Malouda to Chelsea? Reyes to Real Madrid?

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Malouda fancies a move to Chelsea, not ArsenalMalouda favours Chelsea

In other news, Lyon’s Florent Malouda has revealed he has made his choice about the club he would like to join and, frustratingly, that club is not Arsenal but Chelsea.

“It’s Chelsea where I want to go. I have made my choice. I have talked about it with the coach Jose Mourinho and I have had direct contact with the club unlike Liverpool where too many intermediaries and sharks have entered the game.”

I have consistently stated that I see Malouda as the perfect signing for Arsenal and this latest news all but confirms he will be on his way to Chelsea. It’s enough to make you cry. Judging from his comments it doesn’t even seem that Arsene Wenger and his men have been in contact with Malouda so I don’t think he was ever in their grand plan which – in my opinion – is very disappointing.

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Real Madrid may sign Reyes after allReal Madrid may keep Reyes

Finally, following the ridiculous decision of sacking manager Fabio Capello after winning the league, it seems that Real Madrid might now be interested in keeping Arsenal’s on-loan winger Jose Antonio Reyes next season. Real Madrid’s sporting director Pedrag Mijatovic commented that Reyes’ final game heroics may be enough to earn him a permanent move to the club.

“Reyes helped us win the league. He’s an excellent player and there’s a chance he’ll stay with us.”

I wrote an article in the aftermath of Real Madrid’s title win stating that Reyes would be more likely to stay if Capello was sacked and it seems that this may now be the case. This is good news for Arsenal supporters because it means the money that the club could get for Reyes would significantly improve due to it being Real Madrid and not Atletico Madrid who are keen on signing him.

What do you think?

Voice your opinion on Malouda’s Chelsea obsession or Jose Antonio Reyes by leaving a comment.


53 thoughts on “Malouda to Chelsea? Reyes to Real Madrid?

  1. Im happy for chelsea in my opinion
    malouda is exactly what we DONT need.
    average player with a huge asking price
    which is just not worth it,

    Im quite releived we wernt in for him.

    Fingers crossed that tevez will sign
    in the coming week. It would be great i
    mean it would be GREAT to get him.

  2. I don’t think Malouda was ever in Arsene’s plans SF. The same way I don’t think Babel ever was. Nor Quaresma. Fuck knows who its gonna be, but the man does know we need width (last game of the season with four central midfielders????), its just there has been no knowledge or reasoning behind the speculation with these players other than we as fans may want them. When arseblog etc. came out saying we were linked with Malouda like a month ago, nowhere had links or quotes to prove it. No, i think Wenger has seen the over inflated market for the big names (Ribery 17m???) and is either looking outside of Europe or planning on making Theo real starting competetion.
    But fuck me, does anyone know when he gets off holiday and bring Gilles back with him?

  3. Malouda would be a good player for arsenal to pick up, but that would mean that there would be less time for the youg player to play. I think that arsenal have enough players to get it done. they just have to be more consistant next season.

  4. Ryan Babel is a great talent and has the ability to become a great player.
    Ryan Babel will make us very successful for the years to come,I think it will be Arsenal’s dream come true if they manage to get this players to the Emirates,(Ryan Babel,Bakary Sagna,Samuel Eto’o and Robinho.)

  5. i dont know man, i dont know whats going on, whats wenger wanting….

    i give up now

    florent malouda is someone we need… but chelsea where the fuck are they going to put him in that starting line up

  6. couldnt have agreed more with john. I havnt seen Malouda play for Lyon.But in the WC, he was average at best. Also he is one of the very few players whom even youtube fails to make look gr8.

    Tevez–Yes..anyday.But whether Arsene will go for a player with 3rd party ownership is debatable.Also his price of arnd 25m could be a turn off Mr.Wenger

  7. I have to disagree with both John and Indigunner – I rate Malouda very, very highly. He is such a consistent performer and is an exceptional finisher. I will find it frustrating to see him go to Chelsea rather than Arsenal because I think he is exactly what we need and well worth the 12-15million pricetag. Just think that if Reyes leaves he will be sold for around the same amount and I think Malouda suits Arsenal and the Premier League so much better. Like most of you think – I just don’t know WHO we are going to bring in or WHEN!

