Palacio will not join Arsenal

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Update: It seems that speculation surrounding Rodrigo Palacio’s move to Arsenal has been confirmed as being fake. Palacio’s agent Roberto Depetri has dismissed the rumours as being completely untrue:

“The truth is the information surprised me. There is nothing of anything. No intermediaries, or officials, have spoken with either me or Boca.”

So, just disregard the other stuff that is mentioned about Palacio later in the post. Back to the drawing board then…

Fabianski made his debut for Arsenal against BarnetArsenal take care of Barnet

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of updates over the past few days. I have been relaxing on the beaches of Byron Bay and I must say; the weather was fantastic. I planned on updating the blog from my laptop but the hotel I was staying at had no wireless internet access. In the end, it was actually quite refreshing to get away from all the false transfer rumours and dodgy stories about the demise of the Arsenal Football Club for a few days.

Indeed, when I arrived home I wasn’t overly surprised to see that not a lot had happened involving the club. Arsenal scored a comfortable 2-0 win over Barnet in their traditional season curtain-raiser but apart from that, there really hasn’t been much going on. Obviously, I missed the Barnet game, so I’m not really in a position to comment but according to reports from Gunnerblog – who attended the match – Arsenal put in a solid performance. You can see highlights of the match and a post-game interview with Arsene Wenger here.

Wenger did not want Henry to leave ArsenalWenger wanted Henry to stay

News since the Barnet game has been limited to stories surrounding Reyes – surprise, surprise; he’s leaving – and some comments from Wenger indicating quite clearly that he did not force Thierry Henry out of Arsenal.

“Thierry Henry’s decision [was] down to him. It’s not my decision. He wanted to make the move. He’s nearly 30. Maybe he didn’t have the patience anymore to let the young team develop. You can understand that. It was a tough decision.”

It’s worth noting that these are the first comments that Wenger has made about the departure of Henry and they completely dismiss any claims that the Frenchman’s decision to leave was down to anyone else but himself. Indeed, I would suggest the recent divorce to his English wife of four years, Nicole Merry, may have been one the defining reasons for Henry’s departure.

There is a chance that Palacio may join ArsenalArsenal to sign Argentine striker?

Remarkably, it seems that Henry’s exit may have paved the way for Argentine international Rodrigo Palacio to join Arsenal. According to reports from Argentina the Boca Juniors striker is set to complete a £15million move to Arsenal. Palacio was apparently set to move to Barcelona but as the Catalan giants were able to lure their first-choice target Henry to the club the Argentine’s potential move to Spain fell apart.

Whilst I refuse to jump at the transfer rumours just yet, there’s no doubt that a potential move involving Palacio makes sense to me. Arsenal have lost Henry and Julio Baptista (who scored a cracking goal in Brazil’s 3-0 demolition of Argentina in final of the Copa America – where were those goals last season when Arsenal needed them!?) and have so far only brought in Croatian striker Eduardo da Silva. It could be argued that Baptista has already been replaced by the return of Nicolas Bendtner from his loan spell with Birmingham but the truth is that the Danish striker is still unproven at the top level.

The signing of Palacio may suggest Wenger will switch to a 4-3-3Palacio could make it at Arsenal 

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Palacio’s possible transfer to Arsenal from a personal perspective is that I have actually seen Palacio play live; twice during the 2006 Apertura Championship in Argentina. Boca lead the the Apertura for almost the entire season before losing their last three matches, including the league-final against Juan Sebastian Veron’s Estudiantes.

I saw the final two games of the season and the word from the locals before the match was that Palacio along with midfielder Fernando Gago – who has since joined Real Madrid – were Boca’s standout players. And whilst Boca played poorly and lost both matches I thought Palacio was impressive. He never got on the scoresheet but made plenty of chances for himself and the players around him and showed enough to me to suggest that he could make it at Arsenal.

If Palacio did sign for Arsenal it would all but confirm my suspicion that Wenger is moving towards an attacking 4-3-3 formation which would function without out-and-out wingers, something the club severely lacks at this point in time. Whilst I have been baying all summer for the signing of a quality winger the pieces of the puzzle that Wenger is attempting to complete point to his intent to play three versatile forwards as opposed to two out-and-out strikers and two wide players.

I have some friends whom I met during my stay in Buenos Aires and am awaiting any further information about Palacio-Arsenal situation from them. Stay tuned.

