Taylor’s tackle on Eduardo was a disgrace

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There is absolutely no point going into the footballing details of yesterday’s 2-2 draw between Arsenal and Birmingham because the only thing that mattered about the match was the injury suffered by Eduardo da Silva.

The below-par performance of the team, Theo Walcott’s first Premiership goals for the club and William Gallas’ extraordinary reaction at the end of the game are all matters for small talk, no question, but they pale in significance compared with the incident that lead to Eduardo snapping his leg.

Eduardo’s leg is snapped by Taylor’s awful tackle

I’m absolutely gutted for Eduardo that he has had his season and potentially his career ruined by a truly awful tackle, I’m upset that the Arsenal players had to play on despite the obvious psychological effect that the injury had on them and I’m furious that someone would make a tackle like that to begin with. It’s just a shock and an absolute joke that he will only be banned for the standard three matches despite the obvious intent on display.

Anyway, I don’t really feel up to saying any more. In all honesty I’m a bit all over the place today. I feel like I need another day to really work through my thoughts on the whole incident before I post them on the blog. I apologise to regular readers for my lack of professionalism but that’s just the way it is today. If you want to read something a little more substantial then I highly recommend Arseblogger’s post. Cheers. 

What do you think?

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25 thoughts on “Taylor’s tackle on Eduardo was a disgrace

  1. Mate, I totally understand where you’re coming from.

    At this precise moment in time, I couldn’t care less whether we win the premiership or come 15th. I couldn’t care less whether we beat AC MIlan in a couple of weeks or they trounce us 10-0. I couldn’t care less how happy Wayne Rooney is to have capitalised on our slip up by closing the gap to 3 points. I don’t even care about Gallas’ odd behaviour at the end of the game, although Clichy needs a rocket up his arse for that because he lost us 2 points & took away the glory of Theo’s first 2 Premiership goals for Arsenal.

    I live just outside Birmingham & I believe that Dudu is in Selly Oak hospital still, recovering from a no doubt long & complicated operation to repair the damage that Taylor did to him. I cannot yet bring myself to talk about that bastard as I was always taught that if you can’t say something good about somebody then say nothing. What I will say is that it was absolutely disgusting, a fact supported by the ref sending him straight off before he even became aware of Dudu’s injury. I have a number of friends who are Blues fans & everyone of them were ashamed & sickened by it. I hope that Andy Gray & the rest of the Sky Sports rabble are happy, they’ve been saying all season that you have to get stuck into Arsenal to compete with them & he was right. Gray, you are a disgrace to journalism & I sincerely hope I never meet you in person.

    So, all that’s left for me to say is to wish Dudu a speedy recovery, I hope & pray that his career is not over but more important I hope that he is able to lead a normal life without being permanently disabled. I will never forget the look on Fabregas’ face as long as I live & I hope the FA now start to take Mr Wenger seriously about clamping down on these types of tackles because I don’t ever want to see another player injured like this ever again.

  2. It was a terrible injury but the reaction from some Arsenal fans, like their manager in the post match interview, is way over the top. It was a rash, reckless, mistimed tackle by a defender who is not blessed with pace and can be a little clumsy at times. But he is certainly not malicious. Football is a CONTACT sport and sometimes bad accidents happen when players collide. Martin Taylor is not a criminal and I’m sure he is having nightmares about what happened. As a Bluenose myself I can only hope hope Eduardo recover as soon as possible, it’s a terrible loss to Arsenal, Croatia and the footballing world.

  3. SF,
    I totally undersatnd how you feel. I dont care if the challenge was malicious or not it was ill times and wicked. Did you see the look on the players faces? Some idiot called Baracuda is saying the reaction was way over the top!!!! What the fuck was that? Do you think SAF would have retracted his words that taylor should not play football again. The Birminhm players came with one purpose and that was to close down our space either with a foul or by malicious intent. I hate managers who instead of apologising go all and on about how it was not maliciuos. We have just two left footed strikers one is a tourist (RVP) and the other is out injured. I also blame clichy for that STUPID mistake.What the fuck was he thinking? What? I am so gutted so fucking gutted. I really am beginning to feel Arsenal might go trophyless,the crux of the matter is WE COULD NOT BEAT A 10 MAN BIRMHM TEAM!!!!!!!!That is totally useless. If i were Gallas I would roll over on the floor. Fucking reporters hate Arsenal so much that they even suggest to coaches on how to beat us. In Nigeria we are gutted.Gutted.

