The Emmanuel Adebayor saga FINALLY comes to an end + Emirates Cup round-up

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It is in no way an understatement when I say that it’s been a massive few days for Arsenal and in particular, Emmanuel Adebayor.

First up came the announcement from the striker on Friday that he would be signing a new deal with the club. Adebayor organised an interview in which he revealed that would be staying with the club as well as proclaiming his love for the Arsenal ‘family’.

This was followed up by Arsenal’s first game of the Emirates Cup against Juventus. A young Arsenal side were defeated 1-0 by David Trezeguet’s offside goal but the game was made more notable by Adebayor’s presence on the pitch and the echo of boos that were aimed at him from some sections of the home crowd.

However, Arsene Wenger gave the striker his backing following the Juventus game and Adebayor replied by providing the winning goal and an excellent performance in yesterday’s game against Real Madrid. The Togolese man converted a second-half penalty after striker partner Robin van Persie was clumsily brought down by Michel Salgado.

In the post-match interview, the manager made the following comments about Adebayor:

“He felt that people had questioned his commitment and the best answer to that is to give your all on the pitch; play well, show that you are ready to fight for your shirt, fight for your team and be efficient. He showed that, and he is a man of character.”

So I suppose what you are probably wondering is – what do I make of it all?

First things first, I am delighted that Adebayor has decided to stay. As I mentioned a little while back, I feel that the striker makes Arsenal a better team and as I am a supporter who wants to see this club win trophies, that’s definitely important. If you watched the Real Madrid game (or even just the highlights) you would have seen how well Adebayor and van Persie combined and I have a real hope this season that if the pair of them stay fit then this Arsenal side are going to score a lot of goals.

The other issue relates, of course, to Adebayor’s attitude. I make no bones about the fact that I was intensely critical about Adebayor’s ‘retirement’ comments that were made a little while ago. They were bloody ridiculous and still are when you read over them.

But were they true? After all, I never saw any video footage of him making the statements and with the tabloids and internet the way they are these days it’s very hard to know what can be believed. Adebayor has said they were not but I guess in the end we will never know.

What I do know is that as long as Adebayor puts in 100% every time he gets on the pitch he will get my support – and the dogged performance against Real Madrid was a bloody good start. Hopefully things will continue to get easier from here for both the player and the supporters.

The Adebayor issue aside there was still a lot going on over the weekend.

William Gallas was officially announced as captain again (a good decision – as I’ve said previously), Eduardo has revealed that he should be back playing before Christmas while the manager has made it quite clear that he is looking to bring in one final signing before the transfer window. Add these to the fact that the start of the season is now only 12 days away and you have to admit things are getting pretty exciting.

Anyway, that’s about it for the weekend round-up. Have a lovely Monday and I hope you can enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers.

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25 thoughts on “The Emmanuel Adebayor saga FINALLY comes to an end + Emirates Cup round-up

  1. Glad to see Eduardo with Rosicky and the others previously to the game.

    And what a shame the injury of Sneijder but now the spanishs are blaming Diaby and being so racists with him, I think it was just an accident.

    btw. we need a experienced player defending the midfield, I dont like Denilson.

  2. I’m with you, with Ade we’re a stronger team than without, i’m ready to forgive, perhaps not forget. Let’s hope he can be even better next year, perhaps he shouldn’t be kissing the badge just yet though, i got a little bit of sick in my mouth when he did that yesterday.

  3. @ Mexican Gunner – I saw the Diaby tackle, it was fair. He didn’t do anything wrong as far as I’m concerned.

    Where are the Spanish blaming and being racist towards him?

  4. Im agree I think he goes good to the ball and the leg of Sneijder suffers the worst part, Its just an accident…

    In (the biggest diary of Spain) all the stupid racists are blaming Diaby so harsh in the comments, also the stupid Marca puts the injury in the cover.

    Also in (another spanish site) where I see must of the games online, all the spanishs are insulting Diaby. People is puting the videos of the kick on Terry in the face and the injury of that player of Bolton for a kick of Diaby.

  5. The cover of Marca says “Criminal Tackle… 6 months out” in the little letters under the pic says “Sneijder was hunted by Diaby”

    They have to be more careful if they know that they are the most selling diary in Spain.

  6. let ME be the first to say IM SORRY TO ADE when I heard what he supposedly said I was so pissed and kinda said few things towords the man but I just couldnt believe what HE was saying but I saw hes interview on
    SETANTA and he has my full support he said ALL the right things I wanted to hear and IM happy he did.
    Ive always been A big fan of ADE I always said he was A gr8 striker and IM really happy he is staying he is one of MY favorite players and whit him staying our chances of winning something have gone up.
    PEACE 😉
    KURUPT 🙂

  7. @ KURUPT – What’s with the CAPS buddy? Agree with most of what you say though mate.

    @ Mexican Gunner – I can’t believe they would be racist about this. What is their problem?

  8. I’m very sorry for Sneijeder and Diaby. From the angles I have seen, it appears to be an accident. The racist remarks regarding this incident are very, very disappointing.

    As for the Adebayor saga. I’m very, very happy to have him on the team. I don’t pay much weight to the comments he is supposed to have made. If I don’t see the video footage, I’m very dubious about the ‘comments’ of footballers. Especially anything so inflammatory.

    Hope your foot is healing well as an aside. I’ve got my camwalker on for at least another 6 weeks.

