Nasri to join Arsenal today + choosing between Cygan or Bramble

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According to the French newspaper L’Equipe, Marseille’s Samir Nasri will be an Arsenal player by the end of today. The word on the street is that Nasri will arrive in London early this morning (Wednesday) with the intention of undergoing a medical and signing on at Arsenal for a fee worth something around ₤12.5m.

As I said yesterday, I’m still wary about proclaiming this a done deal given the lack of tangible evidence but you do get the feeling that it’s around a 90% chance. By the by, don’t ask me where I got that figure. I’ll speak a little more about the role that Nasri will play and the implications his move might have for the likes of Alexandr Hleb and the dynamic of the team when the official confirmation comes through from Arsenal.

Moving on now and you may not have noticed but there is actually a pretty important game to be played later tonight in Moscow. It’s the Champions League Final and it apparently features two half-decent teams from England called Manchester United and Chelsea.

I begrudgingly admitted a little while back that my absolute hatred for Manchester United and this man in particular, coupled with the fact that they have already won the Premiership meant that I would definitely be supporting Chelsea. Thankfully, that decision has been made even easier by the news Ashley Cole looks like he could miss out after injuring his ankle at training. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, honestly.

Just out of interest, I wouldn’t mind hearing which of these magnificent teams you would like see lift the trophy. It’s like choosing between a whether you’d have Pascal Cygan or Titus Bramble at the heart of your defence, isn’t it?

On a more serious note, I do think this has the potential to be quite a good game. I thoroughly enjoyed the last encounter at Stamford Bridge and if the two sides can throw up something similar then I think we will all get our money’s worth, whatever that means. Interestingly, Arsene Wenger thinks the game will probably be decided by the referee. I wouldn’t bet against it.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to work now. And by work I mean refreshing waiting for confirmation of Nasri’s move. It could be a looooooooong day, especially if United v Chelsea goes to penalties after a 0-0 draw. Sigh.

What do you think?

Have your say on Nasri’s probable signing or the Champions League Final by leaving a comment.


34 thoughts on “Nasri to join Arsenal today + choosing between Cygan or Bramble

  1. I too hope that the Nasri story is true, but until I see it on

    On the CL final, it has to be ManUnited, as much as I hate them, they have won it before. Chelsea havent, and I still want us to be the first london team to do it.

  2. well samir nasri, if he signs thats it, it shows our intentions for next season

    am only worried about the experience thats all now.

    i got a feeling he will get lillian thuram for our defence

  3. I loathe Chelsea but I loathe ManUre (and their manager) even more so I want Chelsea to win. I love the look of Ferguson when they lose. Cunt.

  4. by all means hope its true i aint saying nothing thought just incase it is a load of rubbish ppppppppllllllllllzzz

  5. Well I hope we sign him, I don’t know to much about him but these days its just good news if we sign anyone. I would prefer it to be Ben Arfa though but perhaps we will get him as well. As for the champs league final lol yeh it is a tough one as I hate both sides but I would actaully prefer to see Man Utd win because I just can’t stand the fact that Chelsea have totally bought their success & on top of that they had the easiest route to the final ever, the only good team they played was liverpool. Dirty Ashley Cole don’t deserve a champs league medal lol

  6. You are all dreaming. Firstly nothing gonna happen on CL final day. Secondly, Wenger will sign a virtually “unknown”, probably on the verge of a (french) national team, etc. Wenger summed it up when he said, “sometimes a big player is better than a big name.” And then a youth player (18+), and an ‘known’ player – but this depends if he can keep the current squad together!

  7. Hoping for a bad tempered nil-nil with some really nasty tackles and that it goes to penalites and Lampard misses to had the Mancs the trophy.

    I hope the Mancs win. Thier bragging couln’t get any worse but to have Chelseas win it before us would be too much.

  8. i have to say i want chelsea to win, because i cant stand fergie face when they win the cl.

    i like grant he is ok

  9. How can you compare Cygan with Bramble? You surely don’t watch enough La Liga to see how much he improved at Villareal. They have ennough defenders yet he starts. Doesn’t that tell you somethin? Even when he was at Arsenal, yes he was clamsy,he shwed flashes of brilliance at times.
    Its very amazing how can two people watch the same player and come to very different conclusions.

