Smells like team spirit

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A five goal turnaround sealed an emphatic win for Arsenal today, sending Gooners the world over into a boss-eyed frenzy of jubilation while fans of Tottenham returned weeping to their caves.

By no means was it tantamount to a cup final but on the one year anniversary of the Carling Cup debacle there are some parallels to be drawn. A loss today would have compounded a dreadful week for Arsenal. Effectively out of two cups and stranded in the league, it would have been a hammer blow for the collective moral of the team, much like the effects of that game one year ago today where our form spiralled into freefall and arguably is still in a chaotic state. Where’s the consistency in a 7-1 win against Blackburn followed by a no show in Milan?

Yet our level of resilience, drive and team spirit today is the kind of inspiring performance that could have the inverse effect to that of the Birmingham game. Now I’m sat here believing we can get five against Milan. And why not? If we play with such tenacity again, it’s not such an outlandish claim.

Rosicky’s goal is a perfect example of how we can change simple things for the better. Looking back at the replay we had five men in the box, four of which were running at speed toward the goal. This is what we used to do to devestating effect but have stopped doing this year. The slight deflection for the cross off the defender was fortunate but that’s football. You can’t score if you don’t shoot and if you don’t attack you never will.

Talking of which, we had a lot of shots today, again something we don’t do often enough. Our level of creation was phenomenal; a little bit of urgency and movement can help this team pay dividends. The quality is not vintage Wenger but there’s enough there that if we maintain this sort of team play and desire, then we have a base to build on again.

In the years when Spurs couldn’t buy a win against us it was almost expected that we would win or at the very least not lose the North London derby. So what made today all the sweeter was the fact that this is the best Spurs team in over two decades against our worst team in fifteen years. And we spanked them.

Two years flies by when you're beating the scum.

My stream cut me off before I could see who got the official man of the match but I’ll hazard a guess it was the little Czech midfielder.

On a personal note I’m chuffed to bits for him. Before his spell of injuries Rosicky was a really strong player for us, scoring some beautiful goals–one curling effort against Liverpool and a long range screamer in the Champions League stick out in the memory–before his efficacy started to wane as his injury problems started to rise.

Not too long ago reports were circling that his wife lost their unborn baby and who knows how something like this affected his game. Sometimes people forget that players are people too. Yet he never showed a lack of desire and after two years without a goal he got a decisive one to make it 3-2 and the emotional look on his face as he wheeled away epitomised our team spirit today.

There was so much to talk about after the match: bad defending, Theo’s frustrating inconsistancy, Robin’s brilliance, more bad defending; so maybe I’ll do some more posts in the next couple of days after the elation has subsided and we can look at things a little more objectively.

For now, let’s just bask in what was a memorable game and hopefully a turning point in terms of our general performance.

And finally, let’s all laugh at Tottenham.

ha ha

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151 thoughts on “Smells like team spirit

  1. Lovin’it! Just 7 more points to make up to finish above the Sp*ds yet again…if our general creative play can reflect today, then why not?


  3. Jason,what are you doing on an Arsenal site after that drubbing?You sound like a true spuds fan,& that isn’t a compliment in case you’re a little confused.
    2-0 & you fucked it up,’Arry for England, the tactical genius!

  4. Hello Jason.

    I’m really impressed you managed to type all that using your knuckles.

    I have to disagree with you on the “below par Spurs team” part though. You’re actually really good this year. So good in fact, Spurs fans haven’t seen a team of this ilk since the ’80s.

    Despite that, you’re only third in the league and we handed your arses to you today and this is our worst team in over 15 years. And yea it was great to beat you after five attempts. I can’t imagine how it must have felt for you when you finally beat us after 20.

    Now kindly leave because you’re boring and your use of exclamation marks is criminally lame.


  6. Sounds familiar jason doesnt it you fukin mug. 20 years without a win, celebrating arsenals failures, wishing, hopeing, preying that you could beat the mighty arsenal just once must have been so painful. You fukin deluded cunts even celebrated your equalising goal at the fukin shit hole when we won the league there. It beggars belief that the yid scum are actually that stupid. youl have passed on by the time you wankers down the lane even get a sniff of the title anyway lol. Run along now mumsies calling for bedtime. Tell her to turn the light off, dont want that shadow you cunts are in following you round now. 4ever in our shadow, 61 never again

  7. Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeahhhhhh.

    That’s more like it.
    @Davem How’s your brother now? Still rollin’ on the floor laughing and rubbing his hands or has the joke gone a bit awry?
    I wanna treat the whole clock end to a pie and a pint, I wanna get the back four drunk at my own expense, I wanna fight some small spurs fan and whip him.


  9. Boys am i missing here, its only 3 points. It was a fantastic game to watch but that was it. I have always known the Arsenal are capable of having days like this where everything clicks. To me the spuds looked flat….or maybe you made them look flat. Lets just ope that you can string 4-5 games together and put pressure on that 3rd spot. Its all you ave left of the season. PS. I DID SAY SONG WAS A GOOD PLAYER but can not expect to do it every game without elp. WELL DONE ARSENAL Shambo what say you?

  10. @Ice let us enjoy our moment – there have been far too few of them this season. That tops the Chelski game and runs the Barc game last season close. And it was against Spuds. They play Manure next so fingers crossed 7 points can become 4.

    Hands up who were yelling at Wenger to pull Theo off at half time! I know I was !!! Fucking senile old twat in charge – what does he know heh Delano my old mate?

    Song MoM for me, with Rosicky and RVP equal second. Also great to see Gibbs marauding down the left flank. How much better do we look with proper fullbacks?

    Now it’s Liverpool away next – please don’t f#ck up lads!

  11. @Iceman: You’re right it is only three points but it was the manner of the win that got me excited. All the second half goals were swift attacks on the break at pace and in numbers, much how we used to play. And to do that against a Spurs team that are no longer pushovers was even more encouraging

    We’re pretty much out of everything so it’s going to be a whole year before we can possibly be in a cup/league challenging position, so we have to rebuild now, and big performances like that are all part of the process for growing in confidence and showing the younger players and the new signings what’s expected when you play for Arsenal.

    How’s things at Upton Park? And I’d be interested to hear your verdict on Lansbury (when he’s not keeping clean sheets!)

  12. Fellow Gooners,

    A truly great day and a classic derby. I will remember this forever. BUT, this is not the squad with which to speculate regarding the next fixture.

    DON’T think about next week, DON’T think about the knocks we picked up who will or won’t play – just ENJOY the incredible fightback against our most bitter rivals.

    A top 3 club that came into OUR house with swagger and pomp and came away with their worst hiding in decades! This not Wigan nor is this your father’s Spuds. This is van der Vaart, this Modric, this is Bale, this England’s next manager-elect, et al.


