Put Evra’s comments up on the dressing room wall, Arsene

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“In my opinion, Arsenal is just an Academy. I watch their games, they’re a pleasure to watch, but will they win a title? That’s what people remember. In 10 years, nobody will remember them. Arsenal is a great Club, they didn’t win a trophy for 5 years, it’s a crisis in my opinion. People always think about the ‘Arsenal way of playing’, but at the end, there’s nothing. We can lose against them [on Monday], but at the end what will happen? Nothing. No trophy, no nothing.”

The divine words of Patrice Evra, a man who is clearly ignorant of Manchester United and Arsenal’s contrasting financial situations and the current league table. But really, what can you expect from a man who called our team a “bunch of babies” in 2007 before promptly losing to them 2-1 at The Emirates a month later?

“In 10 years, nobody will remember them”? What a ridiculous statement. A club with 125 years history, 13 league titles and the most secure environment to improve their trophy count over the next decade will be forgotten? For goodness sakes, even Nani’s not that stupid.

Seriously Arsene, put this on the dressing room wall before Monday.


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72 thoughts on “Put Evra’s comments up on the dressing room wall, Arsene

  1. What an arrogant & oxymoron idiot.This hairbrain remark is so typical of the mindset most United payers possess ; when it comes to the ‘Gunners’ they will do/say anything to get an advantage (their BOSS is like that).
    We will treat this remark with utmost contempt it deserves and keep our focus on our visit to the Theatre of Dreams and change it into the the Theatre of Nightmares for United.


  2. I hope this will be a catalyst for our boys – Just like Robbie Keane did before the spurs arsenal game and we beat them 3-0
    to be honest im not that worried about this game…we’re away from home – not much to lose and no added pressure – it seems everytime we play at home now i get evn more nervous

  3. I hate this arrogant character Evra but he’s right. Let’s face the fact that, with the atrocious defence llike this, season after season and no sign of change, it’ll be a miracle if we’ll win anything. Arsenal will be remembered in 10 years time as a club with great potential, playing beautiful football. That’s it and nothing else.

  4. This is part of the mind games Man(dis)U is known for… Obviously they now know we are a threat and would do anything to be clogs in the wheel of Arsenal’s progress. Like you rightly pointed out, it is for AW and the Crew to paste this on the wall of the dressing room and ensure that it serves the right tonic to 4ever banish their ghost from ever thinking they can win the league again for now.
    It is a must win for Arsenal. our Away form has been splendid, now is the time to do it against the big ones..

  5. This is the sort of stuff a manager should thrive off, put it up on the wall he should. true or not thats your motivation right there. this game is so important…i know all games are but still.

    This should provide the motivation needed. I predict them to mark nasri out of the game and wilshere to score and arshaven!. We always let the big names score against us so rooney to score as well final score 2-1!

  6. evra once again proving what a first rate c**t he is!like a number of their players & fans.the& only respect the classless bunch have is when you either kick shit out of them i.emartin keown,viera etc or hammer them football wise-to say i HATE their club would be a massive understatement,the spuds aren’t even on the radar when it comes to that-yes,if i were wenger/pat rice i’d pin that on the dressing room wall before kick off making sure EVERY player read it & understood the contempt that club ,their manager,players & fans hold us in.if that does not motivate our players to go out & muller them-i’d rip the squad up install players who have some PRIDE!!

  7. The only point to worry about is if our confidence is not good enough it wont motivate us it will put more pressure on. the point is not to get mad but to make him look stupid by doing it on the pitch. Its a cocky thing to come out and say and shows he has confidence, if we win he looks stupid, if he wins he looks right.

  8. …let evra rest in peace (RIP) with his frustrations….but thats what u expect from him n even justifies his behaviour during the world cup……hope he is not intending to create another ”viera vs keane” era……

  9. It is united common mind game. our player should keep their mouth shut not to repeat such an arrogance. We must keep the faith. that is what grates people. And this is actually the big sign of that. Arsenal is becoming center of new philosophy, as a result people will respond either loving it or loathing it like evra.

  10. Sagna needs to clatter that fool good and proper. Our players in the past teams would have the balls to clatter a player who said that about the club – do we have any in our team today? Lets see who steps up on Monday night.

