Three points a must for Arsenal at Chelsea

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First things first, sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I’m not embarassed to say that I was at quite an emotionally-involving work conference yesterday that left me without the energy to do my usual thing.

For those that don’t know when I’m not blogging about Arsenal I work with people who struggle coping with mental illness. It’s a wonderfully rewarding line of work to be in but every once in a while you have to deal with some stuff that really takes it out of you and yesterday was one of those times. Today it’s back to Arsenal though and there’s some juicy stuff to get through.

It’s Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Premiership this weekend in what should be a really tough test for our boys. Although they’ve been struggling at home a bit lately and lost their unbeaten streak to Liverpool earlier this season, Chelsea are in my opinion the best side in the league right now and clear favourites for the title. Needless to say they’re going to be very difficult to beat.

I’d imagine there would be quite a few supporters who would be happy with a draw at Chelsea but our current situation means that a win is almost a necessity. Taking points off the other ‘big four’ sides is the best way that our boys can get back in this title race and although Arsene Wenger’s men have been through a tough patch of late I can’t see any reason why they can’t put in another performance like they did against Manchester United.

While the midweek win against Kiev was not accompanied by anything close to a perfect performance, the signs are there that Arsenal are beginning to move on from the losses to Stoke, Villa and City and the issues with leadership. Indeed, new captain Cesc Fabregas (I promise this will be the last time I refer to him as ‘new captain’) has indicated that his side are ready for the clash with Chelsea and will be giving their all to come away from the game with all three points.

In his own words:

“We want to get back into the title race, so we have to win. Chelsea have been playing really well, the times I watched them, they have played good football with quick combinations. I respect them. (But) Arsenal never go anywhere for a draw.”

They’re admirable sentiments by the new captain but only time will tell whether the team that beat Manchester United come out to play or whether the team that slumped at City et al. rears its ugly head again. Given the prestige of the clash is far more United than Stoke and the fact that Samir Nasri, Emmanuel Adebayor and Bacary Sagna may all be available I’m feeling optimistic that it will be the former. As always, we’ll have to wait and see.

There’s not much point doing any sort of a prediction of the starting side given the lack of knowledge we have about player availability. All I will say is that I hope Johan Djourou starts in the middle at the back and not the right, that the manager plays Alex Song over Denilson in the middle and that Nicklas Bendtner aka Ol’ Pink Boots is brought back into the starting team. That is, of course, unless Adebayor is fully fit in which case I would like to see him rushed straight back into the side.

This should be a great game to watch for a number of reasons. One, because it is Fabregas’ first Premiership game as captain. Two, because Gallas will return to his old stomping ground is sure to receive one hell of a negative reception. Three, because the two sides have the potential to play brilliant football and this could be just as thrilling a game as the one against United. And four, because we absolutely need to win the match.

Even if we do fail – which is a distinct possibility – I want to see the boys give it 100% this weekend. They’ve come through a lot in the few weeks and showed tremendous courage at times. What they haven’t shown though is any inconsistency or a clear sign that the corner has been turned. Fabregas’ appointment as a captain and the win over Kiev were undoubtedly two steps in the right direction. A positive performance and result against Chelsea would be a bold third step and a real indication that this season may not be as fruitless as many people have predicted. 

And that’s all there is to it really. It should be a corker and I’m looking forward to hopefully going in to work on Monday morning extremely happy if a little tired.

Come on boys!

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66 thoughts on “Three points a must for Arsenal at Chelsea

  1. Hrm, three points would be great. Arsenal do play rather well against their top four bretheren. Chelsea away though…the toughest fixture of the year arguably.

  2. It doesn’t get much tougher.

    In recent season we have beaten Man U and Liverpool a few times, but breaking Chelsea down is always the most difficult thing to accomplish.

    I think he’ll play 5 across the midfield. If Ade is fit, he won’t be match fit, so probably best to give him the super-sub role if required. I really hope Sagna and Nasri start. Keep it tight at the back and force a win.

    Fingers crossed lads.

  3. Just heard the best news of the season. Eduardo was in action on wednsday against Nottingham Forest, the boys won 2-0 with a brace from Simpson.

