No signing yet as things go quiet on the Arsenal transfer front

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Well, from a strictly Arsenal perspective, that was an anti-climax if ever I’ve seen one. The transfer window has slammed shut and as far as I and every other supporter in the world can summise, it looks as those Arsene Wenger has not made the purchase that we all thought he would. Bugger.

As time got closer to midnight the strongest rumours linked both Xabi Alonso and Miguel Veloso to the club. Although the sources weren’t overly reliable there has been a suggestion that Alonso in particular was even down at the club speaking with Wenger about a new deal. At this stage, however, we’re none the wiser.

There is of course a reasonable chance that the manager has made a signing and just hasn’t announced it yet. The window did shut at 12 midnight in the UK after all and it’s not inconceivable to think that Wenger and whoever he might have signed decided that they wanted some sleep before announcing to the world just what had gone on.

The other peculiarity with regards to a potential signing is the situation of a certain Stephen Appiah. As ‘SHARD’ cleverly pointed out in the comments of the previous post, Appiah is currently a free agent and as such is not bound by the constraints of the transfer window. Indeed, he can be signed at any time as he is not contractually bound by any club.

It might seem like a long shot, but I believe that until we hear from Wenger via the official Arsenal website we can assume nothing.

Regardless, the reaction to the lack of a signing by Arsenal supporters on this blog has been quite surprising. Some seem to think that because Wenger has failed to bring in a defensive midfielder he should be sacked. My immediate reply would be for them to grow up, but I think I’d rather speak a little more about this when things pan out a little more.

Given the disappointment that everybody is feeling at this stage I also don’t overly feel like commenting on the other news that has floating around. Instead, I’ll quickly summarise it below:

  • Mark Randall and Kieran Gibbs have signed new contracts at Arsenal.
  • Gael Clichy thinks Arsenal will be fine even if Wenger doesn’t buy. I don’t know how well that will go down with the masses just now, but fair play to him.
  • Arsenal have signed Stephen Appiah. Just kidding. Sorry.

And that’s seriously all that’s going on.

As a final thought I want to make it clear that I – like many of you – am feeling pretty disappointed just at the moment. I really wanted a defensive midfielder to be signed and I will be quite upset if they are not. But there is really no reason getting worked up about it until we hear what Wenger has to say on the situation.

So keep the faith, cross your fingers and try not to hurt yourself. And if anything else happens I will let you know immediately. Cheers.

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83 thoughts on “No signing yet as things go quiet on the Arsenal transfer front

  1. Those calling for wenger’s head are definately shallow minded.Though we’ve been led to believe by wenger that he’s gonna buy a DM,and that has created much anxiety,nevertheless,in arsene i trust.

  2. Anybody waiting for a signing, I reckon is heartache. Eat ur hearts out.

    By the way…we’ve got Denilson who has the first touch of a Goat.

  3. its like a terminal disease this summer… Its hurts and it hurts even with a few bright lights( nasri), this setback is unsuprising. We can still fight but until Wenger changes the treatment… we are going nowhere

  4. Busheygooner, Bischoff is still gonna be out for a while so don’t count on him…Wenger also said it is a gamble on his talent (because of injuries)…

  5. As AW was at the reserves game last night, he obviously had no intention of making any additions to the sqaud. He is now putting his own principles ahead of the good of the team

  6. Wenger should not have any part of negotiating for the purchase of a player. He should nominate who he wants and then leave it to the directors to negotiate a price with the other club. That way he will not feel as if the money is coming out of his own pocket.

  7. “It’s a heartache,nothing but a heartache…”
    Next time if you can’t do something,please don’t lie.Cos a lie would have no sense unless the truth is there!

  8. Terry. He’s got be sat down and told that it is NOT his money, it’s the fans and we would rather him spend it than having it sitting in a bank.

  9. I’ve got my laptop working in full mode yesterday with BBC,newsnow,goonernews,setanta and for our latest 1-2 signings promised. But to no avail,disapointed as ever.