  8. Oh, and Samuel, noone knows when Arsene will be back from holidays. If you were Wenger and went away during this time, do you think you’d be able to have a good holiday?

  9. the funny thing is that since henry’s exit, we havnt even been linked with a winger!!not even rumors.
    I seriously doubt that wenger is planning to put vela on the wing(i think his passport problem’s almost solved).
    two 17 yr old wingers(theo n vela)..hmmm..surely its not a gr8 time to be a gooner.

  10. spanish fry…

    i know we dont even know who wenger has targeted…

    we hear the carlos tevez, martins, owen

    but he aint even said anything…

    we might end up with some unknown youngsters

  11. Indigunner – It’s an OK time to be a Gooner! It’s just a time of change. Some people like change, others don’t. I think the fact that we haven’t been linked with a winger suggests how false the media can be. When the season was over most supporters were certain that Arsenal needed a new winger but since Henry’s departure all the focus has gone onto a new striker. I wrote this in a previous article and I think you would agree:
    “Since then, a lot of the focus has gone into searching for a new striker to replace Henry, but I think it is important to remember that before the Frenchman’s departure to Barcelona there was an almost unanimous feeling among Arsenal supporters that the side needed to bring in a world class winger. I fail to see how this has changed.”

  12. GunnerShabz – It’s true – we might. Who really knows? But I would just love a new signing to get excited about and I just have a feeling that Tevez might be the man. As for out wide, all the Bakari Sagna speculation says to me that Wenger has something totally different planned.

  13. Spanish fry,
    yap.gotta agree with that!!the media circus has blown things out of proportion.

    but then again wenger’s silence could mean 2 things
    1) either he has got some kinda masterplan and is keeping his cards close to his chest
    2)hes absolutely clueless just as we are

    i hope its the former.

  14. spanish fry – i agree with bakari sagna saying what he has and the chairman speaking out… i think arsene is working on something else… but media loves speculating on us… and the players mention never ever come.

  15. Haha, I doubt he is clueless. He will have options – it is just that we don’t know about them. Wenger has a habit of keeping things quiet so we will just have to remain patient.

  16. GunnerShabz – Sagna is such a strange link, almost typical of Wenger’s signings. I just don’t know anything about him and have little idea of how he will fit in. What do you know about Sagna?

  17. spanish fry – there some idiots in that gunnerblog… i been supporting arsenal since 92 since the premier league started… ive seen the changes…

    anyways, bakari sagna, i welcome wengers targets he dont usually get them wrong…

    if he does play in both full back positions then that be great, but i heard he was a winger and striker before so u never know

  18. spanish fry –

    well to be honest – cant see tevez coming…

    klass-jan huntelaar, ryan babel, bakari sagna, chinedu ogbuke, obafemi martins, curtis davies…

    these our realistic targets…

  19. I can see Tevez coming. Whilst Wenger might not always like to splash the cash I think he will understand the current situation needs something a little bit different. We’ll see.

  20. i dont think wenger is looking to sign someone like malouda, would people tell me some ideas that wenger has up his sleeve for a new striker in replacement of thierry henry because i don’t have a bloody clue who wenger could get, i mean will it be a young unknown foreigner, will it be a big star, or no-one at all! ??? Answer me that folks!

  21. Sf

    I told you AW won’t sign malouda; he’s never been in his lans. Age 27-28, priced 17+, known all over, he’s not an AW prospective signing. Our LW will be coming from South America after the COPA competitions; it will shock everybody and will be a top, top unknown player outside Europe. Watch this space.

