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Things have been pretty quiet on the blog in the last few days and that has mainly been due to the fact that there has been nothing to talk about.

The international break has been the reason for a rather boring week, although it did see some of the Arsenal players putting in some excellent performances for their countries. Eduardo da Silva, who scored two excellent goals for Croatia in their win against Estonia, particularly caught the eye. There are more games taking place this week and it won’t be until Thursday or Friday until the excitement starts to build for Arsenal’s big match against Tottenham on the weekend.

Although I did post a very short review of Arsenal’s start to the season so far, I refrained from too much writing about nothing in the last week by focusing all my energies on working on a new layout for the blog. There’s not really much point in paying anyone to design my blog at this stage, so a lot of time was spent searching the net for a theme that would improve the Arsenal FC Blog. After much investigating, I came across the minimalistic layout that you are looking at now and I have to say I’m quite happy with it.

The Arsenal FC Blog Flickr Community is a new additionNew additions

There’s been a couple of new ideas I’ve been wanting to develop into the blog and the previous layout was restricting my ability to do so. You will notice a link to a Arsenal FC Blog Flickr Community – a new addition to the blog that I hope will give readers the opportunities to share their own experiences by submitting great photos of anything Arsenal related. If you think you already have some great photos to share then be sure to let me know by contacting me.

Aside from the new photo sharing community there will continue to be new improvements made to the blog that would not have been possible without the layout change. At the end of the day it will encourage more people to become regular readers and work towards my goal to make this blog the most interesting, unique and thorough source of fun for everything related to Arsenal. I have to say I really enjoy reading the insights and comments from both daily readers and part-timers and I hope the new layout will assist in growing the blog further.

I’ll be returning with the regular Arsenal posts tomorrow. In the meantime, let me know what you think about the new layout – I look forward to reading your feedback. Cheers.


27 thoughts on “New look for the Arsenal FC Blog

  1. It’s good to hear your feedback, even if it isn’t as positive as I would’ve hoped. I’m sure you won’t be the only one! Please let me know what you liked better about the old theme and I’ll work towards finding a happy medium.

  2. The all-white background can hurt the eyes. That’s the only real drawback. It looks fine, but a darker color with white text would be best probably.

  3. I dont like the new look
    Old Style please…
    I dont want to go to Gunnerblog and their stupids comments “first gun” “second gun” and all that s**t.

  4. I dont like the new look

    Old Style please…
    I dont want to go to Gunnerblog and their stupids comments “first gun” “second gun” and all that s**t.

    I hope it doesn’t get to that either. The people who comment on here don’t seem as interested in all that ‘first comment’ stuff, but that’s probably because it’s much easier to win!

    im sorry if it criticising but the old was best, looked better, easier to use. OLd way was the best.

    OK, thanks for your comments. As I said earlier, at this stage I’m going to go with the new one as it will allow me to bring in some new features – hopefully it won’t scare off too many regular readers. Does anyone dislike it so much that they would stop coming on here?

  5. i would still come here, its still the same jus a bit different to use, plus i love reading comments and i feel that i have made new friends in sam nix, SF and more. I probs wouldn’t visit as often as i did but i would still visit possibly.

  6. That’s good to hear. To be completely honest I just can’t wait for the football to start up again. It’s been so booooooring during this international week, especially with my Australian national team not having any important games. Bring on Tottenham!

  7. I see what your trying to do – but the all white background makes it look a bit ‘strange’. Perhaps colour the non-text background in arsenal red?, and the comments background a lighter red? – I realise I’m not being clear here!

  8. darragh – I definitely know what you mean. I will be placing a blue or dark red background (similar to that used in the logo) eventually – just waiting on some words of advice from the Theme Designer to assist with this. Improvements will definitely be made, never fear.

  9. I actually like the layout, it looks quite fresh. Nice work. I think it would look really good if you did add the background in like you mentioned.

  10. Depending on which players are actually fit for duty,I would expect the Arsenal line up to be along the lines of:
    Adebayor-Van Persie.
    Sub:Fabianski,Diarra,Eduardo,Flamini,Diaby,Bendtner and Denilson.
    The spurs defence seens tailor-made for the pace of Rosicky and the quick feet of Hleb to take them apart.
    Tottenham 2 – Arsenal 4 !!!!!!!!

  11. I like the new look, it’s much more cleaner, professional. And I love white space.
    IMO there are some thing which i would like to change like:

    Make tittle tags larger
    The “Latest posts widget”, make it more simple,
    And I don’t understand blue,white and red circle. What is it? I would put Arsenal crest or something else in that positition

    Congratulations mate, keep up the great writing!

  12. Josh – If that is the final score then I will be dancing. Can’t wait for the game.

    Gooner4ever – Thanks for the feedback and kind words. The blue, white and red circle is the blog logo. Using the Arsenal crest is an infringement on copywrite so I’ve had to move away from this. The logo came about from the colours of the last theme and has just stuck. I like it 🙂

  13. Although i may not like the background ( you should have had blue or red ) i have always loved this site, so well done!

  14. The new look is cool. everyone would probably be thinking i’m looney but i think what they’re trying to say is they cant figure out what to look at first. I think the new look is aight, it gives it a more professional look. Maybe a bit of white ash as background to the links would differentiate between the body of the blog and the links. these guys are really just confused and if they want something colourful please post a link to CBBC or Disney

  15. Thanks Moses. I’ll be tweaking the layout as I go to make it more user friendly. Just waiting on the designer to get back to me about a few requests and there will be some changes soon.

  16. I honestly dont think Clichy vs Lennon is a contest.Clichy will get the better of him every time.Lennon,probably wont start, and even if he did,Clichy is more than capable of keeping him quite,My concern is our central defence,who is capable to play that position.”I dont think Gallas is fit,”
    I expect a tough game from the spuds,but I’m still confident of the win.
    Arsenal 4 – Tottenham 2!!!!!!!!

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