Some of the best Arsenal goals ever

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I don’t often have YouTube videos on the blog for the simple reason that most of them aren’t very good.

In saying that this is the second one I’ve included in the past week and it’s very, very good. The clip features some of the best Arsenal goals ever scored by players such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Charlie George and Ian Wright and obviously, there are some real screamers in there.

The thing I like best about this video is that unlike most YouTube clips this one features all the commentary to go with the goals. For the record, my personal favourite is Freddie Ljungberg’s goal against Chelsea in the 2002 FA Cup Final. Enjoy!

Again I have to thank FootyTube for the clip. Just a reminder that if you’re looking for my regular blog post for today you can find it here. I encourage you to check it out. Cheers!

What do you think?

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20 thoughts on “Some of the best Arsenal goals ever

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!……dont u guys miss highbury??
    after watchin this video, i just get the feeling that we dont shoot enough from outside the 18yard box!!
    good ol’ days

  2. What?? Have you been watching this season Leroux?? Fabregas, Adebayor, Diaby, Fabregas, Denilson, Eduardo, Fabregas. They’ve all hit screamers this season. I think we’re shooting quite nicely from outside the box so far this season!

  3. I think the video only includes goals up until a couple of years ago so unfortunately, no van Persie. Thanks for the kind words about the clip, I strongly encourage you to check out FootyTube for more videos. It’s a fabulous site.

  4. Man that Adams goal was simply special. I mean I think realistically Henry and Bergkamp scored the best goals in general but the Adams goal was so iconic and special. I suppose even more special that it wasn’t just out centre back and captain who scored it, Mr Arsenal, but the fact that he was running in behind the defense and smashed it in with his left on the half-volley. MAGIC- nothing else.

    Although I must admit I actually laughed at how good some of Bergkamp’s and Henry’s goals were. Like Bergy’s vs Newcastle, or his chip against Leverkusen in the CL, or that goal he got for Arsenal like his one for Holland in Euro 96. And the one where Henry taps it behind him, sprints round the midfielder and smashes it into the top corner from miles out was just funny. I bet the opposition cried themselves to sleep for a week.

  5. Hey fellas, glad you liked my video.

    It’s a personal pet peeve of mine when great goals are put up without commentary. Often times the commentary is as memorable as the goal itself. Especially from dear old Martin Tyler. For example, “KANUU BELIEVE IT?!??” as Kanu demolishes Chelsea and bags his hattrick.

    I have an earlier video with van Persie’s Top Goals on my youtube profile as well. I will likely be coming out with another video within a month or two. Stay tuned!


    ps. There are no goals from the last couple of seasons because I wanted to avoid copyright problems with youtube (they delete recent premiership clips).

  6. A couple of my faves – Bergkamp’s goal against newcastle, Henry’s backheel against charlton a few seasons back, Henry’s header to beat Man U last season, and Van Persie’s absolute screamer against Charlton last season.

  7. Bergkamp’s goal was out of this world. How someone can do something like that is just amazing? He’s the reason I started watching Arsenal – his football brain, touch and movement was just perfect. A truly wonderful player. As I said before though, my favourite is Freddie’s against Chelsea. Ljungberg is my all-time favourite Arsenal player and when your favourite scores it’s always something special. It was such an uncharactestic goal, dribbling from halfway and shooting from outside the box – and in the FA Cup Final! I can’t remember getting more excited about a goal than that one.

  8. toatally agree with that last thing that you say, actually the reason of why I start to watch Arsenal was after that amazing goal of Bergkamp against Argentina on France98, after France 98 I fall in love of Zidane and two Arsenal legends: Bergkamp and Seaman… since that Im a gunner.

  9. Well the videos are very good,infact it makes us to remind all the big big stars that have left arsenal for one or two reasons like henry,if only i can get one of the video on my phone it will be okay by me.

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