Has Bakari Sagna actually signed for Arsenal?

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What does this photo mean?

Sagna to wear #3 for Arsenal? 

So tell me, what does this photo mean?

There’s been a lot of speculation around this photo. Is Bakari Sagna now an Arsenal player? If so, why haven’t Arsenal announced the signing officially?

One thing’s for sure – that hairstyle is a bit questionable.

What do you think?

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54 thoughts on “Has Bakari Sagna actually signed for Arsenal?

  1. Well i’ve read from a site that Arsenal have also signed angel di maria and yoan gouffran, yet there has been no official word from the team. If all these guy’s have been signed i dont know why Arsenal are not putting it out there.

  2. There was a suggestion on The Cannon that Arsenal may be withholding from announcing Sagna’s signing because they want to announce multiple signings. I think this is a reasonable assumption. Do you think the photo looks genuine?

  3. Oh yeah, i dont think anyone could have messed and added an Arsenal shirt to that lol. Plus i heard he was in London this week to do the medical and all that was holdin it up was for the 2 sides to agree on the fee. Maybe they will announce angel di maria and yoan gouffran have been signed too. Or maybe they will wait to see if Martins will come and announce it all together

  4. Let’s be patient; when everything is completed, the club will make the announcement. I’m sure there are few things holding up the announcement. We’ll get Sagna, for sure and two more players will come including a LW and a central defender but I doubt Arsene will sign Martins. Why? so much publicity and also ACN games; Martins and agent say there hasn’t been any contact. Martins is being used as a decoy to sign somebody else from Italy or Spain. Watch this space.

  5. I think you’re right, Harlan. I just can’t see the club signing Martins. It will definitely be someone else a little more “random”. 🙂

  6. I think Sagna has signed but I also think that is a photoshopped picture as it comes from a terrible source, the Sun webshite and they always do things like that. Also I heard on BBC radio this morning that Freddie has joined Fiorentina for £6 million. I hope we get winger and I think Sagna can/will play all across the back four.

  7. well bakari sagna is going to come, its just the fee needs to be arranged.

    i think we should get nery castillo this guy is class

    angel di maria and yoan gouffran will come, just wait till tommorow

  8. anyways, am glad freddie is going, he was a brillant player for us and i think he needs to move on, i dont care if he goes man city or fiorentina but £6m is good money for him.

    we just need to get of jose antonio reyes for £9m, fucking real madrid spent £20m on pepe of porto they cant even cough up that much.

    if we sell freddie and reyes we got at least £14m in the bank along with henry £16m we should have £30m in transfer and also wage saving as well.

    bakari sagna, yoan gouffran and angel di maria will be sign.

    but obafemi martins i dont know the situation if we do buy him, what happens to bendtner?

    papers are only linking martins because wenger was full of admiration of him last season.

    one player id love to see is either nery castillo or ricardo quaresma then i feel we done what we needed do to

    but porto have already sold pepe for £20m and anderson for £18m

    so they know they can wish what they want for quaresma

    another thing, its hard to see ryan babel showing a liverpool shirt, i really thought he was going to be an arsenal player

  9. who’s nery castillo may i ask?
    i think the multiple signings thing is true, a sucker punch to shut up gallas. it won’t be martins.
    i mentioned it on gunnerblog: no-one find it strange that even though they are definitly for sale and have had loads of clubs linked (that have all but filled where they’d play) Quaresma and Huntelaar have fallen from the media’s eye with no clubs being mentioned with them. Watch this space, fuck Martins.

  10. babel was distinctly average everytime i saw him, it makes me happy to see him in a liverpool shirt instead of an arsenal one – just like jermaine pennant!
    sagna has all but signed (medical, putting the shirt on), di maria and goufrann’s names have been heavily linked outside british press and i’d kill for quaresma/huntelaar. i love freddie, but if we get this (and maybe bojinov), fuck me next season will be exciting.

  11. Premier League clubs have splashed £284m already this summer – their biggest spree ever, more than double at the same stage last year and almost three times of that in 2005. (The Sun)

    Fuck me, and in the year Chelsea start working on the sly…

    Celtic are lining up a bid for 17-year-old Real Salt Lake midfielder Freddy Adu. (Sun)

    We should be in for this. Dude is gonna be the first american football legend. plus, is in our age range.