  22. Finally here is the list of Arsenal targets!
    Samuel Eto’o(Barcelona),Curtis Davies(WBA),Carlos Tevez(West Ham)and Klaas-Jan Huntelaas(Ajax).
    Wait till next week

  23. I can a sure you i have watched the france league
    on setanata sport, and malouda is not all that
    in my opinion lads. I agree with spanish fry in
    one of the comments there, i can see eboue either
    playing right flank and sagna right back /or/
    maybe he might be thinking more in the line of
    sagna left flank he can play right back or left
    back so why not right or left midfield? I know
    its tough times lads but keep the faith im
    100% sure mr.wenger is on holiday working his
    bolloxs off! Football is his life he lives and
    breathes it why would he disapear to france? answer: to get some privacy so theres not cams in his face 24/7 and getting asked the same questions over and over again! im sure he doent want any other premiership club knowning who he wants to bring in. If i was him and i stayed in england with all the speculation in the papers on the tv would distract me and i presume him to. It full on in your face all the time! weve seen so many times whens its so quiet and all of a sudden we get someone. KEEP THE FAITH! 😀

  24. Ok, money we have to spend:
    Henry 16m
    Ali 3m
    Stokes 2m
    Muamba 4m

    Plus the likely:
    Reyes 8-12m (lets say 10m)
    Flamini 3-4m
    Aluminia??? 2m

    This gives us 40m ish made in player sales alone. Buying Tevez outright from MSI is no different from buying him outright from a team, it just seems shady due to the circumstances of what happened last season. Say he costs us 25m, 2m for Fabianski and 1m for that kid from Norway. That means we are left with 6m for the likely Sagna (to be converted on the wing? it seems that would be how he is used, unless eboue is.) or Babel/mexican fella/unknown cheap african winger would cost a similar amount. that leaves us with 4 million profit (remember, ish) to go towards youngsters, debt or as papers have been speculating, add another 3 odd million for curtis davies.
    3million spent, and we will have a squad good enough to fight next season. (Also, if we go for say Martins, Anelka or Huntaleer instead of Tevez, it looks like we’d be 10mill in profit.)

    With Drogba and Lampard wanting away from Chelsea, Utd’s best players all retiring and Liverpool never being a league winning team, we could make a profit pre season and still come away with the best squad.

  25. All I have to say is: “Trust Sir Arsene Wenger”. Ususlly during the transfer period arsenal is always buying at the end!!! I thing the coach has he best intentions for the club and he will do what ever is good for the club (for him!!). So all I have to say is to trust him. Who knows maybe hours before the deadline he will buy class players like he said he would…
    But I still think that Tevez will be an excellent signing!!

  26. floxis: if we were to sign tevez, we can’t expect it to happen this week, he said it will happen once he’s finished with argentina.
    I trust arsene but fuck me does he need to return and say something about henry, about signings, about our squad, about gilles as replacement, about stability, about his future (we know he’ll stay but the press won’t stop and that does nothing to help), about fucking anything. If he wants to do a press conference based around magic tricks he learnt this summer i’d… well most probably go mental, but it would be something, which is much more than we have now.

  27. Samuel: I know that we’ll have to wait until the end of the Copa America to know the futur destination o Tevez, and I Think and Hope that Arsene will stay because he’s building a team (that looks really promising). But as I said, we should wait and trust the guy. For Henry, he had to justify the reason he let titi leave, but the other speculations ara speculation, and we don’t know on what those things are based. So all we have to do is wait and see until an official news not on gossips!!

  28. I see both your arguments. I definitely think that Wenger deserves to be trusted but as Samuel said – some clever words in the media and a signing sooner rather than later would definitely be a good thing. I understand that if Arsenal do sign Tevez there will be an indefinite wait until the end of the Copa America but there are other positions that need cover as well. New signings need time to get settled and if Wenger is making last minute changes (like Gallas and Baptista last season) then it will mean the first few games of the season will be affected.

  29. spanish fry

    well i got some feeling we may sign andreas guardardo from atlas in mexico…. he is at the copa america

    he is a direct winger on the left side…

    he maybe a target am sure wenger will sign him for £5-6m and he can get a work permit, he has played quite a lot for mexico he is 20 years old.

    carlos tevez could be a target but like i said if we can do a similar deal like liverpools mascherano one…

    get him for a year and agree on a signing price..

    javier saviola might as well sign him up on a free, if we buying carlos tevez, just beef up the attack.

    klass-jan huntelaar we can get him, but again too much competition for the signature, could we get outbidded am not sure

    ryan babel still an option, but he could come next year.

