Spanish Fry the Arsenal Mythbuster + Will you be jeering Adebayor if he stays?

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Forgive me for jumping right into things, but there are a couple of myths floating around Arsenal players that need to be busted.

Firstly, Kolo Toure will not be missing the start of the season. While you may have already read that Toure has contracted malaria, it is not as serious as many news sites have made it out to be. Indeed, less sensationalist reports have quite clearly stated that it is only a mild strain and there is no reason to suggest he will not be available for the start of the season. Number one myth busted.

Secondly, Eduardo has not suffered a setback in his preparations to return to the first team. A number of recent reports went out saying that Eduardo would not be back until October because he has suffered a setback in his rehabilitation. This is rubbish. As Arsene Wenger points out, Eduardo was never going to come back to first-team action until at least September in the first place, so things are progressing just as expected. Number two myth busted.

In short, Toure will be ready for the start of the season and Eduardo’s rehabilitation is going just fine, so sit down and relax. Unless of course you were the rather silly commenter in yesterday’s post who stated that they hoped Toure would stay ill for as long as possible to give Philippe Senderos a chance.

Now, I’ve got nothing against Big Phil being given a chance but to wish ill of anyone is a pretty dispicable act. You, sir, should be ashamed of yourself.

Anyway, time to move on to matters involving Alex Hleb. The former Arsenal player (feels weird saying that) has again been in a chatty mood, speaking about Wenger and Cesc Fabregas among other things. Hleb refuted claims that he spoke ill of his former manager and teammate, going on to stress how important they had both been during his time as an Arsenal player:

“For me, Fabregas is my best friend and I had a good understanding with him on the pitch. Arsene Wenger, for me, is like a father. He gave me a lot and I learned a lot from him and I need to say thank you to him for the fact that I now play in Barcelona. I wanted a change and Barcelona for me are the biggest team. It is my dream and I’m very happy.”

Fair enough, I guess. Although in some ways it’s nice that he’s thanking Wenger, I don’t think he’ll appreciate it too much. The ultimate way for Hleb to say thank-you to the manager for how he has helped his career would have been to stay at Arsenal but, alas, this was not to be.

It’s interesting that he would leave his best friend and father to go and play at Barcelona but at the end of the day the opportunity to play for such a big club coupled with a huge pay rise proved too much. Nothing much else to say on the issue, really, except that Hleb is a bit of knob.

Finally today is the results from the Wednesday Poll for this week. For those who missed it the question was “Will Adebayor stay at Arsenal?Online Casinos“. The possible answers were “Yes”, “Yes – but I don’t want him to”, “No” or “No – but I want him to stay”.

The results were very interesting. There were 171 votes with a huge 149 people thinking that Adebayor will be staying at Arsenal this season. Interestingly, those votes were split almost 50-50 between people who wanted him to stay and those who didn’t (74 votes and 75 votes respectively).

I wonder what those people who do want Adebayor to go will do if he does stay? Will he be booed like Gareth Barry was in Aston Villa’s recent friendly? Would it be justified if he was? What if Adebayor apologised?

Too many questions, not enough answers. Provide them for me and have a great day. I’ll be back tomorrow for a bit of end-of-week fun. Cheers.

Have your say on Toure, Eduardo, Hleb or Adebayor by leaving a comment.


58 thoughts on “Spanish Fry the Arsenal Mythbuster + Will you be jeering Adebayor if he stays?

  1. Nicely cleared up SF.

    It seems that the media really are in overdrive when it comes to reporting Arsenal’s demise and impending crisis innit.

  2. @ Spike – No worries mate. I’m sick of sensationalised news stories. Maybe the Mythbusting will become a more common element of this blog…

  3. I want Ade to stay as much as he has pissed me right off, the guy can score and was a main reason we almost won the title. Why break up a good team. gilberto left and ramsey has come in, hleb left and nasri has come in, we still loookin for 3lamoneys replacement. Why go out on the market to find another player, i wouldnt mind the hunter, david villa or martins at the club, infact i want them here jus kepp Ade aswell.

  4. All other guestions are well answered thats how people talk about our club Arsenal seasonaly may be becaouse of tere best playing systeam in the warld.