    So, Chelsea on sunday, its going to be a tough one. Im happy to see Cesc being so confident, i hope the whole team is just as confident. I think a 4-4-2 formation will work. My starting XI would be:


    Sagna, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy

    Ramsey, Cesc, Song, Nasri

    Ade, RVP

  4. a tough game indeed. my starting team

    sagna, gallas, silves, clichy

    denilson, song, cesc, nasri,

    ade, rvp

  5. Almunia
    Ade RvP

    @ SF For now I think Bendtner has more of an impact from the bench so I hope he doesnt start.

  6. Its gonna be a very tough game – Chelsea are Lethal when they want to be – They also have the inform premier League striker in Anelka, and he likes playin against Arsenal He will be up for it.

    Adebayor wont be match fit, so leave him on the bench. I hope he doesnt play Denilson, Song needs to be there to stop Ballack and Lampard getting to much space.

    We also need Sagna back, hopefully. Joe cole will be bombing down the wing.

    Djourou should start at the back with Gallas, who i hope has a 100% brilliant game against his formwer club and shows why he was once a coveted defender around Europe.

    Bendtner (If he plays) will need to step his game up, Terry & co at the back are so tough to break down, its almost unture . Only 4 goals conceded this whole season, its a brillaitn record – Showing if we get a chance on goal, we will need to score.

    Overall i would take a draw, given all the problems we have had recently. I know it wouldnt help us that much but i think a defeat would slam the confidence back down to the floor ahead of a busy and tough Christmas schedule.

    Come on the boys!! Make us proud, we know you have it in you.

  7. It is quite difficult to confident this weekend isn’t it? I’m hoping the team will feel more freedom than they did in March at the bridge. The pressure shouldn’t be the same.

    I’m with you on this Spanish; a performance is what everyone would like to see here, win lose or draw. Chelsea are superior on paper but on our day we can beat anyone. Missing players may be the defining factor; we may just have too many first teamers out to cope with the blues.

    Watching AC Milan last night I could see tremendous value in having a Flamini or a Gattuso in our midfield. I’m just surprised that Wenger has effectively branded the position unimportant by persisting with central mids with no defensive or positional awareness and no tackling credentials. It is the same at centre back. He isn’t bothered about having similar players at the back rather than the traditional tackler and ‘mop it up’ pair.

    But instead of everyone counting the days till the transfer window opens, lets all get excited about how Wenger will surprise us and turn it around, becuase I have every confidence that eventually, he will.

  8. @ TDP I totly agree with you.A Strong def mdfldr is a key aspecially plying agnst a team like chelsea.My Line up:




    If Toure is back, i would prefer him instead of Djourou.The same for Eboue to Vela as he is more experienced.But I dont think the two will, as the confirmation of their fitness will be only confirmed late today.Djourou can do this job.You guys are right about ANELKA, as he has already mentionned his bad feeling about arsenal’s Fan and I think he is going to 100% of him to proove something and rock us off.Go on gunners, see you sunday.

  9. for sure…it’s more than a must….and my instinct tells me that all of the others will drop points….so if the lads win,, then it will be great to bounce back, and specialy i feel they can do it if scolari will not change the tactics he has been following this season. because he is a kind of guy who will use what ever it takes to win a game even if it’s beating the refree… if they play like they used to earlier this season…i am damn sure we will show them some thing special we missed in the past 4 years…..allas scolari….get up gooners!!!

  10. Nasri, Abebayor and Sagna – All been declared fit to face Chelsea. Check the offical Site. We need All 3 to perform on sunday. Big time.

  11. When Toure and Eboue will be back??Do you guys have some news about them? The last news abt Eduardo is fantastic.It will be good to see the three players back again.They will defntly bring impact with Fab.Who might be the possible right winger??? Diaby, Ramsey??, Id love to see Vela playing tht post, his run is always dangerous to defendrs, and matching exactly to what FAb wants to perform a very clever pass.Well!Nobody knows whts in AW’s mind?? Go on Gunners

  12. Breaking News!!

    The vicepresident of Valencia told that their goalkeeper the german Timo Hilebrand is free of leaving where he wants and totally FREE…

    He say that Hildebrand have a couple of offers in Germany and one in England.

    Apparently he have a lot of problems in Valencia specially with the manager so he will go when the market opens.

    (in his last season with Stuttgart, before to move to Valencia, he was the goalkeeper who less goals allow)
    — –
    Hope Arsene bring him, he have exerience and is far better than Almunia.