  13. @1NiltotheArsenal:
    Perfectly said, my friend! Especially the Ha!
    A long way to go, but a wonderful day on the way! Gutted when Sagna went down on the sidelines in the reverse fixture; karma when he scored the start-back goal! Best FB in the EPL. Little Mozart finally rewarded for all his hustle.
    Solid games again for Song and Arteta.
    Maybe Scouse will be as cocky on Saturday. Gooners forever!

  14. Sp*rs fans and the media alike were talking crap about a changing of the guard in North London before the game.

    I ask them this:

    Has Sp*rs won the league 13 times?
    Won the FA Cup 10 times?
    Gone a whole season unbeaten?
    Qualified for the Champions League 14 times in a row and made the final?
    Finished above us since Wenger has been in charge? (there’s still a decent chance we’ll finish above them, AGAIN)

    How can they even begin to think that they are anywhere near us just because they won a couple of games here and there. They will take years, possibly decades to catch us.

    North London always has and always will be Red. Sp*rs, forever in our shadow.

  15. @terry
    Good point on Walcott, personally he would have been taken off before half time if I had been in charge . In fact I wouldn’t have started him

    One thing I couldn’t understand is when Bale did his I’ve been shot act for the pen surely someone had to go off? Justice was done but if the situation had been reversed I would have been baying for a sending off. Was it because he couldn’t decide who the ‘culprit was?

    I’ve long suspected that Spurs might get a nose bleed’ I would be very surprised if they get anything from the United game next week. If our boys can get some momentum going and get something at Anfield that gap is getting ever smaller

    Come on you Reds

  16. For all Theo haters!!! I m still wondering how people could still hate Theo!!!?. . Andy!!!I did not understand your comment about “Theo’s frustrating consistency”??? Really I do not understand!!!!. Can t u guys see the assists he has given to RVP so far this season???. I wouldnt sell Theo for any less than 40m. I havent come here for a while now but as I saw theo’s performance yesterday and even his performance for the last 4 games, I think that its a gud occasion to pour out my opinion. im still convinced that the boy is up to any quality that a best player could ask. For once, I really wanna know whats so frustrating with Theo?????

  17. @ Retsub, “I wouldnt have started him”, So you think that AW is fool to start Theo or the England manager is also a fool to start him!!!?. I just think that many dont see our competitive advantage by having Theo, even Harry Redknap knows that. Hoe really good are you guys to pretend to be better than AW and Harry Redknap or John Terry or RVP who really praise Theo. We d loose a great player if you loose him and beside that, if you guys say that The Ox is a better option then I would ask you again: who has brought Ox at the Emirates?????? Still the same guy who brought Theo and the guy who insists that Theo would be a first eleven and still trust Theo.

  18. @radads
    I think you misunderstood my note. I am Wengers biggest fan, I don’t claim to know one tenth of what Wenger knows, I was merely stating that I personally wouldn’t have started him. I like Theo, in my opinion his feet are marginally faster than his brain and I had hoped he would have developed that final ball by now, but it hasn’t quite happened. Lennon and Wright Philips are of a similar
    Ilk. I do believe that given time the Ox will be a better player, hehas a certain toughness that Theo lacks. Once again (my opinion only) any team that contained Arhavin, Walcott and latterly Ramsey was a little too lightweight.

  19. Well Ivan Gazidis announced a pre tax profit of just over 77 million dollars (US).
    That’s all fine and cozy but my question is how much of this will be used to improve the squad. Any guesses?
    PS. @ Mark T. Reverse voodo rules the jersey survives another week 😉

  20. For me the Theo Walcott question is how he is utilised. I know it was only one game, but the fact that we had two proper fullbacks able to pick up the wide attacking positions allowed Theo and Benayoun to come in field more and link up better with RVP and Rosciky the attacking midfielder.

    From what I have seen of Walcott this suits him much better than playing out wide where his crossing and decision making is questionable. Having a fit and back to form Sagna looks like it gives him more freedom. Mind you he did get a bit lucky with his first goal – his first touch was a a bit dodgy!

    Would love to see the same formation against Liverpool but with Ox or Gervinho over Benayoun in the starting eleven.

  21. Theo is an asset to arsenal and we can’t afford to loose him at any cost. How you use him on the pitch matters but a counter attacking formation is one that best suits him most.

  22. Was sup JASON SPURS, so how do you feel about being in front of us this season for the first time since 15years or so ago? You spuds are delusional . One season and your big mouth are wanking again LOL! From what I know, Spurs have won so little from the past 40years apart from some Carling cups,hey wait, when did Spurs finish on top of the English Football, please remind me because its been too long for anyone except spuds to remember. So before you sue our 7 years trophy-less joke, aside from the 2008 Carling, remind us Arsenal’s fans how many trophy has Spurs won in the last 50years compare with what arsenal won in the last 16years? Talk about shift in power, c’mon spuds and critics, that is the most stupidest thing anyone have ever heard, its like saying that American Samoa is going to win the 2014 world cup. Last thing, why are you even trolling in an Arsenal blog? Are you Jelly or something?

  23. @thompson, as you said fantastic sexy footy to watch from your boys. Did feel really sorry for Walcott during the first half, especially for one so young. The Arsenal supporters behind the (jellyTotts) subs bench were way way way way way over the top. i have a friend whoes son is still at your Academy and he was sitting two rows in front of them he said they were anamils in ref to the vile abuse they gave to their own players. How they can wear the shirt i will never know.
    Anyway things are still looking good at Upton Park even though we threw 2 points away gainst Palace. (Sunday Pub football) The footy was shit and the ball had to be warmed up due to all the snow on it. Lansbury has been the only interesting talking point over the last few weeks ,which says it all mate. One or two youngsters coming through like Dann Potts etc other than that cant wait for us to return to the top flight in order to dampen your powder.
    Lastly i always said Song was a good player who will soon be on his way to us with Walcott if you all dont respect them more. Ha ha he he…… lol

  24. I confess, this team gives me so much stress today great and some days shocking. I must congratulate Arsenal on a fantastic win Against our bitter rivals it was great stuff, a real pity they can’t play like this more often.
    Now the board and the manager are all talking piss especially Ivan
    i hope we keep this going for their sakes………….

  25. @leftcoastgooner
    Thanks for thinking about me. Can you believe my Spurs loving brother still managed to throw me some insults after the game. I wrote:

    “Bale should have been sent off for that dive for the pen. After that, we ripped you a new one. Form is temporary, class is permanent!”

    He came back with … “You’re permanently 2nd class. What’s that now? 7 years without a trophy”.

    I said “Better than 51 years without a title!”

    I must say, at 0-2, and I think I can speak for every Arsenal fan, my anger was almost uncontrollable. I sat with arms crossed and steam coming out of my ears. They said at the beginning of the broadcast “is this the year that Spurs overtake Arsenal?” I LOL as they said that cos that will NEVER happen but it was utterly horrendous at 0-2. The rest is history but my question is … “WHY THE BLOODY HELL DO WE NOT PLAY WALCOTT UP FRONT EVERY MATCH!!!!!” He’s a defender’s worst nightmare. And Van P playing off him is the best scenario. Put the Ox down the right. Walcott can’t cross for a toffee but boy, his pace and ability in front of goal is PRICELESS!