    I want to say it again and again untill it happens my life is full of so call Adebayor, he must go !go !go and leave Arsenal he doesnt look a footballer or even an Arsenal player who could give headach to the club . he must go even free transfer like Flamin we shall continue as the funs very happy without him.

  5. If Adebayor does stay (and I hope he does) and he gets booed (I hope he doesn’t) then Wenger will be pissed. It simply doesn’t help anyone and we don’t need a potential title hindrance coming from our own supporters, even if his behaviour this summer has been distasteful.

  6. Come August the 16th i wnt be jeering or booing Adebayor but i wont be singing hisname either.

    It is beoming increasingly difficult to afford my £1300 season ticket and with increasing home bills and mortgage it is likely that i’m going to have to give it up next season which will break my heart. What makes that worse is hearing people like Adebayor complaining about his wages and talking shit about needing to save for his retirement!
    Ade’s WEEKLY wage would pay for my season ticket for the next 25 years ffs!

    I’m getting fed up with greedy ungrateful footballers. Ade has had ONE good season and i believe he can be replaced easily. We create so many chances that we could easily have another 25 goal a season striker. If Ade was to go for £20m+ i’m sure Arsene could find a replacement with very little fuss.

    Players think the grass is greener outside of Highbury/Ashburton but it isn’t and Hleb will find that out and so will Ade.

    It’s all downhill after Arsenal wheres we will live on and grow stronger together. No player has ever, or will ever be bigger than our great club.

  7. Agree with Merse. I want to see us play well, and Adebayor, if he stays, will be no more or less a part of the team. I won’t sing the song any more, and he certainly deserves a cold welcome, but jeering or booing an Arsenal player is something that just shouldn’t be done by true supporters. Even if he has acted like a twt. Which he has.

  8. couple of points on Ade.
    1) He must apoligise to the fans. he needs to at least make a statement whether he means it or not.
    2) the pressure on him will be huge. the fans will be ultra critical of EVERY mistake. when your hero messes up, you let them off, when someone has put themselves in the position that Ade has, then you expect him to be perfect – and he will never be that. his poor control, offsides and misses will infuriate fans. there might be bigger problems storing up for later in the season. I for one hope Bendtner is ready to step in.
    If Ade does make his position at the club untenable, his value will fall considerably next summer.
    Ade needs to hope he cracks in 5 goals in 5 games at the start of the season and hope it all blows over.

  9. Well said Ausgunner…. If only Adebayor also has the common sense to put his hands up and publicly apologise to the Arsenal faithful then it shouldnt be a problem with him staying. But he will also have to perform…..

  10. Ade is staying. Well done Sherlock. I have never put more than 5% credibility in the stories bandied about with massive fees and wages being talked up. For those of you who got on Ades back based on tabloid crap, you should be shame faced and give him a big cheer when he strides on the green green grass of the Emirates. You will all be cheering when he cracks the goals in.
    I for one am happier to see him staying.

  11. I think Adebayor has a long history of this sort of behaviour. See here:,19528,11816_2343389,00.html

    As good as he was last season and as much as he offers us a new direction and threat as spearhead of our attack, if he does stay and doesn’t have his demands met I fear he will become a hindrance. Psychologically, I don’t see how he will be better next season after this, and we need him to improve. I hope we will see the right response from him and a bit of maturity. I just have my doubts.

  12. I think the majority of fans arent too bothered about his off the field disloyalty as long as he puts in 100% and has a higher goal tally than last season. We all know footballerss are generally stupid greedy and ill informed and that they will always be disloyal once something turns their heads.

    It is no longer the beautiful game, but a terrible shame.

  13. SF,

    I am cofused at what is a big club. And, why if Hleb got everything he wanted that he continues to talk about the team? He should just move on and not respond because he is just digging a hole! As far as ADE goes I think he”ll go he has it in his mind.

  14. To be totally honest my original intension’s,were to give ade’s as much stick as possible.But i’ve now come to realise this would detremental to the team.However i will out and out completely refuse in any chanting in praise of ade,at the stadium this season.Because he’s a wanker!!!

  15. We are talking about a player who complains about the congestion charge despite earning £35,000 a week and with an offer on the table that doubles that. If any of us were on the Arsenal board here, would we offer more? I very much doubt it. Yet Ade wants the big big bucks and the sad thing is that there are clubs willing to give them to him.