  13. I don’t think bendtner should start. he’s been an absolute mess in every game i’ve seen him play this year. He finally managed to score ‘as a sub’ against kiev in the only game in recent memory i’ve missed so i can’t let that overide what i’ve seen which is he’s nowhere near the level he needs to be to start a premier league game. Esp. one against Chelsea.

  14. Update from Italy. Papers here report that Wenger is gonna sign Giovinco in January from Juve. Also that he is willing to sell Bendtner to get him.

    But i think we will beat Chelsea for the simple reason of.. we cannot afford to lose. Just like in the Man U game. Teams that have to win always pull together and pull it out. Im not worried about Chelsea as much as i am the game after Chelsea against Wigan. Those are the games they look like shit in.

  15. Giovinco is a great player but where would he fit in? Id love to have him but i dont think he would start…

  16. A background on the incoming Chief…”Ivan Gazidis (born September 13, 1964 in Johannesburg) is a South Africa-born sports business executive. He is currently the outgoing deputy commissioner of Major League Soccer in the United States and from January 2009 he will become chief executive of Arsenal Football Club of England’s Premier League.

    Gazidis moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 4 and attended St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford, where he was twice awarded a blue playing football against the University of Cambridge in 1984 and 1985.[1] [2] He graduated with a degree in law in 1986 and in 1992 he moved to the United States to work for Latham & Watkins.[3]

    In 1994 he joined the founding management team of Major League Soccer, becoming in 2001 its deputy commissioner.[2] He oversaw MLS’s key strategic and business decisions and its marketing arm, Soccer United Marketing, of which he was president.[4] He also helped promote the Mexican Football Federation and the CONCACAF Gold Cup.[4]

    In November 2008 Gazidis accepted the post of chief executive of Arsenal, a post he will formally take up in January 2009.[5] He succeeds former managing director Keith Edelman and will take over many of the roles formerly undertaken by ex-vice-chairman David Dein.[6]

  17. The incoming Chief seems less than novel…But you must appreciate the enormity of what he did for football in the US. No longer is football a distant memory (NASL). It is growing every year. I believe that is why he was hired…He will help transition this club from small to big. And, not to put a damper on this week-end I believe Arsenal will draw 2-2 at SB.

  18. Mexican Gunner, If the reports are true, Wenger must get Hildebrand. He has ability to be our new Lehmann. At the age of 29, he has played more than 200 Bundesliga games for Stuttgart and is also a German international with 7 caps. He holds a Bundesliga record for keeping the clean sheet for 884 consecutive minutes. I heard that he is having some problems with Unai Emery at Mestella. He would be a huge improvement to our goalkeeping problems.

    With 7 international caps and a German Bundesliga winners medal in 06-07 season he has won more than our current no 1 Clown. He has already proved more than once that he can be a great keeper. Being younger than Almunia and a proven international goalie, he might work fr us good. Remember, he have already conceded 18 premier league goals compared to Chelski’s 4. Our goal diff is +7 compared to Chelski’s +28. With Carvalho injured out their defense has not been great. But there is Cech, a world-class keeper who can organize his backline and make good saves. Our Almunia” Full-of-faults” hmmmmm….

    Given the chance to sign for nothing, Timo Hildebrand can be a wonderful signing fo us. Come on Wenger!!!

  19. Yea the reports that he is probably out are true… I didnt know much about him but if what everyone says is true I am all for the signing… I was thinking more along the lines of Mandanda but this would be excellent and cheap if possible…

  20. Honestly I think Almunia was ok until I see the comparision of goals conceded with Cech and omg!! C´mon Arsene you could bring totally FREE!!

    Here is the quotes of the vicepresident of Valencia in the biggest diary of Spain:

    Hildebrand, the rumors of The Guardian to the interest for Bendtner for 5mill and that we could get Podolski for 15mill and the interest of Flamini to return (I dont think so) are great GREAT news.

  21. I couldn’t read the news in Marca website becasue I do not understand the language. Anyway, to know there is a chance for Wenger to sign a proven goalie(who is way better than Almunia) like Hildebrand for nothing is good news buzzing around here. Seriously, Almunia is not good enough for Arsenal. He is not good enough for any champion team. Always a winning team is built around a strong defense and goalkeeper is the most important part of a team’s defense. Look at Casillas of last season who single-handedly won the league for Madrid making worldclass saves and organizing a vulnerable defense. A class goalie can gain 10-12 points for a team in a season. But an average goalie like Almunia can lose 10-12 points in a season. This is the reason why an average or a classless keeper has never won a premier league title, never.