    I’m not even calling for wenger to be sacked. Just that he keeps saying we can win cl and epl, but that is easier said than done.

    We need a full un-injured squad, strength in depth and IF we have bought that 2 players we desperately need in midfield we can actually win it and not just come close to winning it. denilson is not the answer, he keeps losing or passing the ball to opponents!

    And why does wenger keep feeding us loyal fans with lies. Why does he not want to spent the money that is available. We have sold more than we bought.

    Long season ahead of us. We’ll have to support whoever is playing even if it’s the dreaded denilson and eboue in midfield; if cesc is rested or inj*red. I’m sure this youngsters will have an off day in away games i.e fulham. You can’t expect to play the same 11 week in week out and expect them to play like how they played against newcastle, Arsene, they’ll get tired!

    good job with the blog by the way, keep it up 😉

  10. “I’ve got my laptop working in full mode yesterday with BBC,newsnow,goonernews,setanta and for our latest 1-2 signings promised. But to no avail,disapointed as ever.”

    I think you speak for a lot of people. It’s a shame that no signing has been announced. No question.

  11. honestly i woke up this morning expecting to turn on sky sports and see arsene wnger with a quality EXPERIENCED midfielder, and what do i get, nothing.
    So how pissed off was i and no doubt the rest of the fans are. it’s not the first time the man’s lied but to be honest he’s not the only one to blame here as i’m sure the board played a big chance. Well we might as well get ready for UEFA cup football for next year then.

  12. So much negativity?? UEFA Cup.. really??
    So we did not buy!!!
    Do u guyz forget that we can buy in the Jan transfer window and at that time, we will have more options as teams will be eliminated from CL.

    I think that is the strategy…
    Ne thoughts on this…?

    I am fine if we dont buy as long as we get 3 points every game.

  13. You will end up very dissapointed this season Arsene because of your refusal to spend and if we don’t win anything this season(wich i suspect we wont) you should be sacked

  14. I’m not going to hate but I seriously cannot see why we haven’t signed one more player. Would it really hurt to sign an experienced DM. The board claim that theres money to spend but from the way we have been buying and the players have, we look poorer than half the teams in the premier league. I hope wenger knows what hes doing.

  15. I find it really funny that putting it onto the official website shows the headline:

    “Wenger – Eboue is becoming a pass master”

    It’s so hilarious under the circumstances I could cry.

  16. In my country, a housewife who goes to the market with money without procuring goods for the benefit of the family is guilty of two offences – stupid negligence, insensitivity. Both offences carry a simple penalty; go back to your parents for further training and let another take your place. This is applicable in the peoples’ case against Wenger.

  17. I understand what you are saying SF, eboue our new freaking pass master/saviour as a headline when sp*rs have got ‘Corluka and Pavlyuchenko officially joins Spurs as their headline. It’s ridiculous that my eyes are already watery!

    They do not know what freaking turmoil, anger and dissapointment we fans have been through and still have the guts to put up that article on eboue! Talk about perfect timings!!

  18. But guys, the most important thing, if Wegner doesn’t make any signings – my xbox360 fifa 09 team won’t be as good!

  19. Some fans have been acting childish a bit like a kid that doesn’t get his toy. Arsenal tried hard to sign Alonso last night for 14 Million but Rafa was not selling purely because he didn’t get Barry. It wasn’t to be.There is no point in buying a pile of crap just so people are happy.Wenger only buys when he thinks the player is right. In that sense we can’t complain too much. We Have Abu Diaby but We don’t have Abu Dhabi’s royal family to buy us Rhobino for 32 mllions. One thing I keept thinking about why didn’t Arsenal asked to loan Gattusso from Milan till January since they always want our players for nothing.He is not going to get many games anyway at Milan.I think Wenger was almost certain to land Alonso but because of the Barry situation went against him.Until January Now its going to be trial times for that Midfield position
    Fabregas- Denilson.(I hope not)
    Fabregas-Bischoff (When he is not sick)
    Fabregas-Ro-sicky(When he is not sick)
    Fabregas- Eboue(I hope not)
    and Possibly Fabregas-Toure
    We shall see.
    One more thing to all glory hunters out there pretending to support Arsenal. Now you can support Manchester City as now they have more money than Chelsea.
    Aresnal, Arsenal, Arsenal Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…..