  10. can u remember when cygan scored 2 goals against fulham

    4-1 we won that night, he was a legend

  11. I have moved up north to hull in fact, i wish them good luck, however, i watch the Arsenal games i cant get to anymore about 90% in a pub that has the satilite that means evey game is shown wether on sky or not. Until March, the only team on is Arsenal, there are a couple of (ex pat’s)Londoner’s up here that follow Arsenal as well as locals. Come March the pub is packed every match day with plastic Mancs that sing and shout. For this reason i would rather Chelsea. COME ON THE GUNNERS

  12. u know it would be a great gift to the fans

    if i read

    samir nasri and hatem ben arfa both join arsenal on a undisclosed fee

  13. lesser of two evils.. Utd win it and we have to put up with an even more annoying Fergie for another year.. If Chelsea win it then that means they have won it before us, which is wrong. Plain old wrong. Dont think I could deal with smug-own-fart-sniffing Chelski supporters going on.. may just bury my head in the sand..

  14. Considering that I don’t have any Chelsea supporting mates, and that my Man Utd supporting mates really desire the champions league trophy (over the EPL in one case) I think I have to be selfish and go for a Chelsea win. I couldn’t handle having my mates continue to tell me how Man Utd are the best team in the world. Arsenal are. Clearly. I have the utmost respect for the Man Utd team and what they have achieved, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hate them… Arsenal deserved more for all of their hard work and football this season and I am really hopeful ahead of the coming season that our stylish football will win us some silverware. The signing of Nasri, Ben Arfa and two more players, a central defender to boss the 18 yard box, and a defensive midfielder to replace Flamini, will hopefully give us the best chance of challenging on all fronts. Maybe we need another keeper too… Afterall, in Lehmann we possessed the best second-choice keeper in the league…

  15. There is only one way to deal with having to witness this particulary excrutiating cl final, bearing in mind no one on this site can stand the thought of manure or chelski winning it; keep your eyes on the losers….: Fergusons head exploding or Costly Hole blubbing, blank the rest out!
    Anyone thought of a song for Nasri yet?

  16. @SF: If you ever put Cygan and Bramble in the title of your blog during the summer transfer window again… My jaw dropped and a look of terror came over my face, until of course I read the blog and realized we weren’t linked to either.

    Hope Nasri is spot on maybe we can keep the French connection working and nab Arfa next.

    Going to the pub with a mate who adores CR7. Before the EPL ended I wanted to see Chelski pull it off. I harbor more positive feelings for SOME of the Blues players than the Mancs. In the end though I think I’m just going to be wishing to get back home and refresh

  17. well that was a gripping game + shootout

    as much as i hate ManU, and i mean i really hate them… i kind of wanted them to win for the sole reason that if they won, then(as u said in a previous post) Chelsea have won just as many trophies as Arsenal. and that makes me happy because when people tell me “arsenal sucks” i can always bring up the fact that Chelsea aka “we’ve got more internationals than we can start”… have not won ANYTHING more than our young “starlets”


  18. while i hate both teams, i have to say i really hate chelsea and the way abromavich has gone about making them a good side. they represent all that i hate about football, including the way they play it. I also would like another team to go trophyless this season

  19. Apparently The Nasri Deal is far from done according to his agent as they received other offers from other clubs. Unless Nasri himself makes it clear he wants to join Arsenal then there will be doubts. But like Flamoney if the wages are better somwhere else he will not join us (Wage strructure thingy).
    I didn’t want Chelsea or M.utd to win so I was hoping they keep shooting Penalties for a whole week and none of them win then Eufa decides to give it to Manchester City just to piss Fergie off it would’ve been the perfect Senario.It was extremely disstressing painful to watch Fergie celebrating with his amigo Tevez singing “Glory M.utd” in a heavy argentinian accent.The only positive thing is we still have the chance to be the first London team to win the C.league. what is it with Wenger and the Champions league? can’t win the damn thing.Grant should’ve known by now not ask an Englishman and an Ex-Arsenal player to take the crucial penalties.Always leave it to a German.

  20. hahahaha.. same goes to u Spanish Fry.. I hope u have a very nice day.. why cant I see the picture of Man Utd double title celebration in ur blog? or perhaps u have forgotten how the trophies looks like… hehehe

  21. I caught the match in an Irish pub in Ecuador, South America.

    I frequently told my backpacker friends that the best result would have been a meteor falling out of the sky and into the stadium, crushing both teams and managers.

    Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

  22. We appreciate the decision of retaining Gallas as the captain and also try to pay the players good money so that they stay in the club. Seka in Uganda.

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