Title hopes fading for Arsenal after fourth successive draw

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I am so exceedingly frustrated with Arsenal’s failure to beat Middlesbrough at home yesterday afternoon that I don’t want to blog today.

It pains me to say it but for the first time this season I really feel the Premiership title is slipping away. A loss away to Chelsea next weekend could signal the end of Arsene Wenger’s side’s challenge, a depressing thought considering the five-point lead they had just a little while ago.

Grrrrrr, bloody hell. Hopefully things are a little easier tomorrow. I would say ‘have a good one’, or something like that, but it’s probably not going to make much difference. Hang in there if you can.

What do you think?

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56 thoughts on “Title hopes fading for Arsenal after fourth successive draw

  1. I dont really have much to say but I think we lack luck of late. It all started with the injury to Eduardo. It is very obvious cos we have almost won that match until bad-luck came and Clichy had to give out a penalty.. and since then it has been draws at home and away.

  2. Damn! (Bangs head against wall)
    I too am frustrated. What we needed to have done is to rest key midfield players, risking another draw, yet leaving us in a slightly better position to recover. Now, we wont b able to rest players untill the last few weeks, and a lot of good that will do us. Of course, all this is easier to say afterwards, but if “Arsene Knows” anything, he should at least know that players cant play week after week without getting run down. Ok, thats enough wenger bashing from me.. but under the circumstances, its not enough I feel. Shame really, hes an extremely good manager, but sometimes can be slightly too good too look at obivious needs of the team (Like another 17 year old… not…)
    Anyone else agree?

  3. i LOVE arsenal almost as much as i love my girlfriend..am saying’almost’coz i think i love arsenal more than her! what’s my point? my point is… no matter what happens, no matter how many games we draw, no matter how frustrated i may feel, i still BELIEVE in th gunners, th players, th manager, th fans and if adebayor is reading, i still believe in u scoring 11 more goals

  4. Good positivity. Call me sappy, but I dig it. I feel there’s going to be a lot of people bashing the players and probably Wenger as well (unfairly), and it’s nice to know the faith is still there.

    Still frustrated though, more with the result than the lack of effort! Bllllllllerrrrrrrrr!!!

  5. I am not so bleak in my views… Sure, the middlesbrough game was very, very frustrating… It felt exactly like the last four premier league games and it was all too similar to many, many games last season. But all is not lost.
    We clearly can’t give up now. All of this doom and gloom talk is really just stupid. I’ve read some real crap lately, specifically from Le Grove, and I’m just disgusted at some of the fans reactions. “Fire Wenger”, “Sell Ade”, “Buy heaps of big players in the summer” and worst of all “The title is lost”. Well, the sentiment of getting rid of Wenger and the notion that we’ve lost the title are probably just as stupid as each other.
    I’m glad that you have held your tongue, for now at least, Spanish Fry, as I don’t think I could handle hearing you spout anything like the quotes I have just mentioned. Are we as supporters to become fans the likes of Liverpool? Tottenham? West Ham? As soon as a few results don’t go our way we are already beying for our manager’s blood. That is insane. Seriously insane. And other scapegoats including Ade and Eboue just don’t deserve it. It is the team that is producing these results – not the manager, and not one or two players.
    As for buying up big in the summer, Arsene has never, ever done that, and he has been at the helm of the second most successful team in the Premier League era. He knows what he’s doing ok. I would like to see a few new faces, specifically ones that aren’t as easily injured, but it won’t solve anything.
    Now for the title. We are potentially four points behind Man Utd right now (as they have a game in hand) and Chelsea could be equal on points. That sounds awful right? Wrong. There is still eight games for us, and nine for those two. I am willing to bet that none of these three teams will go through the final games without dropping points. There is too much at stake for too many teams. We can still get there – we just have to keep believing and focusing on the positives.
    Last week we were all like “Van Persie can make the difference” – so why have we all of a sudden forgotten about that? Why have we forgotten about the world class players we possess that have gotten us this far? Why can’t Arsenal take the title challenge all the way? I would like to hear some reasons here and not just stupid statements like “We have to fire Wenger”.
    Oh and I thought I’d post this sort of stuff here as opposed to Le Grove because they are so scummy right now that they don’t deserve my time. I would much rather post here at Arsenal FC Blog. 🙂

  6. It’s not over but it will be very difficult now I feel.The game against chelsea is crucial,I think we really need to win that if we’re to have a chance of winning the PL.