  16. I sincerely hope Arsenal do not increase his wages. I expect he will take the offer on the table, which was 60k per week. that kind of sticks in the craw. after all that disloyalty, he doubles his wage. Cunt.

  17. I actually think Wenger wouldn’t mind shifting Ade but he doesn’t have a great deal of options right now. Even Santa Cruz would cost at least half of the Ade money and while he is classy, the only season he has scored more than five goals was last season. Eto’o would demand £110,000, David Villa would be my choice but expensive and I suspect he’ll be playing for Madrid or Barca by August.

  18. The fucking twat! I hope he gets jeered, booed and fucking stoned.
    Greedy money grabbing shit fuck. Doesn’t deserve to wear the Arsenal shirt. I had a lot of time for this geezer last season. This season he can fuck off! Im not bitter butif he was on fire and the last person on earth I wouldn’t piss on him!
    Retirement fund – he’s taking the piss!

  19. I won’t be booing him – but I certainly wont be singing his name.

    The fact is he will be booed by an element of the fan base – whilst I believe that every one has a right to voice their displeasure – one thing is for sure – it helps no one. Can you imagine what it does to the teams confidence, when starting a new season (after last seasons disappointments) hearing a team mate being roundly booed?

    Unfortunately, Adebayor sums up the modern footballer – there is more chance of Wenger going mad with a £300m spending spree than the fans getting an apology from Ade – the chances are you’d be hard pushed to make him understand what he has done wrong in the first place. Even if Wenger explained to him why he has caused so much anger he would be met with a dazed blank look. In footballers little cocooned lives they are so out of touch with your average fan he probably doesnt understand how insulting his comments have been – infact he probably feels that we should be thankful to him that he has graced us with his presence at all.

  20. fact is Ade cost us very little money. if wenger decides to use him in the reserves and sell him for £10m next summer then I dont care – thats fine by me. wenger has shown him he cant move to whereever he fancies on a whim or demand whatever wages he fanies, and now he will show him who is the boss of the team.
    The Greedybayor song born at Barnet will make a few airings I am sure.

  21. Let him be booed off, as if i care, if that happens, Wenger will think twice and replace him with Bentner who imo is better, he just need time and patience, i really hope he will be gone by next season, though he is good, i will score more if i get those chances, give those chances to Eduardo, Bentner or Van Persie and everyone will soon forget Adebayor, let him think about his retirement, good for him, Arsenal will always move forward.

  22. I will not boo him, nor will i sing his praises, i will be happy if he scores but more happier if say Toure/Theo/Sagna scores. If he stays then we must get over it and if we boo him the arsenal supporters will be thr reason for our downfall, we must keep spirits up, show the team we dont care, show Ade we have forgiven him even if we dont because he is more likely to stay if he believes he has been welcomed back if he carries on next summer then i say F**k Off! and thats polite.

  23. I was regretting very much the fact that Hleb was leaving and I was pissed off that Adebayor wants to leave and now when he cannot he might as well stay (that pisses off even more-like if nobody wants me, well I have Arsenal)… I don’t like Ade’s attitude, his public imagine shows him as an overly self-centered, egoistic person, but what is important that he scores… but then again, how many times he fails to score, he’s got this clumsy way, but no one can deny he’s important (or was?) part of Arsenal team, so if he stays and if he will have a good season wining us a title (it’s about time for that) I don’t care what he’s like, just play good football and I’m fine with you… Hleb’s comments of Wenger and Fabregas seem like bullshit to me… What’s the point now… Well you’re thankful, but as he said: for him the greatest team is Barca, for everyone of us is Arsenal, that’s the difference… you should belong to your team no matter what… Henry once said he will always be a gunner… It’s like, once a gunner, always a gunner… and searching father figures and friends is something, well, respectable and all, but here’s a team that excepts you to belong to, not looking at your club as a highway to Barca.