  26. A few observations about our game. Sunday’s game reinforced a few known facts. RVP is indispensable, he scored or contributed to 4 of the 5 goals.
    Wenger and the board better think long and hard about the moves they make during this summer.
    Theo has 2 great assets : speed and his scoring ability, but to really take advantage of that we need real full backs like Sagna, we need real full backs to back up our 1st choices. My advise to Theo would be watch Javier Hernandez s games, he should only be concern about scoring.
    Great game by Song and Roscisky! Sunday’s game proved agin how much of difference a creative attacking midfielder makes to our game.
    A player like Heden Hazard would be dynamite in our midfield.
    The defending has to get better , it was shocking against Milan and the first half of Sundays game.
    A great win , a great show of character by our gunners. But it is one game and we have to finish in the top4, otherwise the world will end as we know it.

  27. @Davem: How could I forget. Tell your brother Bale had better get a de-compression chamber or he’ll get the Bends from all that diving.
    @Gunfest: Agreed we need a few (not many) quality signings to make our way back into the winners circle. Once again the board has announced big profits but will we spend any of it improving the team or will this summer be another wasted opportunity to build?
    @ The Flyingduthman: Dutch, the silence is deafening. This weekends win STILL not good enough?

  28. Thanks for not forgetting me leftcoastgooner I have allowed the comments to roll in, but I lost my passion for the gunnars for this season when they went out of the last trophy chance the fa cup and the truth is I kind of wanted arsenal to be beaten but eaten my words when I saw them come back,that game should team spirit but. the milk has already mess the outfit and left a smell of disgust that needs to be correct end of the season,the team needs a refresh of ideas,but robbie stewart said that wenger can’t get rid of the useless players becoz they re earning high salaries(for what) which the other clubs can’t match,if the 49.5 million is there then use it,becoz fans demand silverware not 4th place prospects
    LEFTCOASTGOONER – I urge you not to count your eggs before they hatch,one its a derby anything can happen two its been played at home,will the team spirit continue with nothing really to play for or will we get a bag of mixed results or consistent round of results?
    GOODNEWS GUNNARS-lukasz polodski has signed a provisional agreement with arsenal at the end of this season.

  29. RVP is not going to play against Liverpool on Saturday. He collected his 5th booking (yellow card) against Sp**rs.

    England 2 – 3 Holland
    I am always very happy when England gets beating at home.

  30. @Mark Thomp, @shambo what a fucking goal from the young Westham boy Lansbury during the England V Belg u21 match. Who saw it, STEP UP IF YOU AVE SEEN A BETTER GOAL DIS CENTURY. Im sure e couldn’t do dat a year ago. No but boys please ave a look at it and tell me what u fink.

  31. @Theflyingdutchman
    No egg counting here Dutch, as much as I loved spanking the spurs’ nasty bottoms last week Liverpool is lurking in the wings.
    Three points up for grabs and if The Totts go tottering in Manchester then the possibilty of the infamous 3rd place trophy is on.
    Victoria Concordia Crescit dude!

  32. The great results of the match is that tottenham will face the devils smelling of their humiliating defeat and with their confidence wobbling, whereas arsenal will enter anfield with the opposite.

  33. Hi Leftcoast. Checked out the Lansbury goal (and he got another) – not bad! Be interested to hear how he is playing wiv the ‘ammers. Ice…?
    Looking forward to the Liverpool game. Opus you had me spooked that RVP was out for the game but I have not seen anywhere that says he is suspended. Still we can at least call on Chamakh.

    Gerrard a doubt for the hub cap nickers and Agger is also out. Can we back up after the Spuds game and put the pressure on our own noisy neigbours who apparently haven’t beaten ManUre since 1847 or something like that?!

    Another lunchtime kick off in England which is good news for down under gooners.

  34. This Liverpool 11 can be beaten today..itl be hard to break down 5 in the middle but if Walcott and Benayoun can put in the defensive work they did last week then we should be good for 3pts I say.
    Cmon boys

  35. @shambo , what worries me is the health of RVP and Verminator , especially if RVP has a groin injury , it takes at minimum to 3 weeks to weeks. I only hope we score 2 quick goals in the first half and Wenger takes him out and give him some rest .

  36. Its only the first half but the sloppiness is extremely irratating.liverpool just take away the arsenal play,then they control the game,no plan b wenger

  37. Leftcoastgooner-i don’t know about you,but if liverpool took they chances it could of been 4-1,consistent performances is what is missing,benayoun n walcott re not helping, see saw performances is very upsetting

  38. Fucking sensational!
    Played crap, won. First home defeat of season for Liverpool so you have to be happy with that. Szcsesny was brilliant and VP did fuck all as usual except win us the game…
    Would like to see the Ox and Gervinho start next time around.

  39. What a superb second goal!! Not to take anything away from both the passes but the man made it look so easy, with the ball coming over him. Class act.. Well done Arsenal..Yaye.

  40. An ugly win,but a win non the less,defending is still the issue,well done szcsesny.koscienly I really expect more, wake up man!benayoun n walcott performance could of really cost arsenal the game.

  41. Sensational goal. Wenger almost cost us the game .Walcott wasn’t crap but just didn’t get the spaces to run into. Benayoun was a complete joke. But guys must Diaby continue to be paid for no work done all season. Why didnt Wenger bring on Gervinho and Ox earlier on cause the win is just cosmetic of what transpired on the pitch. Am one of those who believe we should rest Persie for the Milan game as we are realistically out and the more we limit fatigue the better chances we have of beating Spurs for third spot. We just need a few injured players back to maintain the momentum for third spot. 25 goals and still going. Pay him all the money he needs to play for us as Podolski partners him in a 4-4-2 next season while Song and Goatez take up the midfield mantle.

  42. @delano

    This wasn’t your prediction, you had predicted we will lose against Sp**rs, Liverpool and Newcastle.
    I am surprised that nobody is asking for Wenger to be sack any longer.

  43. Wenger wil be sacked at the end of the season 0PUS,if he does not change the team with quality professionals n different game plans also retaining key players,damage has already been done,its only to keep players motivated for 4th position that’s for keeping wenger,if wenger was elsewhere he would be unemployed like capello

  44. It would be a huge mistake to sack Wenger and I think it’s highly Arsene we trust
    Things are picking up , watch your tails spurs here we come

  45. Great win for the team and a great double from your boy, Dutch.
    @Retsub, no we do not trust in Arsene and the team has to win in spite of him at times sorry to say. However you are right in so much as we may yet catch S***s. St. Toterringham’s Day though late may yet get here.
    @ The flyingdutchman,Terry et al.
    No, it was not a fabulous performance overall but I think the three points go a long way for making up in the standings what it lacked in esthetics. This is especially true since the Chavs choked again. (loving it mind you.)