    Normally I wouldn’t have been disappointed with yesterdays result but coming off the back of 3 draws we really needed the win.

    As I’ve said before we are not the finished article and AW must realise this and strenghten the squad in the summer.

    Again he’s disappointed me this week by saying he may not spend this summer and keep faith with the squad, I feel this is a mistake.We don’t need wholesale changes but we must always be on the look out for players that will improve the team.

    I’d like to hear what you guys think.Should AW keep faith with this team and make no purchases in the summer or should he add to the squad?

  7. I agree with Spanish Fry that yesterday was very frustrating. Not only do the accumulating draws put us out of the driver’s seat for the title; the way we played yesterday reminded me a lot of the last two years when a single defensive mistake, a few decisions by the ref, and failure to produce goals from possession was leading to too many draws. For those who like to blame Big Phil for every mistake, yesterday it was Kolo caught sleeping while Willie G. flapped his arms around asking for an offsides instead of tracking Aliadiere.

    However, I also agree with Grant that there are games left to play and that the team can get hot again like that and win it all. I suppose next Sunday would be a good time for that to start.

  8. very interesting finale… u will be dropping some points when champions league resume… the first game against Liverpool at home is ur best bet.. u must win or at least draw 0-0.. however i’m realistic that on form Liverpool will knock u out.. fear Torres..

  9. Grant …. I understand what you are saying but we also have to be ralistic ..if a team is going to win the premiership they will not drop 8 points out of their last four games to the likes of the opposition we have dropped them to. I think we have to realise that we are NOT good enough to win the title without strengthening this side. I agree with Nick on this that we must buy a few good solid players who are the finished article. The other day a fellow blogger critised those of us that want the squad strengthened and said we are just following the calls from media pundits. This is wrong and recent performances have shown us why we need to strengthen so when players like Ade (and there are others) hit a bad run we can rest him and replace with another QUALITY striker, Bendtner has not got the passion or all round skill to fill this role . Even if RVP was at his best Ade still needs to be rested and replaced, so yes Nick we should buy in the summer. As for the Chelsea game being crucial …and this will upset some of you … I disagree …we have already thrown away the title as we did the two domestic cups. All that is crucial at this stage are Man Utd’s games because it is in their hands (as it recently was in ours) we were’t good enough to keep it in our hands but from past experience I think Utd will be good enough to keep it in theirs …even if we win all the rest of our games, including beating Utd … they will still win the premiership by matching us stride for stride and having a better goal difference. Sorry Grant if this mirrors Le Grove but sometimes we have to take off those rose tinted glasses and take off that cloak of passion and faithfulness to see the reality.

  10. Very true Mark.I totally agree with your comment that players do go through a lull and that we can’t rely on Ade to consistantly score.Players will go through peaks and troughs through out the season and that’s why we need players who are more or less the finished article.At this level you need players who can win games when the team isn’t playing well.United played crap yesterday and so did liverpool but yet managed to win. Ronaldo is their jewel and torres does the same for liverpool.That’s what you get when you pay 20 odd million for a player like Torres, that’s not to say that every 20 million player will be a success (Shevchenko for example) but top quality players don’t come cheap and sometimes in life you have to speculate.

    Optimism is a good thing but it cannot take precedence over realism.We are a very good side but we can certainly be better, the only question is, do we believe this crop of players will take us to the heights we expect or does the manager need to add to the squad? do we continue with the “Potential of this team” philosophy or do we occasionally buy a player with proven pedigree that we’ll take us to the next level.

    Mark, I say chelsea is crucial because I believe the mancs will drop points, so if we could get a result against chelsea that might just give the confidence and belief to push on.

    Mark you’re a realist mate not a pessimist and there is a difference.Great analysis matey.

  11. Gutted, still gutted.

    The flip side is this.

    We are level points if we beat the Mancs (and the Chavs and the Scousers (Both lots!)).

    Everyone will drop points.

    We can only get better!

    I’m going back to bed… it’ll be ok in the morning… right?

