Should we release a DVD?!

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Get innnnnn!

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34 thoughts on “Should we release a DVD?!

  1. Just to quote most pathetic peace of reporting from Spurs website “As expected, both teams made a host of changes, although it would be fair to say that Arsenal’s team was far from the ‘youth team’ that had been predicted as the likes of Laurent Koscienly, Tomas Rosicky, Denilson, Nasri, Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Eboue and Kieran Gibbs all lined-up at the Lane.” They are considering themselves cheated because we fielded our second team LOL

  2. bloody loved it,it was nice to see shite hart lane almost empty with 15 mins left,i think they know now who is boss

  3. i m so glad that rottenham spuds were made to understand that there is only one team in north london arsenal fc
    f**k arry! F**k van der worm! Long live arsenal

  4. If we were to release DVDs everytime we beat spuds or other average teams there won’t be DVDs left in the shops now would there? It’s just Spuds. An average team that falsely ‘thinks’ it’s big. They’ll always be in our shadow. UP GUNNERS!

  5. There are a number of things that make me wince about Arsenal, apart from my massive Arsenal back tattoo that is. It’s how comes we can play Spurs off the park so convincingly but a few days earlier were struggling to put three passes together against Sunderland? Is it just that the void between Arsenal and Spurs is back to normal or is it that, put simply, smaller clubs will always have nothing to lose and will always take it to us no matter what.

    The coming of age of Jack Wilshere is a joy to watch and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in store for him. He is our new Fabregas and surely one day our captain.

    Don’t get me started on Fabregas BTW, we are cursed again.

    Apart from that, nothing makes me happier than making my Spurs supporting brother text me with insults … ‘cos Spurs are a useless bunch of c***s!

  6. Quick honorable mention:
    Gibbs is better than Clichy! and I hope the injury is not serious because i see him as a first teamer now..
    Chamack workarate is incredible.. that is 3 penalties he created since his move to Arsenal.. crazy!
    Wilshere is a small but his fighting physical spirit is massive! (Maybe Walcott can take a few notes)
    Was Song serving his suspension, does anyone know?

  7. Excellente !
    Gooner for life as long as they keep putting in these marvellous displays.Spuds were given fantastic soccer lessons

  8. i once told them….the day they stop thinking about ARSENAL they”ll do well…..its becoming more and more difficult……for them

  9. Great pride and determination shown tonight with no shortage of class thrown in….Wilshere, Gibbs and Koscielny were outstanding…..against a bunch of cynical hackers and ref who bottled it a few times in the first half, great stuff all round….except Fabianski who I hoped and wanted to see do well but just isnt up to it, once again an Arsenal team who were dominant and had no shots on target of note against us drew a game after 90mins that should have been wrapped up, it really is our one weakness and terrible to say that when called upon none of our keepers are really dependable.
    Great to see the spuds headin for the exits with 20 mins left, priceless. Great photo of Lansbury who played very well, keep it coming!

  10. Sweet, sweet! It was a beauty to behold.
    But really we cannot release a DVD every time we beat a small club, can we?

  11. Someone on the Guardian blog wrote “was there a fire drill at WHL?”!! Funniest line all night.

    Great performance and makes you think if we can get our key players fit we have a really strong squad. Koscielny keeps impressing and Wilshire was fantastic for the most part. Would have liked us to create more clear cut openings in the first half when we dominated. I thought Denilson was also excellent. only downside was their goal – Fabianski should have done better.

    Real test next week – away game in the UCL followed by Chelski at the Bridge.

  12. Thought Wilshere was exceptional. I hate to make the comparison, but he reminds me so much of Paul Scoles. Makes the hard challenges, looks to make a great pass. Am I crazy here?

    Gibbs also great – I think he should start ahead of Clichy now. He seems even more attaching than Gael, much like a young Ashley Cole.

    Fabianski was poor on the Keane goal. This guy is seriously not good enough.

    Vela was quiet though it was tough him leading the line…Chamakh is much better at this, Vela is better cutting in from the wing.

    Nasri was also great, so was Rosicky. Basically the whole team played great for the majority of the game, always looked like we would win.

  13. Really enjoyed our fans “special edition” chant of ” you’re Sh*t and you know you are” ,that really emptied the stadium.
    Next stop ,Crampford Bridge.

  14. Wilshere & Koscielny immense!! Both have great futures at Arsenal. But sadly Fabianski simply isn’t good enough to play in this team or in the league for that matter.
    I hope Gibbs won’t be sidelined for too long. It’s a massive blow cos it looked he was ready for 1st team action ahead of the inconsistent Clichy.
    The number of injuries is quite worrying. We seem to be getting almost one every other game It’s even worse than last year. I pray this curse will go away.

  15. It was extremely entertaining game for every one ,especially for us ,the arsenal supporters.
    Hopefully they will do it in the next games.

  16. Rafael Fart der Fart must be finding it hard to swallow anything cos he’s had to swallow big words after that thumping by Arsenal kids. He now knows that Gooners are bigger than tot & ham hot spuds(pun intended). hope we can pullthis off again when we play Chelsea at the bridge. Up GOONERS.

  17. I would buy the DVD most definitely,watching it would cheer me up on the gloomiest day.A thoroughly deserved thumping of the Spurs.
    When are Tottenham players going to stop saying that they are better/bigger than Arsenal…they always end up making themselves look stupid!

  18. I’ve been reading articles about how Spurs feel cheated because we put out a stronger team than them. Unfortunately, the fact is that the Spurs team on the field Tuesday cost about 80 million, far more than Arsenal’s squad. What a bunch of whiny bitches

  19. An unbeleiveable performance, infact it beyond my imagination. anyway Arsenal player are incredible. A special thanks to Samir Nasir he as always been my player. the entire squad are create

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