bit like I don’t care about the result but that’s just not right, I do. But I also care about winning the Premiership so much more so it’s not really the end of the world me.

    Well done to Tottenham for making it to Wembley. Enjoy the atmosphere if you get to go along.

  14. Lee spur go and celebrate this as iof you wond the fucking world cup yuo twat… many english players do you have?

    You beat us in 9 years for the first time haha haa haa

    I dont think you will qualify for the UEFA games next season what a fucking brilliant team you are??

  15. Can I just remind people that if the comments get stupid and don’t add anything to the discussion they will be deleted. If you’re a Spurs fan and want to gloat, go for it. Just don’t say anything derogatory. Same with Arsenal fans.

  16. Yesterday’s result was really apaulling. It is obvious that we do not have enough depth in the central defence and that is why we are so dependent on kolo toure. The boss should buy another central defender before the transfer window closes at the end of the month.The likes of senderos, djourou are obviously not world class defenders

  17. How many English players do Spurs have… hmmm… good question. Let’s see.

    Robinson (for as long as he is there)

    Not forgetting other British players (of which Arsenal don’t have many) – Keane, Bale

    Quite a lot more than Arsenal, actually…

    I know some of the comments from Spurs fans are a bit over the top. But if you’re going to argue, at least show you’ve got some kind of brain before you post. There’s so many points you could pick on to argue, and you pick one that you’re completely wrong on…

  18. Just a point to the arsenal fans that think spurs beat a reserve team last night……. let me ask you this….

    If last nights game was at Manure in the PL how different would the side have been??

    Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Hoyte, Clichy (2 of the back 5 would change)

    Hleb, Fibreglass, Flamini, Gilberto (1 of the midfield 4)

    Adebayor, Eduardo (both the starting strikers)

    Of the 16 on duty bearing in mind the injuries and ACN it would not have been that different at all…..

    Every PL has a squad of 25 players or so, in their first team squad, so please stop bleating about reserves….

    We played you at WHL in the PL with no King, Dawson, Kaboul, YP Lee, Jenas, Bent…… so you managed to beat our reserves…….

  19. Firstly, well done spurs. We were definitely outplayed over the two legs. But for spurs fans to say that our season is over is absolutely ridiculous. We are joint top of the premier league, have newcastle at home in the f.a cup, and are well in the champions league. Also spurs fans saying- “another trophyless season for you again” etc- that may well be the case (although i somewhat doubt it), but i’d like to remind you that spurs have not won it yet- they have to play either chelsea or everton, both teams performing considerably better than you in the league. And even if you do win, then since 1999 you will have won 2 league cups. We would have won 3 f.a cups, 2 premierships, gone the season unbeaten, and been to the champions league final. So whilst i understand spurs fans are enjoying their moment, i’d just like to remind them of the fact that they are the third best team in london, and have only beaten us twice in 28 games. cheers.

  20. Yeah Yeah Yeah GoonerC. You’re Hurting, excuses excuses!! As they say, You are only as good as your last result!

  21. As spurs fan for forty years I’m over the moon with the win but have too say that number of arsenal fans dismissing the result as meanness well I big football fan as well big sports fan , this may have ramification which could see
    Balance shift we only beaten arsenal once in so many years but last night showed players that with little extra effort win not only beating arsenal but giving them one hell of beating on the pitch, arsenal on other hand need to win a cup they claim to riches club in England but still invest in youth…. Last night will effect arsenal more because number of teams will say if spurs can do it so can we……

    i remember watching frank Bruno v mike Tyson many years ago
    Bruno lost but he hit Tyson with shot in 5th that effected him I don’t think Tyson was same after that fight , I don’t think arsenal will be same ………

  22. Good article. Mostly fair comments all the way down except for the expected abuse (i guess it’s been festering for 8 years so kind of fair enough). Have to say that i think the true answer lies somewhere between the lines of all the comments. We lost – true. We lost heavily – also true. However (and not totally sticking up for AW here), there were mistakes made and turning points. It’s not so simple as to say that just because Spurs had loads of chances it should have been 7-1. That’s not how football works which is why these scores very rarely happen. Arsenal made defensive errors (yes, highlighting the fact that we need to strengthen here not to fall away in the league) as well as scoring an own goal. Consequently we were chasing the game which stretched it and handed Spurs the opportunity to keep hitting us on the break. Had the game gone on for a while at 1-0 or even at 2-0, we would have seen an entirely different game (after all, we needed to score anyway and 2 goals wouldn’t have been such a big ask).