    This Arsenal team needs few enforcements including:
    If we sign Hildebrand and a CDM in jan and a CB in summer, we will be a team to beat next season.

    Chelski Moscow will be very very tough. I fear if we will be 13 points behind the leaders in EPL by tomorrow. If by any means we can get a win, it will be the most important win for us this season. The prospect of being 13 points behind Chelski is always scary than just 7 points. Lets hope our guns will give everything to challenge a tough side. I would take a point from this match but like Wenger and Cesc are saying we need to fight for 3 points.

    Come on Arsenal!!!

  22. Gents,

    I would bet Hildebrand will go to Sp*rs. AW thinks Almunia is good enough for 4th place in PL. His ambition is 4th place!!!! Bringing Hildebrand to Arsenal will hinder the progress of Fabianski. He already promised to Fabianski that he will be the No.1 once Almunia retires.

  23. Unfortunatley, I agree with India-Gunner – AW can never accept a good offer – David Villa? Appiah? and now Hildebrand? He wont be joining us!

  24. I think Hildebrand would be a good signing for us but as you guys see AW and his stuborn head, I dont think he will sign him.On the other hand, we cant also say that Almunia is really that bad, He hs ade some few good sves though!!He isnt just the right man for this current situation, as we have lost so many games.Our situation is now a must win win game, but Hildebrand is a good option coz hes for free.To spend money, I would go for a strong CDM like Diarra of marseille, or YAYA TOURE of barca, Van buyten is dntly a good signing if it will really happen!!! as we can enforce or backline and put 1 of our current fullback as a CDM.A lot of option’s there to have a good CDM player in place to take over from Denilson or Song, We have Toure, Djourou who could be a very good one after 2 to 3 games or also having djourou at the backline and put Clichy up to be CDM.That position is a key for us, and I really think that if Wenger still insist on Denilson or Song on sunday agst Chelsea then we will sink, Obi mikel and Lampard will always pick up the 2nd ball.look how Bordeaux held them last wednesday.Diarra was fantastic, and also they were very aggressif agst the blues in the midfield area.thats the kind of a game we need to see from the gunners on sunday.C’mon GUNNERS!!!!!! , “Its not good time to play Arsenal!!!” I will see you tomorrow Mr Bosingwa!!The gunners will show you how really bad will be your day tommorow.

  25. A new experienced player signing would alwyas bring some change for Arsenal and i think that it will really help to bring a new fire within the squad.

  26. @America4arsenal, I defntly agree with you about Bendtner.He s a good striker but he doesnt really combine with Arsenal’s way of game.Gunners need a fast runnin striker who can follow the rythm of its wingers.

  27. I think Ramsey isn’t the best choise for the right winger in the moment.He played in a game agaist Kiev so bad.So W should change him by Song.So We have a starting team :
    sagna, gallas, silves, clichy

    denilson cesc nasri

    ade rvp

  28. No-one can play well on the wings except Nasri, Walcott, Rosicky and Eboue. Eduardo rarely played on the wing and do not think he would play well there and Vela did play on the LW for Osasuna, but he was 1/2 the player there than he is now. We should play a formation that doesnt need to much wing play.

  29. I agree with you on those 4 wingers but our current form and situation will only allow us with limited choices, either Denilson or vela, i would prefer to see Vela but I am defntly sure tht AW will play denilson as he is more experienced, but he isnt that gud on the wing.I have just seen now some journalist talkin about Djourou, sayin that he is a very tough defender, why not put him on instead of song???Even the young Gibbs or Hoytte would be better than Song on that post if AW wants Djourou to be substitut fullback.

  30. Best line up aginst chelsea:




    Sagna and Vela would rock that right part of the pitch. with the left footed RVP, it will be a very permanent danger for the blues.