  11. Evra’s such a ponce isn’t he? I bet when he meets up with his French compatriots it’ll be all kisses on the cheek and ‘bon jour tout le monde!’ . The thing is the team don’t need motivation. Why the hell should they? Their wages alone are motivation enough. What they need is to damn well defend properly. The rest is all just piss and wind.

  12. Some people are born fools but it is pity to to let everyone see how foolish you are by making poor statements like what evra did.

  13. money is not the motivator, if money was the motivator they would all be playing with ass hole cole and adebahwhore. motivvation is pride, motivation is wanting to beat them more than they want to beat you. The team should have that for this game. Problem is i think arsene does not motivate he keeps players calm to get the job done. Id love to hear someone come out and say I want to win this more than them and i have been busting my balls to take this game to them!

  14. There are 20 clubs in the EPL right now and he has played against 14 of them already and didnt make a remark like this against any of them, not even about Liverpool, after their fall from grace…and its not the first of such dumb comments from him…there’s something about Arsenal that riles him…even his more respected team mates like Vidic, Rio, Scholes, Rooney and Giggs have not made such ‘boyish comments’…and Nani knows better…let’s sympathize with his obvious stupidity…he’ll make it through one day.I wish Fabregas was playing, so he can dish out a few lessons to this loudmouth like the last time. This is why, if I was Wenger, I’ll get my players primed to go to OT and play the game of our lives…they are vulnerable at home too…watch the home game Rangers, West Brom and Valencia and you notice the cracks they are eager to cover up! Time to silence the Royal Dumb-One of Manchester!

    Regardless of how this game ends, we dont have too much to lose from it.Its not a cup game, even if we lose, its may be psychologically damaging but its like Mourinho said after the 5-0 defeat to Barca, its a loss of 3 points, let’s get on with the rest of the season! I agree to not risking Fabregas if he’s not fit enough…we can get thru this without him (especially with Arshavin and Nasri’s form) and then get him back and go on an unbeaten run…IGNORE these dumb comments and let’s get on with the season!

  15. He has done the talk for Wenger get it printed and cover the dressing room with it!! come on Arsenal stand up and be counted now its our time.they fear us thats why he is saying this lets ram it down there throats if they wanna kick us off the pitch lets kick THEM off the pitch if they wanna play ball lets smash them.

    And Evra ur a disgrace to the whole of France football lol now i know why you got slapped like a little b*tch at stamford bridge lol and ran off crying to mummy fergie clichy has taken ur place bye bye

  16. If he is trying the mind games tactic,he has made himself look like the idiot that he obviously is.So,he thinks that Arsenal will go from a team loved and supported world wide to a team that no one will remember??? Who does Evra think he is,he`s not even a particularly good player.

  17. I can see why he’s said it, the timing says it all really. He’s trying to unsettle us but really, Wenger should be using this sort of thing to motivate the squad and squeezing out that extra 1-2% that could be critical on Monday night.

    If there is one comment that Evra could regret it is the “10 years” one. Oh, how I would love to fast-forward to see how wrong he turns out to be!

  18. He’s justr being a twat – dont forget this was the same thug who caused the french team to take part in the shambolic world cup

  19. Evra is an idiot. If he does not shut up. We not even remember him in two years time, because MANU will not be able to pay his wages without borrowing. Arsenal does not have to have trophies to celebrate Christmas but turkeys like him will do.

  20. Arsenal should just treat the statement with the contempt it desrves. He’s desperately trying to stir it up and I just hope our boys have the maturity to concentrate on playing football and don’t get sucked into a kicking match!

  21. Evra….. is this the same guy who led the boycott in South Africa during the World Cup? if he is then i chose to say nothing, but no let me say just one…he is a foolish ignorant moron. our boys should put on vests with words like ‘Evra!!!! watch this space’ on Monday and every time the Gunners score show it with pride.

  22. Evra…. the fucking idiotic moron who shamed the French National Team [which finished rock-bottom in the easiest group] and believes that he is the best left-back in the world.

    Don’t even bother about it. Let’s talk after the match.

    I thought I cannot watch the match as it will be in the wee hours of tuesday morning here in India, but now I will definitely stay awake and watch it.

    Thrash ManU, Thrash Evra, Thrash Alex Fuckerson !!