    That said, Spurs took their chances very well and i hold my hands up and congratulate them.

    Yes, it was a game we wanted to win – we are not in the business of losing games – BUT it was by no means our top priority. Any of the other competitions come above this and i think any true football fan would agree that the League, FA Cup or Champions League are far more important. Of course all teams need to start somewhere so perhaps this is something to build on. I have to admit that Juande Ramos has done a decent job and who knows maybe you’ll go on from there. Just don’t get too carried away with this though. If this is all you win for another 8 years, it will be a long, lonely time…

    Enjoy the moment while it lasts.

    ps. perhaps years ending in “8” can be the new “years ending in 1” – i.e. that you make it to some Mickey Mouse final

  23. Yeah Yeah Yeah Gooner71. You’re Hurting, excuses excuses!! As they say, You are only as good as your last result! PS. Mickey Mouse Cup, yeah yeah yeah. You’re Hurting REAL Bad!

  24. Fair play- I think even most Gooners won’t begrudge us this one.
    Best of luck against Newcastle. No, not really.
    Fantastic night for us.

  25. Mr “I didn’t see the incident” Whinger I mean. You’re Youngsters will catch a nut someday, don’t worry!

  26. Nice comeback Spurs 4 Life (sounds like a charity). Good to know that you’re only as good as your last result. That means that after you roll over and die and get thoroughly spanked bt ManUre this weekend, the status quo will have been restored and you will be sh*t once again…

  27. Are you asking me out? i’d heard about you lillywhites…

    No thanks.

    So Spurs 4 Life is that a charity to adopt a fan and convert them (and i don’t mean that in the way you mean).

  28. haha, fair play sp*rs fans you beat us and your off to wembely, make sure you win that mickey mouse cup though otherwise you´ll have to qualify for the uefa cup through the inter toto. oh and you´ve definatly got class fans at your ground – throwing stuff at fab4. twats.

  29. spurs for life,
    lets be honest mate the only direction you´s lot can go is up, if you went any further down you´d be in the conference ffs!

  30. Well done spurs – best they’ve played against us in an eternity, and King’s return has absolutely transformed their team’s confidence. Schoolboy defending from the gooners….and an illustration of the problems within the squad – STILL not enough cover out wide, not enough defensive cover and too many players who lack experience or the physicality that comes with age. I think spurs had 6 shots on target and scored 5 – a very good day at the office for them, but we saw key obvservations re personnel for gooners too.

    Fabianski isn’t remotely ready
    Sagna isn’t on top form but is still clearly a quality full back
    Traore isn’t quite ready but wouldn’t be the end of the world if we ahve to play him.
    Gallas needs a physically strong defensive partner to perform well (a bit like Rio), and without that over-compnsates and gets caught out.
    Hoyte is solid, works hard and really cares but has never been a centre half – lacks requisite size and strength.
    Will only ever be a reserve full back in this sqaud.

    Hleb – still not really back following his injury and has returned a bit to the head down dribbling style of last year

    Denilson – started ok but injured too soon

    Fabregas – played pretty well, but not back to his pre-injury peak either.

    Gilberto – Shocking – can’t believe how much his play has deteriorated since last year. Utterly ineffectual with or without possession – 5th goal shows he’s no centre half either. personally at fault for at least 3 spurs goals…very sad

    Diaby – Hopeless out left, as soon as he moved central looked 3 times the player – what else do we need to know? Still plays with his head down too much…has the talent to make it, but needs to develop the mental side of his game.

    Bendtner – needs to be a bit more mobile and play with more composure, but still enough moments of real quality to have enthusiasm…unlucky not to score and was really on fire til the own goal

    Walcott – Ineffectual, but not his fault tonight…he looked bright, movemnet was good, too often isolated and outmuscled – until he bulks up he will contiue to frustrate. Often found himslef pressed by 3 players with little support

    Adebayor – Great goal, general presence but went a bit mental in the last 10 and is lucky the ref told him to calm down before he got himself sent off….

    Eduardo – has really come on…looked very lively and intelligent when he came on.