  31. Arsene Wenger will play Denilson. Really we don’t have anyone to put in his place. I’d prefer Vela, i know most of you would say Vela is not proven enough to start against a side like Chelsea… but really, Denilson isn’t gonna do shit tomorrow either, besides make horrible passes and show how truly slow he is when he tries to track back for defence. I think its sad that Wenger hasn’t realized yet that Djourou is his best defender, so he’ll most likely start on the bench. Song is essential in midfield. His tackling is BRILLANT. He may not be the best at much, but i have yet to see any player on any team that can make the kind of tackles he makes without picking up silly fouls, plus he knows when to foul, unlike Denilson who for some reason thinks the pitch is a slip and slide and goes two feet into a tackle, totally misses in his tackles and flies off the pitch. We will need Song to disrupt the Chelsea midfield all day. I think the outcome depends on his performance or whom ever is in the holding midfield position. We need to make it hard for them to get any rhythm.

    All this RVP nonsense.. I laugh at it. RVP hasn’t done anything all year. Its sad how biased and blind some of you are to how much RVP is a underachiever. The best thing i’ve sen from him was how commited he was in the tackle against Stokes GK.

    I would rather put Ade up front by himself, and put one more midfielder out there to crowd the midfield. Its a SAD day when I say we should put Ade up front by himself, but the other two options to partner him (RVP and Pinky) are rubbish. So we may as well crowd the midfield to slow Chelsea’s attack down.

    GOD i hope Wenger buys another forward in January..

  32. What would be the possibility of a swap of Adebayor + cash for Benzema? I doubt it because everyone is after the kid… He would be immense here and unlike a lot of places would have the opportunity to play every match and learn under Wenger… I honestly think he is the best lone striker in the game today along with maybe Torres and Eto’o…

  33. @ MoMONEY
    Ade is worth £30m, Benzema is probably worth £20m. We cant swap Ade plus cash for Benzema, we would be robbing ourselves.

    Anyway, just read from The Sun that Theo Walcott could be back 2 months ahead of schedule. So this means he could be back in mid December.

  34. Wow really? I was reading way crazier numbers… IMO Benzema is twice the player Ade is and I would absolutely love a straight up swap in the summer… Arsene has the french connection so hopefully he pulls something off.

    Theo back early would be immense as we are lacking anything that resembles a winger at the moment…

  35. @ MoMONEY
    I’ve heard rumours that Benzema is worth €100m, i dont know how true they are. I’ve seen Benzema play a number of times, he is good, but not that good. He has the potential to be the best in the world, ill give him that, but he is not even £30m material yet IMO, only a mad man would pay €100m for Benzema.

  36. Hmmm He has done nothing but impress the crap out of me when I have seen him… 100 million is crazy but if the price is right and Ade is included I would be in favor of a deal no problem… I feel like he can put up Torres like numbers in our system and in this league and he would be an immense addition to our attack… How would teams plan for use with RVP, and Benzema up front and Nasri, cesc, walcott and all the youngsters + the injured players?

  37. I dont know who believe in the Yaya Toure rumors, were just pretending that because he is the brother of Kolo BUT the last times that I see him speak he says that he is very happy at Barcelona and even that he is fighting for his place with Keita he said that he love to fight for his place and loves everything in Barcelona. Also he just have one season there so I think is pretty unrealistic.

    Of course everyone wants to see him here, he is one of the best in his position, young and brother of Kolo so he is perefect BUT I think is impossible at the moment.

    Same for Benzema, Arsene will never pay so much for a player SO again he is just a dream.

  38. Now,We didn’t neet to talk so much.All things is good luck for ARS.GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL.We will beat Chelsea as victory with MU.:)).And believe that ARS never go anywher for a draw. Let’s trying together.We love U.

  39. Halftime down 0-1

    Gotta blame Almunia for the OG… What is he doing rushing and throwing the ball in play? As soon as he threw it and I saw we there was nobody else ahead I felt something bad was going to happen…

  40. Yep, Almunia is to blame for that goal, i jus don’t know what he was thinking! Anyway, i think we are going to win this one, we are looking dangerous and Chelsea is shaky at the back, we can easily break them down. I think we will win 3-1, i hope im right! Come on you Gunners, don’t disapoint us!

  41. Brilliant comeback. Fortunate, yes, but at the same time the team showed really good heart to win this one. A really encouraging night. Smiles all round.

  42. Yeaaaaaaaah, it’s 2-1 to the Gunners!!! Our first goal was clearly offside, but hey you need luck in games like these. It’s 2 wins in 2 games for our new captain, Cesc Fabregas!!! I’m very happy with the 3 points, we desperately needed them. UP THE ARSENAL!!!

