More on Walcott’s injury + Djourou’s potential promotion

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Ahoy there. It’s absolutely pissing down rain tonight in Brisbane and according to news reports there’s a chance we might even lose power. Scary/fun stuff. Hopefully it will hold out just long enough for me to get through this.

The manager has delivered two interesting pieces of news today. The first of which is the predictable and negative confirmation that Theo Walcott is set to spend three months on the sidelines, while the second of which is the rather unpredictable and fairly positive revelation that Johan Djourou is pushing very hard for a spot in Arsenal’s starting team.

The only thing that needs to be said about the injury to Walcott is “bollocks”. He’s been a danger man for us in the early part of this season despite a tendency to be inconsistent and we’re really going to miss him over the next three months. Get better soon Theo!

I mentioned yesterday that with Emmanuel Eboue still unavailable (as far as I know) the door may be open for one of the young guns to step up and make a difference on the right. I don’t think there would be too many fans who would be against someone like Carlos Vela or Jack Wilshere being given a chance to show what they can do on the right, at least until Eboue returns. It will be interesting to see what Arsene Wenger does.

The news that Djourou is pushing for a starting spot is very positive, in my opinion. As far back as late August I made the point that Wenger should give the Swiss man the chance to emulate Mathieu Flamini’s rise to prominence last year. It was disappointing to see the manager pass up that opportunity but with the William Gallas-Mikael Silvestre partnership not really working and Kolo Toure surely needed on the right just now it seems he might be looking towards Djourou for a solution. Needless to say, I would be all for it.

Anyway, that’s it in another short and late(ish) blog. Enjoy your day and stay positive if you can. No transfer talk until at least mid-December OK? It’s all too depressing!

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37 thoughts on “More on Walcott’s injury + Djourou’s potential promotion

  1. I would Place Johan alongside this weekend. Youre and Gallas isnt working, Gallas and Silvestre clearly isnt brilliant either. Djourou is an aggressive ball winner and has the height to deal with crosses, corners etc.

    Looks as though Wilshire or Ramsey will be coming into the squad with Eboue and and Walcott now injured.

    I hope Van Persie carries on scoring like he did last night for the Dutch side!!

  2. Get well soon Eboue! We are missing you.

    Stay in bed for some time Theo. Playing crap week in week out and still gets a place in the team.

  3. this might be a good time to play Wilshere/ ramsey/vela since man city dont really play physical and it ll be a free flowing game and the boys have shown that they are good at it..

  4. I will prefer toure&gallas pairing 2 dat of mikeal & gallas & i believe dis time 4 johan 2 prove wat he can do by playing in d right wing

  5. I will prefer toure&gallas pairing 2 dat of mikeal & gallas & i believe dis time 4 johan 2 prove wat he can do by playing in d right wing & i think arsene should give uela a chance 2 prove himself.

  6. Kudos 2 u over dere am a new member here ,but quite 4 some time i have not be myself bcos i feel sad when i see arsenal been tranched in d hand of a team like stoke i wil b glad if wenger can buy an experience defensive midfieder in january

  7. Huntelaar, Guiza, Mandanda and Lloris all linked to Arsenal today (… Hopefully it all works out according to my plan… I think Arsenal are contemplating selling off Adebayor to Real…

  8. Anybody see what Gallas has said today? If the players are not together, then this really is a problem.

  9. why the fuck will gallas say stuff like this in the press.cant arsene wanker stop these idiots from talking to the press.

  10. Does anyone know who the “disruptive team-mate” Gallas is talkin about???

    I think i would have to put my money on Ade. I know he hasnt said much in public, but i dont think he wants to play for the club. As was obvious in the summer. I cant think of anyone else that would act in such a manner in the dressing room.

  11. This is all feckin terrible. Firstly, we’ve got a disunited dressing room. OK, that’s not so bad- you will always get this when things are going badly, and we all agree that things ARE bad. Secondly, we’ve got a captain washing the dirty linen in public, which should NEVER happen. Thirdly, the dickhead follows up his comments by whinging that he’s fed up with people questioning his leadership. read your own comments, you arsehole, no worthy captain would come out and inform the world of his team’s problems. I supported Gallas after he went loopy at B’ham last year- I thought he was just a passionate player who hated losing, and that he’d grow into the role of captain. His failure to do this this year, plus these dreadful comments in the press confirm that the wanker is not up to the task. Who knows who the disruptive influence is? They’re not as disruptive as the captain himself. Feck me, what is happening here? We’ve got the worst Arsenal side for a decade, a manager who seems to have completely lost his way, fighting in the dressing room and a captain who can’t wait to tell the whole bleedin’ world all about it. CAN IT GET ANY FECKIN WORSE???!!!

