Shameless promotion + Bischoff’s goal for Portugal

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Friday Update: There’s still absolutely nothing going on so it’s ‘see you Monday’ as far as I’m concerned. Have a good weekend!

I’ve just returned from the epic task of picking out a 5oth birthday present for my mother – hello to Mama Fry if you’re reading – to find that there’s pretty much no Arsenal news worth mentioning right now. There’s a host of international friendlies and an very important World Cup qualifier  for Australia, but aside from that, not much else.

As such, I’m going to use this post to do some shameless promotion of the blog. Here goes:

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Anyway, that’s it to be honest. I’ll come back again tomorrow if there’s anything worthwhile to talk about. If not, it could be spontaneous holiday time!

PS. Amaury Bischoff scored a nice goal for Portugal U21s overnight. Check it out here.

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45 thoughts on “Shameless promotion + Bischoff’s goal for Portugal

  1. Thanks for that. Here’s one for a blog post … Adebayor needs to spend time in the reserves of go. He is just useless right now and should be the first to be sacrificed once Arshavin becomes match fit. His injury is timely. So, Adebayor and Eboue for the scrap heap please. There’s gotta be a good exchange deal during the summer with some top club somewhere who would be happy to swap them and allow us to bring some men into the team! Let’s hear ya. N

  2. it’s not as if Wenger said there’s the door guys….. Pires got the arse and decided to leave when he was substituted in the champs league because Lehman got sent off (not much we could’ve done there), Freddy lost his legs way before we shipped him to Upton Park, TH14 had to leave London because of his estranged wife, Gilli You were offered 6M euros from Panathanikos and there¿s no way Arsenal would give a 31 y.o. 2M Euros a year and a 3 year contract infact I understand that AW offered you a rolling yearly contract with the same salary due to your age and the fact that the last season you played you weren¿t really at the races¿.not your usual sharpness. As for Viera, well I don¿t think the guy has ever played a good game of football since he left, Flamoney went to play first team football (and earn more than the £90k p/week AFC offered) but he is now sitting on the bench. Loosing Edu IMO was the biggest lost to be honest but I think he went for the money in Spain more than anything else. It’s true that we have lost some experience but getting Eduardo, Theo, Rosicky and Cesc back I hope that we’ll all see a different Arsenal. Especially as we have AA cover. Hopefully though we can slightly adjust age our policy and provide some care in the community to our players when they get older…I admire the fact that ManU have kept Giggs and Scholes, it¿s something to be applauded

  3. If there are no news, let me tell my own news: I’ve won FIFA09 Arsenal Sleeved Limited Edition on PS3 during Theo webchat for a question I’ve asked him=) Waiting when it will be shipped to me=) Wanna play virtual football=) Hope I can buy AA and sell Ebuuuuuee immediately there.

  4. Panda Bear,

    Did I read correctly “there must be some TOP club that would take them” I doubt if we could give Eboue away, except maybe to an Aussie Club Lol.

    I can’t think any top club would want Adebayor after his rotten performances this season. Still we can only hope the lunatics running Man.City will come in with a bid for them both.

  5. @ Mama Fry – Happy Birthday!!!

    Walcott scored a goal on his england U21 debut in 3 mins and Bischoff does the same for Potugal U21. Good Stuff.

  6. ‘m enjoying international games:

    1. Eduardo gun made a good assist from inside the box. Nice to see him play.

    2. Sagna is starting for France and he is a “monster”. Gourcuff is a class-act. I wonder why Wenger didn’t sign him when we had a chance. He takes set-pieces so well, has good dribbling ability with a good eye on goal. Oh! French keeper Mandanda is no better than Almunia.

    3. ‘m waiitng on Spain to thrash England. Oh! Cesc is not playing. Watch our for Xavi, Iniesta and Villa.

