The return of Eduardo

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So the football resumes tonight – with Arsenal hosting Cardiff City at the Emirate – and that means the blog is back too. Did you miss me?

In truth I had a highly tumultuous weekend. The fun of Mama Fry’s 50th on Saturday was ruined by subsequent food poisoning I dealt with for the rest of the weekend. Two full days of vomiting and other garbage was not exactly how I intended to spend my weekend, and in truth it will be something of a miracle if I stay awake for the Arsenal game.

Tonight’s game will be interesting for a couple of reasons. The long-awaited return of Eduardo is the obvious draw card while a place in the next round and a seemingly simple path to at least the semi-finals is another. Most supporters agree that the FA Cup is our best chance at silverware this season and as such I’m hoping Arsene Wenger doesn’t do too much rotating.

Lukasz Fabianski will return to the side while I would like to see Johan Djourou restored to the starting side at centre-back. The lack of midfield numbers means Alex Song, Denilson and Samir Nasri are all likely to start although the manager could recall the likes of Aaron Ramsey or even Jack Wilshere if need be. Up top it’s sure to be Robin van Persie and Nicklas Bendtner.

All in all it’s a team more than capable of beating Cardiff, particularly at home. A win is a must if we want to keep realistic hopes of a trophy alive this season and that should be motivation enough for the Arsenal boys to get the job done.

Anyway, I’m off to have some more Gatorade and eat some food that *fingers crossed* won’t repeat on me. Wish me luck.

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54 thoughts on “The return of Eduardo

  1. Your opinion on this would be nice. I believe that after an horrendous injury like the one eduardo suffered, there has to be a mental block about playing the game hard in case of more pain.
    I do not believe we will see the same eduardo for another year at least.

  2. jack wilshere not luke wilshere… should have titled the article “two days of vomiting and eating gabbage”….i think this is a s*** blog….you shame the name you use.

  3. dont worry SF just put your head down and have a wee sleep. are you sure it wasnt alcohol poisoning? πŸ™‚

  4. Sigh, not the Luke Wilshere stuff again. I always make this mistake. There is an Australian international called Luke Wilkshire and I usually mix him and Jack up. Apologies.

    It’s not the end of the world though, right?

  5. @ Dudette- if you think the blog’s shit mate, go and find another one; there’s plenty out there. Your contribution would be better received if you actually gave an opinion on the points made by SF rather than whinging about a little typo. Twerp.

    @SF- You and me both mate; I had a few too many Guinnesses on Friday and a rather dodgy ruby, which also resulted in a night of barfing. It’s all good fun ain’t it?

    To tonight’s game- I agree with you that the FA Cup is our only realistic chance of a trophy, so we’ll need to field a strong team. It would be great to see Eduardo for 20 mins at the end if we’re a couple of goals to the good. I saw the Man U second team roll over Derby yesterday, so I’m glad we’ll avoid them for few rounds yet. We should be able to get passed Cardiff, Burnley and Sheff. Utd or Hull. Fingers crossed.

  6. @colin- I can’t see Arshavin starting. Remember he hasn’t played competitively since November. He’s another one we might see for 20 mins or so at the end, if we’ve got the game sewn up by then (which we should have, frankly).

  7. First good luck , am sorry for the food poison ,am happy that Eduado is back now wenger can rest young strikers like Bendner for them to take time and mature.
    Best of luck Gunners

  8. @colin – Arshavin is not eligible for the game. He wasn’t on the team for the first match so he isn’t eligible for the replay. He’ll be able to play next round though.

    @Hans – Eduardo played for Croatia the other night, coming on as a sub, and set up a goal. wtf are you talking about another year??

    @sf – feel better. If you need to sleep, get some needed rest.

    also, is there anywhere I can download the whole match after the fact? I have to go to class soon and I’ll miss the game so if anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.


  9. its a game we can win, no let ups this time on the defences, n more attack. with more coming out of injury list our options are increasing.

    Lets Fire em Gunners, both barrels blazin tonite!!!!!!!!!

  10. a win is mandatory.c’mon people this is cardiff,at emirates and after such a long refreshing break,there is no xcuse when we don’t bang goal(ssss).go Robin,go Robin….Robin bang Persie

  11. A win is of course mandatory.. Whats your take on Nicklas Bendtler I quote
    ”I’m very sorry to see Adebayor injured as we need him fit and to be playing in the league,” he told the Daily Mirror. ”But it does not really matter to me who is fit and available.

    ”I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team
    ”I’ve never seen Arshavin. I did not watch Euro 2008,” he said. ”I’ve no idea what sort of player he is.” end of quote.
    For a player who has scored only three times in eighteen matches this season albeit some as a Sub. It is a case of a danish panic attack,,with Edu fit again and AA on ?

  12. @SF, feel sorry for you mate,Hope you ll get well very soon, Ofcourse really missed you lately.
    We will dfntly crash them tonite, im really desprte to see VELA and Edu together, coz Diaby wont be available so The young Mexican has got chance now.
    Just received some good news abt Yaya T joinning us next summer, i dont knw if the source is relieble enugh but for me , its like a good dreamin future.
    Arsha wont play tonite, which is gud news for me, cos the lad needs more preparation time for the PL game.
    watched Inter agst Milan yestday,what an entertaining game it was, For sure, Morinho has prooved his superiority again, i wonder how Abramovic feels abt Morinho’s comments last week-end abt willing to go back to stamford bridge again.I would take him back if I were Abramovic.Morinho cant just stand to see the team that he’s built being destroyed and down headed like this.
    ok enugh said abt other clubs, its just gud to see Inter performin so gud so that ManU will tremble when facing them on the 24th.
    Lets see some good game tonite, Im very confident!!! If we win with large score tonite, it will defntly boost our confidence for the rest of the PL games. Cmon Gunners, I need 4-0 tonite.
    By the way, who in the world is this DUDETTE??/ If he’s a man, then He’s defntly Gay cos Dudette is a common SLUT French name.Piss off my friend if you dont like it here, nobody has asked you to vote and forced you to writte here.We keep our community here with respect and friendship and for GUnners passion, plus, this is a SLUT-Free community so go away.

