Robin van Persie makes his claim for Arsenal fame

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No, I’m not talking about the goals he scored last weekend. Nor am I talking about any of the eight goals he’s scored for us in all competitions this season.

I’m talking about these comments he made after getting word that the Arsenal boys are set to face Manchester City in the next round of the Carling Cup:

“What’s the draw? Manchester City away? Nice. I want to play that one. If the boss decides to let me play, I’m happy. I’d love to play.”

What a legend.

I’m sure he wants to play to get revenge on Emmanuel Adebayor after the stamping incident and personally I hope the manager gives him the opportunity to get it. Not in a physical way of course, just on the scoreboard. I would never wish harm on a Premiership footballer, particularly one that served us as well as Adebayor did. Never…

On a slow news day I thought I’d take some time to make some comments about van Persie’s season so far. After a fairly mixed period at the start of the season where he contributed superbly to our build-up play without making much of a mark on the scoresheet, van Persie has caught fire recently and appears to have adapted well to his new role. I don’t think anyone has ever questioned his ability to make something out of nothing with his quick feet and technical ability but as the season has gone on van Persie has been able to improve his build-up play and positioning in the box.

I actually thought Nicklas Bendtner would play more often in the central position but the manager’s decision to move van Persie into the striker’s role has undoubtedly proved to be correct. He is on a run of five goals in five Premiership games now and with Fernando Torres just three ahead of him in the race for the Golden Boot, he could be something of an outside chance if he can stay fit.

Anyway that’s it for today. I’m off to record for tomorrow’s podcast with Arseblogger so I’ll speak to you later.

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37 thoughts on “Robin van Persie makes his claim for Arsenal fame

  1. Arsene would be on the caution here. He might play RvP from the bench but not from start just in case…. AW would not want RvP get involve in any heated or grudge match so soon that he has hit form and not risk any injury from hard tackles from mindless former team-mate.

  2. @ Tony T.- I agree with u by far. I believe Eng. may opt to the squad that beat Liverpull at the emirates and may put some changes (minor though.)

    It would be a great deal seeing us through to the Semi-final after beating the team with some of the most expensive players in the planet.

    Most important, when is the match?

  3. @Andy like you I was surprise to see RVP as spearhead of our attack but shots on target he,s better then Bendtner,but B52 bomber is improving on that stat,he has to get is discussion making right.

  4. rvp has blossomed into a deadly striker a force to be reconed with and is truely relishing the the responsibility of being the main man up front,and wil only get better! before him only going back a few seasons could hav went more but you’l get what i mean. smith/wright/berkamp/henry/aderbywhore/rvp, what you’d say the second striker has stepped up and filled there boots.
    bring on the man city!
    happy days!!

  5. I dont want rvp to play against city tbh. He’s a bit of a bad boy and might get himself sent off or he could get injured. He’s an important player for us this season so we have to wrap him up in cotton wool..

  6. I doubt he will start because, after all it, is jsut a carling cup. I know that we want all the trophies this season, but to be honest we need him rested for the Chelsea game as well, coming up in a couple of weeks….

    The frontmen should be Eduardo, and hopefully Bendtner if he isnt injured.

  7. It will be gr8 if r.v.p plays in d match but not starting but coming 4rm d bench 2 score goals against mancity. It will be gr8 2 see d match .

  8. RVP on the bench would be a good start. I think Nasri will probably play as well as Vela. I hope both Wilshere and Ramsey play, along with sanchez watt. WIth notable players coming off the bench in rvp, and maybe walcott if he is fit to play some of the match….