  23. @andy…10-0 to who? You dont seriously believe this would have any effect on the Arsenal players do you? For it to fire them up they would need some passion burning inside them in the first place. Did you see that passion on Wednesday? Or against Spurs? Or in any of the big games in the last few seasons? I actually agree with you that this should be pinned to the dressing room wall but Wenger doesnt use these kind of motivation techniques. I dont think he uses any kind. What will probably happen is our French contingent will be hugging Evra in the tunnel before the game and it will have no effect on the result whatsoever.

  24. i think evra is tissin our boyz; he did it the last time and boyz were all over him…we shld react maturedly and try 2 win the match

  25. @ “Jan”
    Of the 20 teams in the epl, ManC,Chelsea and ManU have conceded less goals than The Arsenal. You obviously have been reading the papers, and listening to talk radio about Arsenal’s “atrocious defence” and then repeat same here, without even a cursory analysis by you.
    And while we are at it, how many teams in the epl have won “anything” in 5 years? You always have the option of being a “fan” of another club, you know.

  26. evra you are just a confused imbecile, lest you want me to call you a nicompoom……how dare you talk such nonsence, anyway i always see it from manu fans. Sort out your financials and tell fargie to stop chewing miraa-does he smoke too? You didnt alot of mess for france in the world cup and Narsi is going to show you that. And smalling, i have also come across your nonsence but i forgive you coz you are still a small idiot.

  27. i think trophy is good butttttttttttttt more important than trophy is the way of playing of a team ……… and arsenal is playing the most beautiful football i have ever seen……. our boys jst play the same …………….. i am sure that u r going to beat manutd……………….. best of luck

  28. @jan, i made sure another Asnl supporter shared my view b4 i made a contribution. If this season concludes as have the past 5 Mr Evra’s comment will be perfectly vindicated. There is and have been so much potential in this team with many moments of fantastic skillful and silky football, unfortunately with nothing to show. The only way to prove Patrick wrong is to beat the hammers at Wembly and to win the prem league. END OF.
    Good second half performance from your boys yesterday. Young theo provided the injection needed with Sami showing his usual quality. As for the other boys i think they left it all on the training ground.

  29. @ icehammer-
    Note how you state your doom and gloom-“if this season concludes as have the past….” Apparently, you must be one of those who see the team as half empty.There is nothing about free press and China in suggesting choosing another club to be a fan of if all you want is a trophy.
    The arsenal is in 4 competitions, top of epl, good squad; and all you state is ” if this season…”.
    Again, the canard of “atrocious defence” is made because some so-called Arsenal fans hear it in the press, repeat same without even a cursory analysis.

    Moreover the team is playing with 2 new central defenders(to each other and the premier league), and only 3 teams have concede less goals than Arsenal. Some fans cry out for Upson, Cahill, Givens, Shwarzer, etc. The question I always ask is if these guys are so good, how come they play in mid/lower-table teams into their late 20’s and 30s?.
    All I ask is do some objective analysis.

  30. I don’t think we should at this stage, get concerned over the rantings of an ant; this is only a mind game aimed at distracting a well focused ARSENAL. there’s no doubt, the GUNNERS are on top form this time around. Let our good football speak for us. em.. pls, lets not waist our time pasting ‘whoevers’ comments on the walls of our dressing room. GUNNERS FOR LIFE.

  31. Evra is still the best left back in the EPL to me, on current form at least.

    I have him in Arsenal over Clichy anytime, just a thought don’t be so serious my Arsenal brethren. 😛

  32. It looks to me as if evra is worried, to make such comments. I think we have them rattled and it is the usual poor atempt to noise us up ,we have all come to expect from fergies robots.
    Keep faith with our brand of football and we will show why we are top of the table
    cheers patrick.