  12. The whole saga with gallas was just waiting to happen as don’t forget this is the man that threatened to score an own goal if he didn’t get his transfer away from chelscum and they should of left him in the reserves but they would of done anything to get cashley off of us and a sweetener was all he was as we know wenger brings up the newbies as if we never had gallas senderos would of been there instead so lets get rid in jan get micah ricards or just promote johan as he’s a swiss no.1 international so lets give the lad a chance till summer.

  13. I agree. Gallas said there is one disruptive player in the dressing room, but i think him coiming out and saying that is very disruptive. The player he was talkin about im sure knows that it was a shot at him in the public eye so whomever this player is, probably will be more disruptive. Gallas is not a captin!! He doesnt think with his head when he says and does these stupid things. He isnt even a good player. Hasnt been for Arsenal what he was for Chelsea, just another example of Wengers HORRIBLE transfer’s. We shoulda just took money for Cashly and left Gallas at Chelsea.

  14. the reason Gallas has come out and bagged his team and team mates is cause alot of the media is on him and blaming him…

    His come out and said its not ‘me’ its other ppl in the club and there are internal issues.

    Sometimes expressing problems is a way of fixing the problem.

  15. This isnt the right way of going about it though… My money would be on RVP… He has a bit of that attitude and has been around for a while and I could see him getting mad at Gallas… It has to be him IMO… This does not bode well for the team…

  16. @ MoMoney

    Good point. Who ever it is. Wenger needs just off load them in Jan. Our team is in shambles. It doesnt bold well either that we dont have a manager that will really have a go at these guys. Theres always next season.

  17. I dont know if off loading them is the answer… Sure RVP talked back to gallas (i am assuming it was him) but we need a few players with that “i dont give a f***” attitude… He shouldnt be doing it to a teammate no doubt but Gallas shouldnt be taking it to the media and its his lack of leadership that has caused the problem in the first place… Maybe I am wrong because I am a huge RVP fan but I think that the lack of leadership is just as at fault as he is…

  18. Get rid of Wenger and bring Bilic in…

    hell restore the respect and hardness arsenal need.

    Will also continue to nice football.

  19. @ MoMoney

    i mean lets be real, the lack of leadership is really Wengers fault. Its not Gallas’s team and its Wengers decision to make him captain. So if there is a lack of leadership, it has to come down to Wenger and only Wenger. Gallas is shit but he does not make the decisions.

    @ Ronaldo7

    For once i agree with you. I would love to get rid of Wenger and bring in Bilic, his teams play beautiful football, but only when they have the lead. They are scrappy when they have to be unlike Wengers strategy

  20. Demetrio

    We finally disagree… I do think Wenger is to blame for the Gallas appointment but I absolutely do not think he should be gone… The problem is that we are not underachieving and everyone is beginning to realize this… What I mean is that the beginning of last year we were OVER-achieving… Now that we are not at that level, everyone thinks we are just choking and blowing games but we are simply not good enough… Last season’s run had everyone fooled… I think Wenger now realizes this and is going to make some moves… Remember that great leadership can often look bad on the surface to begin with… Wenger knows what he is doing despite the lack of production. I think he will buy/ sell in January and the Summer and I think Gallas’s days as captain are numbered… Tbh I think he wanted to change captains a while ago but what do you do with Gallas? Demoting a captain can have negative side-effects as well…

  21. Gallas Saga reveals two different things:

    No 1. Gallas did right thing to reveal the problems with Arsenal not only in the pitch but also inside dressing room and inside the club. It might not be a good move for team’s spirit but Gallas was honest this time. Wenger never accepts team’s poor performances/spirit and always say his team has good spirit, character and quality. The fact is his team don’t have anything at the moment, nothing except some exciting youngsters. How long can this Board and Wenger talk fake to the fans about the club. It’s for sure this club is under serious crisis. Our manager has been criticized as a losing moron and our club as ” a club with no ambition” all over the Europe. These are facts and we need to learn to accept those realities. Wenger has to come out and say he did mistakes during last summer in believing utter shits like Song, Diaby, Almunia and Silvestre. Seriously all these players cannot even make first-team at Everton/Fulham. Gallas was right to be be honest by speaking the truth. ARSENAL IS IN SERIOUS CRISIS.

    No2. Gallas confessed himself that he is a losing bastard and so is Wenger. There is no discipline at ARSENAL, not at all. Shite players like Song doesn’t give a shit about what team captain says to him. Team’s leader/captain perform like a 15 year defender game after game and still feels proud about himself. Wenger cannot give directions to his players what to do anymore. Our manager is soft so are our captain, players and board. We fear to play Hull and AstonVilla at Emirates. Oh Lord! We have a wage bill same as Manutd and we are in different leagues in terms of success. Where is that money spent? To pay those gross players?

