Player Ratings: Arsenal v Manchester City

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Arsenal 0
Manchester City 0

Lukasz Fabianski – Has been in the firing line for the past week but was under no such pressure during the match. Had very little to do throughout the whole encounter apart from the odd high ball or tame cross. 6

Bacary Sagna – Defensively solid. He kept Craig Bellamy quiet for the entire encounter which is no easy task, and he was strong in each tackle. Offensively, though, he left a bit to be desired. His crossing was off the mark and he never seemed to be on the same wavelength as winger Theo Walcott. 6.5

Sol Campbell – Martin Keown said earlier this week that Sol deserved a new deal and I’m inclined to agree. His form has been great in recent weeks and that continued with another huge performance, winning countless headers and tackles throughout the match. 7.5

Mikael Silvestre – Wasn’t as busy as Sol but still hardly put a foot wrong. Kept City’s forward line at bay with a number of strong tackles and vital interceptions. His experience got him through the game though, as he faded towards the end. 7

Gael Clichy – Good performance at left back. One of the few players trying to spark something with a number of marauding touchline runs and a couple of threatening crosses that unfortunately failed to meet a head. If everyone showed his energy we’d have dominated the match. 7.5

Tomas Rosicky – Did his best to try and create something in the midfield but ultimately failed. Like most of his teammates he lacked any sort of flair or creative nous, and as a result he was easy for the City defenders to deal with. Largely anonymous overall. 5.5

Alex Song – Moved back into his  natural midfield role where he began to excel once again. Probably the best in an average Arsenal midfield, as he covered plenty of ground throughout the course of the match and made numerous strong challenges. 7

Abou Diaby – When he’s on he’s absolutely devastating, but he proved today that those ‘on’ days are too few and far between. Was up to his old trick of holding on to the ball for far too long, and rarely did he even attempt to win it back. Offered little to no drive or penetration, either. 5

Theo Walcott – As mentioned earlier he didn’t really click with Sagna and often left him exposed or failed to cover when the Frenchman overlapped. City’s deep-lying defence prevented Walcott from utilising his speed to its full capabilities, and his final ball was lacking. 5.5

Samir Nasri – Often looked as though he was the only attacking player capable of providing some sort of threat today. He was his usual scheming self, buzzing around the eighteen yard box in a menacing fashion, attempting to set up his teammates. This was all in vain though as none of them seemed to be on the same wavelength. 7

Robin van Persie – You can tell he’s not match fit just yet, as he was sluggish on and off the ball and he his touch was heavy to say the least. He was isolated as the lone striker and was given little time on the ball by a plucky City backline. I would have started Bendtner, personally. 6

Eboue – 5
Bendtner – 6


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14 thoughts on “Player Ratings: Arsenal v Manchester City

  1. after last week’s debacle(worst in my 40 years following the arse) was ready to campaign for losing out to shoot for europa league silver next season, but have to support the jersey, no matter what. How can anyone say fabianski is any use when every fly ball is an adventure? love clichy and sagna. energy and sense excellent. has sol made a deal with the devil? savvy and physicality outstanding. can’t say the same for silvestre, though. song always forces the game in the best way. need both RvP and Nic up front, rest of the attack midgets spend too much time going side to side. walcott and eboue need to run at people with and without the ball, same for arsh whenever he gets back. 3rd place is worth it, no extra qualifying games. wait til next year; we did have more than our share of key injuries. what a horrible thing to have to root for blues against the manure. who is a worse human being: Terry or Evra? no more sir alex the wonderful!

  2. erm no i think rosicky nd diaby played wel nd shuld be rated higher cmon diaby took on viera very wel nd rosicky ran arond as if his life depended on it dey both tried

  3. I think that this rating bussiness has gone to pots! In my thinking, it has become an expression of who you like and very little else. I reckon your assessment is wrong especially in connection with diaby. Perhaps rating has become a statement in personal indulgience.

  4. Rating players will always be subjective. There are very many variables to consider, particularly tv angles. Tv follows the ball, hard to see what is happening off the ball sometime.

    I think Aiden does a fair job of rating the players. Most of the time I share his sentiments.

  5. Darragh – you’re right about subjective; however, over 90 minutes a player’s overall contribution is not impacted by TV angles.

    I thought Clichy was solid on defense, but less than avg on attack. I love his energy, but he cannot place a cross in a dangerous place.

