The Arsenal players are starting to enjoy themselves

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Well, wasn’t that just an absolutely stupendous weekend? I thought Liverpool and Chelsea would both win but after the pair failed to take maximum points and Arsenal served up a 3-1 victory over Bolton it is our boys who sit on top of the league. And don’t they just deserve it?

The performance against Bolton was quite simply a complete performance. There was some lovely passing, some necessary grafting and a whole lot of confidence displayed at the Reebok on Saturday. Despite falling behind to a headed goal from nobody’s favourite player Kevin Davies, Arsene Wenger’s side rallied impressively to lead at the break after a quickfire double from Emmanuel Eboue and Nicklas Bendtner.

The first may have been marginally offside but was a deserved first goal ever in the Premiership for a man who has been surprisingly impressive so far this season. The second was a thing of beauty as every Arsenal midfielder and attacker got at least a touch before the big Dane finished off Denilson’s clever cross. Even before Eboue scored Arsenal were looking incredibly dangerous as first Emmanuel Adebayor then Alex Song hit the post. As you can imagine, it was pretty much all Arsenal until the end of the half.

To Bolton’s credit, the rallied well in the second period as the signs of a long midweek trip to Kyiv were evident in a drop in the Arsenal energy. But Wenger had the manpower on the bench to make the difference, to get that killer third goal and it came after Theo Walcott entered the arena. The English man, who has had a brilliant couple of weeks, raced past two Bolton defenders from the middle of the pitch and fed Adebayor on the right, who then put it on a plate for Denilson to grab his second goal of the season. Two more than Fabregas, which I find quite interesting.

I don’t think you could pick three more interesting Arsenal scorers than Eboue, Bendtner and Denilson. All cop their fair amount of criticism from the Arsenal faithful – the first and third by this blogger particularly – but all have done well since the start of the season. Eboue seems to have his head screwed on just right this season and is starting to look like the probing winger who terrorised Inter Milan at the Emirates Cup before last season.

Bendtner’s spot in the starting side was a good move by Wenger, to have two human battering rams up front was just what was required to nullify Bolton’s stout defending. And in the middle Denilson is clearly enjoying himself, as evident by his celebration of Bendtner’s goal and his own. Confidence comes pretty quickly when things start to go your way and they certainly are for Denilson just now.

It’s not only Denilson who is enjoying himself either – it was evident that most of the boys out their seemed to be having a great time. When Eboue netted the rest of the team were delighted, when Bendtner scored he smiled and celebrated with Denilson in a way I’ve not seen before. And it wasn’t just the goals either. When Song had a stinging shot saved by Jussi Jaaskeleinen his double high-five with Bendtner was a real indicator that this is a group of players who love playing together and love playing the type of football that Wenger wants them too.

It wasn’t all smiles at the Reebok though, the central defensive partnership of William Gallas and Kolo Toure still looks wobbly while a nasty-looking collision with Bolton’s Davies forced Gael Clichy off. Fortunately the French left-back was not seriously injured, a trip to the hospital indicating that he only sustained some bad bruising. It could have been much worse for both Clichy and Davies, a break looked likely while the Bolton man was fortunate to stay on the pitch after going in with two feet.

After the match Wenger was understandably delighted with his side’s performance, having this to say:

“It was a convincing, united and classy performance. We were strong everywhere a team can be strong, that means physically and technically. Even in the second half when we needed to defend we showed the resilient aspects of our game.”

A convincing performance, an excellent result and a weekend that sees Arsenal on top of the Premiership. You can’t really ask for more, can you?

PS. Unfortunately the first issue of ‘The Gooner Gazette’ for this season – which I said would be done by today – will only be available on Wednesday. I’ve run into some technical problems and just need a little more time to get things right. Cheers for your patience – hopefully it will be worth the wait!

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21 thoughts on “The Arsenal players are starting to enjoy themselves

  1. I thought we were short of players at the transfer deadline to compete and I was wrong and eboue is doing great since he has cut out his blatent diving and stupid confrontations. and it looks like man city will be the ones to beat but just imagine how good they could of been with erickson at the helm with all that money. But money doesn’t always mean you can win as ol ramos will be feeling the heat as jol was looking in the classifieds by this time last year anyhows.