  4. Taylors challenge was reckless as can be seen from the videos and pictures. His foot which hit Eduardos leg was at least a foot off the ground studs up. It was higher than the ball so he was not attempting to kick the ball. The rules of the FA where he gets banned for 3 games are totally inadequate. He should be banned until Eduardo is playing in the EPL again. That ist he only form of punishment that will stop this blatant “stop them at all costs” type of football.

  5. All my thoughts and prayers are with Eduardo and his family. May he recover soon to continue his promising footballing career. Taylor is a bad tackler and yesterday’s tackle can ruin a career of a promising footballer. I can’t understand how come he escaped with a 3 match ban. We have to tackle Taylor next time at Emirates same like that. When Gallas kicked Nani it was a big big issue in english press and so called football commentators. But brainless cunts like Hansen and Gray said it was only a red card. Mcleish is a close friend of Fergie cunt so it might be intentional too, who knows. Anyway Taylor and Mcleish has to be at hell.

    It was certainly two points dropped and can affect the title race. We should have won the match for EDS but we didn’t. Hopefully our players unite together to win the league for EDS.
    I have a Manc fan friend with me and he always says Arsenal are the worst loser, but still are a great team. I think he is speaking truth. We lose to Spurs and Manc horribly this season. Now we drew both away and home against a relegation battler. Manc esp Ronaldo and co. knows how to destroy shit teams but we struggle against relegation battlers. Adebayor is a big selfish cunt although he has done tremendously well seen. Goal scoring glory should be the 2nd choice after winning game for the team. He should have played Bendy instead of curling the ball in Henry style. He is not afraid to compare himself with Henry and Eto but why the hell he don’t understand assisting his partner is a big asset of good strikers like Henry. Ade has done really good this season and is one of the reason that we are still 3 points top of the league. But he has to improve his selfishness, first touch and composure to be a great striker. Now in the absence of RVPsicknote and EDS, I can’t see Ade and Bendy working together well.
    Hleb is a great player and my favorites from our team. But Wenger should tell him a word loundly, SHOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT.Why the hell is he afraid to shoot from 6 yards if he has a clear goalscoring chance. Walking the ball in the net is not possible every time. So we want him to be clinical somtime. We need help from midfielders to score. We are depending to much on Ade to get goals but he has been poor for last 3 matches. Fabregas and Hleb feed him all the time but as always his first touch is poor.

    Clichy has been marvellous this season but sometime he is error prone. It was his 3rd error of the season and yesterday’s error may have a bad impact in the title race knowing that we have to travel to Trafford and Bridge. It would be nice to see our sicknote superstars Rocky and RVP back in the team for rest of the season. We simply cannot win anything with Eboue playing wide midfield and Ade/Bendy strikeforce. I still think we can do it this season. we have 2 very very big games upfront. First Villa who are 5 times better than Brum and then Milan at San Siro. If we could get thru’ these two games, we might have Rocky and RVP available who are both worlclass and help in our wonderful adventure this season.

    Once again, may god bless you EDS and we all gooners are waiting for your return. Bilic said Edu is a strong character and he will return is style. Get well soon Edu!!!!!!!!!

  6. What an awful day at St Andrews!Like most Arsenal fans I felt absolutley distraught….Everything conspired to produce a day of equal drama, outpourings of madness (from the referee and players) and horror which we could analyze to death.It resulted in the Gunners losing a game which on another day they would have won in their sleep.

    Understandably the game was dominated by the horrific injury to Eduardo and the psychological effect on the players. And as you rightly say Spanish Fry at the end of the day nothing else matters but that Eduardo can recover from this. Cue the look on Cesc Fabregas’s face.I join all Arsenal fans in wishing Eduardo a speedy recovery. Thanks to idiots like these a fantastic players career could be cut short. And I agree football is a contact sport but did you see the state of Eduardo’s leg.I couldnt bear to look at it.I agree with Breezy hope it gets all those clueless managers who encourage players to put their boot in to reflect on the consequences of this.

  7. I am a Man City fan and was disgusted by Martin taylor’s “tackle” yesterday. I think any player who goes in for a challenge in this way should expect a hefty ban.

    I’m sorry to say that i don’t think Eduardo will grace the premier league again, although i hope i’m wrong.
    Hope this setback will spur you on to beat Man U in the race for the league title.

    get well soon Eduardo!!!

  8. It is a damn shame. I can’t express what I felt working up 8 mins into the game and see my favorite player on the ground for that long, I had it recorded so I went back and lived the horror.

    I wish Eduardo all the best and that he gets over this soon. He is going to come back stronger.