  7. Happy birthday Mama Fry,I beleive SF must do the cooking now, coz you were the architect of the famous Christmas lunch, I wonda how does he manage in that field?Its ur turn now mate, better let us know what you had for Mama Fry on her 50th birthday; Anyway, Congratulation for Mama Fry for reaching ur Half century and Best wishes for the next half.
    Just joking mate, dont take this serious!!!!!
    Is Walcott playing now? if he is, then he shud be ready for Sunderland on the 21st.He also said in the official site that he could be ready the Roma game on the 24th.Anyway, its just gud to hear that our boys are performing so well.

  8. Walcott is playing already? Well thats wonderfull news! 😀
    With Eduardo and Walcott back, we might not see Ade and Eboue for a long time.

  9. So this is how we look at the moment.


    This is a very good lineup.

  10. Argentina vs France & Spain vs England: Good football to watch. Both game dominated by Barca stars. Messi was okay in the begining but out-classed Abidal and Co. on a late show. Sagna was fine although both goals went in from his side. Nasri didn’t get a chance. Gallas was also okay.

    England learned a footballing lesson from Spain today esp Xavi’s passing and Villa’s goal showed class of Spanish team. They play football like old Arsenal. Good football to watch.

    To know ‘Bayor makes 30k per week more than David Villa is tiresome. I have never seen ‘Bayor taking couple of defenders inside and scoring a goal. Never.

  11. I would swap Ade for Villa in an instant. I have said it countless times- soon Bendtner will offer us exactly what Ade offers. We need to get someone who will add to the team while he still has value. David Villa is one of the most instinctive and talented strikers in the world…

  12. @ MoMoney – Yes I would also sway Ade without hesitation for Villa, Arshavin is a player who can take defenders on so we finally have a techinally gifted striker who is able to do that. I wouldn’t mind having Villa though 🙂

  13. @Radads RSA
    Maybe you should check out SF on his other blog “The Tri-Decathlon,”
    to learn about his cooking skills!!

    Thanks for the wishes everyone, I’ve never been so famous. Oh yes – I’m very proud of SF and his excellent blog.

  14. International Games:
    Wales 0-1 Poland : Fabianski started for Poland and kept a first half clean sheet, he was replaced at the break by Boruc, however Ramsey came on at half time, and impressed many.

    Tunisia 1-1 Holland : Van Persie started on the left wing for Holland and was replaced by Van Der Vaart at half time.

    France 0-2 Argentina : Both William Gallas and Bacary Sagna played the full 90 in the defeat to Argentina, Isnt it fustrating to see Nasri and Clichy not even play a minute. Nasri has been consistant and our creative midfielder in the absence of Cesc and yet he doesnt come on!

    Spain 2-0 England : Although no arsenal player appeared, Fabregas would have flourished in this game. Xavi dominated the midfield, his technical ability is world class and he allowed Senna, Alonso and Iniesta to flow the passing. Cesc is world class at passing and Spain were able to pass England apart and Fabregas would have probably doubles the scoreline. The Speed of Agbonlahor did little to Spain so I doubt Walcott could have done much, but i suppose 2 speedy players would have made it harder. Spain simply are the best team in the world and I am an England fan but enjoyed their game stlye a lot. Spain are my 2nd team!

  15. I’ve been having this float around in my head all day and I would very much appreciate some constructive feedback and opinions outside of my own. Mostly I need to know what about my thinking people find crazy cuz I obviously think all my own ideas are brilliant. hah!