  20. I don’t understand what all you quasi gooners are on about. On Saturday we witnessed a team performance of the highest order. It was beautiful to watch and made me feel so fucking good. Everybody in that side contributed. On the Sunday I watched Spuds(lol bottom) v Chelski and Villa v Pool. Both games made me realise how lucky we are. We produced pure football these other multi million pound sides performances could not compare in the slightest.
    We also have a bench full of players of high potential and still some injured players to come in when fit. We have a awesome squad and if Arsene couldn’t find anyone BETTER than what he has already, that’s cool. We are in for a great ride this year. The teams around around us have strengthened by splashing the cash, Arsene has relied on earlier judgements. We will be there , whether we win, (I hope so) or lose, really we are so lucky to be able to be part of a fantastic chapter in the Arsenal history. So stop slagging and get in behind the lads. I’m loving it!

  21. the deeper you love, the more you hate. i just can’t help but hate Wenger now…really…Whata shame when he said he’d like to give us a suprise at the end of the deadline day??So,nobody’s in,that’s so called a suprise???ANYBODY THERE AGREE??

  22. funny how we just want the best for our beloved arsenal, voice out our dissapointment on the promised signings by arsene himself made which were never met then we are called glory hunters pretending to support arsenal. typical form of defense.

    that’s all this ‘arsene know’ group has in their arguments.No one really is slagging the team when all we ask is replacement for flamini and additions to our squad.

    i’ve been supporting arsenal since i was a baby and will support whoever is playing for arsenal plus will always get behind arsenal no matter what happens.

    but arsene is only human he does have his flaws too, does he need to wait until the final minute to buy alonso when liverpool were really willing to sell him at £16m before the cl qualifiers?

    Does arsene need to promise so much then ignore us fans completely, waiting anxiously for news on signings? If you dont want to buy in the first place, why made a statement of ‘i’ll buy before twente game as we are still short in midfield’ arsene’s words, not mine!

  23. Am upset there was no signing of a DM, we played well v Newcastle but our depth from there is no good. Diaby and Denilson will be used a lot more than expected now. Hopefully AW signs Appiah!

  24. Everton’s record signing is bigger than our record signing, and they’re broke while we’re traditionally the biggest club in England alongside Man United (Liverpool don’t count as they haven’t won the PL for 18 years).

  25. I do not see Diaby as a long term replacement he is a good tackler but in my opinion he loses the ball too much.

  26. U know where the 30 million wenger claims he have go to? well,it goes to treaing the injured players he always buys. Half the players we buy are always injured

  27. I love Arsene Wenger, and never ever want him to be sacked. BUT I HATE THAT MAN SO MUCH RIGHT NOW SRSLY!!!

    How hard is it to get a DM these days????
    Alonso / Toulalan / Veloso / Johnson / Joao Moutinho or De Jong from Hamburg wouldve been great replacements who would probably jump at a chance to play for Arsenal!! THATS 6 PLAYERS. HOW COULD YOU NOT AT LEAST SIGN ONE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  28. I think you all need to chill the fuck out.

    Go to hell or support other teams if you think we won’t be in top4, yeah you talked a lot of shit to the best manager we ever have. We challenge for title every year but 2 under his watch.

    If this team turned out to be champions, which I always believe they ll be, a lot of fucking arsenal fans are gonna have to eat a lot of their own words. Shit, talking crap about your own team I can’t believe it.

    I ll be supporting arsenal for life so I can wait to see this team hit thier true potential. Year I want wenger to sign worldclass players but he never does anyway, he made worldclass players, remember???

