The top ten Arsenal goals of the season so far

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I found a nice Arsenal video today and thought I’d pop it up here for everyone to see.

It’s collection of the top ten goals from Arsenal this season and I have to say it’s pretty damn good. There’s some real crackers in there and I really think they’ve got the top few spot on. Unsurprisingly, there’s a fair few from Cesc Fabregas as well. You can check it out below.

Cheers to FootyTube for the clip. It really makes you appreciate the quality of football that we as Arsenal supporters get to watch. We’ve been spoilt this season, very spoilt indeed. In saying that, let’s hope it continues.

On a completely different topic, the router for my new internet connection came today so normal blogging service should resume for the weekend. Just in time for there to be an international break and no Arsenal news. Sigh.

What do you think?

Let me know your favourite Arsenal goal by leaving a comment.


22 thoughts on “The top ten Arsenal goals of the season so far

  1. Can anyone explain to me this issue on restriction of players? 1) Do BPL want to be the best in the world if so it needs to attract the best palyers in the world where ever they come from.
    2) How will this restriction supposedly assist England national team? There is no mention of Scotland or Wales etc, just England. Does this mean Scottisha nd Welsh players would be regarded as foriengers?
    3)Can some tell me the exact number of overseas players the top 4 clubs have?
    I personally think this is just a way of restricting Arsenal. Apart from 1966 what has England achieved on the international front? Ahhh nothing!!! how many overseas player where playing top flight in the 70’s 80’s and 90′?
    Why is there not many top English players palying in Italy or Spain? Because they are not good enough. Thats the bottom line.

  2. Well said. You’re 100% right. The problems are not at the top level, but at a lower level. Now, whilst I am Australian and not English I can’t comment on the training methods used in the UK it’s pretty obvious that the lack of top quality English players starts at the bottom. The only way the national team will be improved is if the quality of players and coaching improves, and this isn’t going to happen by putting a restriction on the amount of foreigners playing in the Premier League. It would also help if English players weren’t so ludicrously expensive, but that’s economics for you. Anyone else want to shed some light on this situation?

  3. spanish fry: I guess that will be the next obsticle only english fans can comment he he he. The FA wish to restrict overseas players BUT do they also wish to restrict the oversea viewer and supporters? No!! I want Finger Lady to be involved in this!! I also am an Aussie. Been an Gooner since Mcklintock and Rice where palying, and Charlie. Never looked back.

  4. I honestly dont understand why the english media whinges. England has 15-20 of the best players in the world. Possibly the best national squad in the world. The problem is they cannot play together. there are no grafters fighting for their spot in the team. The team is set. Look at beckham how much harder he has tried to be in the team since he was dropped. There is no issue in English football, its just the players media and management looking for a scape goat. Arsene Wenger is that goat.

  5. on this topic…..i just dont get it how people can say there arent top quality english players…..i totally disagree and think there are a large amount of very good english players and that its down to the attitude of these players and the style of coach….if they get those 2 right they will eventually one day win a world cup…..

    just to name a few- these guys are of the top 3 in there positions in the world


    I just think that tactically and technically they lack cause McLaren is a shit house coach…my england team would look like this

    Richards Terry Rio Cole

    swp barry gerrard lennon/j.cole

    Defoe Rooney

    id say all these players are quite good technically and i would play a quick no long ball type of game to rooney and defoe feet and id think with the 1 very quick wingers they would kill most sides…..Mclaren is the reason england suck..and the reason they didnt do well at the world cup cause Sven didnt give a crap cause he knew he wasnt goign to continue after it, why else would he pick a 16 year old that hasnt played in the premiership and leave out either defoe or bent….

    Get me in to coach

    Bench: Lampard on for gerrard

  6. let wenger coach england

    there are only 3 coaches in my opinion that could bring england glory….Mourinho, Wenger and Sir Alex

  7. I agree. Although you never know, guys like Capello, Lippi, Ancelotti and the like could probably do a good job as well. I could never see either of those three guys (Mourinho, Wenger or especially Sir Alex) coaching England anyway. Ferguson is a Scot, remember!

  8. I think the problem with the England squad at the moment is both in the depth of it and the incompatibility of the star players. first on the lack of depth is that outside the starting XI there arent really world class players. The other thing is the incompatibility issue, look at how gilberto/ronaldino, veira/zizou and esp gattuso/pirlo compliment each other in CM. The last thing I think is the lack of quality forward besides rooney and world class keeper.
    also, I’m not english so i have to say that chill out…. its not like you’re the only nation with the unfulfilled potential of winning the world cup. spain and holland has more reason to bitch about it and i dont see any talk about la liga imposing quota.

