The official Arsenal website says Wenger is interested in Barry

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With interest and rumour of a new central midfielder heating up over the last few days, I find it interesting that the official Arsenal website has an article about Arsene Wenger’s interest in Gareth Barry. There’s even a photo. You get the feeling there really could be something to this…


13 thoughts on “The official Arsenal website says Wenger is interested in Barry

  1. He is interested in every good player that doesnt constitute bying.I cant believe a clever manager like o neill fell for the usual tabloid garbage everyone knows that Arsene wants Alonso and not Barry remember Benitez stated that Arsenel were negotiating for Alonso.Be prepared for a compromise on 31st of August and for the right money.

  2. So Ade made sacrifices to stay with us…..have you ever heard such drivel.Only the super rich and spoiled beyond comprehsion speaks like that.

  3. It’s a foil. He said at a press conference “See? I can surprise you sometimes!” I think he’s just playing with the media and he’ll go for Alonso, Inler or some unknown/unexpected player.

  4. This is weird, the Guardian has suggested that Wenger has a double standard because he said “Barry is a player we follow!” and O’neil has said that this statement is “Bizarre, we have had not had any contact!”. Unbelievable!!!! O’Neil publicly stated that Pat Rice had phoned him and asked how the Barry deal with Liverpool was going as we were interested! FFS this was quoted from O’Neil himself, now apparently we’re tapping up! Yet again rubbish from the Arsenal hating media! I for one still hope we sign Alonso, but i wouldn’t complain if we got Barry, AW is playing both clubs and the media, one way or another he is going to sign someone for our midfield.

  5. well guys!!!!!!!! after TIAGO(juventus) rejected the EVERTON loan move; EVERTON has made around 7$ bid for GOKHAN INLER. so in the upcoming days the staus of inler will be known to us. i don’t hope(with a big grin)that AW will do the same with EVERTON as he has done with MAN CITY.

  6. I believe Barry would be the best option for us, ahead of the likes of Alonso and Inler.

    Our squad is not the biggest or most experienced and I think the signing of Barry could cover a lot of areas. He has Premiership and now International experience, he can play at left back, left wing, centre mid, provide quality from dead ball situations, scores goals, creates goals, can play the holding role, do you see where I am going?

    Alonso is a great player, but does he offer a lot more than just an alternative to Cesc? For sure it would be great to have both him and Cesc is our squad but I think Barry will give us more options. He had a great opener for Villa the other day and I cannot see them wanting him to leave. Barry is player who can advance our squad, another Englishman wouldn’t hurt and I am sure under Wenger he could become even better.

  7. Let all this speculation end fast. I cant wait to see arsenal return back to our usual wining. AW please be quick to settle this. Barry or Alonso. The season is tickling

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