  29. Arsenal fans,while we all feel that we must whine,i hope u all do d whining within ourselfs-by this i mean within fellow arsenal fans.The moment we start doing it openly,we’re makin a mockery of gunners.Despite my disappointment at wenger for not signing a DM,i only keep such feelin to myself or fellow gunners,and still have time to mock spuds,chelski,manu fans.I hope u all get what i’m tryin to say.@SF,i wasn’t sayin appiah isn’t available,but like i said yesterdy,not the kind of guy for arsenal.

  30. I can’t say I am disappointed by not signing anyone. That is because I am happy that we didn’t. Whoever would have come in would have disrupted the team balance for a while and at the same time not being able to feature right away, and that would have cost us dearly.

    I am not sorry for fans who are responsible(in my opinion) for seting themselves up for disappointment. It is interesting to read from some fans who seems to know “exactly” what AW said and simultaneously missing 70% of what he said from the very statements they read it from!!!!

    AW DID NOT promise a DEFINITE signing and all along he hinted that while he was open to the idea, he would only do it if the right conditions presented themselves and that the squad is good enough to compete. He promised a signing before FC Twente and he delivered. I don’t recal him saying the signing would have to be a DM. One could argue that Sylverstre’s signing has given AW more options in DM area by potentialy freeing Song and Djourou to play there. It is interesting that people would have been happy with Apiah and at the same time chose to ignore that we already have Song who has already outperformed Apiah in a major competition?!?!

  31. Sack Wenger for not making a signing? NO. That is not forward thinking. I am disappointed too but Wenger knows what he’s working with and he knows they need help. Let’s see what happens in the next few matches before we start losing our minds.

  32. AW has brought new and innovative ideas to not just Arsenal but the whole footballing world…His radicalisation of the training set up and hand in designing our glorious stadium show his expertise and passion…We may not have seen any silverware for a couple of years but we certainly should not be calling for his head…the team we lovingly cheer as individuals were nobodies until nutured by AW….the man is a legend and his clear vision on generating a team for the future with young talent grown through the exceptional facilities of Arsenal will certainly bring us success…he has brought us players such as Clichy, Fabregas, Ade, Toure, Sagna and now Nasri..exciting, young and all relatively inexperienced before joining us.. if he felt there was a chance on strengthening the squad with a new signing i am in no doubt that is what he would have done…however the season is a only a mere 3 games old and i am sure the style and class of football we will play will delight not only the nation but impress the whole world!

  33. I think some of you are ignornant. Telling others they arent true Arsenal fans cuz they want the best for their team. Wanting Arsenal to win trophies makes no one a glory hunter, winning trophies makes a club the best and everyone who loves Arsenal wants them to be the best, and saying sack Wenger, if thats someone opinion then it doesnt make them any less a fan. Come to Italia where managers are sacked even if they do win, and stats show Wenger hasnt won a trophy in quite a while. To me people are VERY patient with his broken transfer policies of not signing experienced players, many of us have stuck behind Wenger, even tho Arsenal havent finished where they have the potential to finsh. @ TayGoon, Wenger actually did promis a signing before the second leg of FC Twente.

    Fry saying “It might seem like a long shot, but I believe that until we hear from Wenger via the official Arsenal website we can assume nothing.” Those are my thoughts exactly, until Wenger explains why he didnt bring someone in, i wont beleive it. The man said he would bring at least one more midfielder in, and he has not been proven to be a liar. If it was Veloso maybe they are waiting for him to arrive in London for Portugal.

  34. Talkin about signing players,i think i wud’ve prefered a quality creative midfielder to replace fabregas when he’s injured because i saw that deficiency in d match against Twente(1st leg) and Fulham.When we have someone to control the attack,the DM has lesser work to’s not as if we’re havin no choice of DM,there is Song,Denilson(who needs to be more confident),Diaby(but i’ve never seen him play there,and the injury problem sucks).In the creative midfield role,we’re kind of short,apart from Fabre,i don’t think there’s really anyone to step up to that role.Rosicky is more injured than fit,Nasri is kind of comfortable in the wings.After pondering on there things,i at the end take succour in the fact that wenger knows best.I have never doubted his reasoning or capability,and i won’t begin to do so now.In arsene i trust.

