The sad truth about Tomas Rosicky

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A very warm Monday greeting to you all. 

No new transfer speculation to discuss today, which gives me the opportunity to say a few words about Tomas Rosicky.

The Czech man has spoken of his current fitness situation and the chances of making a successful recovery for next season. Rosicky has admitted that although he is as fit as he has ever been in his time at Arsenal and could have played before the end of last season, he remains unsure of how his body will hold up when he returns to first-team football. In his own words:

“Until I play in a league match I will not be able to tell what my chances are. When it comes to fitness alone, I must say that I am in a better shape than I was when I came to Arsenal. But I don’t know what will happen after I make repeated sprints from one end of the pitch to the other.”

Fully fit he is one of the best players and surest passers at the club and an absolute shoo-in for a starting position in the midfield. But it remains a sad fact that Rosicky simply cannot be relied upon next season and until he proves his fitness he will remain a frustratingly peripheral figure at the Arsenal Football Club. 

While it would be foolish to count Rosicky among the manager’s plans it’s hard to ignore the fact that he, Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri and Alex Song would make a fine midfield quartet and would allow Andrey Arshavin to push forward into his favoured support-striker role. As it is, I sincerely hope that he can repay the faith that Arsene Wenger and the club have put in him by making a strong recovery.

And that’s really all I wanted to say today. Have a bright start to the week.

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55 thoughts on “The sad truth about Tomas Rosicky

  1. I agree with this lineup but I think people will want Walcott to start- simply because he is English. IMO Rosicky and Nasri are both better players though…

  2. I hope his injury woes are gone, we could use him next season. He is good defensively and brilliant going forward. Come on Rosicky, if RVP can do it, so can you.

  3. @ MoMONEY – Im not sure if Theo is ready to be a regular starter. His first touch and passes are awful at times. He has the pace, but he should be used as a sub imo.

  4. Watching Xabi Alonso and Cesc playing together last night just made me think that maybe we should go for Xabi. He is not a hard man but he reads the game so well, his tackles and interceptions were spot on and it gave Cesc so much freedom.
    Just a thought.

  5. Not a bad article, however this is NOT the sad truth about Rosicky.
    Unfortunately it is widely known within certain departments of our magnificent club that Mr Rosicky suffers from a very different ailment and in fact is not injured at all.The devils dandruff is his vice and is on a club banning order.I WILL NOT show my source and I trust you to look at the big picture before dismissing it.

  6. whatever the case maybe I think Rosicky starts games as he can and Theo comes on for him shortly into second halves. Theo’s is still developing and I think his pace is much more devastating when he is fresh and the opposition are starting to tire.

  7. Well, we are all guilty of a bit of oldé “devil’s dandruff” from time to time. Here’s Xavi!

  8. Rosc,is stil the man,why don’t we use in left wing,nasri in right nd song ,fabby.WHAT WE NEED IS PASSER ND WINNER OF THE BALL AT OUR BACK then wil can win trophies lyk ManBACA.

  9. Riscky case should not even cross our mind now just for planning purposes, lets plan other things, he will come in the picture if its possible for him. also get yaya toure to put pressure on song. we all know he has been our most improved player and willing to do more for his the back line keep gael and sagnal, either get a partner to galas and sell toure or sell all and get well established defenders. you know our problem is not going forward as long as the back line is ok, we can kill any boby. arsenal 4 life

  10. I would dearly love to see that midfield rampaging through the Premiership next season, SF. Good stuff, that.

    Mostly though, I just hope Rosicky comes back healthy for the season and is able to add to the squad. I don’t know that he’ll feature regularly, especially at the beginning of the season, but if he proves able to meet the rigors of our schedule then he will be a very valuable asset.

    @Stevo –

    I’ve read on other blogs that Rosicky might have that problem. But it’s just been blog stuff so I always dismissed it. Just asking here…but are you saying that Rosicky didn’t have that second surgery or smth? I mean, surely the club wouldn’t put out smth like that just to cover ummm…his “other” ailment, no?

  11. I cant really wait for Rosicky to come back, to me, he is much better and much experienced than Nasri
    @Gibbs, the idea of Xabi isnt also a bad option, very tough player in the mdfld.Did miss the last night game but wont miss the next one to watch Cesc.

  12. An injury lay-off like that would force anyone to up their intake of the Devil’s dandruff. However, Rosicky on form is one of the most exciting attacking MF’s in Europe. Let’s hope AW eases him back gently and if he is used like Giggs or Scholes have been used by Man U this season, he could have the desired impact on be less injury prone. TR, if you’re reading this 🙂 just get back and get playing. We need you.