  43. Great result. WHat we need is to win games where we are not dominating and tats what we did today against a very good team. Song played well and Gallas did great leading the back line. Van Persie shows the quality he has- if you give him a sniff at goal he will put it away. A proper striker IMO. Adebayor on the other hand looked lazy and lethargic though one of the few heads he got on the ball today resulted in the second goal. Denilson played hard like he always does but he still seems out of place to me. Cesc was probably the only player not fearing the ball during Chelsea’s early possession. The kid is brilliant and is now 2-0 as a captain… Absolute great result. Sure there was some luck but its the luck we have been missing for the last year so its only fair (ill never forget that missed penalty in the champions league for Hleb)

  44. 1st goal was offside but we finally have luck!!! Well in Rvp! Good heart to comeback, Cesc 2 wins in 2 😀

  45. RVP was offiside for one of the goals, but last time we played Chelsea at the bridge Drogba had at least one offisde, so what went around then has finally come around!
    Great performance by everybody, and a huge win. Captain cesc has a 100% record after two games, and we’re really on the up now.

  46. Defntly, 2 wins in 2 games for Fab captaincy.But Fab didnt really impress me today, he was very consistant again on his defense though! but on attack trully didnt really prform on his FAB ulous passes.SAGNA was astonishing, Once again Clichy my favrite Arsenal man,Nasri has alws pushed the attack on his side and what a wonderfull defens from him today,Ade was impressive (Its actually true what John Terry told about him, Ade can really take position agst any defendr coz of his size and strentgh) He can always win the ball in the air coz of his strength to fight to be in front of the defenders, I really give him all the credit for the two goals.I wouldnt swap Ade for Benzema plus the price, I personnaly think he is overrated.Have you guys seen AW again today, wanting to put on ol pink boots and take off RVP?I really knew from his face that he was gonna take RVP off the pitch, but fortunatly he showed him the magic with his weak right foot.Honestly we never won the mdfld again today, I wonder how really blind AW is? I dont really agree with you Demitrio abt Song.Def mdfldr should be one of the most hard working plyr on the pitch, shd be a very fast running player,putting pressure on the opponent from the circle and run back to be a 5th full back,running from right to left,launchin attack and recovering 2nd ball.Song was just not one of this today and he was very very slow, givin time and space for the opponent to dribble and think.My best man on that job would be alws GAEL CLlCHY.This would defntly be a New start for us, and i hope AW and his advisor will notice this lack of DEF MDFLDR.GO OOOON GUNNERS.

  47. Interesting suggestion- Put Clichy at DMF? Dont know if it utilizes his straight line speed as much ad FB but it would give toure the chance to play more…

  48. Well i really hope people keep a level head about this game, and don’t go ranting about how we are back in the title race and that RVP is the greatest thing since mozzarella cheese. I knew we would win this game because we were in the same position s we were against Man U. It was a must win game. We did get a little lucky with the RVP goal, he was 2 yards offsides and the ball clearly did not hit a Chelsea players BUT those have gone against us in the past so maybe our luck is changing a little.

    Its teams like Wigan that we struggle against this term not the big three so beating Chelsea means nothing to me because i expected the boys to. If we can start putting back to back wins against teams like Wigan, then maybe i will more convinced.

    As Radads said we did not win the midfield at all today. Chelsea had loads of possession, but we did close down better, when a Chelsea player had the ball, you saw 2-3 Arsenal shirts around him pretty quick. Now if only they can have that same effort against lower class teams we’d be ok.

    I must say tho.. how many goals will Almunia cost us before Wenger gets in his head that the guy is rubbish?! That was an awful decision to bowl the ball out there when he was asking Nasri i think too much to run on to it, then putting the boys back under pressure before they could get organized and the goal was conceded. They guy fuckin sucks!!

    I will say Radads, Song did more then you think he did. Hes one of those quiet, hard working players that you don’t really realize how much he really does until he’s gone. I remember A LOT of people thinking the same about Flamini and now those same people say how much the team miss him. Sometimes you don’t really see how much a player does until he is gone. Song did very well today.

  49. Definetely the best:
    Clichy, Sagna, Song and also Djouru (except for the own goal)

    The worst: Denilson and Adebayor (he never could dribble Ivanovic)

    We dont deserv it but a win is a win.