  12. Yesterday I listened Eto’o in a Spanish radio saying that he wants to join Arsenal.Eto’o said before he’d love to play under Wenger,Arsenal need a decent striker for sure.
    Van Persie and Samuel Eto’o up top sounds like a dream partnership.
    Arsenal must surely get Eto’o in the summer.Good luck to Arsenal

  13. Nick you hit the nail right on the head when you talk about Ronaldo and Torres … and dare I say even Shevchenko (though I wouldn’t have wanted him at his age) would have been a brighter Jewel in this Arsenal team than he has been at Chelsea. These are the types of players we need to add to the team to reach the real top and not keep playing bit parts in the success of Utd, Chelsea or Liverpool. The other nail you have hit home is this continual talk of the “potential of this team” … they are not schoolkids they are International professional footballers and if they cannot fulfill their potential in the prime of their lives (something Shevchenko did) what will these players be expecting to do when their past their “POTENTIAL”. Nick I do understand what you, and others, meant by saying the Chelsea game is crucial but I just can’t see Utd throwing it away now whatever we do. Not meaning pessimism to creep into my realism … it’s just as I see it. For the last three premiership games we have been saying we will get back to winning ways in the next game and have heard from the players and Wenger how together and focused they are .. but what have we got but dire draw after draw after draw … and this when we had the 5 points and the destiny of the title in our hands.

  14. do u know where is Flamini position himself during corner when attacking the opposition? the answer is, IN FRONT OF OPPOSITION GOAL KEEPER.. i think, this is not so professional behavior, very much like Chelsea under Jose Mourinho.. just like Arsenal freekick taking by Thiery Henry and the infamous playing at the corner flag for 2mins b4 game ended.. doesnt look like a champion at all!!

  15. That’s right Mark, referring to these players as kids doesn’t cut it anymore, if anything it undermines them.They have to realise as you say that they are internationls and that they have to perform at a level of consistancy that is expected from professionals.In other professions this wouldn’t be tolerated, if I don’t perform consistantly and act professionally in my line of work I’d be out the door after a couple of warnings, and someone else would take my place.The reason the mancs have been so successful is that they have always strived to improve the team even when they were winning everything!!!Remember Cantona, they bought a player of real class and blended that class with outstanding home grown talent.We can’t afford to stagnate because the likes of the mancs, chelsea and liverpool will do everything in the power to improve their squads next season, that much I can guarantee.

  16. Amiaq, Flamini isn’t the only player guilty of standing in front of the keeper lots of teams do it. As with the Henry free kick, as far as I’m aware it’s within the rules of the game!!!

  17. Exactly Nick … Ferguson never sits on his laurels and basks in the glory he is always looking to strengthen if needed. By doing this it also makes the players up their game to stay in the team …something United has thrived on over recent years. As you say if we don’t buy more playes in the summer then we are going to be left behind and may be scrapping around 5th or 6th spot next season. And if our players can’t up their game when they are sitting on top of the table with 5 points and the finishing line in sight …. how will they ever raise their game and scrap out the end of the season when all they are aiming for is a potential EUFA cup spot.

  18. Great point about the added competition new players will bring to the team Mark.Players cannot be allowed to relax, they need to know that if they don’t perform there is someone in the wings waiting to take their place.I really do admire AW’s philosophy but please please please AW please mix it up.

  19. I’m not critising Wenger and as I’ve said before in my 40 years as an Arsenal supporter I have never seen an Arsenal team play the pure entertaining football that Wenger has brought to us. But the history of all the great football teams is littered with trophies and that is the bedrock and foundation of their greatness. We have a good history but the last few years are passing without a trophy for this club …. but trophies are still going to our rivals to bolster and continue their traditional claims of greatness. Wenger just needs to realise that brining in a few good established players that fit in with our football style will not belittle his reputation as a master of spotting young unknown talent and developing it to the polished article. The problem with the developing young talent approach is that they all hit their peak at different times …(for instance … when Walcott becomes the finished article ..Ade may be passed it) if they all peaked together then yes we would have a winning combination but this very rarely happens so you have to have players who are the finished article to blend with those youngsters coming through and hitting their peak. Nobody is saying this is easy but that’s what being a Manager is all about.

