Predict Arsenal v Liverpool score and win Pelé Sports shoes

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Liverpool and the first home game of the Premier League season is just around the corner.

Will we win? Will we lose? Will we draw? For once the answer to that question really matters.

You see, the excellent folks at Pelé Sports have once again thrown some lovely gear my way to give you guys a reward for all your support and contributions to the blog.

This time around I’ve got some shoes to give away: specifically a pair of either Pelé Sports Radiums (and indoor futsal shoe) or the Pelé Sports 50/50s (for turf/astroturf).

Pelé Sports Radiums

It’s a Twitter-focused competition so to win all you have to do is predict the score, tell us what colour shoes you’d like (follow the link above) and tweet your reply to @afcblog and @pelesports, along with the appropriate URL link ( for the Radiums or for the 50/50s).

For example:

“@pelesports @afcblog Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool – The Radiums in black please!

“@pelesports @afcblog Arsenal 1-0 Liverpool – The 50/50s in blue!”

So, a final reminder: @pelesports and @afblog on Twitter, enter your score, tell us what colour and style shoes you want and post the appropriate link as shown above.

Good luck.

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