Thanks for the memories

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Remember Henry before moving on

I will be posting a very detailed article in the next day or two looking at what impact Thierry Henry’s departure will have on the club going into the 2007/08 season and beyond. In the meantime, I encourage every supporter to take some time out to remember the really great things that Henry has done for the club in his eight years at Arsenal. I’ve included a really nice video of Henry’s Top 50 Arsenal goals to help move things along.

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7 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories

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  2. A BIG thank you to Thierry Henry for this service during Arsenal time.

    Time for shopping for striker again:

    1. Tevez: My first choice. His workrate and never say die attitude just amazing. Especially compare him to Reyes or even Bapstita. But with Real Madrid & the tricky MSI involve chances are pretty slim. Probability to sign : 30%

    2. Anelka: Second choice. I have no doubt about he could be the “King of Highbury” if not because of his stupid decision to leave prematurely. If you look how he scored, he is the closest striker to Henry’s way to score. He can easily scores 20+ goals with the way we play (not with this long ball team). 10m can get him easily and he already declared early he wouldn’t mind to come back. Remember in AW – “10 years in Arsenal interview”, AW openly stated the best player he ever nurture was Anelka. I won’t be suprised to see Anelka in Red & White shirt again. But will AW go back to his old boy? From a “quick fix” point of view that’s the best option. As a Gooner supporter probably he isn’t a good choice because this set a very bad precedent. In view of getting Arsenal back to track (winning trophies), personnaly I will accept Anelka back. Probability to sign : 50%

    3. Torres : Great striker and could link-up with Fab4 easily. Reyes + cash swap deal? But did we anything from Reyes & Bapstita’s comment about PL? Could be another flop like Morientes? Probability to sign : 40%

    4. Owen : 20+ goals guarantee if injury free. Cheap option with only 9m release clause and I believe Owen will come if AW makes the move. Too injury probe. Not my choice. Probability to sign : 40%

    5. Martin : Young, powerful and pacer player. But have think about the ANC and won’t be cheap. Not my choice. Probability to sign : 30%

    6. Adriano : The forgotten striker in Inter Milan. I don’t think he has released his full potential in Inter. I believe AW is the answer to Adriano to make him on par with Ronaldo (during his prime time). His wage demand could be the problem. Probability to sign : 50%

    7. Trezequet : I don’t think AW would sign him although he is another cheap option. His age tells you the probability. Probability to sign : 20%

    8. Huntelaar : My third choice. Young and good goal instint hence full of potential. Next RvN but not proven in PL yet. Probability to sign : 50%

    9. Someone we never heard of: Past records show that nobody can guess the rabbit from AW’s magic hat. Ha ha ha … Probability to sign : 90%

    10. No new striker: There is posibility that AW might not sign any new striker. He may install Walcott in striker position rather than winger. Don’t forget the new “TH14” –> Sunu! Probability is 50%.

  3. Nice thoughts, India-Gunner. You’ll hear my opinions on what should happen in the wake of Henry’s departure soon. Akinwale, I like your positivity towards Henry. We should remember the good times – not the last two months of mess. Henry gave eight years to the club and we should thank him for that.

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