    Nasri was our problem on attack. Nasri was not on the same wavelength as his teammates! ( not vice versa) Do we see Cesc dribbling all over the pitch? Too much individual showmanship, Nasri is beating players with the ball and others just stop making runs.

    To say Sagna was not on same wave length as Theo – you are implying Sagna’s problem, yet anyone who watches Theo play understands this kid is deficient in decision making with the ball.

    Theo – the most obvious problem with this player is he cannot link play in our system & City shut down his use of pace. Bendtner would have been a much better option to start on the right.

  6. Well, arsesession, if that is your real name, you contradict yourself on the Nasri point, saying he was deficient and ‘beating players with the ball and the others just stop making runs’. Why are they not making runs? Because they are lazy? I don’t buy the argument that its because Nasri is attempting to show off or anything, I don’t think he is that type of player – could it be because certain other players are being too lazy to make the correct run (Walcott might come to mind – you’re right, sometime his decision making is suspect, but he is still relatively inexperienced).

    This is a problem with a lot of commentary. We expect relatively young players to play like old heads. This is why the Wenger youth experiment might need another season. Though I would welcome a bit more of experience on the pitch. Sol’s contribution in the second half of the season has proven that experience does count for something in this league.

  7. I don’t have a problem with the ratings at all, but it does seem a bit pointless to me. If this is what we can expect from our “squad depth” and “fringe” players, then boy do we have a problem. As I said the last time I posted, we continue to just pass the ball around the opposing 18 yard box, and never actually try to do something worth while with the ball. Whether it is our best players or our squad players filling in for injured ones, we should look a bit more lively than we do and should certainly be able to create more chances than we do. It’s all a bit boring, and I’m afraid to say that I think we need a big injection into the squad going on next season. We need a serious boost in our squad to win the trophies that we covet. It’s obvious that we could care less about trophies, generally speaking, cause if we did we would have won an FA or Carling Cup in the past few years, but who really wants to win a trophy just to win a trophy. Arsenal wants to win a Premier League title or a Champions League title. Yeah, there is money to be had by winning any trophy, but the others just seem so ordinary and not worthwhile. Arsene seems to agree. If we do want to win either of the top two titles, then we must strengthen our squad. We need at least 3-4 players to have a realistic chance or taking home either of those trophies next year. Hopefully, Arsene thinks so too. We just looked so ordinary out there yesterday that it frustrates the hell out of me. Here’s to finishing in the third and being a Gunner for life! Love live the Arsenal Red…

  8. I will comment on the blog next season cause i see no reason to continue thinking about a wasted sxeason.I dont know however whether there is a league game we have won with Sol and silv in the back.Dont be fooled we just need another Vermalen to take up Gallas position.Until that French rascal buys players in key positions am not renewing my season ticket.Its hopeless to be fooled by one man.We meet next season.

  9. I think it was a draw because ManCity didn’t force much, they were quiet, I don’t know if it would have been a draw if they would have done more, they were satisfied with that draw, and Arsenal couldn’t do more, not the worst score for Arsenal regarding the last defeats, but of course you always expects a goal,
    I think Rosicky was better than a five, though anonymous
    then I remember a quite good shot by Diaby, I would give him points for that, van Persie had a nice free kick
    I think Bendtner received the ball one time in a promising position but he is not the quickest with his first touch and just turning around with a shot even if there are someone on your neck
    overall one can’t be too critical at the moment, though one game should they win of the remaining at least
    end of the season, with disappointment in the bones
    seem to be quite difficult 😎
    ah and Silvestre I would rate worse because he slipped again when Adebayor burst towards the goal, I can’t see him falling down, they have to chase even if they lose the duel, I don’t like this falling down, I don’t believe he had to,
    and then the players seemed to have been a little bit frightened with Ade, my impression, but god thanks he wasn’t as agressive and successful as he could be…..


  10. abou diaby 5? i saw him bother viera all day and even saw him took the only shot that got wenger up from his seat and saw given replaced. the ratings here are blind

  11. I was wondering if some of you watched the same game as I did – reading some of the rating comments makes it seem unlikely.
    Both Nasri and Rosciski had good games – however if one has lacklustre forwards – to whom do you lay off the ball once the man has been passed – The likes of Walcott? The fleetfootd schoolbot without a soccer brain?He hopefully will yet develop a football brain.
    Glitchi was outstanding as well as Song and Diaby – however, you need eleven payers in a side… all in cohesion – this was lacking – some good individual performances but very second rate as a team!

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