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47 thoughts on “Palacio will not join Arsenal

  1. ok first comment, spanish fry

    well i think rodrigo palacio is a signing we could need, again we have not been linked all summer with geniune wingers, so i do think wenger has 4-3-3 in mind, the holland formation.

    we need to make full use of RvP.

    but if we do sign him i think we are then ready for the 4 competitions

  2. just got it confirmed, the rumour was a fake

    some guy just started it and it went all over the place, it was so good it went on the sun as an exclusive

    but anyways i can see wenger signing anyone else, so beware people he is going to stick it out with this squad

  3. sorry man am bored lol

    but i think simao sabrosa of benfica is available
    we should go for him he is 27 and at £10m

    atletico madrid want him and he is a winger we need and can play on both flanks

    he has champions league experience and a regular at international level

    i think wenger should look at him, he is quick and mobile as well..

    it can give us a different option as well

  4. Was a fake. And the guy who done it is a c***. As Arsenal fans we have to cling our hopes on snippets of nothing, why is an Argentine toying with our emotions? Shouldn’t he be busy pissing off Brazilians or something?

    I said though that Wenger will wait for Reyes to leave and I still believe it. Just f****** hurry up and sell him.

  5. Whatever it is, we need one more signing to complete, either a LW or another striker. Ade will be off so if we have an injury problem, we’ll be in real trouble. Just for fun. Spurs seem to be spending a lot of money all meant to upstage Arsenal for a CL position but not the title? It’s really funny how unambitious they are and obsessed with Arsenal’s success. What makes them think that Arsenal will be fighting for 4th but not the title? Let’s see how the league unfolds.

  6. I expect Arsenal to challenge a little higher up than people expect. I’m not sure we have the goods to win the league next season but I enjoy the position we are in at the moment. A lot of people are writing off our chances and I would love the club to sneak up on Chelsea and Manchester United and cause some surprises.

  7. It was revealed on the same blog that started it sf, I can’t be bothered to find the link.
    We need someone. Wenger said ‘at the moment’, Reyes has yet to be sold and copa america is two days finished. But this does deflate my optimism towards next season. We need one or two more players assuming Reyes leaves. We need them player(s) to make it the most unpredictable title race since I started following football. If we fucking well buy the player or two we need, we will be in a race with two sides that won’t (yes, won’t) be as good as they were last year, and liverpool who believe that they have a genuine chance.

  8. Hi there Gabriel. Samuel Eto’o is just not going to happen. He’s happy at Barcelona and there is absolutely no way he will be brought to Arsenal. I agree Samuel, we still need one more signing to round off the summer. But who will it be?

  9. guys, its safe to say that if you see the rumour in a paper or online, its false. Wenger operates WELL below radar, and its very unlikely Da Sun or Standard are going to break the big news. IE.. Anyone hear of Da Silva’s link? Sagna only after he was pictured with our kit on! While Palacio would be interesting, its not going to happen. Only because its in the Press! And as far as Eto’o, its not as unlikely as you might think. Again, Eto’o CHERISHES Wenger, and was putting pen to paper when Barca stepped in with £100k+/week. He wont join this year, but he also will not finish his carrer at Barca. Arsenal is the only other team he would play for. But it would take Kroenke money to seal the deal, and that of course is conjecture!!!

  10. Sam Nix-‘But it would take Kroenke money to seal the deal’ kroenke hasn’t got any money to buy Arsenal. He’s worth USD2.0 million at the last count and we don’t even know his net worth which is after all liabilities. Arsenal is worth GBP0.9 billion, so the only way kroenke can buy Arsenal is to borrow money; meaning that Arsenal will borrow for kroenke to buy Arsenal since fans are the ones who’ll eventually finance the repayment. Arsenal is financially secured with earnings for match days trippling and those from conferences and tourism pouring in; very soon highbury flats will bring in 150+ to enable Arsenal write off a large chunk of the stadium debts. This year alone, I’m told that we’ll be reporting takings of GBP200.0 million. So we don’t need Kroenke, I don’t know why some of us don’t understand this financial issue. Arsenal has the money to buy any player that we need, it’s not the board its Arsene who chooses who to buy and the board has always provided money for it. The fact is Arsene don’t buy big names, he elects to buy budding stars and groom them to be greats hence, Henry, Viera, Petit, Overmars, Cesc and now Theo, Harvard,Fiabianski and so forth. The money to buy is there, its Arsene’s decisions that’s why we’re not seeing any of these stars in the team.