  33. Andy,
    Seriously can we give the whole superior financial standing thing a rest when it comes to defending our lack of success on the pitch the last five years, am sick of hearing it and this turnover of money is not benefiting you, me, the fans or Cesc Fabregas, it might aswel be monopoly money…..its invisable.
    I mean Iv only read the opening two lines of what youv wrote there but do you honestly think mate that Patrice Evra, or any other Utd player for that matter, is worried that Arsenal turn over more money and are more econimically secure???
    They have silverware and success to show for the last five years, they have their contracts and they have a manager who knows how to win, Man Utd will never go into administration, it wouldnt be allowed happen, they can operate and compete at the top level for decades and still be 100 million in debt if they like, they are an institution now like Barce and Real in Spain.
    The fact is Evras shown us a lack of respect, but theres not a whole lot of lies in what hes said, most of it has occured, but I doubt there are many football people out there who really care about what Patrice Evra has to say, I mean Nani is today saying we are their biggest threat for the league, but that doesnt mean its true either…..there should be no need to put anything up in the dressing room because these guys need to be motivated already for these big games, something I do not think we are good at.
    As for the current League table, its great to be top but this time last year we had the same points and were 7 points behind chelsea and 5 behind utd, so we havnt improved, theyv just slipped down a level, TEMPORARILY might I add. A defeat monday night and we cant boast about any league standings.
    That said I think we can win there monday night, if we can go there with a Chamakh who wants to score goals, an Arshavin whos up for it and a Squillachi who gets injured in the warm up then we’ll stand a great shout……I joke, I joke…..but he really is a poor footballer.

  34. Heres Samir’s response, “We are not children and we will demonstrate that on Monday. We will show Manchester United that Arsenal have really grown.” -soccernet. With Nasri on fire, I hope he torments Patrice on the right (Evra’s left) and just absolutely destroys the fool. Moreover I just want to remark how ‘professional’ Nasri’s response is. With his rather upfront and provocative character that I adore I must say that is an admirable response.
    Whats so pathetic is the fact that he’s only idiot from the United side to even underestimate Arsenal. As far as I’m concerned we’re on top of the table despite having played a game more. Is that not an indication of potential title contenders? Seriously how obnoxious and arrogant can you get? He may be French but that’s no excuse.
    For the love of god demolish him Samir, taunt him with your godly footwork, embarrass him in front of his own supporters and celebrate after scoring a hat-trick like there was no tomorrow!!!

  35. I hope this made our gunners heated and excited to beat our main rivals. We need to win this game for so many reasons. It will secure our top spot for a few weeks at least and I hope for the rest of season from the confidence that will give our players. I believe this game is going to be the most important game for us so far in this season. and Manuers are not at there top form. so we better take advantage of that and score some memorable goals so we can leave Evra scared for life. lets raise the flag of arsenal and make old trafford our home. come on you gunners…

  36. a poor attempt by evra to play mind games, what has he acheived this season? i hope our boys are inspired by this to give thier all and be ruthless on monday

  37. forget evra. time for gunners is to prove their mettle on monday night to silence the doubters. if it happens then lunatics like evra will have no place to hide . however the idiot frenchfry had some valid points. winners are always remembered with losers gets no mention. it is fact and unless gunners get hand on trophy this term then evra will have the last laugh.

  38. O God You see how we are dispised. Please return this pride to them and show them that the race does not always go to the swift. You are the One who promotes and the One who demotes. I pray for Arsenal that it will be promoted by You this year. Let all true fans of Arsenal pray for Arsenal on Monday and the rest of this season

  39. hahaha… Guys, your anger just show how much Evra is right. By the way Evra is not an ant, he is the best left back the EPL has to offer.

  40. Lets forget about it and concentrate on winning this game firstly. One game at a time to get over. Nothing better than to win at Manchester’s ground. If the team is good enough and takes it’s chances when they arise, then the rewards will come. Trophy’s are nice and it seems that this is what determines a great team, however, with it’s rich history The Arsenal will be around for a long time yet, as they are one, if not the best, professional clubs in the competition, both in the EPL and other leagues, which comes down to good management. Lets face it, todays football, any code, is about “entertaiment” where a show is put on for the “paying” public i.e. the fans. They want success, sure, but they also want value for money.
    Go the “Gunners”

  41. Sorry to be pedantic but reading the comment as it is quoted above it’s clear Evra is saying ‘nobody will remember the current squad of players’ Not – ‘no one will remember Arsenal FC’. He actually acknowledges that Arsenal are a great club. If the current squad win nothing then they will not be remembered. While this is an exaggeration, there’s also an element of truth to that which is perhaps why it stings – because the truth always hurts more. This fantastic group of players we have have not won anything. That old chestnut. WE know they’re brilliant but where’s the goods to prove it. All style no substance etc.
    A more interesting debate is why Evra should be making such a comment? One wonders if he’s doing some dirty work on fergusc*nts behest, trying to turn some of the players heads towards manure? And the most likely targets (in my opinion) would be Nasri & Chamackh plus some of our youngsters coming through like Wilshire, Ramsey & Lansbury. Of course it may just be that Evra really is as stupid as he looks but as The Bard says, ‘The more pity, that fools may not speak wisely what wise men do foolishly/’ Hey Nonny Nonny!!