  13. rosk is my man anytime any day.cant wait to see him playing.nevertheless,we still need some important players incase of injuries.

  14. need to wait until July on Sicknote lads, surely once the practice matches start and we play all those games in a row against Barnet and the usual training camps in Europe, im sure he will give a more confident interview. The mere fact that he is fit is a bonus in itself….who agrees?

  15. But I don’t know what will happen after I make repeated sprints from one end of the pitch to the other.”

    Answer go outside and run down the park for 90 mins?????

  16. Had to look up what Devil’s Dandruff was on google, sorry not quite up to date with this slang stuff. Now I know what it is your having a laugh. Wenger maybe loyal to his players and staff but I don’t think he would keep a player who falls this far out of line, it’s not even if he would have had to make public the real reason for him being let go. You will see in the pre season games that he will come back better than ever.

  17. @Gibbs i dun think Alonso would be a viable option coz liverpool wouldn’t even sell us a virus we would they sell alonso. liverpool noe next season is the best chance they have ever had to gain back the title so now fab and co. have a lot of work to do to bring back the glory days to the emirates.

  18. i really missed roscky,he is one of the best attacking mildfillder in europe i think theo should be coming in as a sub.the future is bright if only we buy the right players.

  19. i’ll like 2 see Denilson in songs position, he’s more faster n accurate n also a great tackler. cant wait to watch rosicky playin again.

  20. Just pray that Rosicky comes back next season fit, strong, reliable and ready to play whenever called upon. He’s one of the best midfielders in the world. He is the Czech Republic captain and one of the strongest members of the Arsenal squad. With his help I’d say we would have definately won the Prem. last term and this term a top performing Tomas could have got us a place in the FA and CL finals…who knows.

    All I’m saying is that TR7 is my favorite player at Arsenal and if he gets going we will be great. Imagine a midfield of Rosicky/Cesc/Nasri/Arshavin/Walcott…this is the type of midifield that should strike fear into any opponent we face.


  21. It is very good news that he has fully recovered. Theo is a good player, but Tom’s experience is of great importance.

  22. @ Dally: Spot on. Wenger would never back a player with that sort of issue. Pennant had issues with drink/behaviour, and he was gone from the club after a few chances. Rosicky’s problem is his hamstrings are made of cotton candy, so if he’s fully fit and contributes, wonderful. If not, I was never counting on him in the first place.

    @ Lompri: Can’t disagree enough. Neither Song nor Denilson has any pace, nor is either a skilled passer (Denilson’s statistical advantage is merely that, statistical), but Song is the better ball-winner (although I still believe best-suited to center-half). A signing at defensive central midfield is paramount to Arsenal achieving anything next season, and finally bringing some “glory days” to the Emirates, which is long overdue.

  23. The most frightening thing about this article is not the ludicrous talk of cocaine, but the fact that Spanish has found a picture of Rosicky sporting some semblance of facial hair. That would certainly frighten me if I was a defender!

  24. i have to say that rosicky will be like a new signing for us. hes one of our only midfielders who is not afraid to take a shot and by god hes got a good one. my starting XI with a couple of realistic signings in the mix:


    people will fear that team and that team is capable of winning anything

  25. it ll be grt to see him back nxt season … almost like a new signin for us !!!!

    as for the concerns for a defensive mid … i think song has improved over the second half of last season … his passing maybe wayward but he can win the ball back (atleast btr than denilson) … so even if v dont sign a def mid nxt season (possibly bein a worst case scenario) it wudn be a bad option to play a 4-3-3 formation (similar to barca’s) wit song as a deep DM ((so not much passing to do ) , fab n rosc\nasri as CM , with arshavin n walcott on attacking players on the flanks n rvp\dudu\bntr ST … considerin v r most dangerous on the wings it wudn be a bad option … WAT SAY PPL ….

  26. In big matches we were pathetic with Song is cm. It is not a coincidence we ware imperious against ManU, Chelsea and l’pool in the first half of the season when Denilson was CM, shaky in the second half and the FA cup semi (when Song was cm) and looked the business against ManU when Denilson was in CM. The Song fan club need a dose of reality!

  27. That Anonymous is me. Sorry!

    I might add we were very pathetic in Champimpions league semis too, guess who was dm?.

    @Amerigoon; A league table IS a statistic, I guess it is just that, a statistic?!?!?