  11. look arsenal aint going to buy anyone, maybe some youngster but not for the first team squad

    he has said, he is happy with the squad and will suprise people this year and he is confident in them

    so well i dont see any signings maybe angel di maria and yoan gouffran but again they be loaned out

  12. Harlan.. your preaching to the choir. “I dont know why some of us don’t understand this financial issue”. I know as much about this as anyone. You may be a bit quick on the draw partner.. Money is money, borrowed or not. It’s not doing to bad for Utd is it? We are the Bank Of England team, but the ownership trend is concerning. All of us here know God doesnt buy big names. When he does, he tends to get stung. Do you truly believe Wenger wouldnt bid for Eto’o if he became available(which IS a possibility)? If a player wants to play for only one other team(such as Henry), then the transfer fee doesnt tend to be too extreme. ie. £16m+ for Henry. Anyway, my innocent kroenke utterance obviously got your attention, and I am even more assured that the Arsenal faithful would not welcome such ownership!!!

  13. WALE: Buying an African really isn’t going to solve our problem now is it.
    Kroenke can afford to buy Dein’s shares and that’s it.
    SF – Asking me who Wenger will buy is like asking some cheese who it’s going to be.
    The rumour that Gilles is in Argentina still exists post-Palacio, so… Keiran Richardson for FIVE POINT FIVE F***ING MILLION? The world done gone mental I say.

  14. dont know if anyone saw mexico in the U-20 World cup, but Andres Guardado looked pretty sweet out left Mexico.. I dont think anymore strikers will arrive, as Vela may be back in another years time(!?). When Reyes goes, he may not feel the need to buy, but if Freddie goes too, then he may have to. Whatever the case, this season is going to be amazing.

  15. Guardado already signed for a team in Spain for 10million, maybe athletico i think? He’s not an option, again i would LOVE to see Eto’o come to Arsenal, but its not gonna happen, Milano have made it clear he is their number one priority, and they will offer money Arsenal wont be able to compete with if he gave signs that he wanted to leave Barca or Barca didnt want him. I really do wish Arsenal could sign him tho.

  16. hey people about surtadays friendly, ithink Theo is gonna make it big this season.. Van Persie may still need to freshen up a bit and Adebayor should pull up his socks.
    Talking of Ade, i think i noticed something that will make him score..Counter Attacks and Fast touch games. This dude is actually fast in touches (picks out guys quickly and funnily enough he always picks out the least expected guy which puts the defence at a disadvantage). In fact i see him playing a more of supportive role rather than the leading striker and i think that’s is why wenger likes using him coz wenger said that he wants a team that doesn’t depend on an individual to score but rather the entire team.

    Lastly, i still hope we gonna get a truly wide player. and am i the only one who saw potential in Randal?

  17. Sorry SF, must have misread yo’ question. Realistically (yes, realistically), Quarsema and Huntelaar.
    Or – 20 million and Fabregas for Messi and Xavi?

  18. i think we should of signed andres guardardo he is a left winger we needed but he has signed for deportivo

    ricardo quaresma, huntelaar we aint going to sign them.

    only transfer happening are freddie and reyes, maybe we can get valeri bojinov involved am not sure, he is for sale

    angel di maria i can see us signing but thats it, wenger has said he is happy with his squad, he does not want to make too many changes

  19. I was unaware of Guardado’s transfer… a shame we didnt have a go… Being Mexican tho, it isnt a sheock hes gone to LL. Regarding Eto’o and AC Milan, again I dont believe we will be priced out of a move(whenever that may haooen). The only way he would leave Barca is if he wanted to. Thus driving his transfer value down(a la £16m for Henry). So while I dont see him leaving anytime soon, I do believe we would be the only other club he would be interested in. Eto’o told French magazine L’Equipe: “I love Arsène Wenger, he is one of the best coaches in the world. I could have played for Arsenal some years ago; I would have loved to have had Arsène Wenger as my coach. In the end I went to Barca, and I am proud to wear that shirt(bastard).” I do belive its possible, just not right now… I also agree with GunnerShabz that we wont see Quaresma or Huntelaar. Doesnt fit Wenger’s buying M.O. Certainly not interested in losing Fabby for Messi or Xavi. Yes, not even Messi. Walcott needs to step his game up another level, and possibly get used to playing on the wing… Denilson/Diaby/Fabby midfield will rule the premiership for years to come too. We also have Merida coming thru who I believe will be a star.