  20. It’s not meant as a critism Mark, merely an observation but the buck has to stop with the manager. As I’ve stated in other posts,given the choice of playing attractive football or being called “Boring boring Arsenal” and winning trophies I would certainly plum for the latter.Now if we could achieve both all the better but I’m pretty certain that the majority of Arsenal fans would firstly want a winning team and secondly a team that entertains.The most frustrating thing is to see your team playing fantastic football with nothing to show for it.
    I don’t know, perhaps I am in the minority, perhaps there is more to football than just winning.

    Your point about players reaching their potential at different stages in their career is spot on.

  21. Well I’m glad it was a short blog. Poor result to cap a poor weekend for me (personally and on the pitch). Either my life swings up and down with the Gunners or their form with my life. I’m not entirely sure which is which. 😛

    That said and looking at this objectively as I possibly can.

    A)It was a tough result but in the end I thought we played well and just got caught with ONE excellent counter attack. It happens. It’s not like this was the Villa game where we deserved nothing.

    B)Beat the big boys and we have a chance. When it comes to football it’s been shown time and time again impossible really is nothing. It’s just hard to believe it prior to the fact.

    C)I think Wenger will have to admit at the end of the season (win or loose) that we could use a smidge more quality depth.

    And that’s all I really have to say at the moment.

  22. A win against Chelsea can overturn our fortunes. I haven’t still given up the title hopes untill sunday. It is a must win match for Arsenal, even if we get a draw title hopes over. With a positive result at Bridge, we can have a bit confidence.

    Disappointed with team performance for last 4 league matches and gutted with Wenger too. 4 draws in a row is never enough to be champions.

    We need a wide player, striker and a matchwinner. We can affload Rosiscky, Diaby, Ade, Hoyte, Gilberto etc to collect fund to buy some intellegent footballers. Wenger is the main culprit for throwing all the trophy chances by not strengthening the squad in Janaury. Why the hell he is so scoared to spend if we have money???? No trophies for 4 seasons except an undeserved FA cup win is not enough for the manager of Arsenal. It is a disrespect for all the loyal fans. We have to judge Wenger by the end of the season though. We still have chance but very little chance. If Wenger fails to win either league or CL then Wenger out!!!!!
    I love Wenger and has a great respect for him. I also think he is the best in Europe and we play best football somtimes but no trophies to cheers is not tolerable for Arsenal. I hope he will prove all of wrong and bring of some joy come May.
    Come on Gooners!!!!!

  23. Ok. Im over it now. I can see the enthusisim and belief in the comments above, and now i too beleive that we can snatch this back. Look at man utd. they struggled against Derby!! We almost have this in the bag, fellow Gunners of mine. Lets keep the belief, and win this trophy!

  24. Grant: Amen bro.
    Rvp Fan: On your last comment, that is the spirit.

    Nick & Mark: You guys can have a field day but what I can’t understand is how you fail to realize that almost no addition to the squad will bring instant success to the club without going through some significant acclimation time because of the way the TEAM PLAYS. Top class players don’t get sold in January. Having said so, I still do not see what player who can come in and significantly improve our squad. Our squad is very good as it is and if it were Chelsea, Man U, and Liverpool, the unlucky patch with the rather strange and significant events that has happened to us would have produced at least 2 losses each. The advantage of having a 5 point lead is that you build a buffer for events like this and still it is not a catastrophe, granted we have used up our buffer, but we still have a good chance at the title. Both Man U and Chelsea are going to drop points outside the ones we are going to take from them. A team is not 4 games that we did not lose.

    My frustration is on how many times Ade gets offside given his pace. Most of those are bonafide goal scoring opportunities. If he wants to reach the 30 goal mark, he HAS to check his runs.

    We will win the title. It just won’t be easier, and we could have used a win yesterday.

  25. We miss Eduardo at the moment, not more so than Adebayor. Sometimes back I touted Eduardo as Adebayor’s “enabler” and we can see how the big guy is struggling at the moment. The time for RVP and Ade to re-acclimate is not there. They need to hit the Chelsea game running. You could see between him and the rest of the team, an understanding was a bit lacking.