  35. Im with you “Wildon” !!!!

    Im also very worried for Arsenal in the next FIFA 09
    it will be not so good and everybody will beat me on XBOX Live, damn

    it sucks.

    cheers mate

  36. i hope youre right but there is still possibilities that stephen appiah could sign and rumours that a possible loan move for Viera but i hope Arsene wenger will unveil a suprise signing tommorow

  37. dont write us off yet everyone was last year and were did that get us only the quatre finals and 3rd place 5pts away from winning the premiership,we have to look on the positive we have eduardo, rosicky, Diaby, Bischoff, Silvestre and Van Persie returning to form. We still have a week to sign a player on loan or free agent Stephen Appiah anyone. I will always support Arsene Wenger and any choice he takes.

    p.s stop fucking moaning

  38. i just read that stephen appiah was to have a medical for arsenal on september 4th for a weekly pay of 35,000 pounds a week. does anybody know if this is confirmed? it’s on his wikipedia page. he’s a free agent so he doesn’t need the transfer deadline. i hope this happens!!!

  39. Which is why i wouldnt believe it. Wiki also says Veloso will be joining Arsenal in January after Sporting agreed a fee but Veloso and Arsenal couldnt agree personal terms.

  40. Yeah, there’s not much use believing Wikipedia. The info on there changes whenever people want to stir the pot.

    Until Wenger talks on the official site I am not assuming anything. It would be so funny if Appiah signed after what I said previously, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

    I just wish SOMEONE would put us out of our misery. 🙁

  41. Maybe Wenger is having a little fun with us. I would be delighted to here something as well as Napoli fans today were banned from traveling all season to away matches. Looks like im staying home all season.

  42. Yes.. once again the Serie A is marked by violence, this time people destroyed a train going up to Roma and attacked police tryin to stop them.. But I think this will just piss everyone here off and they will riot after Napoli games, instead of doing it in other cities.

  43. just on the Veloso situation this is a quote from him

    “I never thought about leaving Sporting to join another club,” (taken from setanta)

    So it looks like the WIki stuff ain’t true, but in the past players have said thy wont leave their clubs, but then they do

    E.G. Rafael Van Der Vaart said he was not leaving hamburg this season, but then he left a couple of weeks after i read this.

    I read this interview with van der vaart in the arsenal Emirates cup progamme so it’s not from a shabby source

  44. and on another note…im angry now…Anderson has been pulled out of the brazilian squad to face chile in the world cup qualifiers due to an “undisclosed injury”..funny that when hes about the fit midfielder utd have!!! Undisclosed….guarentee he’ll be playing against the pool next Sat!!! One rule for utd one rule the rest of us!

  45. ive always thought i should dislike Piers but ive never been fully able too…..great article and so true on so many fronts…nice one RBP

  46. I want Appiah… He is the ideal fit IMO… Viera would be nice but his status as an Arsenal legend may hinder the growth of the young players… Either would be nice but I really want Appiah

  47. Flamini wasnt and isnt a defensive midfielder. He is an allrounder with good control, some vision and a good engine. We have several like that and it is fascinating to see who will step up this season. But dont forget Ramsey because he is the most promising all round central midfielder in the game. Arsenal cant play their dream stuff with a Makelele type sat there with his pipe and slippers.

  48. I would even take Appiah, we just need a DM. Denilson scored, so what, i think it was more a case of against Newcastle Arsenal showed the rest of the world how to play football, and tho Denilson will be good he’s not ready. Diaby (people keep mentioning him) He is always hurt and even when hes not he looks lazy going back in defence, not a good tackler and really plays similar style of football as Fab i dont think they compliment each other at all as Flamini and Fab did. Song im not impressed with for DM, he just doesnt do alot when he’s in. If Wenger didnt sign anyone and doesnt sign Appiah.. I’d rather see Silvestre partner Gallas and move Toure into the DM spot.