  50. I have to point out- Sagna was immense. Other then RVP man of the match I think… Gallas did great as well tho

  51. I must say, this has given me a feeling like I havent felt for a long time. This is better than the United game. However when we beat United, we then lost to Villa!! We have to be consistant now! With Cesc as captain I think we can do it. We have Burnley on Tuesday, I dont no if Eduardo will be included?? But we should win that. Then our next 3 prem games are Wigan, Boro and then Liverpool. With a FC Porto game in between to decide top spot.

  52. lol, well im really looking forward to reading it, SF do you know about Eduardo, if hes back, on the bench for Burnley or what not??

  53. Also everyone (including me) who was doubting Song after Kiev have to applaud his performance v Chelsea, Djourou proved us right again, he was great (unlucky OG), Clichy and Sagna were back to there brilliant best. Terry should have seen red on that tackle on Sagna but did anyone see that bursting run from Clichy that if ivanovic had not taken him down and got a yellow card, he would have taken on 5/6 players, ran past them all and had a clear 1-on-1 with Cech lol.

  54. jay-jay – I heard Wenger say 5 or 6 weeks before Eduardo is back to playing, that was last week.

    WTF is this team? Win against ManUre and Chelsea, and lose to Stoke and Fulham.

  55. SettaKeys…
    The games against United and Chelsea were do or die games so the players put in 110%. When they play other teams they dont. Champion Sides win Ugly, win Pretty and always play there hardest.

    Just quietly they were a bit lucky in both the united and chelsea games.

  56. I couldn’t agree more with Ronaldo7. Most people have said they have seen lack of desire on the pitch but both the united and chelsea games were as he put it ‘do or die games’, however we have Wigan and Boro next in the league, we could lose or draw to both and then play another ‘do or die game’, what i’m saying is, although winning v the big teams is super and just gives you the best feeling, if we dont pick up the 3 points v the smallers teams, then it will all count for nothing. Except bragging rights, which we own 😀

  57. We will dfntly win agst wigan,This is a team we have already defeated, this is a real time now for the big team to rest and for the young gunners to take action(As Im worried again abt injuries!!!!).The young gunnrs will play tuesday for the carling cup and I would suggest wenger to play them again on saturday agst Wigan.We just have to play 50/50 bigger team and youngsta.
    Coming back to you DEMITRIO,I totly agree that Song has done more than he used to yesterday,and You cant think how much I really admire Camerounese players, His uncle Rigobert Song has been always my favrite, Lauren for Arsenal (Late 90’s to early 2000)Eto’o my best etc…..I dfntly knew that AW would take him after the Afrcan cup nation, he was brilliant, but he still has a lot to proove in the best league in the world.Perhaps, I might agree with you with the Flamini examples,as he was also very slow durin the starting of his carreer at arsenal but 1 and half year later he has became the heartbeat of gunner’s mdfld.One thing we have to remember is Flamini had the chance to improove his game while Viera was still there, and I totly agree with you that Song can be the same or even better, but only after 4 or5 more games.For now we need must win games as we have already lost so much, We cant afford to loose even a single game anymore, we can only draw 2 games till the end of the season,which means We cant afford to have “on the way improving” players on the pitch, we need to make sure 100%.If we didnt have that 5 consecutive losses, then It would be ok.There was only one team who won the 1er league with 7 defeats (Totnham if Imnot mistaking),and that must have been a big help from God, but 6 losses is your limit.We are now 5 losses at end of November.Perhaps, the solution we might take is to put him along with a good one there so that he can get more experienced, BUT HE IS SO SLOW, HAVE YOU SEEN HOW DID THE BLUES PLAYERS OVERRUN HIM YSTDAY? HE WAS LUCKY COZ FAB AND NASRI WERE VERY GUD ON THEIR DFENS, AND also Denilson has improved a lot on his dfens.But HE SHOULD BE THE MOST ACTIVE IN THE MDFLD AREA.

  58. @JAY-JAY, I really saw that run my friend, he would have really overran 5/6 players, thats why i ALWAYS insist on having HIm as DEfmMidfld.have you guys even seen how he fell on the ground after harshly being pushed away by IVANOVIC? and NOT EVEN A SIIIINGLLE COMPLAIN!!!!!! I LIKE THAT GUY, I WILL PRAY GOD THAT WE WONT GET ANY INJURY.


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