  42. Evra is too arrogant it’s not the first time he criticize arsenal .
    what does he think of himself ? last year he treated our players as babies but this time its too much.How can he be a big player if he doesn’t respect his opponents ? Evra can’t admit that its Arsenal which produce the most beautiful game in EPL.
    Arsenal name will be engraved forever in the archives.
    evra is too proud of himself but i’m sure tha nobody will remember him after 20 yrs
    what sort of captain he was he only brought shame to France
    he only talks but does nothing .Maybe he had forgotten that Nasri once scored a double against them
    i just hope that samir show him the true worth of the gunners
    he had provoked us now we should do our best to win at 0ld trafford .
    i have full faith in nasri surely he wil demonstrate that our players are not children.
    nasri alone will crucify them in front of their public
    s0 c0me 0n gunners !!!!

  43. Why do we even need to react to this nonsense. Oh and the people saying he’s right can stuff themselves. He’s right only when you take it in a limited context. The finances aren’t an excuse, they are the whole foundation of a football club. To ignore that is stupid. But let’s say he’s right, he’s won 3 titles since Arsenal won anything. People seem to think winning gives you the moral authority to be a dick. I say it shows weakness.

    Oh and Andrew, I remember some time back you’d included a post by some chap running the Republik of Mancunia blog. I remember thinking at the time that he was too arrogant and full of it to give a reasonable analysis. His comments yesterday about those chants at Old Trafford have only reinforced my view. I’d just like to appeal to you to not give him a platform like that on this blog again.

  44. we know that the evra’s comment is just a physicology war….he is suck n f***…i hate that kind of player..he is not good enouhgt for france…arsenal will gun you down…

  45. Evra’s comments sadly ring true. It’s also taken someone outside our club the reinforce what many Arsenal fans have also thought and said on blogs like these. Lets hope the players do not take Wenger’s advice and ignore what this twat said. Let’s use it to win and win well. This will really show how motivated we are. I note theat SAF has distanced himself from Evra’s comments which is a pleasant suprise.

  46. I think Sir Alex should have a word with Evra. Like Arsene said, he has shown lack of respect for an opponent. Believe you me; some of the UTD players will not be happy with such a comment either. Arsenal is a club with great tradition and class and who is Evra to say anything about the club that we all love. Arsenal and Everton are the only teams not to have been relegated including other records that we have. I think that will be the envy of Man Utd. In Arsene, we have a manager whose policies and that o the club married eachother. I think people should look at the fianacial status of the club to see that we are likely to survive for generations to come than Man Utd. The boys are grown now and as long as Arsene does not decimate the team, arsenal will go places. I know we have better players than Man Utd.

  47. I really don’t get this. The players should be up for it and it really is fun to see when they give it back to someone who’s been running their mouth off, but it shouldn’t take their focus away.
    We fans demand passion from the players, but what has happened to our passion as fans. Why are we even debating whether what this idiot Evra is saying has any merit or not? It shouldn’t matter. He’s attacking our club and disrespecting it’s proud history and instead of ganging up on him we almost seem to say he’s right?? Get behind our team. It’s time to beat them in their own backyard again.