  46. Van Persie- best player in the world right now….there simply isbt another player in the world that could do for a team what he is doing for this most average Arsenal side. Amazing.
    His secong goal…the movement, foresight and then composure to beat a keeper like Reiba in those circumstances….the mans a beast.
    Now comes the responsibity of the board to give this man the cobtract he has earned and the manager to buy him a worthy partner…if this doesnt happen then hes off and we are in dire shape..Iv never seen a team, or thought Id ever see an Arsenal team so heavily dependent on one player, theres no getting away from it..hes got 80% of our goals. Yep hes a legend and my fuckin hzro but its just as scary to thino about where wed be without him.
    Just on Song..Iv said what I think of his concentration and tactical awareness…I still think hes hugely overated at the club but I tip my hat to him for another inch perfect assist…especially after the opening 20 mins where he played like a chicken whose heads been cut off.
    Anyone gloating in Arsene we trust really needs to have a long hard look at themselves, were celebrating the OUTSIDE shot we have at catching spurs for a distant THIRD…no silverware again and if you think about RvPs contribution, imagine the potential when you have 3, 4 or 5 players of his ilk??
    Well done Wenger on manager of the month, but lets have some perspective here…

  47. Great to get 3 points. but as Shambo says , we are too dependent on RVP. An injury to our captain would leave us struggling to finish in the top 6.
    We badly need a creative midfielder who can score , Podolski coming to Arsenal would be positive , but not enough

  48. 2 great games in a row for completely different reasons. We should have gotten spanked vs Liverpool. We were played off the pitch in the middle of the park against a poor Liverpool team without Gerrard. Phew! Double Van Persie’s money and be done with it already.

    @shambogunner. I’ve seen plenty of games where we’ve been heavily dependent on one player (Henry). In Henry’s last season with us, it was pass it to Henry or we will not score. In the following season after Henry left, the team posted 3 times as many shots on goal. In many ways, it was the right time for him to go. On the flip side, if we lose VP now, errrr, it will be disastrous!

    Come on Man U, spank the scum!!!!

  49. Ok I have had a long hard look at myself and I will change my wording to in Arsene I trust’. This guy has given me immense pleasure over the years, isnt this the guy who qualified for the champions league 15 seasons in a row, went an entire dseason unbeaten ,inspired Vieira, Bergkamp, Henry.pires, Ljunberg and wait for it RVP to the best ffootball of their careers. Introduced such talent as Fabregas and Anelks Oh and before the Silvestre, scillaci brigade get on my back, didn’t Ferguson buy Djemba Djemba and a very dodgy Italian keeper ! Liverpool spenht about £70 million on Carroll, Henderson and Downing

    On the other hand ,’Arry, wins a cole of games and suddenly he is the messiah lets make him England manager

    I am sure some of you would be happier with a gunslinger of a manager who squanders millions, just think we would probably still be at my beloved Highbury. ( I am not being sarcastic) with 50pc gate receipts. Let’s face it football is all about money these days and the day will come when the Russians and the Arabs will get bored with their toys

    And as a final note to the sack Wenger brigade, just who would you replace him with? I know who I trust

  50. Play rubbish and still win, Because of Robin, that shows some steel, and a win is a win three points all the same, BUT am not convinced one bit, i want wenger out, he’s total crap, and does not have a clue.
    By the way we can find someone to replace him for sure, and those who think other wise are lost, @ least pool have won something, whats the point in being in the champions league every year with no ambition to win the competition any good manager worth his salt after 15 straight years in this competition would have @ least one this once and played in more finals, we’ve only played in 1 final.
    So the only people who are benefiting from this is the board and this ambition less manager we have who i may add continue to fill up the club with all these young average players, are we a school????
    wenger your luck will run out eventually as you hide behind your past…………

  51. @retsub,
    Im not getting into it with you mate, you must be new to this blog so Im not going over old ground. I could list dozens of poor results and gutless performances aswel as the ridiculous recurring meaness over offering the odd extra million here and there but the fact is I do like Wenger and we are in the top 4 thanks to RvP…..and the pressure that Wenger has brought unto himself….its sparked a reaction from him and the squad to up it and ask more from could give credit for this whereas I see it as a minimum requirement for anyone employed at AFC.
    Reality is we are 15pts off the leaders, you can create this little spurs race for third mini league side bar if thats what keeps you interested but as

    good as we are going right now there are still alot of questions surrounding this squad.
    Well done Joel Campbell on a great goal for Costa Rica wed night and Ryu was impressive again vs City yesterday…hopefully theyl be drafyed into the first team setup next season.

  52. Grrrr just wrote a great response and lost it
    Actually have followed the blog for a long time but only started posting recently. I am not trying to start something and if I may pay you a compliment your postings are some of the more knowledgable and well articulated postings on the blog. That doesn’t mean I agree with you (some of the time) but I do appreciate you know your football. Difference opinions make the world go around.

    What I do object to is the greatest manager in Arsenals history (with due respect to Herbert Chapman) being called crap.

  53. @retsub,
    Cool bro, for the first time ever lately I actually entertained the notion of letting Wenger go, but looking back it was a selfish and shortsighted outlook.
    Who could replace him. No one could come in between now and seasons end and get anymore out of this group than the Wenger.
    Then theres the implications and instability that it would bring, apart from the fact that he is our greatest manager and revolutionised not just our club but the leagues mentality 12 years ago, its just not the way we conduct ourselves.
    Where my frustration comes from is from what we hear from Wenger and Gazidis and the way we do our business, theres nothing clean cut about the way we carry out transfers, so much time is taken, haggling and then at the end the player often has no work permit.
    Anyway like I said were flying at the mo so we should be enjoying iy.
    Retsub AVB has just been sacked mate, Id love to know how much Chelsea have now paid for their last 5 managers between wages and payoffs…also didnt they buy the guy out of his porto contract for 10m…if ever there was an opposite to how we do things..they are it

  54. @Retsub and Shambo.
    Maybe this is middle ground maybe this is nowhere.
    Arsene has done tremendous work at this club and has brought us well up the ranks. Some things he inherited like a great back four snd a scrappy midfield and some things like the flowing passing game he brought with him.
    Here’s my contention. Times and circumstances change. The awsome sweeping football we once played often breaks down into passing the ball around laterally and too often backwards. Teams have adjusted to the way we play; it’s only natural and really they are supposed to do that. However Wenger will not change. Therefore, every year is a matter of diminishing results. It’s not ONLY that we haven’t won any competitions in seven going on eight years it is that we are getting further and further away.
    Last summer Wenger dicked off the entire pre-season transfer period with Cesc and the chinless twat leaving. You can make excusues for him if you like but the game takes no excuses so we went down to 17th place and had our asses handed to us 8-2 by ManU before old wooden head finally brought some talent on board. Before this January’s transfer window opened we had been without both fullbacks and their backups for weeks. Did we bring in any cover at all? Of course not. Premier league point total for January? Zero,zilch,zed.nada,ninguna,none. THAT is NOT brilliant management that’s pig-headed obstinancy at it’s most non-productive.
    Has he been a great manager? Yes definately. Is he still a great manger? No definately not. So goes the ways of the world adapt or die.