    I am sure that player to blast Gallas was RVP. He was right to do so. At least he hates to lose and gives everything for the team bar nonsense suspensions. Some Arsenal fans here thinks RVP is of no value for Arsenal Here is my answer: He is the best teachnical player at Arsenal. He is the only one player who can score direct freekicks and set-pieces. He is the only one player who can be counted as a match-winner at Arsenal and he is one of the few players who hate to lose alongside Cesc, Clichy, Sagna and Walcott. I am totally in RVP’s side in this case. Now it is proved that None of the players has respect for Gallas.

    To sum up; I do not want Wenger to *uck off but I want his to be tough, tactical and serious about Arsenal’s future. I want Wenger to evaluate some players who he thinks are “class with character” like Almunia, Song, Silvestre. I want him to realise that with those bunch of shite players he will never achieve anything. If he wants to win champions league and other titles at Arsenal he has to be tough with his transfer policies, team selection, tactical moves and substitutions. A brilliant manager is trying to fade from the world football for his stupid decisions. Now is the time to change Arsenal. We need a tough manager with ambition, tough captain with leadership and quality players who can actually play.

  22. My opinion about the thing is, the board is lying to us when they say we have all this money to buy players. I would be fine i that was the case as long as Wenger and the board would come out and just simply say “we don’t have the money right now until the stadium is paid off”. Not say Wenger will have 70 mill to spend. That’s rubbish, because if we do have 70 mil or even 30 mil to spend and Wenger isn’t buying class players.. its his fault. But if we don’t have the money which i think we don’t, i just wish they would say that which would make it easier for us because we would know better then to get our hopes up too high.

    Changes has to be made. Starting with getting rid of Gallas. He is a shit defender.. and a horrible captain. MoMoney if it was you who said buy Richards i agree 100%. I have wanted him at Arsenal for years. And with Man City’s money now i think they will be willing to sell becasue they could replace him easily now. But changes need to be made. I think if we had some experience players, this bickering in the dressing room would be going on.

  23. @ ramugunner

    “We need a tough manager with ambition, tough captain with leadership and quality players who can actually play”

    that sums up Arsenal Football in the past 4 season..


  24. There is a lot of respect for Wenger. He is a brilliant manager who wants to play real football using passing skills, vision and spirit. He has done great great things at Arsenal. Because of this man we are called as a team that play the most beautiful game. We won many trophies and pride from the world. However, for last four seasons we have been lacking consistency because of many factors. Wenger has been experimenting with young kids, some of them worked and some of them didn’t. This season the root problem are our goalkeeper, CB and never-tackling midfield.

    1. A keeper who hasn’t played an international football is replacing Lehmann. He never commands his 6-yard box and is always scared to react. Some might say he does not have enough support from the back-line but the root problem is Almunia-full-of-faults. Remember with Lehmann in goal we went 13 matches without conceding with the backline of Eboue-Senderos-Toure-Flamini, yes *ucking 13 matches. How? Because of Lehmann. Keeper is always responsible to organize the backline of his team.

    2. Utd’s third choice LB is our best defender and Chelski’s first choice Rb is our Captain and undroppable CB. Makes me laugh!!

    3. We don’t have even a decent defensive midfielder who can play with energy. I repeat it again: Hull/Fulham has better CDM than our’s. Oh Lord!!!

    3. We have no proper wingers after Pires left and Ljungberg faded out.

    4. None of the Arsenal players can hit a direct freekick and serpieces bar RVP who is often injured or suspended.

    5. We have none consistent matchwinners. Don’t forget every champion teams have at least one matchwinner. We have zero bar in-form RVP.

    6. We have not even one player who can dribble past/ beat couple of defenders to score a goal in whole squad, not even Walcott. Maybe Vela next season.

    7. We have no real Leader in the pitch.

    Problems outside Pitch:

    1. Our wage bill is as high as ManUtd’s but we have all crap players. Why? Is all the money being used for Cigars and Wine for our Board members? Nobody Knows. Have we spend net Penny in Four Seasons? Nothing. This proves our Board and Manager has no ambition.

    2. Club as big as Arsenal don’t have Managing Director and a defensive Coach while we are struggling with transfers and defensive problems.

    3. Wenger has been given a long time to experiment, Now he needs to get an Ultimatim. How the *uck he has right to experiment every season without any results. This proves he has too much power at Arsenal and it should change now.