  48. How many people watched the match against Partizan? How many people see our matches consistently? Are people just shouting about the defense cos of what they read? Did no one see Chamakh? Why cant our attack score against such easy opponents? I’m not against Chamakh, (but its the same way some of you jumped at Arshavin and Nasri without considering that they are not even playing in their preferred role and Arshavin uses up his energy a lot easily). I only feel that by playing him, we loose playing another dribbler/runner (Rosicky, Walcott, maybe Diaby). Chamakh does not trouble any team, opposition defenders are very comfortable with him. Yes he scores tap-ins, but is he threatening? He does not shoot and now refuses to score them headers and kudos to him, Sagna has gotten better at crossing.
    Fuck the sick press, they dont know whats wrong with us, so they can only write rubbish.
    Fuck the stupid new formation(made to make Chamakh a 1st teamer), fuck the crazy tactics without speed up front and for making Arshavin and RVP run too deep just to get the ball. When do we now attack when those supposed to attack are busy in the midfield? Walcott comes in and because everyone respects his pace, he becomes a NATURAL THREAT.
    Focus people, we already know what the problem is, so what is everyone shouting about?

    When this new formation started in the Carling cup, I stated clearly here that I hope it was not to accommodate Chamakh cos RVP will certainly bench him if there was only one space up front. It is exactly as i said….anyone? Its just a sick situation. If we want to play like this, I said I would prefer Arshavin behind RVP with Nasri and Walcott on the sides and two DMs. We look completely out of sorts with this stupid switch and much less threatening. Adapting to a new style in the middle of the season when we are still having cohesion problems in the team with so many new players etc. Its just crazy right now, we’re supposed to be a force what with almost everyone fit (FABs & Vermaelen).
    We are very strong right now, but what do we do with very ineffective players in very wrong positions. What is CHAMAKH doing up front? What is RVP doing in the middle? Arshavin is a support striker, why make him play midfield? 4-3-3 was far much better with 3 in the middle, unlike now with only two(cos two are supposed to wide). Thats why I called what we play now a 4-2-4 instead of the 4-4-2 that the press is claiming.
    If we go back to what we played before and Song and Wilshere respect themselves and guard the back when the full backs go up, then the front three will rarely need to be coming back for the ball and the attacking threat will be there throughout the match. What we have now needs a lot of tweaking from the Professor and loads of concentration on the part of the players.

  49. Can anyone tell me why Chelsea goes down with Essien’s injury? How will our defense do well when the DMs are behaving like attacking midfielders?

  50. This is a quote from wenger [ “Let’s go without any preconceived ideas, not [thinking] about any weakness of Manchester United ] I hope this man is joking and playing mind games.
    How the hell could you not think of the weakness of your opponent am sorry to say but if what wenger has said is true then we are screwed in this match our record against united and chelsea is atrocious so we need to really study these opponents as a matter all opponents should be studied.
    Weneger you better get the tactics right tomorrow and don’t just hope the players will find a way you have to give them the tactics and combination to player MAU can be beaten the tactics just has to be right
    Pls wenger am begging you put some tactical thought into the game please……….
    You stress me man….

  51. The person who says ‘NOW A DAYS ARSENAL IS IN A CRISES’, He has to be in a crises.By the way Evra’s opinion makes people upset.u can see he gives his opinion on Rooney(bad comment on his beloved play mate).

  52. Did anyone see the Newcastle – Pool game? If you look at a certain J Cole’s performance it makes me feel better saying now that I’m glad we didn’t sign hhim. I admit I was slightly gutted when Liverpool signed Joe on a free transfer. I concede that I really really wanted him to arrive at the Emirates. I thought it would have been a great signing and another added bonus would have been we nicked him off Chelsea under the noses of Spurs! When I think about it now maybe I was blinded by the fact Cole is a big name player. We don’t seem to sign many of those and the excitement could have caused me to be slightly blind to the fact we had an emerging player coming through the ranks who was ready to make a breakthrough into the first-team. Had we brought Cole to the club then obviously it would have blocked young Wilshere’s path into the side. Don’t get me wrong, Cole is an experienced player with plenty of ability but I’d rather have Jack Wilshere all day long. Now I have no such worries and I believe he is ready to play anywhere despite his age. I rwememver Wilshere played at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season and more than held his own. In fact, he was marvellous that day and impressed so much. The boy has talent and the fact he has been raised through the ranks with us makes him extra special. I hope he starts against United. I really believe he would shine there. He has the potential to become an Arsenal great. I think people are quick to ccriticise Wenger for his dealings in the transfer market & yes he gets things wrong. Who doesn’t? What I will say is this is one decision he got spot on.