  24. one thing am sure about is that all the ‘booing’ or ‘not booing’ will not make a difference in ade’s weekly wages. in fact if he is benched and played in the reserves the whole damn season then he would still earn every dime that the contract demands that he gets. the point is, if you are an objective fan, a fan who can think straight and loves the game for what it is then you would know that booing adebayor, benching him or making life hard for him in any possible way will not cost him much but may cause the club to perform so poorly. remember he is the best option in attack that we have and the fact that berca and milan wanted him speaks volumes about his potential. bentdner isn’t exactly the player we would want to entirely depend on coz he is untested enough. walcot is still equally raw (though i’d really want to see him get that breakthrough soon), van persie can never keep fit long enough and am sure we all can agree that ade was one of the best players last season. lets give him the best environment to play his best as arsenal fans and that way it will be a win-win situation for everyone. if i may try to defend ade, i’ll ask you to stop blaming him for what he did. instead, try to explain how with teams like chelsea, man u, milan etc dishing out 100k+ per week to even the averagely performing players, you would expect our players to remain stable. even van persie said something about the wages being low at emirates and it is a fact. the only difference between ade and the rest of the team is maybe coz he became too vocal about it thinking that he may be able to make a difference. personally i think the club is partially to blame because of their wage structure which should either be scrapped or revised to favour everyone. come on ade – i was your biggest fan and i still am – i really want you to stay and guess what? if you do, i’ll sing for you in the pitch and i won’t break a bone doing that will i?

  25. knightman is absolutely right…we are supposed to be fans of this great club..i have said this before, stop freakin blaming adebayor and cut some slack for hleb too…we complain that he has 50 chances and scores 25 well thats good to me, as long has he is scoring the goals and becomes highest goal scorer, thats fine. he was a huge influence to the team last season…

  26. since he was so busy thinking of his retirement, maybe it’s best he’s starts retiring from top flight football and just rot in the reserves league lol.

    retirement at the age of 24 ? really, what a joke.

  27. klyn,he is a attackin mid i think,from france n bout 17,so stil young 2 play in lion den

  28. If anything, fans shouldn’t boo him. By the same token, I think he should feature less whenever possible in favour of other strikers who may represent a more likely longer future for us since he has indicated he is/could be very short term. This is because we need to blood the Bendtners of the team to make them “tested” and a run in the side is at a premium. I habour no I’ll feelings to Ade and his past spats with Monaco and Togo with regards to pay/demands should prime us to prepare and brace for more of the same. In that light, we need to place ourselves in a position where we will be “CONFORTABLE TO LET HIM GO” should we get conered again.

    On the issue of pay structure, I think EVERY Arsenal fan should be proud of it. The fact that is comparable two Manure’s with us having a smaller squad than them, means pro ably on average an arsenal player earns more than a Manure player. It is at the top only where the gap is being talked about. With everyone liking our young players and their immense skills, they are happier because they earn better than their peers elsewhere and contributes in us being able to continue to attract young talent better than Manure which is very important considering we are not going to borrow to pay 20+ mil for players hence the “big name signings” are pretty much a luxury we can happily flourish without

  29. Francis Coquelin is the real deal.He is a rough and ready player he has no fear of tackles and does the dirty work beautifully he is a ball getter I’m really impressed with him more than any youngster we have.I will not be surprised if he breaks into the first team very soon.

  30. The demise of Antonio Reyes should serve as an example to No-Headebayor.Reyes was fantastic when he started at Arsenal then Madrid showed intrest and he lost his head. Look at him now no takers for 5 millions and moving to Monaco.It just shows you if you don’t make the right decisions you end up in the shit.If no-Headebayor stays the fans will boo him and they are right to do that he can’t get away with that stupid behaviour but its up to him to make it up to the fans. If he does that all will be forgoten.Somehow I just feel Ade will mess it up again. Anyone who headbutt his team mate certainly does not have a head to think with.

  31. Le gunner i agree with you to some extent – Coquelin is a great player but i cannot see him gatting into the first team and it could be difficult to get into the cc sqaud, however i believe AW is taking the cc to the next level by playing his whole reserve side, no djourou, denilson, sendy but G.hoyte, Mannone, Wilshere, Simpson, the second string players. Secondly I think we have better youngsters that Coquelin but he still is great.

  32. i really am dissappointed in everyone for talking like this, i know we are all arsenal fans and we want the best for the club and we are just voicing our opinions but come one you guys, stop blaming and abusing adebayor or even hleb…when they played for us, they gave their best on the field, hleb was out penalty getter and to tell the truth he was a big part of our succes last season with his match winner at the opening of last season so cut the dude sum slack he came he did we and he has gone, he dosent want to stay with us forever dosent mean he did not give is all for the club. and on the main tiopic adebayor, leave him alone, dont boo him, cheer him, as long as he gives his best, i hate it when people say that with the amount of chances we work for him he should be scoring a lot more, are you guys crazy? he was 2nd joint highest goal scorer and we are complaining? i dont care how many he misses as long as he continues to score as much even if its against derby or hull city…you guys dont get it dont you? arsenal fans we should support this club and ANYONE who wears the shirt…

  33. nice shout tunde, we know they gave their best for the club but its they way the left, they never left like Gilberto, loyal and kind – respected.