  12. samuel,

    id love to see one of quaresma or huntelaar in there, but if they rate babel at £13m

    what about huntelaar £18-19m, cant see wenger paying that

    and same with quaresma at £18m

    but i think we should go for juan-roman riquelme this guy is class and he is available as well

    royston drenthe is available at £5m, real madrid got a bid accepted

  13. We should push for Royston Drenthe who I think will become one of the best left wingers in the years to come – he could be got for around 5-6 million… He’s so good, of the right age for Wenger, and in a position we need to strengthen… I can’t see that Wenger wouldn’t have run the rule over him

  14. phatrick

    the thing is real madrid are in the running and they play dirty, they must of even tapped him up as well.

    i love real madrid and barca, really good clubs

    but i just hate the way they sign players and unsettle them as well.

    they use dirty tactics

  15. Actually I hate Real Madrid… I think they are a bunch of cunts.

    If I were Arsenal I’d start a bidding war for the player if only to push his price up and piss of Madrid.

  16. hey let sagna come. we all need him especially with gallas ‘fighting’ wenger’s management i see him playing the left. i hope he’ll fill in the missing link in our defence and don’t forget that toure won’t be there for sometime coz he got to play in the ACN.

    Obafemi to me is possible Fry, i agree that AW is full of his surprises and since most people are now expecting some ‘unknown’ kid from unheard country wat do you think wenger will do to surprise us? bring in someone we know… OBAFEMI (damn that’s a shallow analysis but it sounds good) 🙂

  17. but i think we should go for juan-roman riquelme this guy is class and he is available as well

    isn’t he a mental?

    fuck obafemi. we don’t want our 40 year old players being gunned down. we could get huntelaar for a little more if we want another striker.
    drenthe is supposed to be pretty good isn’t he? shame, real are shady cunts, even shadier than barca when it comes to transfers. i bet they haver his parents locked in a cage and will only give him the key when he signs the contract.

    more and more i am hearing that di maria is being worked behind the scenes. i think its time for a good youtube-ing.

  18. Hey guys, some fierce debate today. Gotta love it. I think it’s essential to remember through all this speculation that Wenger works on the low-down. I think Klon’s comment about some of us being “mighty confident” about signings is about right – we really don’t know who is coming or going or when. Being confident in speculation is not the safest bet. Just to summarise my thoughts on most of the players mentioned:
    Sagna – On his way already, still not sure how he’ll fit in. But you can’t deny a good player.
    Martins – I’d be happy to have him if something can be arranged.
    Gouffran – Not overly fussed.
    Di Maria – Not the answer. Very young and will not go straight into the side so is not a crucial signing in my books.
    Babel – Would still love to have him. If Liverpool get him I’d be very surprised but it’s starting to look that way.
    Bojinov – An interesting prospect. I want Freddie to stay so I wouldn’t want Bojinov brought in at Ljungberg’s expense at this stage.
    Riquelme – Absolutely not. He’s a great player but he only thrives in the slower moving leagues of Spain and Argentina where he has the time and space to weave his magic. Would not suit Arsenal. No chance of him coming.
    Quaresma – Would be a top priority if available. Wonderful player that would only get better under Wenger. Bring him in.
    Huntelaar – Not sure. Scores goals for fun but I’d be scared handing out goalscoring duties to two players from significantly lower leagues (Eduardo & Huntelaar)

  19. Fry, i agree with you on Riquelme..this dude is slow but for Huntelaar i beg to difffer. this dude is almost exceptional and makes interesting hits.

    Don’t you think it’s too late on Babel? he’s warming up to liverpool and never gave the gunners a second thought so i gave up on him long time. if he goes to flo then he’ll get a chance to shine once more.

    I also got to say ‘let ljunberg go’. he’s done us good and it’s high time we give him a break. am sure he also needs a new challenge coz already he’s overshadowed by the still strong an fast young lads.

  20. I just don’t understand the Babel situation. He was quoted as saying he will play for Arsenal one day and now he’s going to join Liverpool? Doesn’t make sense to me. Huntelaar I just haven’t seen enough of to judge. I would like to see him at Arsenal, but the priority right now is a winger. I can see your point about Ljungberg but I just think he has too many positives and because Arsenal has no money troubles at the moment his wages aren’t a big enough problem for the club to offload him. He is too valuable off and on the field at this stage.

  21. SF: I agree with you on most points.
    As for Babel I feel he wanted a move so the come get me signals to Arsenal. He probably likes the club maybe a fan even but at the end of the day we did not make a bid so when Pool came knocking …….. He does tick a lot of boxes even though I felt people got a bit too excited about him.