  53. I’m really, really anticipating the ManYoo v Arsenal. Why? That c**t of Evra has spoken again, that’s why. I’m French, that means that I really dislike the guy to start with, especially after the shambles of the World Cup for which I believe he bares a fair part of the responsibility: he is responsible for the team going on strike because a guy that insulted the coach was sent home. In my opinion, going on strike for this was truly a disgrace and is quite sadly also utterly French.

    Back to the topic: Evra attacks once again Arsenal as not being able to win trophies. This is the men vs boys story all over again. Why does he bash Arsenal like that ? Is he in fact jealous of the style of play that Arsenal has developed and that brands us as a team apart of the others (albeit a non-trophy winning one)? I don’t know, nor I care. Evra should learn to shut up as this serves no othe purpose than infuriating fans of the opposing team. Bragging before a game is just stupid, wait to see how the games go or you might look like a fool come tonight…

    Now what I am just hoping for is that Arsenal will trash ManYoo comprehensively, with goals from Nasri and Wilshere and superb saves from Fabianski (dream on…). Come on Arsenal, you owe us fans a major win, especially after losing to the Sp**s. I’m not going to say anything further as the game will do all the talking. I’m going to sound like a Liverpool fan, but hell: This is our Year !

  54. Let’s not waste our words on this bloody idiot, the only medicine for his sickness is a good wallop later on today……….say 3-1 for good measure.

  55. If Arsenal win at Old Trafford we can go into other big games knowing that a draw will be enough to keep our rivals (Chavs and the other Mancs) at bay. If the lads didn’t have enough inspiration already, then Evra and Ji Sung Park (who gives us trash talk, and can’t be serious given that the fact he hardly plays) have added fuel to the fire that should be burning in our warriors’ (mainly Eboue’s) bellies.

    Tactics is what will win us the game tonight. We should play our offence to match to their defence, i.e. Theo Walcott should start the game on the left playing against a weaker defender than Evra, who would have a much harder time against Andrey Arshavin.

    Alex Song and Denilson, sit back and defend, If we have six attacking these two and our centre backs should not venture too far forward. In past games we have exposed on the counter, so let’s stick true to our away tactics and be ruthless and aggressive for the full 90 minutes.

    Also, someone explain why Djourou is not the first choice centre back out of the three we have fit. He has been immense and we need him to try and eliminate the aerial threat that Man United pose.

    Either way, maximum respect to the Arsenal away boys, who at every game (well that I’ve been to, at Everton and Wolves) have always been roaring in full voice. This might just be the difference that translates onto the team, so hopefully the home boys can match your desire and passion to sing in full force for the club.

    Monday is more vital than just three points, it’s the building block for December.

    If we lose this match, then United might just go five points ahead when they beat Blackpool. But if we win, then Chelsea will be sweating to beat us, and we can play on the break against them.

    A proud Gooner of 14 years, I don’t want to be moaning about the big games.

  56. @Davidinlondon, i feel Asnl will stand a good chance if they pass the ball very quickly from back to front in order to stretch MU. This will give Theo/Nas/Arshav a chance (if they start) to get at their defence in a one v one situation. Unfortunately i believe Arnsl will build the play too slow which means they will loose the ball alot in the final third after 50 passes and MU will break very quickly. Its time for your boys to stand up and be counted………good luck.
    Up de ammers

  57. Yes evra is gobby, but the worst pain is the truth. The premier league is littered with our cast offs- admittedly moat players r not any better or up to what we’d need to WIN SOMETHING. But after watching last nights inept display I was reminded of the way we played Chelsea. And our capitulation against spurs. It’s really time for all of us to wake up. Last nights performance was truly pitiful. We did not have one shot on goal close to challenging their geriatric keeper.
    Our first half tactics were training school, our second half tactics were training school and after enduring Wengers gobby comments for 5 years on why we’re consistently short of the mark when it matters it’s time he went off and managed – perhaps the French national team training school cos I for one am sick to death of watching a team which flatters to deceive, pretty at times brilliant, but when it’s exam time flunk it every time. Evra is an arrogant …. But he’s right

  58. Enlacer de vingt-cinq ou trente sous, ou bien en favoritisme des accusés, de configuration fort et de la maison un plantureux propriétaire. Déduire bien ce qu’elle fait, et il vouloir les voix idiome non moins que au fond cet habitant se comporter que, dans ses toile blancs.

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