  2. Its early days, but lets be pleased. After fulham away, it is a brilliant turn around. 2 wins up north and a draw in Kiev. Remember though folks, we havent been tested yet – We havent faced Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea yet.

    Our defense still woriies me, but lets enjoy being top while Spurs are having a nightmare.

  3. Great weekend! Boltons goal angered Arsenal and made them play beautiful football. Bendtners goal shows that. Great for them 3 to score as they have all faced criticism and now they are proving they deserve a place in the side. Arsenal on top. Spuds on bottom – what else could go right!! C’mon CC lads, beat Sheff Utd tomorrow.

  4. How could you not be happy with the position currently. Let’s not go overboard with it but let’s not bring up last season either. I hope Diaby will be patient when he get’s back. Denni and Eboue have clearly taken their chances quite well at the moment.

  5. a lot of the blogs have been quiet. I think after a defeat you get a lot more moaning gooners come on the internet.
    its been a good start but its no more than we needed because it is an easy start to the season on paper. there are far harder teams to play so lets make hay while the sun shines.
    WHU away (26 Oct) might be a tricky game and then Man U (8 Nov). so we still need to win plenty of games before we play man u to give us a real chance of winning the title.
    we play united, villa, man city and chelsea all in a row. its a really hard run.

  6. @ gazzap – Yeah good point. That’s quite a scary few games. But I’m not too worried. I think it’s good we haven’t drawn any games – they’re a killer. It’s OK to lose every once in a while if you’re winning all the rest.

  7. I have a feeling that cesc is not as productive with denilson. denilson is making almost the identical start cesc did last season, scoring goals, making crucial assists. sure cesc finished his season very, very late. but i can’t imagine both of them scoring goals for fun.. i hope i’m wrong, but cesc does not look too sharp lately. let’s just hope it’s the post-euro syndrome or something.

  8. ever since that fulham game i thought we definetly need a new signings,but after that arsenal were just brilliant wining all of their games with nothing less than spectacular..i ask myself sometimes why do i love arsenal so much?? i get the answer everytime i see arsenal playing..keep up the good work lads and i will always be singing arsenal melodys…

  9. Its gr8 to be top and the way we playin is just BEAUTIFUL couldnt ask for more just keep it up boyz 😉 and gud old ADE always works hard so happy he stayed.

  10. I don’t know you can say Arsenal haven’t been tested. We haven’t play Man U, Chelsea, and Liverpool yet but Bolton at the Reebok in past years has been a tougher match then going to Liverpool. Bolton might not be a top team but they challenge Arsenal in ways Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool cant.

  11. Glad to see that both Denilson and Eboue are not being criticized as much as they used to all over the blogs, and are on course to being more productive than Flamini last season. That salvo prior to, during and after the goals has given the side an extra dimention of belief which might transform the side into one of the deadliest AW has ever produced.

    When Diaby, Rosicky, Eduardo are back, we will suddenly be surprisingly deep considering we had Theo and Van Persie on the bench. All are very attack minded not to mention our very own ” weapon of defence destruction” Eduardo will have to start on the bench. Imagine opposing teams looking at our bench and see Eduardo, Theo, Rosicky, Vela, Diaby, they wouldn’t know whether they are better off against the ones on the pitch or the bench.

    It’s gonna be an exciting season

  12. Ade seems a player and a half he was last season. I was receiptive of the idea of his sell in summer now I am VERY glad he stayed

  13. back at the top where they belong it looks like another serious injury….i hope not left back is one position hard to replace. I think this is a real good squad with many good players waiting to shine. A team generally play better when there’s competition for places.Fulham was wake up time and I think we have woken up!

  14. im really looking forward too our clashes with the big four (even though without arsenal there are only 3 teams) this season… i honestly think that we’ll do well against them this season

  15. SF, you are just noticing the die down in bloggers post transfer window, which of course gets everybody excited. I’m loving where we are at, but loving even more where Man U are at…struggling!

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