  28. @taygoon

    well im not a big fan of song … sure at times he does look clumsy on the pitch but how old is he 21 i guess …. hes bound to get btr … even flamini was obscure when he came to the club n now look at him … agreed v cud use some experience thr but wit the inflated transfer market its tough to find a good exp DM

  29. 2007/08 we had Rosicky and Hleb in wide midfield. Everyone would agree that it takes a lot for defenders to mug the ball out of them. Last season, Theo lost the ball as soon as you finish spelling his full name, and Nasri, while better than Theo, gave you a few extra seconds. What that means is if our wide defenders pushed forward, and our wm’s lose the ball, it was Denilson’s job to mind atleast 3 players at a given time, and that is on one side of the pitch. Flamini would have struggled more since his positioning and reading of the game was woefull, that was the reason he had to run like a madman to cover for his poor positioning, flying into tackles like he did, and ofcourse fans attention will be drawn more to someone running like a lunatic, than someone who does the job the easy way, the way it should be done. The reason most of you(Song fan club members) praising Song is because most of the time you don’t think he was going to get there and intercept(hearts-in-mouths) so to speak, and when he beat your expectations you over-react with praises.

  30. @ sri666; I keep maintaining that Flamini was way overated, and most of the defensive work in mf was done by Cesc in the middle, Rosicky and Hleb wide(by not losing the ball cheaply, and Adebayor upfront. He was just showing up at the end of the show and clean up the scraps, just like in the relays(sprinting or swimming) the last sprinter gets more attention than the ones who puts him in a position to win!

  31. @ TayGoon – I have to disagree with your comments about both Song and particularly Flamini. In my opinion Flamini and Cesc’s partnership was absolutely superb and he did a lot more defensive work than you’re giving him credit. There was a segment on at some point last year where all the players were asked to pick the best players in the world for things like speed, trickery, tackling and passing and absolutely every player chose Flamini as ‘heart’. What they were implying was that his energy and never-say-die attitude had a huge impact and that it was apparent that it was missed last year.

    I also find your comments about Song being the result of poor performances in ‘big games’ as unfair too. We may have drawn 4-4 with Liverpool but he was the best player on the park (including Arshavin), while he was one of the strongest performers against Manchester United in the first leg. He certainly wasn’t to blame in those losses, in contrast the general consensus was that although we went through a really disappointing period he was the shining light.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again that I prefer Song over Denilson because he has a defense-first attitude. He wins the ball. And as the season wore on he became more confident moving forward with the ball and put in some great performances. I know some people will disagree but I just didn’t see Denilson making the same progress.

  32. @SF; I remember there were several interviews with Arsenal players and they were saying Gallas was the catalyst of their unity, and all the good stuff about his leadership. It didn’t even go to the end of the season and we all know they absolutely “love” the guy. Flamini was almost sold to some lower teams that summer, probably the other guys were drumming him up for a contract. Granted he worked hard, I won’t deny that, but the main enforcers in the mf were Cesc, who proclaimed that we are no longer to be bullyied before the season even started and showed his mettle in the CL qualifiers to begin with, Hleb and Rosicky who could beat entire defences the likes of l’pool etc single-handedly. With those 3 infront of, and around him, he could pick up scraps and people remember the climaxes which was Flamini sliding in for a throw-in and not the others who harrased the guys to leave them vulnerable for a Flamini “master stroke”.

    There is one aspect of Songs play that we both agree on and yet we don’t seem to have the same vantage point on it’s merits and demerits in terms of a specific game aproach.

    I for one do not agree with the assertion that Song is the most improved player in the side. In late 2007 in your blog, I was saying that Song is a good player. For me I knew he could do most of the stuff he has shown last season but the only thing was fans didn.t give him a chance. Song is still a very good player in my eyes. With a team lacking creativity and a spark upfront, playing him WAS a mistake. He could defend but barely helped the attack. Oppossing teams were never under preassure so they mounted attack after attack and finaly we crambled. That is my main problem with Song as DM. Teams that attacked us relentlessly had an easier time doing so since it was only 1 cm who joined in the act when we were pushing forward. Most of those teams played us with 5 midfielders which means 2 of the 3 of their central midfielders were left free to break up our attacks and ochestrate their own. I have said in the past on this blog, that the way to play Man U is to put them under preassure and their defence will crack, exactly what Barcelona did, and they didn’t have a defense to speak of ( a man u reject, a central midfielder, an ageing nth choice left back, etc.) When we played them and attacked them they did not threaten us. Denilson does his job as a defensive mf very well and still has an attacking impetus to him that makes opposing cm think twice about pushing forward and join the party. Since our defense was shaky, inviting opponents by playing defensive was our undoing. Stats is just the “numerification” of what someone did, and nobody in arsenal comes close to Denilson in terms of passes, blocks and interceptions. Of all the PL, He was the best passer, with one of the highest accuracy rate, I believe 2nd, in the top 5 of midfield tacklers, and one of the lowest “tackles lost” if not the lowest in the league. Barelly lost posesion, hardly dwelt on the ball, higher assist rate than Song and Flamini combined and equal the number of goals to both Song and Flamini combined. Even Gilberto didn’t put those stats up before his 2nd from last season as stand-in captain, and we have to remember Denilson WAS PLAYING IN A NEW ROLE FOR THE FIRST TIME AND IT WAS THE FIRST TIME HE WAS A REGULAR! in the side.