  30. Why do you think we might sign Guardardo? I’ve heard his name mentioned a few times in previous comments and to be honest, I know nothing of him.

  31. spanish fry

    well i heard we are interested in him, ages ago and thinking about it, it maybe true, unknown youngsters, loads of potential and a left winger and its something wenger would be interested in.

    andreas guardardo remember the name….

    renato augusto could be another player we are interested in as well.

    and i can see these two players coming in…. typical wenger signings..

    guardardo is a left winger, good crossing and dribbling skills… also good on fm 07 lol as well

  32. lets face it, after florent malouda situation…

    we will never sign these kinda players, never

    so we have to stick with the names we probarly can get

    andreas guardardo, renato augusto, ryan babel, obafemi martins, nicolas anelka, klass-jan huntelaar, bakari sagna, chinedu ogbuke

    these are the only players we will get… trust me
    or maybe some unknown fella

  33. I watched Renato Augusto play a couple of times last season and he looked decent – nothing too special though. As for Guardado, he isn’t a starter for Mexico at the Copa America so I don’t know whether he would be good enough to cut it at Arsenal. The problem I could see with him would be that he might go down the path of Jose Antonio Reyes – too lightweight for the Premier League. Who knows though? Maybe Arsenal will be in for both. As for your list of players, I honestly think you can add Tevez to that list. He seems a genuine possibility and the money would not be a risk.

  34. first i agree with u sundemon..the current squad isn’t that bad…not good enough but not as bad as Drogba an all the haters would like it to be.
    second, wenger is never clueless. PERIOD!

    third, i got to admit that being an arsenal fan is like watching a reality TV show.. Wenger’s silence, unpredictable signnings, a distinct style plus all the suspense! We got to agree that as much as we may feel impatient, we also feel good about all this suspense and uncertainities unlike Man u, Chelsea an Liverpool fans who by now have nothing to keep them tense, nervous and excited apart from wishing that Arsenal hits the rocks from the exit of henry (coz they couldn’t sink the ‘Gunner’ ship themselves)

    lastly, tevez could come in, obafemi could come in but one thing i promise you is a biiiig surprise from wenger so tighten your seatbelts Gooners!

  35. Has Malouda actually signed for Chelsea yet?

    Could we still have time to bid?

    Other questions of this nature?

  36. Love that enthusiasm, knightman! No, Samuel, Malouda hasn’t signed for Chelsea yet, but he proclaimed it is where he wants to go. You’d think that means a deal is as good as done because Chelsea have money to burn.

  37. We signed someone!!! We signed someone!! Oh my god, who the fuck is he??


    (If he is rubbisher than Anelka, please inform.)

  38. I’m excited,
    Arsene Wenger is a master at spotting talent,And it wouldn’t surprise us if Silva makes a big impact,
    Congrats Wenger!

  39. I’m excited,What a classic Wenger move that was,Let’s face it,Arsenal play the best football in England.Da Silva will fit in fine.Arsene Wenger is a master at spotting talent,And it wouldn’t surprise us if Da Silva makes a big impact,Congrats Wenger!

  40. Of course,Eduardo is not Thierry Henry but he will score many,many goals.Remember,in the first year,Henry didn’t score many goals.I think Eduardo can score between 15 and 25 goals,maybe not in his first year but I am sure he’s an excellent buy.

  41. Who does Arsene Wenger need to bring in after Eduardo ”Matador”da Silva to make Arsenal genuine title contenders?

    Arsenal to announce the signing of Bakary Sagna and Martins tomorrow.

  43. i think that if reyes stays at real.m then arsenal will have to find yet another key midfielder for the club

  44. I still trust Arsene Wenger!There is no chance of Chelsea,Spurs or anyone else like that doing better than Arsenal just because they’re spending more money.
    ”Arsenal is Arsenal”

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