  20. We still need wide men in midfield, can anyone tell me if we have any coming through in the reserves and this is the reason AW has been reluctanct to buy any till now.

    What position does Nacer barazite play ?

    Hello Gooners,I would just like your thoughts on who is going to be Arsenal’s star man this year.Since Mr,Thierry Henry has left it has given everyone in the team the chance to become our new idol,So who is it going to be?
    It looks like Diaby to me.
    Again who has a good chance of becoming top goalscorer in the premiership next season? ”My answer is Robin Van Persie”

  22. Klon – Nacer Barazite is an attacking player who has been used all across the midfield and as a striker in his career. Basically he’s an attacking utility player.

  23. Hi! I dont want to sound off-topic but mexican media reports that Carlos Vela (mexican triker signed last year and on loan to Salamanca) is in London right now because he will be part of the “first team” for this season after talked with a member of Arsenal (who was watching him in the world cup sub20) in Canada last week.

  24. MexicanGunner – How reliable would you say the information is? Could you give us a loose translation of the article because I know not a lot of our readers can speak Spanish?

  25. well spanish you should, ur name is spanish fry?

    anyways id love to see carlos vela next season but i got a feeling he may be on loan till jan at least

    wenger has said he was going to buy one elite player but plans change when theirry henry left.

    now why cant he still buy this player, who was he???

    do u think it was franck ribery but wenger knew henry was leaving so he left it?

    am so curious to find out who this “elite player” was….

    any guesses people?

  26. well id love to see carlos vela at the emirates next seaon, we welcome anyone at the moment to strenghten the squad

    so attacking options are

    van persie
    carlos vela

    theo walcott is going to be a winger

    now people are you convinced of that attack

    its an attack full of mobile attackers, speed and technique

  27. Gunnershabz: I truly don’t believe it was Ribery. Ribery went to Bayern a long time before Henry and we offered his precious champions league football he wanted. If he wanted him, he’d be here.
    There are a bunch of potentially world class players changing hands this summer and like i’ve said before, two that still haven’t: Quaresma and Huntelaar. I know it’s like beating a dead horse, but trust Arsene. Quaresma at least, could have gone to Athletico but didn’t – he is still available while Arsene still hasen’t got rid of Reyes. I got shot down on gunnerblog for suggesting 6m+Reyes=Quaresma, but if I was Wenger (and I’m really not) that’s what I’d be aiming for.

  28. Also, Vela+Merida supposedly are going to be going on loan to some newly promoted La Liga team. True or not I don’t know, but if he goes, we need a striker still, we only have 4.

  29. well the info is from the biggest newspaper and is a trustly paper, not sensationalist so I think is true but I reaaly hope Arsenal give him in loan for another season (here the media says that Atletico de Madrid want him in loan also a guy named Fran Merida, but all this is a bit rumor) honestly I dont think he is ready for Arsenal

    and the article basically says that he was in Salamanca to oficially rule out of the team but Salamanca have an agree with Arsenal to obtain two players in loan and one will be some brazilian guy and the other one is unknown and the Vela have to go to England to talk with Arsenal

    and at the end says literally: Arsenal have all the intention to put him in the first team because they send a member of the club to Canada to see him in the world cup.



  32. arenal should buy robinho because arsenal are in desprate need of a striker he is perfect for da job, arsenal should buy him. van persie and adebayor are brilliant strikers but robinho is just simply magic he will help us win da prem.

  33. hi its me again i cant help it robinho exelent i want him to join arsenal arsene wenger should go for robinho he will make win more cups i now we won the emirates cup and the armsterdam cup but we need to win the prem robinho will make us win the prem we need him he is a brilliant and fantasic player van persie and robinho are going to do well together

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  35. its high time for the GUNNERS to go for some Argentine signings bring some mixture of south americans to emirates bear in ming looking at some skilled and fantastic players like palacio, saviola,d’alexandro, and many more to watch out for them! wenger should go for such players its high time enough of french players put some spiece on the team and come up with some good mixture.

    cheers mate! Go Gunners!

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