    Considering i suck at formatting it to look how I want it to look, here’s what I’m thinking. 1st, I have only seen a bit of Gibbs. I liked what I saw but my putting him in this line-up is more based on Clichy’s form of late and maybe a challenge to his place in the squad will raise his game. On the other side, we all know how Sagna likes to get forward. Having Toure as a DM in a 5 man middle allows him to do that while providing sufficient cover. Gallas slides over with Toure sliding in. On the same note, when Vela makes his beautiful runs at goal, Nasri can slide left and either Walcott or Arshavin can make runs off of RVP up top. I like this set-up because I feel it creates the pockets all over the pitch which a passing team like arsenal (and yes I believe the boys can get back having some possesion with style and flair when Eboue, Diaby and Song -I know he played spectacularly but i have yet to see consistency and I will be the first to slide him into the starting 11 once I see it- are not on the pitch. Even though it’s a 5 man middle, with the attacking prowess of Arshavin, Vela and the outright speed of Walcott, it will feel like there are 4 men up top without sacrificing too much in the way of defensive stability. And feel free to substitute Eduardo or Bendtner or whoever the in-form striker is at the moment. Right now I don’t want RVP on the bench. Arsenal needs the spark he has provided recently.

    Sorry I rambled about nothing of importance but it was bouncing around my head and I needed to let it out. Being in the US, there aren’t a whole lot of people with whom to discuss random soccer(football) strategies.

  16. I like your Arsenal lineup John. In your squad there is one Clown in Almunia but everyone else looks fine. Toure can do far better job in CDM than what Denilson, Song can offer us. To add Cesc in that squad with Rosiscky, Denilson, Wilshere, Eduardo as subs is very exciting.

  17. Did anyone see david villa play this morning…or his goal.

    His seriously a much better player then torress. But yet torres gets alot more credit.

    Xavi and Iniesta are also fantastic players. That spain team a really really great.

    Sorry off topic

  18. BTW i still would like to see Clichy play that defensive midfield position.

    I just have a feeling he would do quite well in there.

  19. @MamaFry, Most welcom madam,There are lots of Blogs ard but this one holds most of my respect, I will dfntly check the cooking blog.
    Villa performin the roller coaster in btwn the Eng defnce were just astonishing, but still, Id think twice before I buy Villa for Ade.No doubt, that Villa is a fantastic striker, but Ade has also his quality.Ade was underperforming this season cos 1st, he didnt have that much time to be with Fab on the Pitch, the little time he had after the ankle injury (Durin Stoke game October??)on late Nov, was now blown by Fabs injury late Dec, and all the players werent all performin well that time, not only Ade.
    2nd,Of course, he’s been far to be convincing this season becos of his LAZYNESS on the pitch, but as one mate here said last time that he needs another good striker to put pressure on him for him to perform, otherways he still thinks that he’s the master of that place.To me, Ade’s got a good size dominance over any defenders, run fast,averagely good on dribbles which is common with tall strikers but his biggest advantage is his run cos he’s got long legs.Why not wait to see what Edu can do for us first??
    @John, your line up is absolutely gud excpt for the abscnce of Clichy, but beleive me, it will never happen.Ive always supported the idea of Toure or Clichy to be CDM (Yes, ofcourse, Clichy would really make a gud CDM!!), and Ive been always desperately writting to the Arsenal official website abt bringing up Toure on that post but it never happen on the pitch.We always need a tall guy at the center back which makes Djourou perfect along side with Gallas,bring Toure up (as cptn)as CDM, and the guy is hyper active and mature and can be involved with anything from attack to pretty good defence.He can really back Arshavin,or Fab.
    As Gibbs stated above, this would be our line up:
    Id put Nasri on the bench once Fabuluous comes back and push Arsha wide left, this would be a terrific gun killing machine guys!!.If Silly is fit, we gonna have him,Gibbs,Eboue,Nasri,Song,Deni,Vela,Fabianski,Ade,Bendy,Diaby all for aq golden bench.Bendi,Diaby,Song, are now overcrowding the bench.Rosicky is still extra.I strongly beleive that some of our good players will go next season, no doubt.
    I dont really know, why Le Boss doesnt put this line up JoHN??
    For Villa, I have an average thought on him.Not very very much desperate on huntting him but still thinks he’s a world class striker like all of those we have now.

  20. jay-jay: You forgot to mention the Croatia – Romania game in your summary!

    For those who don’t know yet; Eduardo came on after 60 minutes for Croatia and had a decent game. With his vision and battling, he managed to set up the 2-1 goal for Modric.