  9. Not gonna be an easy game. Man city have not been playing well. They will want to prove a point. I also think there not going to be a lot of love lost between the teams or their fans. I don’t think Mark Hughes is a great manager

  10. Thanks Andy for a great blog…haven’t missed any of your posts for sometime. Regarding RvP Vs Man City, I honestly think it is not the battle he shld b thrown into especially given the mindset the Man City back line wl have. We also playing City after the Chelsea clash and 1 week from Liverpool match. If B52 wl be fit then he is my man for this match…..RvP wl live to fight Man City another day….3 April 2010 @ Emirates…3rd from last League game i wonder how much will ride on the game….cant wait

  11. i read that RvP interview and hoped you would mention and as usual u dont dissapoint andy,the mans a legend and has matured into quite a leader,hes sayin all the right things and wenger has said hes a great influence in the dressin room
    however,i wud not even consider playin him in the CC,hes too important and we hav plenty of players who can step in and want to prove a point,our policy in this comp is to expose the younger lads to a big match scenario,we didnt change that vs big boys chelsea 3 yrs ago so are we gonna do it for man shity..they dont deserve that sort of respect…some1 made a good point about cover for RvP and i said here yesterday i fancy AW to get chamakh in jan just for cover as edu isnt really a lone striker,i mean i dont think he played chamakhs club the way he did not havin 1 eye on the jan w transfer window,wenger now has all the chips in this regard
    andy,i respect ur point about diaby and it is a senseable view,his unpredictability can be an asset but wer not an unpredictable team…we play our brand of football right up to the end of every game regardless of the score…every1s,normally,on the same page and is is where i feel the guy is lost,hes tactically inept and slows our passin game down at times

  12. Excellent points from Wrighty7 below:

    As per usual there was the pre match lip coming from the Lane. Robbie Keane AKA pointy shouty Leprechaun bloke was full of it. Apparently Tottenham have more depth than Arsenal. The truth? Tottenham have less depth than my local swimming baths. What a silly boy.

    Harry Redknapp is just as bad. I know he has to big his side up but the truth is that Tottenham haven’t closed the gap on Arsenal. The gap is still as big as the one in Madonna’s front teeth and Redknapp or a brace will never close it.

    Speaking of Redknapp just what is his problem with Gooners? The bloke seems to have a vendetta with us. Remember the Adebayor situation? He couldn’t wait to stick his oar in then and he has opened his trap again.

    Now he and the Spurs staff reported a Gooner for swearing. Boo-Hoo Redknapp. How about this for swearing; Go fuck yourself you baggy-eyed muggy hypocritical little twat! What do you expect at a football match these days? People to just turn up and drink tea and eat cakes?

    Good old Harry has pissed me right off here. He complains about a little bit of swearing but what when 30 odd thousand Spuds sing about Wenger being a paedophile? Where is his moral conscience then? I don’t see old baggy-eyes complain then or say anything about that.

    Where was Harry’s moral conscience when he walked out on Pompey? Not once,oh no, but twice. The bloke has double standards all the time and the amount of excuses that came out of his mouth is unreal.

    He should take a leaf from Arsene Wenger’s book. Wenger is a gentleman and a real man. In my opinion he gets the worst abuse that a man can get time and time again at the Lane but you never see him react. Redknapp is crying over a little swearing.

    I can’t see how and why a lot of people, in the media and in general, like Harry Redknapp. I think he a mercenary who shows no loyalty and is a man who really only cares about number one. He says he loves it at Tottenham and the Spuds fall for it but I’d bet everything I own that he would walk out on them if a better offer came along.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Harry has a go at every supporter that swears or is it just Gooners?

  13. I understand where everyone is coming from about not playing RVP against Manure City but you have to consider his form. If he keeps scoring the way he is then we can’t afford to leave him out. I agree that I thought he was being played out of position but Arsene is fairly shrewd folks. I would play Ramsey instead of Diabi as i now cringe everytime I see his name on the team sheet!

  14. I think AW should keep RVP out of the Carling Cup. Vela, Eduardo, Watt, et. al. need some first team experience. AND there are probably too many CL, FA Cup, and League games for RVP, anyway. Don’t forget his injury history.

    I don’t like City, either, but one must keep perspective and show a bit of judgment.