  26. Am 100% arsenal fan, i reai lov arsenal more than makin lov i sometimes cnt even to sleep when the team perform stupidity, i thnk our manager deserve our complains, why he refused to add number of players during the transfer window while the money waz ava

  27. …players r good n’ talented enough bt they’r jst tired, eliminatin Milan waz not an easy task n’ b top, let’s b patient my friends title still belong to US, one game on hand is not 3 points ready, the game is against Wonderers who r always wonderful..

  28. I actually got banned from Le Grove for asking the author quite politely to not use strongly misleading headlines.

    Despite the fact I continually justified myself the author and his buddies (I don’t know how old they are but seriously should know better) got all defensive about me daring to say such a thing.

    It’s good to read some sense from people who seem to keep their feet on the ground. I for one am sick of hearing RIBERY, BENZEMA AND MALOUDA IN THE SUMMER FFS. The sooner those people calm the fuck down with their tabloid style reactions and opinions the sooner we can all just have a fucking debate about the football.

    Is Wenger perfect? Absolutely not. Is our current squad perfect? Nope. Does that mean we need to jump on these stupid negative bandwagons? Fucking no! Wenger has done unbelievable things for this club and will continue to do so.

    Those saying if we don’t win we should all be furious at Wenger for not signing ‘big’ (and big almost always just means overrated) players and that winning is what’s important.-

    WHAT?! That’s exactly the mentality which United and Chelsea have. Spend ridiculous sums of money to have an arguably marginally better squad than our own which cost £4.32 just so we can say we won… I’d much rather LOSE by 4 points at the end of the season with Wenger’s policies than win by simply buying all the best. Winning might be the ideal scenario of the game (and I want it as much as most) but what next? Would people rather we bored the opposition into handing us the league title like Chelsea? Fuck off. Let’s have some style and some 14 year olds in the first team and try and win with some pride rather than doing anything to get our name on a trophy. Theoretically there’s basically no difference at all between a team which wins the league and a team which finishes second by goal difference, as much as it would be so painful to see.

  29. I can’t agree that I would rather support a boring, title-winning team over this one. First, this one may yet win one, or perhaps two titles this year (Do not bet against them beating Chelsea or Man U). That was not expected at the beginning of the year. But secondly, I really believe that winning is secondary to winning the right way: building a squad and playing good football. Whoever said that ‘Ferguson’ never rests on his laurels is implying that Wenger does, which is absolutely ridiculous given that he has basically rebuilt his squad from scratch. It seems obvious that Wenger could and should strengthen the squad this summer, but let me point out that 1. the season isn’t over and 2. Wenger doesn’t talk about his transfer activities. In other words, I think it is normal to be a bit down about the last few weeks, but those who take it for fact that season is over should really stay quiet and let the rest of us enjoy the football.

  30. “Whoever said that ‘Ferguson’ never rests on his laurels is implying that Wenger does, which is absolutely ridiculous given that he has basically rebuilt his squad from scratch.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  31. “As you say if we don’t buy more playes in the summer then we are going to be left behind and may be scrapping around 5th or 6th spot next season.”
    Sounds like a quote from before the season started right? Wrong. It’s from Mark a little further up the page. What nonsense. Umm… I’m sorry, but we did exactly the opposite to this last summer and are still in a very good position to win the league. Fighting for a UEFA cup spot eh? Looks like you should be supporting Tottenham and their bid for league glory next year…
    “Boring Boring Arsenal”.
    Who wants to hear that around the grounds again? Nick does. Why? Why? Why? Seriously. We play the best football in Europe and that’s why we support Arsenal. If we wanted to buy trophies we would just go support Man Utd or Chelsea. This is why I love Ryan’s comments. “Some style and some 14 year olds in the first team” – you gotta love it 🙂
    So far, TayGoon, Ryan and C-Bass have it right. We do realise that Wenger is of course fallible – he is human afterall. But he has done wonderful things, and will continue to do so. We do realise that our squad is not the biggest and that some strengthening is required – but wholesale changes are clearly not the answer. To purchase the “finished article” is not going to be cheap, and then the players must acclimatise to our style of play. Bacary Sagna has been able to do this instantly, but he’s just a freak. 6 million pounds for a “finished article” right back… I love it in this case. But to keep doing that around the team is just crazy. We are not Chelsea and we never will be. Stay away Usmanov!!!
    Knightman and RvPFan – I’m with you! Keep our hopes alive! We can still win this thing!