    If Arsenal fans pay the highest priced ticket in the world football to watch games they have right for high expectation from their team. We have rights to speak about the serious concerns within the club. We can ask How the hell in this Earth Arsenal has almost equal wage bill like Manutd. Are Arsenal fans are paying those expensive tickets to watch losers like Almunia, Song, Silvestre. Not at all.

    It’s time to be *ucking serious Arsenal. How many more embarrasing games we have to watch? We already have Fulham. Hull. Sunderland. Stoke. AstonVilla. Wenger is being too negligent about club’s future + present. Five Years and Counting!!!!!!

  25. ramngunner, u certaintly hav alot 2 talk bout, so u must hav study arsenal games, but I do believe alumnia does hav a heart for the team, but I don’t think he come into game with da right approach,da goalkeeper coach should be in question. Well, Song is da same, just like how he play for cameroon, he make up da 11th number, but fail to be notice on the pitch.Must be playin there becoz of brother celebrity status.I do believe we a world class defender, like alessandro nesta or micah richards greedy plays who refuse 2 be behind goals post, but rather play 2 win sumthing,getting rid of gallas becoz of been worthless& of personal problems is perfect reason for to go. What da boys need is eduardo abilities, plays differently to adebayor & rvp, know how to get the ball past da keeper easily,da gunners don’t play quick ball, rather slow that annoy, why run 2/3 to oppositon and then slow it down. May the queen save the gunnars 2 moro

  26. ronaldo7, I see u interested in arsenal problems, that gud, i guess u didn’t accept that 2-1 win.U use to talk badly bout the team

  27. Everyone is saying stick with RvP and screw Gallas. It isn’t that easy. Gallas said that many players are complaining about the guy. Assuming it is RvP, we can’t just say he is our best player so defend him. If it is a choice between him and half the squad, then we have a big problem.

    Let’s hope it is Eboue.

  28. This is terrible that you guys are all blaming the Gunner’s Full back, All of you guys must put this in mind, Arsenal’s Full back is good enough to defend against any team,These Arsenal’s fullback defnders are one of the most responsible fullback I ve seen.Not only they defend the back line but some of them had to go up to be a defensiv mdfldr and go back the help the back line again and ALSO be provide crosses when attacking.Some even scored goals, GALLAS IS A GOOD PLAYER, AND STRONG ONE,i WONDER HOW YOU GUYS ALL FORGET WHT HE DID LAST YEAR, HAOW MANY TIMES HE HAS PUT HIS BODY ON the LINE FOR A GOAL??? and its true what he said:The other player arnt just fighters.This has just been too much for him, thts why he blew it up.Exposin ur dirty laundry to the public is pretty wrong, but we all must undrstd that there must be a reason that he s done this.WORSHIPPING UR PLAYER WHEN THEY WIN BUT EMBARRASSING and SWEARING AT THEM WHEN THEY LOOSE??? Idont honestly think its fair.WHAT aRSENAL NEED IS A STRONG DEFENSIV MIDFIELDR THE LIKE OF MATHIEU FLAMINI, otherways everything is good a part from the INJURIES news.These Full back defence has taken directly every opponent attack since the 1st day of the season, some of them had to go up to defend from the circle and you can see that 4 fullback defnders has become now 2 or 3 fullback defdrs only, just becoz gunners def midfldr dont have that combativity spirit.When they fail one defensiv move then they just run back slowly and watch the fullback defending.I really wish AW to put clichy at that post or at least Djourou/Diaby.THIS IS THE ONLY IMMEDIATE SOLUTION AGST CHELSEA ON SUNDAY.You’ve clearly seen the differnce when Flamini s gone.If you guys whatched all Arsenal’s games since the starting of the season and if you really know football you have noticed this fact, even during the winning game.It wasnt just satistifying, Fab has mostly lost his pace and quality on every game ( Do not tell me its wrong coz this is the truth)Fab has only played his best game yestday agnst kiev,1st day of his captancy.The reason for this is the lack of def mdfldr like Flamini who used to be his Lieutnant or Bodyguard.Denilson is a very very gud attackin mdfldr but irresponsible and very slow on his defence.Thts why fab couldnt show much of his creativ passes on attack coz he alws has to run back to recover that defnsiv lack which he is not really fitted at.WAKE UP PEOPLE, WATCH THE GAME NICELY, GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICS BUT DONT BLAME OR SWEAR AT UR PLAYERS.
    One more thing: AW must stand up constantly during the course of every game, as this is a very young squad which need a diiferent way of management and a constant moral encouragement, advices, and notices during the game.Not wait for half time to give some words to the players and sit back on the bench, complainin abt referee’s false decision during 2nd half.
    Eto’o AND bARCA FAN.

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