  55. @lefty,
    Very true my friend, but has he finally learned his lesson?
    Will the deadwood be off loaded and a real statement of intent made this?
    I dont think so, I think hel say we were riddled with injury and that Wilshere Diaby and dos Santos will be like new signings.
    Park will be like a new signing, if he ever gets a game.
    If theres business to be done do it before the euros before player prices inflate, then take your 3 week holiday in mauritias Ivan and Arsene but dont tell us the selling club wanted an extra 3mil and then go sign Park for 5 and never play him….I mean thats what we did last year with Mata…

  56. Offer Van Persie 200k a week and be done with it before the Euros!!! I hope it happens before the Euros because I can see the money men at Arsenal hoping Van P has a cracker inflating his price to 50m and then he’s off to Real or Barca.

    And what will we do with the 50m for Van P and 50m we apparently already have?? Not much me thinks. Maybe another young French striker for 10m. Maybe Podolski for 10m.

    As you know, what we REALLY need as a world class holding general worth 30m playing behind Wilshere. But I doubt its coming as Wenger will almost certainly say “Errrrr, we ave enough qualaatie already”

  57. @Davem
    RVP can get 200k a week on any continent he chooses. What RVP wants is what all good footballers want. TO WIN SOMETHING!
    That is the candle he will hold to the club’s feet this summer and it will be interesting to see which way the money men jump.
    In that respect I think you are right they’ll take the 50M spend 11-15M on marginal or perspective talent and pocket the rest.
    This is IF we make a Champions League qualifying spot which is presently looking more likely but is by no means a done deal yet.

  58. Andre Villas-Boas has been put in a sack and dropped from Stamford Bridge into the cold,dark waters off the Chelsea Embankment.
    So you see, it can happen.

  59. When Diaby came on it felt like a new signing! Then he limped off.Is that man made of glass?

    AVB I am sure was dressed in the most expensive heated designer dry suit available and is now couning his Euros while his agent fields calls from Inter Milan. Are you suggesting we adopt the Chelsea approach to club management? No thanks very much.

    My feeling is that RVP will stay. He will see what has happened to other players who have left and with the exception of Fabreags and Cashley, can you name a single high profile Arsenal player in the Wenger era who has gone on to better things? Plus whenever I see RVP in interviews after a game he is always pretty humble and always thanks his team mates (Szczesny and Song it was this week).

    Nasri – a bench player would RVP settle for that?
    Flamini – does he still play?
    Overmars, Petit, Viera, Henry, Silva, Eboue(!),

    Am sure there are others. My point is that people seems to think its a cut and dried thing that he will leave. I prefer my glass half full and suspect the man has some loyalty to the club and Wenger and he will stay.

    Now on to more pressing matters – the Milan game. How should we approach it? Do we write it off and play a Carling Cup team? Do we play a full strength team and go for it? Is Squillaci fit and available?!

    Four goal lead. Would never happen – just ask Newcastle.

  60. @Terry
    Diaby is made of flesh and bone the very same that was torn up and destroyed by the exact type of tackle that ended Eduardo’s career and put Ramsey on the sidelines for a year.
    Ankles like wrist contain many small bones and minute connective tissues. Tear it to shreds and it doesn’t go back together too easily.

  61. @all

    Our best players are: RVP, Szczesny, Song, Koscielny, Vermilion(lol)…
    It is obvious who our most valuable is….

    It is certain by now Podolski is on his way, whether 8.5 or 10mil…
    This could mean three things;
    1. We switch to a 4-4-2 next season
    2. Podolski replaces RVP
    3. We retain our 4-3-3 and Podolski becomes an attacking midfielder
    I would prefer the first option.

    Gervinho seems to feel he will be benched for the Ox, but Wenger has switched the Ox to a more central role recently(most welcome as Ramsey is a pussy in boots) in liew of the probable coming of Hazard and the much awaited triumphant return of Ryo(wish it were Ryu ala street fighter).

    Walcott seems to be more better suited to a central role. He will give us options up front next season.

    It should be obvious by now that we have only two creative midfielders in the team, Rosicky should be ably deputised by only Benayoun in that position till the season ends(Ramsey has refused to mature into what we need, he is fit for a bottom club, maybe he should be loaned out).

    The lack of use of a proper left winger in our recent games even when the Ox was available for selection seems to suggest we will revert to a 4-4-2 next season. But, that we thrived in those games suggests:
    1. We controlled the midfield properly because of the expertise of the attacking midfielders on parade(Benayoun was deployed on the left, but could do damage whenever he drifted into the middle and he drifted quite often).
    2. We won against mediocre teams(the Spuds and the Reds are poor teams in my opinion).
    3. The professeur seems to be tinkering properly with the team without Ramsey(we used Ramsey in the centre and Rosicky on the left against Milan and Sunderland and lost woefully).
    4. That man van Persie

    Wish Arteta all the best and a very quick recovery. He definitely contributes to the midfield experience wise, but is he experienced enough for us? I feel he is completely expendable. Wilshere should replace him easily…

    I keep on worrying about le Coq(I do not understand why Diaby was brought in when Coquelin is available), I think he is becoming our unused gem.

    Only M’villa can replace Song for us, Song is doing a lot of work keeping that midfield from falling apart. But, if M’villa comes, our midfield dynamics will change completely…

    Defense has always been doing fine for me, no qualms at all with the defense….all our problems lie in midfield for now.

    When Vermaelen and le Coq started out in the full-back position, Wenger refused to change our pattern to shield their deficiencies(Vermaelen was afraid to bomb up and Coq was in a completely new environment)…we lost as a result, but when they got used to playing there, we started doing well again.

    Now, Sagna and Gibbs have been restored and are doing fine…Kos and Vermaelen look strong and the goalie is just awesome.

    I can see Wenger is doing a lot of experimenting already because of next season, but why we do not rely more on a counter-attacking strategy beats me completely considering we were/are the masters at it. This experimenting with attacking midfielders on the left wing failed woefully against Milan and Sunderland(FA cup) cos:
    1. It was new…
    2. Ramsey held forte in attacking midfield(grossly inexperienced)…
    3. Gervinho just came back from AFCON and deserved some rest

    That Liverpool completely outplayed us shows the lack of proper personnel for the available positions in this new set-up(what if they had gone 3-0 up before 30mins?)

    We just had to beat the Spuds, but we were lucky against liverpool(the immense quality of Song and VP for the winner shows the kind of quality needed to win and stay consistently in the top level).