  22. but riquelme is a class player, bergkamp used to slow the game down and get a killer pass.

    with riquelme u need to give him the ball and the movement has to go around him

    am not saying buy him am just giving a suggestion

  23. Fry i think the reason why babel said he’d play for arsenal one time was just to be in good terms with the club ‘just in case’ something happens that might make him want to move to emirates. he was just playing safe but no one can really be sure bout this so we give it time and see the results.

  24. The media are drumming up a Cesc exit today, my goodness transfer windows can be so depressing.


  25. well spanish

    in the sun, he is clearly holding a liverpool shirt that he has signed

    i think he is going to sign with them

    what an unloyal twat lol

    Obafemi Martins signing is cancelled.Arsenal to sign Klaas-Jan Huntelaar within 48 hours,”Anyone to challenge on this information?”

  27. Sourced from arsenalnewsblog
    “chris Says:July 12th, 2007 at 12:37 pm
    besides wings don`t you think its time we got a decent goalkeeper lehamnn is a blabber mouth and is arragant the whole arsenal defence hates him he always puts them down criticises them and pushes them. Last season Lehmann nearly got in afight with toure and gallas. And i think it is time wenger relaxed on buying all these french and afrikan players…”

    Lehman’s reflexes are beginning to fail him…remember the away PSV goal that literally knocked us out of the CL. I hope the new guy can adapt fast and be first choice keeper………

    Interesting thoughts…

  28. Mimi wenu – I think Lehmann’s reflexes are fine. I remember the goal that knocked us out and that was more down to him slipping than a lack of reflexes. Having said that, I’d love Fabianski to replace him during this season if he performs well enough to warrant it.

  29. Joshua: Any links or proof?
    I think with Babel, his friend Robin went “hey, we are scouting you, come over, you’ll love it at arsenal.” so he said “i’m coming bitches” assuming his mate had the inside scoop only for wenger to turn around and be like “umm, thanks but no thanks. we already turned away jermaine pennant, why’d we want you?” robin told him that liverpool was still worth it to play in the premiership supposedly.
    what will happen to city if the thai guy gets arrested for corruption? i assume freddie isn’t going there, like thierry he is too committed to the club to compete for someone else in this country. bojinov would be great but if huntelaar is coming joshua, boj would be a waste.
    angel di maria is a 20 year old argentine left winger said to be the next messi, how is this not a viable solution to our left sided problem?

  30. Lehmann’s reflexes are second to none, but he is such a liability at deadball situations which we wouldn’t have conceded at last season if a calm and composed leader of the defense was in our goal instead.

  31. Arsenal are still hoping to complete the signing of Robinho from spain team Madrid,Robinho coming to Arsenal is a major success for Arsene Wenger.”I wish Arsenal happy season”

  32. I just hope we sign a proper wide player. I don’t care who the hell he is as long as he’s good. I’m not going to get excited about anyone until a transfer is confirmed.

  33. Joshua from Ghana? or Ghanaian background? Where are you getting the Huntelaar information? and then how certain are you on Robinho? Mind you, Real is chasing Cesc so what makes you think they will give Robinho to us. Fans you just relax, its becoming very interesting now and I know Arsene will surprise everybody.

  34. Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Bakary sagna on a long-term contract.He is a very capable defender and has played consistently well for Auxerre in recent seasons.
    High,Harlan I’m Arsenal fan just trust me,LET’S HOPE IT HAPPEN!

  35. Now all that we need is Robinho and Curtis Davies and we’re complete. There are a lot of portuguese speaking guys at Arsenal now so he should be comfortable. I’m told he rejected us before ‘co he wanted to join his Brazilian colony at Real then.

  36. sorrry spanish, its on thesun website on the article on babel, he is holding the shirt

    finally we got bacary sagna can we move on and get 2 more players

  37. Copa America will be over in a couple days, it’s all good.
    Only 3 comments away from another 50. Would be a shame if it doesn’t happen, the evolution of arsenalfcblog is going pretty well.

  38. Babel? the guy wasn’t an Arsenal lover, he wanted to come and play in the EPL and behaved as if he loved the Arsenal. When we felt he wasn’t good enough and Pool came up, he just jumped. I doubt if he can develop at Pool, knowing the way they play, just hoofing the ball, safety first.

  39. well i will take 50

    my cousin in france, he supports paris-sg

    well he e-mailed me today morning and he confirm me the transfer of sagna

    he says he is like lillian thuram and future centre back as well

    he is a “utility player” he can play across the defence and midfield he is that good

  40. i love arsenal. but am afraid of sagna’s hair but if the opposition siide would be afraid of the hair like me then we have noting to lose.

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