  15. Shame about the Clichy injury but let’s hope that it gives Traore and Gibbs the chance they deserve. I have no worries that either can step up.

  16. hey guys its been a while since i have comented on here.

    but the difference in van persie this season is the fact that his not trying to blast the ball. His hitting it hard and low and on target.

  17. clichy injury is not a worrying news?
    i wonder how you say that mate, just remember gibbs vs ronaldo the last time clichy was injured, the left back position and the gk were our weakest links!
    i am just keeping my fingers crossed for the game against chelsea now, if he doesnt get fit by that time, we might as well be saying good bye to those 3 points, because drogba, anelka and lampard will toy with gibbs!

  18. great point about rvp’s attitude by the way, i am loving him!
    at the start of season i was thinking arshavin was going to be the major threat with fabregas but rvp has proved me wrong :)!

  19. @ANDY – WENGER had it wrong with the goalkeeping situation while you had it spot on. ALMUNIA should have been in goal for the draw game while MANNONE should have been brought back for the Spurs game. I dont know what WENGER would do now cos I guess the situation’s messed up. I firmly believe MANNONE is better… does he come back now except ALMUNIA slips. I just hope the slip would not cost us a game or end in a draw. May the slip be in a win.

  20. @gunner boss
    here here…id love to see almunia fulfill every1s expectations of him,i really would but im very apprehensive

  21. @ shambo / GunnerBoss – I think Almunia will stay in for the rest of the season. I don’t think either of the other goalkeepers are ready to displace him completely.

    Just by the by, Arseblogger and I talk a little bit about him in today’s podcast so stay tuned for that πŸ™‚

  22. i would love for him to make the squad also, but wenger will fear injuries and with Bendtner also out for 4 weeks minimum, things could get a bit dicey for strikers if RVP went down too. although he may dip into the transfer market in january if we became a bit thin?!

  23. @andy,
    lukin forward to that podcast,and if he is keeper from now til the end of the season that means hel hav been error free….heres hopin

  24. @ANDY – U know the stats dont lie. SHAMBO is spot on with the goalie stats and u were definitely spot on with the goal keeping situation then. If only ALMUNIA played the HAMMERS game and MANNONE came back for the Spurs game, I would’ve been very glad. But now? Seriously, I dont just know. MANNONE deserves to be there…I still think he’s better

  25. @SHAMBO – we posted same time, I was lookin forward to ur response.
    I’m a bit bust now, but I read all comments…I dont miss anything. I just dont like replying or commenting except maybe when ANDY has it wrong…he’s often 90percent spot on(except DIABY). Can WENGER pls give that guy some rest?

  26. @SHAMBO – Okay okay okay…I cant post for most of the time, I can only read comments cos of my pc terminal limitation….Guess that’s better.

    Sometimes, i feel like posting and i just cant and the another post comes up next day…all forgotten. But sometimes, we’re winning and everybody says everything and i’ve nothing else to say.

    U know, when we win….people see all the good stuff, but when we loose….all the players are slack and terrible and so on. I actually was very surprised when people on this blog criticized B52 in the Carling Cup vs Liverpool. Its so funny.

    Where’s this DENILSON guy? The T14 guy, he’s also not been around for a while now.

    Missing ICE’s comments and corrections a lot. Come on ICE….

  27. Love Robin’s fire.. but i’m in 2 minds. While I’d love him to play Citeh and score a hattrick, I’m worried either he gets too mental (you know he can) and gets sent off or worse, gets tackled/stamped/mangled again by the ex-25. Maybe coming off the bench is the best option. Along with the captain.

    I’ve always been a fan of RvP and i’m delighted he has continued on from last season. He’s such an intelligent player and has that air of unpredictability about him. Not a selfish player anymore I feel.. Abit underrated by the pundits who are always obsessing over the Drog-Torr-Roon best striker debate but RvP will hit 25 goals this season easy. Keeping fit is the key as always with Robin! so far so good…

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