  32. I hate saying this but Arsenal`s title hopes were dashed in the second game of the season at Blackburn. Those twwo points droped are now vital. These ,plus Van Persie`s injury and now Eduardo seem to have put the writing on the wall.

    Call it what you like but it points to the fact that winning the title means not making silly mistakes and scoring goals.

    World class up front Mr Wenger is needed – you have the midfield – go for it NEXT season.

  33. Title hopes are OVER now..8 games to go with Chel, Man,Bolton away and with that Champs league against Livpool..Wenger said the other day that “Winning is not the only thing”!!!!! Was he dreaming?? If we do not play to win, what are we doing??? Entertaining? Are our players from Hollywood? Play football to entertain the crowds and then not win the games…this is bull…I know we play the best looking football in the world but this is not producing the right results..We have not won anything in the last 3 seasons and other teams like Aston Villa, Man city,Everton ,Spurs are having better,stronger squad as well..its high time Wenger takes some WISE decisions and not tell again..THIS TEAM HAS POTENTIAL..its like asking kinder-garten kid to pass a high school exam!!!!!!

  34. i really feel we are fading from the title,i think we are on the very last thread and we need to hold that remaing thread may be we might have a chance to scoop the title.by the way man u is not sleepy.we need to win chelsea other wise lets fight for the second place.i feel bloody bad when i just think of it.hey am out for know.

  35. i really feel we are fading from the title,i think we are on the very last thread and we need to hold that remaing thread may be we might have a chance to scoop the title.by the way man u is not sleepy.we need to win chelsea other wise lets fight for the second place.i feel bloody bad when i just think of it.hey am out for now.

  36. I am so pissed that wenger and his kids raised our hopes at the beginning of the season only to mess up now.I have no hope what so ever in this team

  37. Anybody watching Man U vs Derby could tell you that were it any other team in the prem, Man U could have easily lost the match. They are going to drop points. Bolton beat them once this season, lets hope they do us a favour this week.

  38. I dont want tosay ” I told you so” when we are in such grief. But let me tell you, I was not very surprised. There is a very distinct inability to force the result and that is why I had categorically stated last week that we have slipped out of contention.

    Interestingly a friend of mine says – ” Arsenal have been wronged in that game twice – one the goal diallowance and two the injury to clichy – and he feels we will reap the rewards of have been wronged “. Any takers ?

  39. Well said Ryan – a true supporter who understands Arsene’s vision.

    I am so pissed off with the likes of ‘Scope Knight. To me this season has been a great success and I’d rather watch the best football I’ve seen in 40 years of supporting Arsenal than I would like us to win the title by playing boring football and wasting money on so-called superstars. Of course, achieving both would be ideal.

    Has no one noticed how so many players have improved since TH14 left? TH is an Arsenal legend and always will be, but bringing in this type of layer will destabilise the team and in my opinion, Arsenal’s strength is team work as opposed to one or two match winners like ManUre and the Chavs.

    Wenger is the best thing to ever happen to this club and we should bask in what we have and celebrate the team instead of complaining about a poor run of four draws.

    Gunners for Ever

  40. What do you prefer:
    a) to celebrate one day because your team win the championship with boring football
    b) to celebrate every weekend watching beautiful football! but no trophy
    ? ? ?

    (I pick the b)