  34. Tunde-you are a nice Arsenal fan but I don’t sense any passion in your tone. I get furious, mad, angry, happy, pissed off, high, low and all because I care about Arsenal so much and I really hate it yes hate it when a player try to screw us around over money look at us now £lamoney left Hleb left and urging Fabregas to join him and Adebayor doing his bit to unsettle the rest of the team.Hleb is just not shutting his mouth saying all sort of things and yet you are telling us to support him I don’t give a shit about him as much as he didn’t give a shit about our team when meeting Inter Milan for an ice cream in secret on the eve of a crucial champions league game in the San Siro.This is just me. If someone try to fool around with you, you give it to them straight and make sure the others don’t follow. Otherwise we’ll be a laughing stock.We support players who wants to play for Arsenal and that’s that.
    Jay-you are right to point out Gilberto an example how a man should conduct himself.

  35. le gunner i absolutely agree with you, im not saying that i am happy with them, NO…but there are some comments that i have heard that are absolutely unnecessary…i truly love arsenal dont get me wrong, u might not see the passion now but dont come matchday, and u see the real PASSION, im just saying yes hleb screwed us over yes adebayor is acting like a big twat, yes flamingo left us after a good season but when these players played, they gave their best!!! atleast give them some sort of respect, even arsene wasnt happy but he still acknowledged the fact that they contributed, on the pitch, they were stars for us and off the pitch? well thats another story…gilberto did the right thing but then again, if everyone did the right thing, we would be living in a fantasy, not the real world…nice hearing from u again jay…and booin adebayor would only make things worse, u have to understand wat im saying…..

  36. let him sit on the bench for the first few games and let bendtner get on with it. then bendtner can headbut him for being a twat.

  37. i think arsenal r a good side come what may .only thing that matters to me is that arsenal r not winning any trophies,guys they seriously need 2 get going .”IN ARSENE I TRUST”

  38. tunde-Sorry If i’ve been hard on you but I think you understand as fans we get furstrated with all the rubish that comes from certain players. Yes it is not a perfect world and players are humain beings and will show signs of greed as well as disrespect.Fans will show how they feel to players in question and that is the least we can do as fans to make sure they don’t fool around and think they will be loved. All players love it when their song being sang during the game.If we deny them that and give them some stick is a good thing if they’ve been really stupid.As fans that is our only way to communicate to players.So there is nothing wrong with giving them some stick from time to time.

  39. Hey guys, I posted in the ‘Quick & to the Point’ section that I actually broke my foot on Thursday. Out for the rest of the season – aargh. Oh well.

    Apologies for the lack of Friday post, will be back with a big one on Monday.

  40. Tunde, you say Hleb was a big part of our sucsess last season, maybe i missed something, or maybe you count coming 3rd in the Epl a sucsess! These players you say done so well for us do not respect us the fans who supported them through thick and thin,even when greedybayor was going through an 8 game goal drought everybody was singing, give him the ball and he will score, they do not respect us their god is the pound note, or should i say the Euro!

  41. Spanish Fry, I am realy sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you have the best and quickest of recoveries one could have. Will keep checking to find out when SF will be back kicking that roundy, bouncy thingy.


  42. SF sorry to hear you broke your foot.I hope its not an Eduardo one.Was it a bad tackle from some fool? Have speedy recovery. I hope your fingers are fine for typing another post.

  43. One key thing that came out of this situation is that we really miss David Dein. We need to find a way to bring him back now that the Arsenal board seem to like Kroenke. Wenger seems hell bent on leaving now and might even have sold Henry to himself at Barcelona. We’ll see about that in due time. So, we need to bring David Dein back and put him on the board with Stan Kroenke to move the club forward possibly even phasing out Hillwood, Fiszman and the rest of the Board. They have taken the club as far as they can and we need to move forward.