  9. Adebayor had one press conference in which he claimed to be staying, then immediately afterwards told the journalists in attendance a completely different story. This is where everything came from. In any case, I think he is someone who will have his head turned by money and was a little naive in thinking that Barca or Milan would offer him six figure weekly wages. That said, he was clearly also happy to accept an improved deal at Arsenal and I think £70,000 is about right. If he plays like he did yesterday, there will be no problem and I will be right behind him. Lets hope all the fans can get onside because he is a massive player for us.

    I’m disappointed that it looks as though Diaby will be given the nod alongside Cesc. He takes far too long to release the ball, is not very good defensively and if we’re talking about experience, it seems like he lacks the maturity needed to play there. If he proves me wrong I’ll be happy, but it is a massive gamble that we don’t need to take.

  10. I like Diaby alot and i hope he has been given the nod to play alongside Cesc. The tackle on sneijder was a pure accident and I thought fair tackle and when he kicked Jt in the face its cuz JT had hid head basically touching the ground for a header and Diaby wanted to clear the ball!

    1 more signing, who, when, how much> argh its killing me. Its good Ade was the guy who got the winning goal, cuz tht puts him closer to where he was.

    Jack Wilshere could get in the england squad for the WC if he plays alot for Arsenal! The kid is a genius and a quality talent! AW seems to think so to, otherwise he would play against Juve and the Mighty Madrid.

  11. Hahahaha yeah SORRY bout the caps but just tryin to get the point across if you know what I mean.

  12. I’m happy ade is staying as no other striker can hold off defenders like he can but for 100k a week he should be able to stay onside a little bit more. Wilsere is class as I said the other day I hope he makes it and not end up like bentley playing for the scum and not playing cl football. Eboue needs to go or be 2nd choice rb as he is shit at rm and cm and pre season has now brought up doughts about denilson who I’ve always rave about but his passing and stupid runs behind other players do not work. Also egg on ya face to any yids that said joll was shit as he was a good manager but didn’t have the right team and enough time. Same for erickson. We sure to win a cup this year or it’s goodbye cesc……..

  13. Jack Wilshere has made AW first-team squad! Im so happy! He has been given Gilberto Silvas No.19 jersey and that surely means he will be playing quite a lot and if he played against Juve and Madrid surely he will play gainst WBA! C’mon Wilshere, Walcott and Vela show what youngsters can do!

  14. am 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 to see adebayor back in the game. have always been his fan and unlike many, i never felt bad when he made the headlines for the wrong reasons. you wanna know why?
    first, it gives him more confidence to know that milan and berca wants him and confidence is one thing that ade will always need, trust me!
    second, there is a lot of worse bullshit going on around with people like christiano (who is coming to my home town in kenya this month). christiano runs a private ‘brothel’ in his small-ass superstardom and no one gives a crap. Fergy shows how bullshity he can be by saying he would quit Man U if someone sold cristiano BUT still no one gives a hoot…ok, the second one wasn’t that much a reason – i just so a chance of tearing at cristiano and couldn’t resist!!!!

  15. Ade is finally in (like I said all along)and he got booed (which he should have)and he’ll help Arsenal pick up and hold high silverware this season (no doubt) GO GUNNERS!

  16. @ butterfingers – Please don’t use the term ‘yid’ mate. No need for it.

    @ shelly johnson – I used to have a player list but removed it because it was out of date. Besides, you can get all the info you could possibly want on the official Arsenal site.

    @ jay – Great news about Wilshere. He totally deserves it based on his pre-season efforts.

  17. Sf- Majority of spurs Supporters are jewish and they adopted the nickname “Yid” (and often call themselves as “Yid Army”. I don’t think Butter trying to be antisemitic.Its a bit of banter nothing more.
    Jack Wilshere is a class act. He plays with such swagger its frightening and he is only 16.I’m really excited about this player. Wenger is definitley going to play him more in the first team this season.Ade looks determined to win the fans back he completely messed up the Madrid defence he should’ve had a Hattrick.

  18. @ Le gunner – I understand, but I’d still prefer the term not be used. It’s nothing personal – it’s just that I don’t think it’s necessary.

    Anyway, no need to dwell! Wilshere will definitely get some chances this season. He looks so exciting.

  19. Im buzzing bout Wilshere at the moment. Only 16, he has shone in pre-season and been rewarded hugely, hopefully he can grab the chance with both hands, im sure he will.

    Ade is staying and I`m happy but surely he must`ve expected boos!! All he must do is carry on playing well and we will start to forgive him, smack another screamer in against Spuds and we back to where we were lol. GO Gunners!

  20. Arsene Wenger is the best manager in the world i know to make a very great dicesion is wish is the best.
    but he should just pls bring in experienced players like Obafemi Martins and if Martins is not good for him he should get some people to the squod so that the club wu’t be lake of bench anyway i know him to do the best.

  21. sorry sf didn’t mean anything by it as le gunner pointed out about the yid army, they had a shit chant also. But my point was I hope theese youngsters don’t end up like bentley, cole or pennant but anelka was his own fault but he’s going to be a handfull next season with drogba signing a new contract and did anyone else notice he was in the same spot as ade at the end of last season and he never got anywhere near as much flak as ade did. Now all the big guy has to do is stay onside more and we will be winning something this year for sure.

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