  41. Good point Mexican Gooner: We’d all like to have both but I would also prefer b) if I had to choose.

  42. I see my previous comments have annoyed some of you and I applaud your faithfulness to the team. In all my coments I have and will continue to support Wenger because, as I have said, he has brought the best possible football to Arsenal. What I don’t understand about some of the coments is that some of you imply that finishing second in the premiership and going out of cup competitions is fine as long as we play the entertaining football. 1) I didn’t see this entertaining football when Spurs and Man Utd thrashed us and knocked us out of two cup competitions …allowing Spurs to actually win a trophy …… 2)I know it is politically correct in these days and times to say that it’s not the wining but the taking part that counts …but if we accept the premise that we don’t need to win things but just play good football then what is the point of being in the premier league and in cup competitions? if you don’t want to win them but see them go to the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea …then we might as well take Arsenal out of the league and play pretty friendlies every week where taking part is all that matters. 3) And to all you undoubtedly loyal fans who stick by these players come what may …if we continue playing second fiddle to the likes of Man Utd and Liverpool etc. how many “LOYAL AND FAITHFUL” players will stay at Arsenal to play their beautiful brand of football? It is their career (not the club) that comes first and they are all in this game to win trophies…if we don’t start winning soemthing soon they will be off to feather their nest and win things with other teams (Flamini maybe this summer if we fail to win anything or buy big). And then what sort of players will we attract …will we go back to the Ian Ure’s and Brian Talbot’s of this world …. please please please I’ve lived a lifetime (or so it seems) watching some right dross at Arsenal and I don’t want to go back to those years. We have, at times, been a very ordinary side in the past and on more than one occasion feared relegation. We must buy to keep the quality of football this high and yes to win trophies. Even if this team pull off a miracle and win something this year I will still stick with what I have said previously and that is that we need to buy a few more quality players and strengthen this squad …. it is the only way forward at this level.

  43. Mark well said!!!!! Steve D I totally do not care what you think of my opinion but all I can say is

  44. Mark well said!!!!! Steve D I totally do not care what you think of my opinion but all I can say is that I am tired of Arsenal. What is the diffrence between us and liverpool.Liverpool are not in contention but they have what they are fighting for.What are we fighting for? WHAT???Like I said Arsenal just but raise hopes only for them to dash your hopes at the end of the season. The goal against us in the boro match was sheer stupidity by Toure and Gallas looking for the offside flag. Dude if you had to watch football in Nigeria where over 150 peeople are wishing you lose a game and we aresenal do not disappoint them.How can we drop 8 points in 4 games.Simply put we are not ready for the EPL.Tired of Arsenal.Fucking tired of arsenal.No trophy in how many years and we are proud of our beautiful football.Those kids are tooo small mentally and physically.Fucking annoyed

  45. Can’t believe some of your comments.On the one hand you criticise Mark and others for saying that we need players and then you all go on to say that we do.Which is it?

    Beautiful football over winning trophies?? Amazing.

    It seems by some of the comments on here that all that matters is playing entertaining football.
    Weren’t you supporting Arsenal under George Graham??

    I did, always have regardless of the style of football we played.

    Were you complaining when we won trophies under Graham??

    I don’t think so, If AW were to leave tomorrow and the style of football changed would you no longer support Arsenal??

    And as for the NO BIG PLAYER brigade, are you really saying that all these big name signings never succeed?? What Tosh.
    Not all players cost 20 mill. I’m pretty certain that there are players out there who cost a lot less that can improve our team.I’m not saying we should sign any of the following but are all these players flops??
    Drogba, essien, anelka, ronaldo,Ronaldhino,Kaka,Torres and countless more.
    And Ryan, it’s funny how the only teams that have one anything in the last 3 seasons are the one’s that you criticise about spending big money, Man u, Chelsea and Liverpool, and if you want watch 14 year olds there’s a good sunday league side for the under 14’s I could recommend.

    No one on here is saying that we need to spend for spending sake, and NO there is no guarantee that buying players will improve the team, but if we stand still in the transfer market and rely on young talent to come through we’ll be waiting a long time for any success.

    But then it doesn’t matter we play beautiful football!!!!!

    Vicgooner, we all have opinions mate and will continue to express them so No we won’t keep quiet and let you enjoy the football.
    Grant, no one is saying that we should go back to “boring boring Arsenal, what I am saying is that given the choice of entertaning and winning ugly I’d go for WINNING.

  46. TayGoon,
    we are playing well eventhough we didnt score many goals. and yet we are able to rest some of key player such as Nani, Tevez and also Ferdinand. Can Arsenal afford to rest their key player? i doubt so…

  47. amiaq_ferguson,
    You have been lucky with injuries these 2 seasons. We can afford to rest 2 starters when we are not decimated with injuries.

  48. A lot of people are saying it’s all about choosing between playing beautiful football or winning. It’s not. This side has tried to do both and I’m bloody proud of it.

    Wenger has taken his time to realise that not everything can be won with silky skills and adapted more of a long-ball game at times to counter certain opposition and for the most part it has worked.

    Just because we do not win does not mean we’re not trying to. Winning any of the major trophies is bloody hard work – some people seem to think it is easy.

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