    I hope we get to see him in our favourite shirt soon!! 😀

  21. @ Berren – Yes I missed out a couple of games like Switzerland, Ivory Coast and Denmark but I really should have commented the Croatia game and Eduardo set up the winner for Kranjcar not Modric.

  22. Villa puts Ade in his pocket…

    by far the best striker in the world.

    If united had to get rid of ronaldo to real i would have used the money to chase villa and given him the number 7 jersey.

    Think about what he has. Hard work ethic. Runs as hard as he does in the first minute to the 90th minute. (eg. goal he scored against sweeden in the euros in the 90th). Can shoot with his left and right. Can dribble. Great touch and vision.
    Scores penalties and freekicks. (check out the free kick he scored against inter a couple seasons back).

    Also check out on youtube the goal against Italy.

    If arsenal had signed him, him and fab would have killed teams. Id put him in my top 3 players in the world.

    1. Messi
    2. Ronaldo
    3. Villa

  23. I still dont understand why we didnt sign Villa, even after admiting that he would love to play for Arsenal and Cesc asked the club to sign him.

    I should be used to this by now b/c we did let quit a few go. Ribery, Ronaldo etc. But it still sucks when we let pure class slip through our fingers. Sigh, the life of a Gooner.

    Anyway at least we have something to look forward to, Arshavin’s debut and Cesc, Walcott, Rosicky, Eduardo’s long awaited returns from injuries.

  24. Ronaldo7 & Gibbs; I ‘ve been talking about David Villa for past 2 seasons. He is one of the best striker in the planet alongside Torres and Eto. Messi and Ronaldo are not pure strikers for me. Villa and Van Persie as our starting strikers would be a dangerous strike force.

    Before 2008 Euro’s Valencia were ready to sell him for a decent price, Villa was interested in joining Arsenal and Cesc wanted him at the club. We had a chance to sign world class striker, actually best striker in planet for 20-25 million. Wenger screwed up this chance like he did with Ronaldo, Bervatov, Kaka and many other players because of his Penny-pinching transfer policy.

    ‘Bayor is a decent striker with a huge potential. He has a good pace, height and strength. Good attributes for a Premiership striker. But, his application is horrible. Finishing and first-touches are unbearable. Still, he gets a grand pay raise after a very lucky 30-goal season. I couldn’t accept the fact that an unproven striker with zero trophies with a huge ego problem is being paid 80k per week at Arsenal i.e. 30k more than what Villa gets paid.

    We had our chance to sell ‘Bayor for a reasonable price and buy Villa with that money during last summer before Euro’s. Valencia are in serious financial crisis at the moment. Reports are saying that the club is not even paying salaries to their players. This means they will sell both Villa and Silva to a highest bidder to generate some revenue. Clubs like Barca, Madrid and United will go for him coming summer. I think we have Zero chance to sign him now. Also given the fact that we might not qualify for Champions league, we won’t be able to attract players like Villa at the club. Arsenal hasn’t won anything for 4 years and counting. Our slogan of “regular CL football” is in serious trouble.

  25. Huge worried and pescmistic crowed out here uhh!!,If you look at AW’s strikers choice, he always goes for tall strikers: Anelka, TH14,Kanu, RVP,Ade,Bendy.There must be a good reason for this, we cant judge Le Boss on his choice.Me who used to hate The Dane have become now to start seeing some nice pace on him, I just dont know but his pace just starts to look better and better week after week to me.So, for now, lets just see what Bendy, Edu and RVP can do for us.BTW, I also like tall strikers, Big Fan of Peter Crouch and RVNistlroy.Kanu used to be my best, along with Kluivert.Ive just watched Arsenal agst Mdllbrg (98-99) Anelka with Kanu as strikers, 6-1 both strikers 2 goals each.

  26. Now why did we put up such a good show this week in the champs league? I think is to do with income, but we may fail to get that income next season.

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