    I like Song and Djourou as the long term CD pairing, and Denilson and Cesc as CM pairing. Theo, in conjuction with Pierce and Capello may have ruined his next season by playing in both seniors and U21’s. He will go the way of Gilberto in the begining of the season, and I don’t see him replacing Arshavin, Rosicky and Nasri, with posibbly Eduardo on the left. Even Bendtner is more consistently productive on the right wing than Theo is. The dream will be to offload Adebayor. RVP has mugged his way in the starting lineup, and Bendtner, and Eduardo and even Vela are better options as strikers. It will be interesting next season.

  33. I prefer Song over Denilson, but most of all I prefer a new signing if we could afford it. If not these two will have to step up next season. Anyway Song deserves more credit because he is a centre back really, made to play a holding role.

    I don’t think Flamini was overated but he did the donkey work. When Cesc and he combined they clicked and thats the most important factor we’re missing.

    I do miss Rosicky but I feel his time is up, a really great player that could be the top 5 players in the world if he was injury free. Whats up with the verma stories? I guess we aren’t really signing anyone eh…

  34. @ TayGoon – A fair point assessment but I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree. In my opinion Song improved as an attacking force while Denilson never really did. His statistics are good but he was so reluctant to join into attacks that I believe virtually everything you’ve said about Song can be applied to Denilson.

    Again with Flamini we’re going to have to agree to disagree. For me he was the prime hassler in the midfield and his workrate and general pressure on opposing midfielders gave Cesc, Rosicky and Hleb the time and space to play. Granted, the trio’s uncanny ability to keep the ball made Flamini’s job easier but in my opinion it was Flamini that had more of an influence on them than the other way around. The main thing that Flamini brought to the team was a worthy partner for Cesc. Whether you liked him or not, Cesc’s clear trust in Flamini allowed him to play some wonderful football and it is clear that our captain misses a player like him in the middle. He has even said so himself.

    The other thing that people forget about Flamini was that he was a decent attacker and a very good passer of the ball. His stats might not have been as good as Denilson’s were (who, in my opinion very rarely plays a risky or game-breaking pass) but he was as vital to the midfield passing cog as any of the other players. I miss Flamini terribly and will always hold the opinion that had he stayed at the club then last season would have been very, very different.

    I sincerely believe that Flamini and Cesc had the potential to become the best central-midfield partnership in Europe and I just think it’s a shame that it never got to eventuate.

  35. This clearly shows that rosicky is down with confidence.But i believe when he fires the first goal and finishes the 90 minutes.We will have these statements forgotten.

  36. @Ianinja; Song is a central mf, dm to be exact. Go back and read the old coverage. It was about the Trio of Cesc, Hleb and Famini that was credited to have ” clicked” not just Flamini and Cesc. Rosicky was already regarded as a very good player by then, so the trio was deemed to have stepped up their games. Remember in the prior season, Flamini and Hleb were so marginal, selling them was thought to be a good idea. Do justice to other mf’s and give them their deserved credit.

    Insted of just thinking,can you please tell us why???

  37. @SF: In defence of Denilson as an attacking force, as an attacking midfielder by trade, he racked up the assists and goals very early in the season and then AW INSTRUCTED Him to concentrate on defence. He was basically told to hold back by his manager and I think we all know that, so blaming him for not progressing as an attack force is unfair. On the other hand, Song’s so called progression as an attacking force, is maybe an assist and a 1 goal, even Clichy and Sylvester matched that.

  38. I am not saying that Flamini was not good. What I am saying is, he has been given way too much credit than he deserved.

  39. we need 2 get mahammed diarra from real madrid.imagine song and diarra in the would be a brick wall

  40. what were we thinking when we got rid of flamini and gilberto silva.who did arsene think would fill up that gap

  41. The will power to make a fast return and rapid recovery is what makes Rosisky one of the finest players Arsene Wenger ever had. Ofcouce the season will tell but no doubt the rest and the exercise drills he had while he was recuperating are the best things he had for the comming season preparation..


  42. For the case of rosicky he is good.Thomas remains a genious desipt the inguries problems and we love back and see him on pitch.i for one i really die for tomas.and i wish him lack

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