    We MUST ship out or offload a lot of the useless players we have and bring in some better quality materials/humans/men in the off-season so we dont suffer this way again. We should be very pro-active in this…the fact that the Podolski deal has been settled early enough is good news. Hazard should have made up his mind by now after we spanked the Spuds with our supposed inferior team…M’villa and the rest should be ready when we secure ECL next season.
    We have 50mil pounds already for transfers, selling our best players now would be three steps back, buying will only get us a step forward and we loose momentum again. We need to be up with the best, we can only do this with strength in-depth(quality players from the bench replacing more quality players leaving the field).

    Still GunnerBoss

  62. @Terry I think Nasri settle for being champion . The list that you have provided are made up of players who were aging on the decline or overrated at Arsenal.
    You an only compare Fabregas to RVP a player in his prime and still an impact player when he left.
    IMO RVP will follow Fabregas example because he wants to win trophies , Wenger’s ambition is to finish in the top 4.
    If the best manager of the EPL area Fegurson would have been fired by manure after 3 trophy less seasons.
    We badly need a world class attacking midfielder Rociski is good as a cover not a first option as the game against AC Milan showed.
    To keep RVP :
    1st finish in top 4
    2- Podolski
    3-creative ,offensive midfielder
    4-cover for Sagna
    5-cover and competition for Song
    6-get rid of 5 or 6 players who have no business collecting wages with Arsenal FC

  63. OK I agree we must finish in the top 4 to ensure RVP does not leave. But that’s in our hands and I think we can pip the Spuds for third.

    Sure Nasrti may think it’s been worth the move but personlly I would prefer to be playing week in week out and feel like I am actually contributing, but what would I know?

    The Fergie analogy is interesting. If he were held to today’s standards at the start of his career he would not be where he is today because he went, what was it,six years before he on anything. I am old enough to remember that there were plenty of Manurites calling for his dismissal. Of course he is quite rightly untouchable now.

    Re Podilski, everything you read seems to point to him being a gooner for next season. Hope it’s true.

    A new creative midfielder would be nice. Maybe we could nick Modric off our mates down the road! But if you are talking about a 3o mill plus signing you can forget it – the history of our club shows that we won’t splash sill money around on a single player.

    Cover for Sagna – well that would be Jeninson wouldn’t it?I think he will more than do as a back up as long as he is fit. Cover for Song – my money would be on Coquelin and Frimpong taking that role. From what I saw of Coq he will be pushing for a starting place more often next year and he has the added value of showing some versatility. I also like Frimpong – think that he needs to show some more maturity but he will certainly add steel to the midfield.

    As for your point 6 – couldn’t agree more – let’s start with Almunia, Squillaci, the players already out on loan and Chamakh for starters. Trouble is who would be stupid enough to buy them?!

    Now, what are the odds on a 5-0 win tmorrow? I am off to the bookies!

  64. What I’m curious about is what kind of side we’re going to put out tomorrow.
    I hate to be full on defeatist but this ine is over and I think we should keep our powder dry or if you wish our best players fresh for the league run in.
    In addition we could get to see how some of our other players respond to a big time competition and that too could prove helpful in the long run. So if by some chance we get five great, but if not let’s try ro secure fourth or better and come back at ’em next year.

  65. wenger is in a difficult no win situation tonight. If he picks a back up squad he will be labelled a coward and if RVP gets injured he will get slated. My personal opinion would behave a go at it. Faint heart never won fair lady, that said if Milan were to score get the precious commodities off as soon as possible. Interesting to see the Milan team. If we can get Van
    Bommel wound up maybe he will watch from the dressing room. It would be great to wipe the smile off that hairy lipped centre forward
    Go gunnersk

  66. We should use This game to rest RVP , Song and others. The stakes are too high, not finishing in the top 4 would be a disaster that would impact Arsenal for the next 10 years .
    We all know that this current is not god enough to win the CL, we had to struggle to get out of the group stage against weak opposition, the game in Milan confirmed it. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball and the league.

  67. @retsub
    Well so far the manager is playing it your way and we are up 1-nil.
    Still, another 4 goals without conceding is a long way off and if one of our “precious assets” as you so aptly named them should get injured it would look as rash and foolish a decision as I think it is.
    Never-the-less we are still up and at least a win at not too high a price may do the teams confidence good heading down the home stretch.
    Fingers crossed, COYG!!!!!

  68. Lefty if I may call you that. Probably difficult given geography but if you have ever stood on the terraces at Highbury on a night like this there is no better feeling in th world. I know wel probably concede one but I am enjoying every minute.

    Riosicky is on fire

    Keep kicking van bommel

  69. A hard charging Ox earns the penalty. Capt. RVP tucks it away.
    3-nil gunners at the break.

  70. Don’t look now Davem but Park is stripping down.
    Chamahk is already on for Ox, who’s coming off?

  71. Well i for one am very proud.

    Telling moment near the end when Song broke away, looked left saw Park in space and went right

  72. What an effort.
    Just a shame we had nobody to put their foot on the ball last twenty and take it off Song because the guys decision making isnt great.
    Its a pity that we only had players of the calibre of Chamakh and Park to call on off the bench…they were fresh but certainly didnt look it and just fell over, both of them.
    Pity the team selection and tactics were so wrong for the first leg because Milan are no good and will be out next round.
    Just an all round pity for the players great effort…if we had any quality at all to introduce off the bench we had a real shout…but its another great performance and forward we go.

  73. Fantastic night. We just seemed to run out of steam and couldn’t finish them off, but the guys did us proud. I scared the pants off my three year old when the second and third golas went in. Lord knows what the neighbours were thinking!

    We have an extra couple of days off as we don’t play the Toon until Monday. Hope the momentum keeps going.

    Rosicky was fantastic again.

    Did we get any injuries?

  74. @terry
    My som was born March 1989 two months before that Michael
    Thomas moment. He wasn’t a good sleeper and I woke him and the whole street up when the goal went in. At the time I was running upside down on the ceiling. My wife told me to keep quiet in case I woke the baby. I was speechless but uttered the immortal words “this is the greatest moment of my life”. huge mistake but the bruising went down eventually and I was able to go out again.

  75. Great game but costly Theo and the Ox injured. I think that I am going to have nightmares for weeks about RVP ‘s chance.

  76. Great game,really proud of this team´s fighting spirit,but alas,the hole was too deep to climb out,wonder what would have happened, if rosisky had been running the midfield in the first game instead of rams? Just wondering.

  77. @retsub – I was living in Sydney having just moved back down under from London. Am sure my yells back then could be heard half way round the world!

    @BBTQ – thanks for th injury update.

    @Gunfest – Bloody RVP – he’s totally useless and we should get rid of him . What has he ever done for us?!

  78. Tonight match has made me to believe in Wenger the more. In Arsene I truly trust. Thank you guys.

  79. Very proud. What a strange season. Talk about stress. One minute we’re shocking … the next brilliant! In the last 3 games we have conceded 3 and scored 10 against very tough opposition. I just hope we carry this on all the way to 3rd spot.

    Well done boys!

