Sagna wants Arsenal move

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Auxerre’s Sagna would love to join ArsenalSagna’s desire to play for Arsenal

One of the players that has been consistently linked with joining Arsenal over the summer break – Auxerre’s right-sided defender Bakari Sagna – has expressed his desire to move to England and play for the club next season. Auxerre’s vice-president Gerard Bourgoin commented on Sagna’s interest in Arsenal and Arsenal’s interest in Sagna but also added that no deal has been made between the two clubs yet.

“Sagna has a deep desire to play in England and he genuinely wants to wear the Arsenal shirt. They seem keen to sign him as well. The conditions for him to leave have not all been met – at least not for the time being.”

I really don’t know what to make of this situation apart from the fact that Sagna is a right-sided defender and Arsenal already have two players in this position on long-term contracts in Emmanuel Eboue and Justin Hoyte. If Arsenal’s interest in Sagna is genuine then it could mean a number of things for the club? Will manager Arsene Wenger push Eboue into right-midfield? Will Wenger convert Sagna into a midfielder or centre-back? Will Hoyte go out on loan? Only time will tell.

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Tevez was on target for Argentina against the United States in the Copa AmericaTevez focused on Copa America

I reported yesterday that Arsenal are in pole position to sign West Ham striker Carlos Tevez after he turned down a deal with Italian champions Inter Milan. I also said that with Wenger on holiday and Tevez currently in Venezuela playing for Argentina in the Copa America it would be unlikely to see a deal for some time. Sure enough, Tevez’s advisor Kia Joorabchian has confirmed that no deal will be made until after the tournament.

“Carlos is playing in the Copa America at the moment and that is where his prime focus is. It is a big competition and we intend talking more seriously about his future when that tournament is over. At the moment there is no development.”

I gave my opinion of Arsenal signing Tevez in yesterday’s post so there is nothing really to add except that he scored the final goal in Argentina’s 4-1 win over the United States. Good stuff.

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15 thoughts on “Sagna wants Arsenal move

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  2. I’m sorry to say, Samuel, but it is likely that neither of those players will be coming to Arsenal before next season. If Wenger had wanted Eto’o he would’ve signed him as part of the Henry deal. As for Babel, he previously stated he would like to play for Arsenal, but not this season.

  3. one thing am sure, wenger doesn’t ‘like’ the old boys in his squad especially the ones he didn’t play a role in their development so forget Eto’o, forget Anelka (though wenger’s boy, he’s just old)…etc. the most likely signing (an that would make me happy) is obafemi martins or tevez. both are young, can play ‘arsenal’ style and known to be dangerous in front of goals… just a thought: if obafemi can score 17 (or was it 18) goals for newcastle, how many more do you think he will score in arsenal? i bet 10 more and for tevez, u know it better.. our mid field is good enough an as i said before, the number of chances created by this mid field (cesc, rosicky, gilberto, diaby, hleb, denilson….) when they were out of form were satisfactory if not exciting. all we need is a finisher to convert the chances into goals and a reinforcement of the the topic, i am a great fan of Ade an am sure with a bit more confidence he’ll be a force to reckon this season. you got to read his history especially when in monaco to understand why he got his confidence and self esteem shattered in to pieces.. hope he won’t let me down

  4. Yeah I am a massive fan of Adebayor as well knightman, I see him as the future of the club (see the Arsenal FC Blog banner for proof). I can see either Tevez or Martins arriving, like you said, and I don’t think Wenger would sign any old players.

  5. I’m excited,
    Arsene Wenger is a master at spotting talent,And it wouldn’t surprise us if Silva makes a big impact.,
    Congrats Wenger!

  6. I’m excited,What a classic Wenger move that was,Let’s face it,Arsenal play the best football in England.Da Silva will fit in fine.
    Arsene Wenger is a master at spotting talent,And it wouldn’t surprise us if Da Silva makes a big impact,
    Congrats Wenger!

  7. Sagna will sign in next 24 hours.. Oba would be interesting, as then we would have two African strikers, thus causing issues during the Cup of Nations. Including Eboue, Toure, Ade, that would be a big hit, if even for a month every few years.. Eto’o had the pen on the paper to sign for arsenal, and Barca came in at the last second and offered him £100,00+ a week. Arsenal is the only other club he would p[lay for. Kroenke(like it or not) takes the club over and we see Samuel join and Dein as Chariman!!!

  8. Yes arsenal have just completed three deals:
    Obafemi Martins 13m
    Jesus Navas 9.3m
    Sergio Ramos 12.6m
    Not bad eh?

  9. At this stage, none of those deals have been completed. I think it is unlikely that Arsenal will sign Martins despite the speculation. As for Sagna, I have posted a more recent article about him where he appears in an Arsenal shirt. Yet there is still no word from the club. It’s all very mysterious…

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