Quick update – Spanish Fry has broken his foot

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Sorry about the lack of a post on Friday. I found out that I broke my foot at football training on Thursday night and had to go to all sorts of appointments on Friday as a result. Will be back again on Monday.


14 thoughts on “Quick update – Spanish Fry has broken his foot

  1. Hi Spanish Fry,

    I’ve got a broken foot as well. I simply rolled my ankle and ended up with 5 fractues. Hope you’re able to get better and heal soon. I’m looking at 16 weeks for mine. 1 week down tomorrow, 15 to go.

    good luck

  2. I wish you a speedy recovery SF. You and Eduardo 🙂
    I was wondering why there was no Friday post…

  3. @ Renae – That is absolutely awful. 16 weeks! I’ll be about 6 weeks on crutches and then probably another 4-6 until I can play football again.

    Season = over.

    @ KURUPT – I play for UQ mate.

  4. Oh and SORRY to hear bout your season that would suck just take it easy and keep the AWESOME blogs comin U doin A gr8 job.
    PEACE 😉

  5. SF: it was just kinda funny in ur post when u said that you ‘found out’ you broke your foot, like u didnt notice.. ive done mine too and it can be a subtle injury, but ur gallantry was admirable and amusing.. lol

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