Putting my finger on Eduardo

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They took some beating, but Arsenal were able to overcome Championship side Burnley 2-0 yesterday afternoon to book their place in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Eduardo’s finishing is uniqueEduardo da Silva opened the scoring as early as the 9th minute, finishing cleverly after a delightful lofted pass by Kolo Toure before the Brazilian-born Croatian turned provider, putting Nicklas Bendtner through to slide home the second with 15 minutes to go.

I didn’t get to catch the game due to the serious need to get some sleep but by all reports it was a tougher game than expected as Burnley put up quite a good fight, something that Arsene Wenger was quick to point out in his post-match interview.

“They played very well, very positively, and with a high tempo as well. We needed to be on our toes and the difference certainly was that they didn’t score their early chance and we did.”

And Arsenal supporters again have Eduardo to thank for that. There’s something unique about the way that he finishes that I couldn’t previously put my finger on until I saw the goal he scored last night: he continually seems to shoot just when the goalkeeper does not expect it. Or as Richard Jolly from Soccernet puts it

“Perhaps the lack of backlift required enables him to baffle goalkeepers, but it is technique that continues to confound them.”

Check out the goals against Sevilla, Blackburn and Everton in this compilation and you’ll see what I mean. He’s doing really well now Eduardo and it’s great to see. You get the feeling that he would finish just as well in the Champions League final as well as he would against Burnley in the FA Cup and with AC Milan just around the corner, it’s a valuable asset for the team to possess.

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25 thoughts on “Putting my finger on Eduardo

  1. Indeed.

    I’ve been saying it for a long time, even when Henry was still there: Arsenal needed someone capable of putting it in, a 100% pure striker who scores 5/6 chances. Now they found him in Eduardo 😉

  2. He’s definitely doing that at the moment. As Wenger said it was a surprise to see him actually miss the second chance that he got against Burnley. Great to watch and gives the team another option up front.

  3. I think RVP and Adebayor is still the number one pairing though. Eduardo is doing well and so is Bendtner but at this stage their strong performances are nothing more than a bonus with the other two still the favoured pairing up front. It’s going to be BRILLIANT having van Persie back in the side.

  4. Well i think when Van Persie comes back it will be hard for AW. He doesnt play with 3 strikers (although i want him to try it), he must choose between Adebayor – who is great this season – onn 12 goals atm, 2 nd top goalscorer in the league. Eduardo – who has now hit form 6 goals in last 4 games. He rarely misses a chance. RVP – fan favourite, great skills, scores good goals and lots of them. Makes Adebayor a better player when he plays. I trust Wenger in what he chooses but it will be difficult

    Not much to say about the chap. I saw the match and one thing I learned about Eduardo yesterday was that There is MORE(goals also but I’m not refering to them now) to come than we have seen. Sadly my suspicions were confirmed by the goal he missed. He is starting to express himself. We know his positioning and ball reading skills are second to none. He might as well have the best touch/control of anyone at Ars-enal. Once he comes to terms with the size and commitment(as a combination) of his opponents in England and add a little pace on the ball, he will be unstoppable. As for Ade, I fully appreciated his contribution to the team in his last 2 appearances. Even if he doesn’t score, he provide the same thing as Flamini, but from the front, to unleash Fabregas and the rest of our midfield. I would love to see a 3-pronged attack but will also want to see Rosicky and Hleb in the mix. Ade Just need to “see” eduardo more and then WE ARE IN BUSINESS.

  6. it’s great to see da silva blossom this early..with RVP being tht injury prone it’s good to have an equally if not more lethal plan B. i also think he’ll form a great partnership with adebayor i.e. da silva scores from th chances created as adebayor keep th central defenders occupied n give us those unexpected outstanding goals.. CHEERS! 😛

  7. :dit’s great to see da silva blossom this early..with RVP being tht injury prone it’s good to have an equally if not more lethal plan B. i also think he’ll form a great partnership with adebayor i.e. da silva scores from th chances created as adebayor keep th central defenders occupied n give us those unexpected outstanding goals.. CHEERS! 😛

  8. SF; Who do you think is the scariest attacker in England right now?. I think it is Eduardo because once he is in the box there is nothing you can do except crowd him, unless you are willing to give a penalty.

  9. I think he has scored every shot that he has take in the box so far (Burnley mayb not, but…) He is lethal, once he is in the box, we all know its a GOAL!

  10. Eduardo is a better finisher than even Persie. But in league matches we need a physical presence upfront. So, either Adebayor or Bentdner will be used. I don’t think Wenger will go with Eduardo and Van Perie.

  11. Edu reminds me of inzaghi, great positioning and clinical finshing. I hope he gets a start against AC Milan.

  12. he can be an Arsenal great! No-body saw that potential in him but Wenger, that is why every Arsenal fan trusts him! He buys players that arent known and makes the stars. 2 players are evidence – Eduardo – 6 mil from Zagreb is know ripping the prem and carling and fa lol. and Kolo Toure – £150,000, know 1 of the bests CBs in the world. All Hail AW!

  13. Tom is right, he is playing a bit like Inzaghi at the moment. If he gets anywhere near the Italian’s scoring record then it will be arguably the best bit of transfer business ever!

    TayGoon – Honestly, although he’s not playing I think Drogba is and then after him Torres – only Benitez’s silly rotations have stopped him from being top scorer in the Premiership in my eyes. But at the MOMENT it’s probably Eduardo, he’s running red hot.

  14. How is Ronaldo not the scariest attacker in the premiership…currently on form is the best player in the world and finishes better than any striker….
    In my opinion its Ronaldo, Torress, Drogba, Santa Cruz ….thats on current form

    Edwardo has to score against the better teams…

  15. Fair call about Ronaldo, for some reason I thought only of strikers. In retrospect I would change my opinion about him being the most dangerous attacker in the Premiership. However, he needs to start performing in big European games before I’d call him the best in the world. Not that I wouldn’t put it past him.

  16. hell get there dont forget his only 22 ….

    plenty of time to perform on the big stage..i actually look forward to see how he goes in the Euro for Portugal…if he can take them to a final or win it i think hell get named player of the world…

  17. True, he is only 22. Marvellous player Ronaldo but I can’t see him dragging Portugal as far as the final this time around – they don’t have the team for it.

  18. ronaldo is a fantastic player, but his diving makes me lose respect for him (and the fact he plays for man u) : P ~

  19. It was only last season everyone thought we had no fire power up front, and once again in the face adversity we triumph! Some how Wenger manages to find these gems.

    My only concern would be how will be cop without Kolo Toure? Senderdros is up to it and never has been.

    ps: How can I add you to my network of bloggers? I’m pretty new to blogging

  20. Ronaldo is a great attaker and i believe Portugal will progress because of this but they wont make the Final, due to the fact Deco and Ronaldo are the only players that can be called Match Winners, they are the only portugese players who are top class, well so is Maniche.

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