The final nail in Henry’s Arsenal coffin

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Henry is officially a Barcelona playerHenry completes his Barcelona move 

The picture says it all really. Thierry Henry is 100% officially a Barcelona player and unsurprisingly, he is delighted.

“I am really pleased to be here. It has been a long chase but I’m finally here and happy to be here and I can’t wait to go out there and show what I can do to the fans. Hopefully I can be a great asset for the team.”

I’m sure he will. I also believe that Henry hinted at the real reason for his departure in further comments he made in his first press conference as a Barcelona player.

“It is a dream for everyone to win the Champions League and I’m sure it will be the dream of Barcelona to win it again next season. It is the only thing I didn’t win [at Arsenal] but the most important thing is that Barcelona is successful and they win silverware.”

You can’t really argue with what Henry has said, it’s just that I would have preferred him to say in his goodbye interview with Arsenal TV. I gave my thoughts on Henry’s departure in a detailed article featured in yesterday’s post entitled “Henry’s exit to give Arsenal a fresh start”. I really encourage readers to check it out and let me know what you think.

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25 thoughts on “The final nail in Henry’s Arsenal coffin

  1. he is gone and so what, he was a legend but we have to move on.
    i understand why he went most players when they in the peak of there careers they wanna move to the real madrid, barca or ac milan they are great clubs.

    anyways carlos tevez says he love to come to arsenal he lives in london and doesnt wanna move and loves english football and loves arsenal style

    wenger sign him up, but i think the deal will be complicated

  2. Yep, that’s it, goodbye Henry. I genuinely hope he proves a success in Barcelona, and its hard to begrudge him taking this step.

    I think his last speech was very important to him, and he didn’t want to say anything that could be construed as a criticism of the club, as he probably thought some of the papers would exploit that.

    So although we know he left to have more chance of winning the Champions League, playing in the only side more likely than us to win it playing beautiful football, he would have been aware that had he said so explicitly, certain troublemaking journalists would’ve focused on that, insist that he was ‘slamming the club’, and he’d lose support from the considerable number of fans who believe everything they read.

    The Mirror were up to that trick this morning, insisting that he ‘lost the faith’, when he said nothing of the sort. Imagine what they would’ve said if he had been that little more honest.

    I don’t blame him for choosing the route he did – a well oiled PR machine he may be, but I think in this instance he didn’t want to risk the wrath.

  3. Like you, Pete, I also believe that Henry withheld from revealing his real reasons to ensure the media did not jump all over himself and the club. He is most definitely “a well-oiled PR machine” and I don’t blame him for saying what he did. As for what you said, Gunnershabz, he was a legend and we do have to move on. Tevez is one of the rumoured options but we’ll have to see how things play out.

  4. There is a lot of urgency to sign new players for Arsenal. It is perhaps more important to secure the future of Arsene Wenger. A good manager will find and mold talent and talent will want to come to a good manager. Remeber, before Henry, there was Wenger.

  5. Caaaaaaaaaaarlos Teeeeeeeevez.
    Caaaaaaaaaaarlos Teeeeeeeevez.
    Caaaaaaaaaaarlos Caaaaaaaaaaarlos Caaaaaaaaaaarlos Tevez.

    Ol’ big neck thinks he will fit in perfectly, if we were to take “for now” as “please Barca come get me” then what Tevez said (and Babel earlier this week) is practically the same. Way more exciting than Anelka, please please please Arsene who doesn’t read this, be a man and bid for the man. Real are going for Saviola instead, Liverpool and Utd for Torres and life will be sweet.

    I am as a poor as something really poor but dear god I’m getting excited enough to look around for a decent bet on us being champions.

  6. Also how the tabloids can keep claiming we are a selling club who no-one wants to sign for is ridicolous. In the past week Tevez and Babel have said that they would (not Real where last week “it was certain” Tevez would go.) Ok, except for Barcalona, we play have the potential to be the most exciting team IN THE WORLD and players see that they can make it true, the missing piece of the puzzle. In a couple years we won’t be debt ridden like Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool and we will have players of 21-24 who have already learnt under Wenger to be the best in the world together. Say… 20million for Tevez, 6million for Babel or other, 6million for Sagna – champions.

  7. SF
    I’m really disppointed in Henry’s untruths and half truths. The guy lies through his teeth. So if your reason for leaving Arsenal was all about CL Cup; why didn’t he say so in his final interview with ATVO but lied about Dein and AW. He goes to Barca and now talk about AW not leaving. He signed a 4 year deal and said ‘I’m an Arsenal player for now’ what lies? The guy has lost his intergrity. He’s forgotten the Owen case. In the Michael Owen case. Owen left Liverpool for Real to enable him to win cups nd possibly the CL cup. That same year he left, Liverpool won the CL cup and couldn’t win any cup with Real. He might have the ‘Owen disease or syndrome’ And its going to happen with Arsenal. Watch this space.

  8. Harlan – I’ll just quote directly from my previous article to explain why I am not that annoyed with his “half truths”.
    One thing that I do not want to discuss in too much detail is the manner of Henry’s departure or the comments he made in an interview with Arsenal TV. There are no doubt people who will question the honesty of the man for overplaying the importance of David Dein and the uncertainty surrounding manager Arsene Wenger’s future. The truth, in my opinion, is that Henry left for footballing reasons and that a lot of what he is saying about the other two men is being used as cover for his real reasons for departure. Having said that, I think it would have been incredibly difficult for Henry to come out and say that he left the club because of footballing reasons when he so confidently stated that he would never leave the club only twelve months earlier. Some people may call that disloyalty but it would be unfair to criticise a player who has been loyal to the club for eight years – a rare achievement in the modern game. I think the comments that should be remembered by all Arsenal fans are those aimed directly at them and their support for Henry.