  80. @Mark Thompson.

    You’re very quite mate. Nothing about Liverpool at all? About time you gave us something to comment on. This Spurs post is 10 days old 😉

  81. davem
    Whilst we await a new subject to debate I decided to have a read of Arsene Wengers book ‘Pure Genius ‘ (awaiting Chorus of boo’s). At the end of the book he picks his best team…. As follows

    It’s about 3 years old so I guess we can exclude RVP and Cesc. Interesting to debate whether either would make the team? Ian Wright and Freddie must have been close. personally I am pretty much in agreement with the exception of Cashley who is undoubtably the best left back, but is one of my pet hates!

  82. Why,why,o why its hard to see a great performance from 1st half get unrewarded with a kickin out of uefa,I was swearing at walcott,song n rosicky but rvp miss the sitter to break that record of not coming back from 4-0,I don’t blame chamakh n park performance but rather wenger arrogant n whinning behaviour for the lost,before the match can start at san siro he is complaing about the pitch,shouldn’t the team be overall known to play on different pitches n take the game by the horns for fans,chamakh n park don’t get proper game time,shouldn’t he brought them earlier on avoid more serious damage to walcott n oxchamberlain,let rosicky n song make it tight in the midfield to avoid a possible goal conceded,wenger shouldn’t complain about anything milan re geniune fake when going down n if arsenal can’t play on san siro crappy pitch then the pitch shouldn’t be easy to score on but it wasnt as 4 goals went in,certain players got these results to be proud off,not wenger great methods for success.wenger said believe believe,yes there was believe but there was no different approaches in the second half,just whinning from mr wenger

  83. Davem ,I am in agreement with that team , interesting how most of these players came in the early reigns of Wenger or prior to his arrival at Arsenal. You could replace Petit by Fab and overmars by RVP and that selection is still world class.
    Makes me also think , how many world class players we had playing at the same together?!
    That’s why when some of us see Squilacci, Sylvestre or Chamakh… in an Arsenal shirt , we think Wenger has lost his mind!

  84. @Retsub
    That’s a darn good team in any era and Patrick Vieira my all time favorite.
    Part captain part psychotic. Birmingham players would never have even thought about diving into Eduardo if Vieira had been on the pitch. Undoubtedly there would have been savage and ugly reprisals.
    @ The Flyingdutchman
    Dutch I thought of you with about 12 minutes to go and Park coming on for Wallcott. I imagined you not smiling. 🙁

  85. Retsub. Not a bad team that! Hard to argue with any of them, although I really like Sagna in the current team. He has been our one steady defender in a dodgy defense. Agree about Cole. Can’t stand the guy but he was a top fullback. Now if we were to go back before wenger’ era, I would like to have Chippy Brady in there. He was brilliant in his day.
    Meanwhile Daily Mail reporting Podolski has signed.

  86. Yep Chippy was a great player. Many of the really good sides had a quality winger, George Armstrong , Overmars, Marwood etc.
    I like Sagna too, great header of then ball. If he has a weak point I dont think he is the greatest going forward. In fact I think if Jenkinson develops well, he is a better proposition attacking. Similar situation on the left… Got to break off seeing reports that Arsenal are looking at Del Piero crickey he,s almost as old as me maybe whe should take a look at John Radford

  87. Alot of reports around that we are close to knabbing Podolski….quality proven international…left footed like RvP but hes very versatile, deceivingly strong and fast and has one of the sharpest eye’s for goal Iv ever seen.
    If this is true I feel we are two more quality players away from challenging in ALL comps next season…a real Defensive midfielder, Frimpong would be my personal choice but hes injury prone, and one of these three Hazard/ Goetze/ Gourcuff..your squad next season
    Schezza Flappy
    Jenks Sagna Per Kos Verm Gibbs Santos Bartley
    Theo Ox Jack Hazard Gervinho Coquelin Song Arteta Ramsey Rosicky
    RvP Podolski Myaichi
    Almunia Mannone
    Djourou Squillachi
    Arshavin Denilson Benayoun Diaby
    Vela Bentdner Park Chamakh
    Actually we dont even need a DM when Wildhere gets back…maybe Odemwingie could do a job for us!

  88. @Shambo
    Fabianski is a must go.
    My question is this. Does signing Podolski mean that Robin stays or goes?
    Guesses anybody?

  89. I’ll say it again, just double RVP’s wages and give him a reason to stay by signing positive ‘experienced’ players. Podolski is a good start. I think the last thing RVP needs right now is the promise of youth alongside him. He wants a trophy. We want a trophy. Preferably the title please God.

    Have the owners of this blog gone on holiday or something???

  90. I dont think van Persie wants to stay anymore after the 6/7 trophyless seasons coupled with the lack of quality and ambition from Arsenal fc. He probably will follow the likes of Cesc and nasri and something tells me Wenger sees the strong likelywood of loosing him when the transfer window opens and thats the reason he’s signing Podolski, the two aren’t that diffferent afterall one can arguably replace the other.
    Rosicky has regained his form, its been a pleasure watching him in the last couple of games but I hope Wenger doens’t use that as an excuse for not signing an attacking midfielder.

    hazard or goetze or gourcuff would be really nice to have, can’t agree more but shouldn’t Ramsey’s name appear in the list of the players that must go

  91. Hazard or Goetze would be great , we need more than Padolski to show to RVP that we want win. I would not get Gourcuff , he has lost confidence , injuries, he is not the player that he was 2 years ago. He will probably not make the French team for this summers Euro cup.
    I would love Wenger to steal Ben Arfa from New castle, IMO given the right situation and guidance this kid will explode. He is consider by many as the most talented player coming out of the Benzema, Nasri generation. He is hot headed , but he has speed , as much trickery as Ronaldo, he can score. The next time , Watch him closely…

  92. “Gervinho seems to feel he will be benched for the Ox, but Wenger has switched the Ox to a more central role recently(most welcome as Ramsey is a pussy in boots) in liew of the probable coming of Hazard and the much awaited triumphant return of Ryo(wish it were Ryu ala street fighter)”………quote from my last post on this blog before the milan game confirms exactly what I notice about the team.

    Gervinho refused to impress against Milan…maybe what i wrote earlier is correct…
    the Ox was terrific…just needs the proper motivation and environment…
    Walcott is still wastefull, he needs to be sharper, I expect a whole lot more from him…
    Rosicky controls the midfield as expected…
    Song had to cover for the tactical inexperience of the Ox and was often caught in-between a lot of times…this is the reason people feel he does not do his work properly….I can safely say here that after RVP and Szczesny, Song is our next most valuable player. I feel it can be safe to say if we had a Rosicky, FABs & Song midfield, we would have qualified against milan on tuesday. The Ox was terrific on the day, but that little in-experience counts for a lot…but, I loved the fact that he started where he did…just wish we did not have to loan out Arshavin…WE DID NOT HAVE A BENCH…
    I dont always like to talk about the defense…I feel they are doing awesome with the material available.