  31. Tubes, for us to do that we have to be relegated 4 seasons on the trot ffs. Granted are League Position is not what it should be but under Ramos we are a different side. “We Got Ledly at The Back” again. Come May we’ll see were we finish. If we keep playing the way we did last night we’ve nothing to worry about. Gooner71, enjoy the shops!

  32. O aye that’s right Gooner71, 4 is a way of shortening for. It’s really not that hard to work out. Guess your Brain is having diffs getting over the shock of being humilated by a team you classed as weak. Won’t be another 8 years till we beat you again. BTW RE Old Trafford on Sunday, we’ll play to win and if we play like we did last night it will be a good game. However if UTD do win we are still going to Wembley and you’re still going to Homebase!

  33. Hmmm… Spurs 4 life – thanks for the lesson but i am aware that the “4” is used for “for. Typical spud, missing the point. Let me explain: the joke about “Spurs 4 Life” is that it sounds like a charity e.g. “Change for Good”. I would have thought that after spending so much time “down the lane” or even “up” it (i don’t know how you spurs fans “swing”), you’d have a bit more of a refined sense of humour… clearly not.

  34. Calm down its a MIckey Mouse cup.Anyway Enjoy it while you can. it will be another 100 years before you beat us again.Juande Ramos the Mickey mouse cup Expert.Spuds!you shall clutter your trophy cabinet with rubish

  35. My SOH is a tad sarcastic Goon. It’s only a Game and it’s “over” to The Lane for me. I’m an Irish Spud! Irish Spuds are famous the World Over, Keano, there’s only 1 Keano 😉

  36. OK, OK… let’s leave it there.

    No comment on the Irish connection. Surprised you didn’t spot the mistake in James’ post where he listed Keane as one of your “British” players… tut, tut. I’m sure the miserable Keane wouldn’t like that.

    Still, now you have Ramos, Keane looks like the life and soul of the party.

  37. We got Beat. I had a funny feeling before the match about a bad result especially when I learned Hoyte was to play CB. For those who remember my posts after the game at Emirates, I was very critical of Hoyte’s contribution to the defense and frankly I was surprised that he was starting at CB. I would have thought AW would play Gilberto there, anyone but Hoyte to be honest.It is about roles in a team, and I believe if it was Gilberto’s role, He would have put in a more improved performance. Also we had “lost” our CC goal machine to the first team. One thing about result though, there will bee less whining about playtime for some of the group. Reality check if you will.

    To the spurs fans. Congratulations. Raise as much hell as you can, for, we will meet again, and then be afraid, be VERY AFRAID

  38. I’m not disappointed by the loss, or the players that AW selected.What I am concerned about as I’ve said many times before, we’ve stopped doing the things that made us unbeatable in the early part of the season. Where is the width?? Why do we constantly look to play through the middle? On many occasions there was acres of space on the flanks but we keep opting to come inside. At Fulham we got crosses in and were less predictable.

    Players like Diaby and Hleb have to be told by AW to give the ball earlier, we’re falling into old habits again and that I’m afraid guys is down to AW. Although Diaby looked far better in the centre of midfield he still has to release the ball earlier.
    Bottom line we lost to a better team on the night and yes things didn’t go our way but I believe these are issues that AW has to readdress.Another decision I found quite strange is to bring on Ade and ed at 4-0 down!! Can anyone explain that one to me.We all could see that Theo and Bendtner weren’t doing it, why not change it at half time??

  39. The way I see it is yh, we lost, shouldn’t have been 6-2 agg, more like 4-2 agg but things went their way. Over 9 years, they have beaten us twice, the won the battle but are millions of years away fom winning the war. In 29 attempts, they have been successful only twice, thats how good they are. So before Spuds fans try to think they are the better team in North London, they must keep their mouths closed until they win a few more times. Also we were away from home, only 3-4 first-teamers, they had their full sqaud on. We have proved they cannot beat our 1st sqaud. 3-1, 2-1 in the prem this season. All that I needed to say, I feel much better 🙂

  40. Spurs beat us fair and square and to be honest it was probably a long time comming. Their squad is actually quite good if they just sure up their defending which with the return of King it appears that is the case. They’re on their way up no doubt.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that Arsenal didn’t make mistakes but we were clearly outclassed. I also have to agree that yesterday’s squad wouldn’t have been much different if we had to play a premier league game. All in all Wenger is a manager so he’s going to point out mistakes and ways to improve but he really should have gave credit where credit is due.