  9. Samuel – Tevez would definitely be an interesting option. I couldn’t predict how we would line up with Tevez in the side.
    lfg – I think there is urgency to do both. Arsenal need to secure Wenger’s services and they need to sign new players – there is no doubt about it.

  10. Tevez is the man to get. As we all remember, he almost single-handedly kept West Ham up last season. He’d be great in a Dennis Bergkamp kind of role.

  11. Yes,Tevez will really be great, very technical and direct, has a experience in the EPL but the price and his complex ownership issues could be a drawback for AW. At 30+, doubt if AW will sign him. His age and techinal ability makes him an ‘AW signing’ but I doubt due to the afore mentioned reasons. I’m suspecting one of these players will replace TH14: Martins, Anelka or Huntelaar. We need a player with experience to fit immediately. It is also possible that Reyes might come back because TH14 is gone. I’m told they had a bad relationship after the attack on TH14 by the spanish national coach; don’t have facts though. So the question is, what is AW waiting for? He has the money and wish he buys now to help whoever come in get adjusted and settle for pre-season but hasn’t done so yet. So much anxiety, guys, sometimes I feel like crying; I’m just praying for Arsenal. My son is so worried too.

  12. Harlan – Haha, how old is your son? Maybe you could get him on here and let us help him feel less anxious. Things will be fine. I’m actually quite excited about where the club will go now.
    Darragh – For once I don’t agree with you! I think Tevez would be good but not in the Bergkamp role.

  13. SF

    My son is really worried. Love Arsenal so much. He’s 14 and at the moment very busy preparing for his terminal exams. He still fine time to talk about the Arsenal with me and expresses is apprehensions anytime he is free to talk. His papers will be over on friday, June 29 and I know that will be when he will fine time to source for information on the current situation. In any case, AW should be up and doing. I like the dig Hill-Wood has taken at TH14 today. In life, credibility is important and TH14 has failed here. Don’t forget, he is supposed to be Arsenal captain. I personally feel he will eventually be in the’Michael Owen’ situation. Why unsettle the club after deciding to leave? saying don’t think AW will stay? Did he really love Arsenal? Did he consider the impact such a statement will have on the club? That is another Cashley Cole for you. Good morning.

  14. Trust!! Not in individual players but in a club and a manager. Arsene knows Henry better than anyone and the professor has a brilliant record of selling right before the player begins to falter. If Wenger really wanted Henry more than the extra money he would have kept him in London. Wenger would also have not let TH14 leave without a plan in place and gooners must be patient in watching that plan unfold.
    I’m not sure a 4-3-3 is the answer as Fabregas must remain in the center with Gilberto. We have wingers galore with Hleb, Rosicky, young Theo, Freddie (for now)… The defense is solid as long as Toure and Gallas stay healthy. RVP, Bendtner and Adebayor all deserve a chance to shine with 1 more to be added (Tevez, et al). Sad to see Henry leave but not nearly the demise of Arsenal.

    PS – Doesn’t the Henry situation make you appreciate the great Dennis Bergkamp all the more?!!!

  15. “It has been a long chase but I’m finally here”
    In really,really want to hate him but i can’t 🙁

    Agree with Michael, Bergkamp- legend number one

    Also, Cole was at least honest, Henry was not.

  16. SF
    Read aeseblog. You’ll now know that TH14’s Barca move was engineered by Darren Dein who called a top Barca official in April to ascertain if they were still interested in him. So is like the Dein family negotiated the move to spite the Board. Pay back time at the expense of the Arsenal. Now I’m convinced that the family wanted to takeover the club through Kroenke; secretely using and a broker to convince Danny Fiszman to sell some shares without Danny knowing the buyer and then paving the way for kroenke to obtain further shares through the ITV. Scheming, plotting, intrigues all to get control of the Arsenal by fair or foul means. That seem to have been nibbed in the bud for a while so now they’ve convinced TH14 to jump ship to create crisis. Perhaps to force the Arsenal shares to fall and make it cheaper for a takeover. It sounds like a conspiracy but that is what it is really.

  17. Harlan – I think that’s taking it too far. Darren Dein is one of Thierry Henry’s best friends – there is no conspiracy. In fact, he was Henry’s best man at his wedding. Whilst I don’t necessarily doubt he did not have a part to play the reasons for it are not what you are predicting.
    Gooner4ever – Ashley Cole should never be compared to Henry. Honest he may have been, but he was also a money-grabbing, selfish idiot.

  18. Harlan – pen that script and send it to Hollywood. That’s some great speculation… i love it. Just write a happy ending. Kroenke buys Arsenal then pulls a hostile takeover of Barca and transfers Roni, Messi, Deco and Eto’o to Arsenal. Wait, let’s take Pujol too. Dein comes back to the board and signs Wenger to a lifelong contract. Cashley returns to North London and is employed by Arsenal as chief boot polisher. Arsenal does the treble 10 straight years and Jose Morwhino is sentenced to life as an assitant referee consultant. Perfect!!

  19. Haha good stuff! Personally, I would never get Cole to polish my boots. He would complain that the pennies I am throwing him are not enough, write a book about it and then run off to Chelsea to polish Abramovic’s business shoes.

  20. I’m excited,
    Arsene Wenger is a master at spotting talent,And it wouldn’t surprise us if Silva makes a big impact,
    Congrats Wenger!

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