    GunnerMike, that is a really wonderful idea about if you cause injury recklessly like that to be banned until the injured player start playing again, may be double the time. If it is career ending the kiss your career goodbye also. It is exactly this kind of stupidity that forced me into retirement at a tender age of 21. Couldn’t go through a 3 games without an idiot decide I was due for a date with crutches and in an amateur league/system it wasn’t worth the risk. My dad had the same fate and I hope someone cleans up the game before my son gets in the mix.

    Rob: Football (Soccer) is NOT a contact sport. That is why we had rugby/football split. It is the Idiots who are less blessed with skill and pace that turns it into one.

    Adebayor: I believe he has only 2 assists in the EPL all season for someone who plays almost every game. Sagna and Clichy have double his tally each. What a selfish Egotistical striker!. Team first all he should warm the bench. It is not Adebayor show, it is ARSENALs.

    We were unlucky to concede both fouls. Although Clichy focus lapsed, he got the ball nicely. I wonder what was wrong with Almunia’s left hand.

    We are still 3 points clear. We are more than capable of beating Man U and Chelsea and we should have our only remaining creative striker back. I believe this is going to prove a turning point for better performances and ruthlessness from now on. If Ade does the same BS again AW will have no option but to bench him. Clichy should have learned a lesson and Almunia may have allowed Jens to end the season as No. 1.

  9. I’m just sick… There was no way that was just mistimed. not with the way his leg came into contact with Eduardo’s. The scum should never play again. And I know not all players from a team are thugs, but he did come from Blackburn, which are notorious for being in our shirts every time we play them, regardless of score.

  10. i hate birmingham from this day till I die. How come the game continued, when clearly all players were effected by the incident?
    taylor is not a malicious player my arseeeeeee.
    He did excactly what mcleish told them too. kick arsenal, in their faces.


  12. I really cannot believe the game played on, you could see Fabregas’ reaction to the state of what he saw and then when Adebayor and Gallas and so on saw it, we were in physilogical disbelief. The game should have been postponed. Martin Taylor should be banned for at least rest of season! HE SNAPPED A PERSONS LEG FOR **** SAKE. I am really angered because we lost a 5 point lead, that penalty was not even a penalty and Walcotts success is now overshadowed. Also Eduardo will miss Euro 2008 and he is one of the reasons why Croatia are their in the first place. I wish Eduardo all the best. I really feel sickened.

  13. Spurs are gash mate. Even tho they gave us a severe beating and won the league cup (whooooooaaaaa) we still have double ur points in the league which is quite disgraceful.

  14. First off, my thoughts and prayers go out to our little Crozilian and his family. I wish you a speedy recovery Da Silva mate.

    Secondly, I thought Sky’s coverage of the whole incident was just deplorable journalism. I can understand not wanting to show the tackle for the sake of taste, I saw a slow-mo vid of it this morning and I felt sick – but to not talk about Eduardo’s plight after the game made me feel even worse.

    Here is one of the brightest young stars on the international scene, who has just suffered what could be a career-ending injury, and all Richard Keyes can talk about is plucky Birmingham!

    To place more emphasis on a measly point for a side who will probably survive anyway, than a tackle that could end a man’s lively hood, is truly pathetic. Let’s be honest, the relegation battle is pointless this year. Whatever sides go down are going down with a kitty of at least 30 million quid. And, unless McLeish goes out and buys 11 Francis Jeffers with that money, there’s every chance they’ll bounce straight back up.

    I’ve never wanted to agree with the argument that the media are biased against our team, but after yesterday I find it hard to argue with it. Keyes and – ex Gooner?! – David Platt, you should both be ashamed of yourselves!

    Reading what was a top article on Arseblog this morning, I agree that we must move on and develop that siege mentality that Mourinho’s Chelski were so good at. Sod the media! Sod United! And sod Richard bloody Keyes!

    Let’s do it for Dudu…

  15. Firstly to wish Eduardo a speedy recovery. An idiot broke my shin a few years ago in a tackle so I know what it feels like. Im hoorrified by the morbid and blatantly pscychotic coverage over the carrer threatening injury by BBC sky sports and this afternoon, radio 5 live. Avulgar amount of attention has been given to Taylors plight and a casual fleeting reference given to Eduardos injusry. This smacks of racism. Would they cover the incident that way if Bouba Diop broke Wayne Rooneys leg? I dont think so. Fair journalism has gone out of the window. Forget Gallas eccentric behaviour and Birminghams point, the whole match was messed up by the Blues Butcher.

    I hope Wenger rallys the boys to do it for Eduardo and lift the Premier league trophy and I hope Birmingham gets relegated and I hope Taylor gets done for grevious bodily harm and that excuse of a man Alistair Mcleish – well perhaps he needs a shin break too!

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