    What a great footy blog we have here.

    I also manage similar blog but focusing more on Malaysian footballer profile.

  44. SF sorry to hear you broke your foot, get better soon. On the plus side you wont be able to walk as much so you can blog all the time :D. About the dispute between Le Gunner and tunde (both good friends of mine) all tunde is saying is no-one has given them credit for what the did for Arsenal on the field which they gave a lot. £lamoney was a powerhouse and Hleb always kept the ball but Le Gunner translated it as tunde was praising the scumbags which he was not. They left the club thinking they were the best in the world and that is what has infuriated most of the arsenal fans and Le Gunner couldnt see that passion in tunde, I know its in there lol, the passion that is. Nice to hear from you to tunde.

  45. Jay-I just wish those players who left the club on bad terms stop talking about Arsenal and us Fans stop defending them when in fact all they are doing is wanting the worst for Arsenal When you hear someone like Hleb saying that Arsenal are in trouble and he would love to beat Arsenal in a C.league final bla bla.. I don’t care if they gave 100% in the past they have no respect for the club then we should never talk good about them ever again.that is the way I see things. When your friend stabs in the back Then you lose all respect for them even if they were good to you in the past same rule apply here.
    I shall stop mentioning their names once the season start and we can concentrate on players who wants to play for Arsenal.

  46. %100 agree with Le Gunner. Hleb should go F**K himself, he needs to shut the hell up, i have never cared for him but now i have no respect for him at all. Flamini may have left for money but at least i have not heard anything negative he’s said about Arsenal, where as Hleb continues to talk and talk and talk.

  47. Well just look at 1 of our greatest players in ian wright wright wright I used to love that chant but no other striker ever had such a catchy name to repeat anyhows he can’t stop slagging us off in the sun but the thing is I wish his bloody son played for us instead of earning double pay for sitting on a bench next to bridge and people say we are the reason why the england team is such a shambles.

  48. when you put it like that Le Gunner, i agree with you. He should just move and then wish us luck like we wished him but instead he tlaks bout AW and Fab, to wimd us fans up – he kisses tha Barca badge. He is just a trouble-maker.

  49. Demetrio you got a point about flamini he got on with his move and stopped talking and thats good.
    Some quotes have been published by Spanish paper La MARCA (Real Madrid mouth piece)saying that Fabregas has not ruled out a move to Real Madrid but then Fabregas came out and this is what he said
    “I have not spoken to any media so it’s frustrating to read quotes that I have supposedly said about my future,”

    “I think that some people are just trying to make mischief but my intentions are very clear.

    “I am happy here at Arsenal, my future is with Arsenal and the priority is to achieve success and win trophies at Arsenal.”

    Its clear those quotes have been fabricated by R.Madrid I just hate that bloody club. Credit to Fabregas he came out straight away no ifs no buts and made it clear that he is going nowhere.That what you call loyalty. Ade should learn a thing or 2 from Fabregas
    Guys are we ready to ramble? the season start soon and I’m nervous already.
    Oh that match today against the Burger boys they were terrible they got a hammering, its a good confidence booster. Never the less our boys have done really well in comparissons to the Barnet game it looks like the new players satrting to gel really well Vela looked good and Jack Wiltshere was awsome.

  50. Jack Wilshere hits 2 and i was shocked the 16-year-old was chosen to take the peanlty. This is what everyone meant by Vela is awesome. 2nd game for Arsenal, 1 st hat-trick already, Bendtner showed class aswell! Although Simpson never scored he looked sharp and G.Hoyte was brilliant, did some super last-ditch tackles. Walcott came on and scored so thats good. Wilshere, Bendtner, G.Hoyte, Vela and Almunia all had great games today (although manuel aonly did 1 good save, 1 save actually( cant wait to see big guns vs stuttgart tho, Ade (plz no-one hassle me), RVP, Nasri, Gallas, Toure!

  51. I want Ade to stay at arsenal and join hands with other to build up the club, and not only that to bring back trophies next season

  52. It will be of best interest of Arsenal and Adebayor if the C**t leaves. That he scores goals doesn’t make him the only one that can. Even my grandmother at home could score if she is placed in Ade’s position.

    Incase you have forgotten, go back and look at the number of misses he had last season alone.Had he converted half of the chances he had, we would’ve won the league before the last 10games.

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