Super-short Arsenal news round-up

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Sometimes blogging can be absolutely infuriating.

Blame these two robots for the shortness of today’s blogLike just now, I sat down, wrote my post for the day and then just as I went to publish it on the internet my computer froze and it was gone. I’ll be buggered if I’m going to write it all again (I am at work after all!) so I’ve decided I’ll take a slightly different/lazy approach to today’s post.

There are numerous little stories around the traps so instead of writing about them again I’ll just provide the links for you to go and read about them yourself. Here goes then…

Randall. Win over Blackburn. Tottenham. ChimbondaDjourou.

And that’s about it. Today’s post was going to be a little shorter than normal anyway because I’m off to see Daft Punk live later today. Anyone who has heard of them will know what a blast that’s going to be. Hopefully my mood should pick up a little more before then. Cheers!

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18 thoughts on “Super-short Arsenal news round-up

  1. I know how you are feeling. I always write on MS Word and then cut and paste. Keep up the hardwork. I appreciate it.

  2. Come on the Eduardo, he was great on Tuesday night, however RVP and Bendtner should start agasint Spuds wiv Eduardo on the bench, Ade needs a rest.

  3. Cheers Ian, I do my best! I seriously wish I could post every day without fail but sometimes things just pop up and you can’t do anything about it. A big weekend coming up though.

    Jay, as you surely know I don’t agree with you! 🙂 Adebayor to start for sure, hopefully with both Eduardo and Bendtner on the bench if Wenger can risk taking four forwards. It will be great to (probably) see van Persie back in the side.

  4. Spanishfry:
    Adebayor scoring 9 goals this season is nothing. He scored 3 against weakest side in the league and other useless goals. Scored aginst spurs when game was already over. Again scored against Newcastle within 5 minutes and was lost for remaining 85 minutes..If he would have even taken his half of the chances that our midfield creates it would have been easily 20. He has a habit of missing 5 chances to score 1. Every time he plays, he want to copy Henry but he is nowhere Henry. He has a good height but most of the time bad in the air. He also lacks footballing brain. If you donot agree with me go back and watch highlights against Newcastle in two ocassion: not playing through ball to Eduardo and getting furious with Rosiscky. His 1st touch is nowhere close to Bentdner’s either.
    To sum up, Adebayor is superior in pace and experience but vision(footballing brain), heading, finishing and ball holding capacity; in all these departments Bentdner is way better.
    I don’t think Wenger will prefer bentdner or Eduardo over Adebayor for at least this season but from next season don’t get surprised to see Adebayor in bench. Adebayor can be a very good striker if he learn two things.
    1. Never ever try to copy Henry and just play his own game. We know he can be good in air with his height and he should improve his footballing brian in front of goal at least.
    2. Try to learn from Bentdner how to hold the ball and find his frieds in space…Also how to finish from Eduardo…It would be better if he will watch highlights of the last carling cup match…

  5. I wish I could agree with you on Ade. But sadly not. It would not be fair to judge on the basis of games he didnt perform. One needs to also look at games he did well. the game against I think Reading (was it?) where he scored from th edge of the box as Fabregas dived in front of him , was a cool composed and sensible was to finish. Would Eduardo have done that ? I am not sure. It called for great vision, cleverness and skill. To judge him on his bad days only would be unfair that too when you are comparing him with Edu and Bendtner on their good days.

  6. Millefiori
    So, in how many games did Adebayor performed good for us??? 2/3 times this season and he has played almost all the matches and most of the time as a lone striker. Having played with the most creative midfielders in this planet, he is not deadly. I don’t understand all the people who say Ade works hard and is a good link up striker but the most important aspect of a striker is to score when needed for a team and when he gets chance. But Ade has not done this for Arsenal so simple, he is not of Arsenal quality. I don’t know why still some of the gunners and Mr Wenger still rate Adebayor too much.

    Ade has played for one of the best European team who play champions league in regular basis but he has never scored in Europe. He might have missed couple of dozens of chances still he is without even single european goal. But I will not mind if he can score in the next round of the competition.

  7. On what basis are you judging that Bendtner is a better finisher than Ade. I mean statistically speaking that’s true. However I’d be willing to say that if Bendtner had the same amount of chances as Ade has I doubt he’d have done much better. It’s very subjective either way.

    I’ll agree of his performances as of late he does appear to have a better first touch and a willingness to hold the ball up more often. Part of this could also be his comfort level with the team. Being still a youngster he may forgo the goal a bit to other teammates.

    Personally I’d still go with Ade and RVP for the derby. Ade has looked off since RVP has been injured especially with that argument with Rosicky. I still think it’d be quite a statement to put Bendtner up front in this type of game. Unless of course Ade is legitimately fatigued.

  8. I for one am glad to see we drew AC Milano. Wenger is flying in to Italy for the derby between Inter and AC and i think he will find the key to beating Milano through watching how Italian sides play them. AC is VERY average in league play, and its because Italian teams have figured out how to beat or hang in with them. Wenger will study them and find that key to beating the old Rossaneri. Then after we knock them off maybe people will start to take Arsenal more serious in the CL.

  9. just a little correction for Dimitrio-Its AC Milan not AC Milano the name is given in English as the founders were English.Anyway Its strange few months ago Ancellotti said Arsenal don’t stand a chance in winning the CL. It would be sweet to nock him out. They have lots of experience but they are ageing. We will do them.
    As expect we’ve done the double on the spuds. Hat off to Almunia he kept us in the game. One person was really disappointed when Almunia saved the penalty and that wasn’t Robbie Keane but Lehman.You should’ve seen his face. That header from Bendtner was ferocious he is like a train.Slowly slowly he’ll get his place in the starting 11. Adebayor better watch out. Today Djorou was awful for Birmingham. I can’t see him replacing Toure in January. I hope Wenger has got someone else in mind.

  10. Demitrio-Don’t take it the wrong way No need to be rude. Yes the city is Milano but the official name of the Club is “Associazione Calcio Milan” you can check the history.And they are proud of that because it sound different from “Internazionale Milano”.

  11. Yeah, who cares! Demetrio’s Italian anyway so he’ll probably know. Great win last night, sorry about the lack of blogging – family commitments over Christmas and all that garb. Hopefully will find the time for a Christmas Eve blog post. Cheers.

  12. Never mind guys its general knowledge about football.I guess you are right he can call it the hell he likes.Just no need for swearing.

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