    Nice performance to the Spurs hats off to ya. I’m looking forward to next clash which I guarantee will be a different game.

    As for the Ade and Bendtner tussle. I’d like to say that I would sit Ade or at least force an apology but I’d be hard pressed to do anything if he refused. Whether people agree with me or not I think this Arsenal team needs Ade out on the pitch even if it’s to the chagrin of the big Dane.

  41. Jay If a Hat full of Excuses makes the hurt a lil easier to bare then you let it out! We Beat ye fair and square mate. We are better than alot of people give us credit for. Thats all I have to say. COYS!!

  42. Hey, why are so many spurs talking about team constitution. are you guys feeling uncomfortable that it was not 1st string. An arsenal team is an Arsenal team whther striker is Ade or Bendtner. So as fans we cocede defeat.

    Now, to the gunners, i honestly feel this defeat will do us some good. A bit of churning if you like. Its required mid season you know. Now sit back and see them come alive.

    Its been so long that I had almost begun to forget abt the long lost rivalry with Spurs and for last 2 years I have been feeling sorry for them… sad but true.

  43. omigoodness, wow, when I woke up yesterday morning England’s top team was Man United — today I wake up and Tottenham are now the All-Conquering Beast ready to sweep all in their way.

    Gotta laugh at these spuds coming on here gloating and predicting our doom after one game in which their team FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY showed they have some skill and commitment. Spurs fully deserved the win, we were crap, and I don’t buy the “it’s only the CC” argument because football players and fans want to win EVERYTHING.

    So yes, I’m disappointed and pissed off at AW for so many decisions I won’t go into here. But so sorry to disappoint the spuds, I’ll sleep just fine and move on. Whereas you guys will be celebrating and remembering this for years to come as if were your greatest victory.

  44. I aint finding excuses. Yes we lost, and Arsenal shoulg defo not have won but what I can’t believe is the amount of
    Spuds fans that are gloating about this. In 9 years, 29 games, They have beaten us twice, it will take a few more derbies before aint the top team in North London. Spuds have a decent squad now, but Arsenal have better. Both times in the prem when we played our full sqaud, they were beaten, they can beat our 2nd team, well done, let them cheer for that!

  45. They’re just happy Jay and want to stir the Arsenal fans. Just don’t worry about it. If you’re not bothered then just relax and we’ll chat about the Newcastle game.

  46. previously, when i did mentioned about Arsenal defensive cover especially for centreback during African Cup Nation, Gooners responded quickly by naming Hoyte, Sanderos, Gilberto, Song, etc as possible cover. whereas in my opinion, they dont have any good cover at all. and it shows. what a stu*id decision by AW not to play their starting 11 after their dismal play at Emirates

  47. Why is a stupid decision? Because they lost? Arsene was going to play his second-streamers regardless because that’s what he does for the Carling Cup.

    I don’t understand your point.

  48. u have gone that far.. in the semis.. and u have observed how your team performed in Emirates for 1st leg (gutless performance) and very lucky to get a draw.. u should play ur 1st team.. a result like this could demolished the confidence of young player such as Hoyte.

    years back, Bayer Leverkusen in contention for league, Champions League and domestic cup success, and yet they won nothing.. at the very end of every competition.. the year after, player such as Ballack, Ze Roberto and Lucio left the team. u have the opportunity to actually win something, and u spoil the chances given to u by playing your decent team and could end up with trophyless season..

  49. If I supported a sh*tpot team like the spuds and after 9 years FINALLY beat our biggest rivals then I’d be pretty happy too. Then I’d think I’ll have to wait another 9 years for it to happen again and remember it was nearly 10 years since we won anything at all. But I wouldn’t be sad enough to go on rival blogsites to brag that spuds are so great after winning 1 game.
    Champions League – YOU’RE HAVING A LAUGH !!!

  50. ACtually, all this talk of tottenham beating arsenal reminded me that I indeed watched the last time they had beaten us 8 years ago – I believe Gus Poyet hit a great volley past Seaman.

    Man, I suddenley feel so old.

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