  93. @ Opus i said i would be shocked if we won those games and am still shocked. @Trusting in Wenger the more. Hell not. How do you get carried out by failure. In truth we failed to beat Milan that’s why we are out of Europe. He is the one who orchestrated the first leg defeat and that’s why we were sent packing. It is a total joke to get optimikstic hoping that Wenger will lift the title this season. So realistically is there any need to be happy with Wenger yet again all the press is talking about Podolski coming to Arsenal and the player is willing but the manager doesn’t want. Until Wenger shows a statement of intent by buying players before the Euros begin ,we are going to suffer the same agony and Persie may end up leaving earlier than expected. This is a season for lamentation until we buy next season.

  94. Amidst the gloom,woe and intrigue that has become a Gooner’s lot.
    I just thought I’d like to say…SPURS LOST AGAIN!
    We’re still in it for the 3rd place cup 😉

    Hey Mark T. Can we get a new posting???????

  95. Spurs and ‘pool lose handing us a great opportunity to kick on for third place. We won’t f@ck that up surely! Not us, not ever…
    Not sure I can bear to watch.

  96. Seeing that liver n tots drop points n chelski re still close, 3 points lost now will b awful to lose,considering the mans got a huge gap over 3place

    Leftcoastgooner-i was piss about timing of park intro,but wenger has the ball in his court

  97. Haaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
    Stupid spuds….could it be the worst Arsenal team in Ten years could finish ahead of the best Spurs team in 30?
    Pride of North London. FORWARD.

  98. @Retsub
    Great site Retsub. I don’t know how you did it in ten minutes though.
    Clearly your brain works a lot faster than mine.
    Still, I got the same results but I’m as biased as you are.

  99. @Retsub and Leftcoast – if you can’t have us actually winning the title with the predictor then what’s the point?! If $ity and Manure lose all their remaining games, their derby is a draw, and we win everyone of our games by at least three goals, surely the title is ours!
    And my second favourite team the Swans just brought down $ity, so my predictions are back on track!

    BTW, this blog is in danger of losing its relevance. Any danger of a new post – the Spuds game is ancient history now Mark.

  100. @Terry lol… Who said we can’t dream anymore. I must admit i have the same dream also but thats exactly what it is, a DREAM.

  101. 30 minutes to our clash with the Geordies.
    Hey you guys I’ve e-mailed Andy for a new blog. Could some of you do the same? Strength in number you know. The adress can be found on the contact page.
    Thinking of that does anybody need a link for today’s fixture?
    If so try this one.

  102. Bad Goalkeeping. Bad shot from a bad angle goes in on the short side.
    Hell, Almunia could have done that.
    Now we will have to press.

  103. Last time i screamed like this was when we equalized against the spuds with vp’s screamer.

    This tops it though …a win thoroughly deserved

  104. Wooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!
    We lagged badly second half but its understandable with the month weve ha…the emergence of competition for starting places has coincided with the luxury of selecting a steady back four.
    Walcott was excellent, when the guy wants to and presses high up the field he plays his best!
    Quick mention for Ramsey..serious impact and injection to replace the brilliant Ros…things are looking up….thats the character weve been screaming out for for years. Weve turned a corner now..great stuff!

  105. @ sjambok
    Good call on Ramsey he looked uP for it tonight, really. Noisy at the emirates tonight. Never heard Rosickys name sung so many times

  106. Had to take the kids to school so missed the last fifteen minutes – can you believe that?!

    Thank god for that I was sure we were going to have one of those days when we are presented with an opportunity and f$ck it up. Vermeulen was at fault for the goal we gave away so good on him for making amends.

    Four games on the trot we have come from behind. I do wish we could keep a clean sheet for once!!! Does nothing for the blood pressure.

    Everton away next isn’t it? but it might be a midweeker because its FA Cup next weekend.

  107. @Terry
    Vermaelen conceded half a chance it’s true but the goalkeeping was non-existant on the Ben Arfa goal. 20 degree angle and he sticks it away on the short side? Anyway, no sense quibbling over not spilled milk.
    Yep, mid-week it is at Goodison park,Wed March 21st.
    Not-so-very Hots***s have Stoke at home so we must come away with at least a draw.

  108. well well well arsenal finally showing some balls ehh!!!
    don’t want to jinx so keeping my mouth shut
    BUT good win, hard fought lets keep going……

  109. I think the editor of this site has defected to spurs. Nothing since we beat spurs???? Maybe he’s on holiday? Wife won’t let him do it anymore? Dead?

    It’s not a blog anymore. Just an email chain.

  110. @davem – Wtf??????????

    Not close to anything funny…are you writing from the grave?

    @andy – Whatever you guys are going through, we share with you…you don’t need to apologize…just update us with a fresh page and thats it…

  111. Andy,you have done well for keeping us together, but this particular one no no no no. For sure i’m really getting tired. …might be reading but not contributing.

    My question, Andrew still alive?

  112. C’mon Mark and Andrew, let’s have a ripper of a post talking about our last minute escapades, our bouncebackability and our new found mental strength. Or perhaps it is a cunning ploy and we will keep winning as long as you don’t post! In that case, stay silent and bring on Everton!

    Retsub and Leftcoast, I just did the predictor again. I managed to get Liverpool relegated along with QPR and Wigan, we win the league and Man U and Spurs both miss out on the top 4. I think I had a glass of wine too many though.

  113. @gunnerboss

    You criticise and then you say the same thing. You twat!

    It’s more than two weeks since the last post and during that time Arsenal have been through a MASSIVE transformation.

  114. @davem – u answered me in the worst possible way u cunt…did u see or predict anything that aided our transformation? Do u just write posts or do u proffer constructive solutions if our team is doing badly? I breathe this team man and I never criticize our players, I just point out what i see is keeping us from going forward/doing better etc.

    I said Chamakh was fucked and he was…one silly guy called Bio called himself names cos he felt i was wrong…such an idiot Bio, even Andy argued with me, Andy was only angry cos he felt I was criticizing him when we were winning…
    More recently, I said we made a mistake when we risked Santos in that useless ECL game and i was right…
    I said Ramsey is useless starting for us in the ACM role and I was right…
    I said Rosicky was the proper man for that role and I was right…
    I said Gervinho is beginning to suffer from a lack of confidence even from the Milan game and I was right…
    What else have i said is right? Tell me @davem, remind me…Or do u want to tell me about what i have ever said wrong?

    U talked about the stupid grave was my problem u fuck…it can be anything but not that…that should not even be the worst case scenario, why cant it be anything else? Maybe angels visited him and asked him to pause for a few weeks for goodness sakes, maybe he went mountain climbing and there is no network there, why cant it be anything else…That was some ridiculously over-the-top silly humour I dare say…

  115. It is great to see Arsenal getting back in form. I can see the squad as strong contenders for the title next season for sure. A few purchases over the summer window could prove helpful as well.

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