  9. Re Goals…Who’s Thierry Henry?
    Re England…Who drops Barry, arguably England’s best performer over the past 3 games? McClown… definitely a superior tactician.

  10. can anyone explain the diffrence between the carling cup and the FA cup to me……..sorry im south african

  11. Great video!

    It made me realize how many long range efforts we’ve had this season. Our goals from midfield and goals from outside the box is the biggest difference offensively for us this season. Last year we couldn’t finish to save our lives, remember how many times we hit the post last yr. I remember cesc in particular away to bolton blasted 1 off the post from 20yrds out, woulda put us at 2-1…but no..we go and lose to Anelka offside by a mile goal. anyway, great video…keep shooting gunners!

  12. We should try hard to bring in some English players as some of them a better. Agbonlahor/Ashley Young are better than Eboue in the same position. Micah Richards/Stephen Taylor are better than Senderos, Djourou and Song as CB; so is not a bad idea if we have some English players especially for the defence.

    There are so many French players to seem like the Arsenal has become the French nursery team. Arsene should soften up and get some locals in. This is an English club and it should reflect same. Some of the foreign player are not really exceptional. If you take FAB4, Hleb, Rosicky, Kolo, Clichy, Sagna and RvP, the rest are not so special.

  13. The thing that gets me about this discussion is that no one ever provides any supporting evidence to substantiate the claim that foreign players are to blame for England’s failures in int’l competition. They just say it as if it’s something that doesn’t need to be proven. Anyone who argues for quotas should be required to establish the correlation and prove it.

    And they’re totally immnue to logic, such as the obvious facts:

    * England did not set the world on fire in int’l comeptition before the rise of foreign players in the domestic league

    * Countries in Eastern Europe and elsewhere have domestic leagues overwhelmingly dominated by local talent and yet do not have stellar records in int’l competitions

    * If these foreign players were predominantly Scots, Welsh, Irish, Canadian, Australians and New Zealanders this issue would never come up. If Wenger fielded a first team made up of 1 Englishman and 10 men of the above nationalities, he’d never be blamed for the failures of the English national team.

    I don’t see the Spanish or Portuguese blaiming foreign players for their failures.

  14. Seriously if they cut down the amount of overseas players, is that really going to help the national side. I mean if Gerrard and Lampard can’t play together, restricting overseas players will do nothing but upset fans and maybe even lose some. Personally if it does happen, i will still be a gooner but i will be very upset dissappointed.

  15. “If you take FAB4, Hleb, Rosicky, Kolo, Clichy, Sagna and RvP, the rest are not so special.”

    The problem I have with this comment is that although the rest aren’t absolute world beaters, it shouldn’t matter that they are foreigners. It’s the middle-tier players that Wenger does so well at, because he can get a foreign player for a fraction of the cost of an English player and turn them into something special.

  16. The whole debate about the foreign players issue is nonsense. In the eighties Liverpool kicked ass domestically and in Europe. Almost their entire squad was British English and yet England didn’t win anything. Everyone is picking on Wenger for not fielding English players. Do you honestly believe if Wenger had a good English player would let him go? People keep saying look at Bentley and Sidwell as if they are setting the world on fire. In my opinion they are not good enough to play for Arsenal. It would be nice to see English players at Arsenal But for Wenger Arsenal is the priority. The England squad is good. Coaches and Managers are tactically naïve. For the last 20 years I can name only one good English manager that managed England and that is Bobby Robson. He came close to winning something the rest are crap.
    Latest rumours is that Adriano is coming to Arsenal. I think he should stay in Brazil and dance the Samba with the ladies. We have a good spirit in the team why bring in a party animal and disrupt the whole thing. And the other is Agbonlahor of A.Villa which I would welcome. He is powerful, has a lots of pace and works his socks off the only problem is the price A.Villa will be asking for £20 million and this is another problem when you try to buy English.

  17. Sorry Le Gunner but the Liverpool side in the 80’s was British but in the main, not English. In fact the side that did the double (85/6) had their last league game at Chelsea to win the championship with not one English player. Scots, Irish dominated with Welsh, Zimbabwean and Australian making up the numbers.

  18. I would also welcome Agbonlahor to the squad. We have good young english talent. Walcott & Hoyte who are in the 1st squad are in the U21s and in our academy players, some play for U20, 19s and so on. If we were to buy Agbonlahor it would be our 3rd english player who would actually be in our 1st squad and he also plays in the U21s but 1 thing about buying English players is that the cost is ridiculous. I mean i would pay around 6-10 mil for him not 15 – 20 mil!

  19. Gooner 60 Thanks for correcting me all the names sounded english sometimes its difficult to tell who english and who’s not.My point is they didn’t moan they had too many british and not english.

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