  49. I have been watching Appiah videos all day… The man is what we need… Just as defensive as Flamini if not more and has a touch of class to him on the offensive… Leader as well… Please Arsene sign this guy- He is PERFECT for Arsenal

  50. @ lixinbrazil, this article caught my eye the moment i saw. i never knew Piers is Arsenal fan, ill post links for any more interesting articles, unless u don’t want me too…

  51. However, manager Alan Curbishley could face late opposition from Arsene Wenger for Appiah, with Arsenal believed to be considering a move for the player nicknamed ‘The Tornado’.



  52. 😀 That is very promising. Hope its true!! I think this squad is missing a Flamini type player and if thats Appiah, then it would be a great addition.

  53. me too, on other blogs i’ve been reading some Arsenal fans are relishing the prospect of Appiah, but they still don’t think hes gonna be the “guy” for us. I would like to contradict them. from what i remember of the 2006 World cup Appiah was a tough tackler and quite a physical player, which seems like the mould of the player which arsenal need to fill their DM needs

  54. Yeah we need some steal in the midfield. we dont have that tough tackling player we could really use to get the ball back and just add some grit in the middle. I’ve personally never seen him play and if i have i dont remember him so if we do get him i dont know what to expect but i’ve heard really good things about him.

  55. yep, and apparently his dream is to play premiership footie, which is what Arsenal are giving him. No Offence to West Ham, but we are the better team.

    i hope he does sign for us because that would take a lot of pressure Wenger’s back, the man is without a doubt A LEGEND no matter what happens, but Appiah would probably get most supporters to ease off him,

    My question is: if we do sign Appiah, how long for, because in my opinion Denilson and bischoff could be ready as soon as next season to step to the first team, and then there would be 3 players fighting for 1 place (which can only mean they will try their hardest so they can be constant fixtures in the first team).

    This is assuming Fabregas doesn’t leave (i dont want him too but anything can happen…), and apparently Man City are interested in him (i dont see this happening, but then again i didnt see robinho moving to man city either)

  56. hello…..gunners….i don’t know for which gun we are goin’ to say gunners, specially on the diffencive midfielder stuff….now i am doughtin’ the slogan sayin’ “wenger knows”

  57. Well I dont think even when Fab leaves, because he will one day leave Arsenal but i dont think it will be anytime soon, i think he will go back to Spain, the same as Thierry, he wont play for any other England side besides Arsenal. I think now that Man City has more money then Chelsea, they wont bother tryinf to lure away Fab and just splash out money to get Kaka or someone like that. Maybe they will steal another Chelsea target in Kaka next season.

  58. Why has liverpool not won the EPL for 18 years?What led to the beginning of the 18 year silverware (EPL) drought?They were an invincible team in the 80s till 1990 if i can remember.Was it a radical shift in their transfer policy?aging of players or what? I am just trying to draw parallels with arsenal.Lets try to dispel some myths here:
    1.Arsenal’s lack of SERIOUS transfer activity is due to their weak financial base?-Not true as hardly a week ago Fiszman said that if Wenger asked for 30 million pounds to buy a player he will be given
    2.Arsenal’s debt due to the new stadium is the reason for its rigid wage structure?-Not true as one of th Directors said that Arsenal is making over 20-30 million pounds in profits from ticket sales alone vis-a-vis the debt repayments and that our wage structure is much lower than chelsea’s but compares favorably with ManUs
    3.Wenger is the best thing that ever happened to Arsenal after sliced bread?-Managers will come and go but the brand name of the club is what matters most.Rijkaad was super when he joined Barca about three seasons ago.He made his contribution and when the club realized that he had reached his peak let go of him.He’s still a great Manager but Barca have outgrown him.Anything that we at Arsenal can learn from that?

  59. @ Mimi Wenu

    In your point number 3, the difference is that Arsenal still not reach their peak because not champions league yet… so maybe after we win it we can cack him

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