    Almost Forget This: Pato will be the future world best striker (If not “IS…”)The boy is just Phenomenal!!!!I wish AW will buy him next summer.

  13. Ahh, thank goodness theres finally an Arsenal game. I expect nothing less than a 3-0 win today. Hope Eduardo plays, his return is long overdue. Arshavin is match fit now and should be a regular in the team and Walcott should be back for the CL tie against Roma. Cecs and Rosicky coming back next month, i think we are all set for a trophy and a top 4 finish this season.

  14. I hope to be able to see Eduardo in the line up again soon. He was incrdible last year and he’s just what we need to turn the season around. A win over Cardiff is in the books if he’s on form. I also hope that Vela get’s a chance. He’s soo good and Arsene isn’t using him very much. BTW get well soon!!!

  15. Thanks for all the support. I’m actually feeling a lot better now, so I’m up early (5.45am) to watch the game. Eduardo is warming up and as far as I know he’s starting.


  16. I love how well Nasri and Vela play together. They’re so busy all the time. When they link up it shreds the D and opens everything up. He needs to play more.


  17. Gallas starts instead if Djourou because Djourou was ruled out of the game in the warm up, thats why Djourou ent there and why we hav only 6 subs. Eduardo scores on his return, 1-0 up.

  18. Woohoo! Eduardo is already on the score sheet, just a glimps of what we’ve been missing since his injury! 1-0 to the Arsenal!

  19. Should be 5-0, Bendy’s misses are astonishing! Vela is sublime, Eduardo is pure class. It looks like the old Arsenal is back

  20. Please guys, leave Eboue alone now.
    4-0,I can clearely have a good sleep now, thats what I wanted.We are defntly back in the business again guys!!!! What a victory that was!!! and also won with the Arsenal way of play, annnd that wasnt our 1st team yet.You can clearely see the difference that Vela and Eduardo can make,our game has completely changed and The New form Dane could really cope with the good and fast run.Eduardo’s 1st long pass from the middle of the park was already more than fantastic for me.
    Eduardo knows the Arsenal game,He led and showed the guys how to play it; Nasri, Vela and The Dane just followed, and the rest just go smooth.Good players can cope to each other easely. I told you guys about The Dane!! He was great today except for his rigid move; but you can see that, he really has the mind of a winner, still needs some more individual skills perf thou!!but the rest are all gud.You could see the dominance of The Dane, Edu,Nasri and Vela in front.
    Even thou,I still have something to criticise; We actually had 2 CDM today.To me Song has been put there to take up that job, but I saw Deni doing it more on his behalf and not only that but Deni did it far better than him.Back early this season, Deni has been heavily criticised on his Defensiv performance and now I see him better on his defence than his attack, I think its time for him now to combine the two sides, because if he just made some gud runs today, for attack assistance (Like Sagna or like what Flamini used to do the old days),then our attackin system was totaly perfect at 100%.But Deni kept himself too deep most of the time, to recover Song, and didnt have so much chance to give an assistance on attack.I could clearely see how bad Song is, The guy cant just cope with the real game coz his level is so low, and the lad cant run fast coz of his excessive women.YES!, Lots of sex could really destroy sportsmen, and thats the pbm of Song.Id better see Deni on CdM when we play the first team, with a line up like this:
    If Fab is back, id rather insist on him and put Nasri on the bench.
    BTW,Im still worried about Edu’s ankle, dunno but Im always scared when he starts to engage himself in some strong move; anyway SPOT ON EDU!!!

  21. Sorry guys, not only its a long story but also repeated twice.
    @SF, could you please delete my first comment? sorry man, it takes too much space. Thanks in advance.

  22. What a welcome change….a goal-fest!
    Excellent from Eduardo after so long out…he was up for everything…passion personified!
    I was almost impressed with Bendtner usual we had the 20 missed chances and some dodgy wayward passing but his touch on the ball was sublime and, just like eduardo, he was everywhere.
    Vela deserves a run in the team too…a stunning performance…he made one mazey run to remember, a shame it didnt end in a goal!, tricking his way past three defenders and seeing his shot rebound of the last man.

    Definitely great to see Eduardo hug the fitness coach and medical team after his peno…an emotional, heart-felt moment…

    One other point….what was going on with the missiles that were thrown onto the pitch….a mobile phone and a shoe!…im guessing it was the Cardiff lot….but please a shoe!

  23. Awesome. But who is left out when everyone is healthy? I think it could be walcott… Or we could move him/ Arshavin up front and bench Adebayor… We have some tough choices to make but I definitely like where we are headed. If we win the FA cup, get 4th in the league, and advance a round or two in the CL you have to say it is a great season with all of the injuries…

  24. One word AWESOME i had a smile ear to ear ALL day just made my week WOW CANT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND SO FUCKEN EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK DUDU πŸ˜‰

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