Madrid win could mean big money for Arsenal

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Reyes celebrates a fantastic night for MadridThe latest musings of Spanish Fry

Real Madrid was crowned Champions of Spain overnight following a 3-1 comeback victory over Real Mallorca. Amazingly, it was Arsenal’s on-loan winger Jose Antonio Reyes who proved to be the hero after his sensational substitute performance saw him score two clinical goals to seal the title for Madrid on the last day of the season.

But what, you may ask, does this have to do with Arsenal? Let me explain.

Those familiar with the Jose Antonio Reyes-Julio Baptista situation will know that the primary reason that Baptista was sent back to Spain was that Arsenal were unwilling to pay the inflated transfer fee that arose because the clubs could not agree on a swap involving the two players. With Baptista on his way back to Madrid speculation arose that Reyes would be on his way to Atletico Madrid, Arsenal would collect a reasonable – if unspectacular – sum of money for the sale and the final piece in the puzzle would be complete.

But Reyes’ performance in effectively winning the title for Madrid may change all this.

Although Reyes’ impact over the course of the season has been consistently inconsistent, the supporters are likely to turn blind eye to this because Reyes was able to deliver the goods when it mattered most. It is not unthinkable that Madrid may fall in love with the player which effectively won them the title, making it difficult for the club to pass up the opportunity to sign Reyes on a permanent deal.

Capello has been criticised despite his successCapello’s future the key

It is also important to remember that manager Fabio Capello’s future is still under fierce scrutiny despite leading Real Madrid to their first silverware in three years. Capello has been heavily criticised for his inability to play romantic, imaginative football as well as achieving results – something which does not go particularly well with the Real Madrid supporters.

The relevance of this is that, rightly or wrongly, Reyes’ more romantic style has clearly been restricted by the management of Capello. If the supporters decide they want Reyes to stay put then they will put immense pressure on the club to sign Reyes on a permanent deal, regardless of the cost. This would then put Reyes’ current club – Arsenal – in an ideal position to prosper.

They know that Real Madrid will have the money to spend so if the Spanish side decide that Reyes is a player they want to keep then the ball is firmly in the Arsenal’s court. At the very least it would mean an increased transfer fee and the very real possibility of bringing a world-class player to Arsenal as a replacement for the Spaniard.

It seems that Reyes’ cameo in Mallorca may give him the move the he and Arsenal so desperately desire. Then the transfer speculation would really begin.

What do you think?

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14 thoughts on “Madrid win could mean big money for Arsenal

  1. well i was happy for reyes yestaday i was watching it and when he came on i was thinking come on son just show them what u made off… and he did it, hopefully more teams will want him and also more money now… i dont know which team will take him, real madrid, atletico madrid or sevilla maybe valencia…. but id love to deal with atletico madrid and get fernando torres in there but they aint in europe so i guess it will be interesting few weeks from now

  2. gunnershabz – It’s all about leverage. Madrid’s fans have so much power over the club and Reyes’ performance will be highlighted a lot in the coming months, so it will only increase his value. We’ll have to wait and see where he goes but I’d be leaning to Madrid now.

  3. Great article, and I agree completely with it. Reyes did both himself and Arsenal a big favour last night, and probably endeared himself to the Madrid fans enormously, while proving that he can absolutely cut it at the top of La Liga.

    I don’t think we ever doubted his ability to play in the Premiership, but the style of the game never suited him, nor the weather, and comfort seems to be a big factor in Jose’s performances.

    I think something in the region of 8m was the up front fee, and we’ve probably paid about 10m for him now, far less than the 18m it could’ve been through all the clauses, and I see no reason why we can’t get that back. He’s still young.

  4. Pete – People forget Reyes is so young. He still has all the time in the world to cut it as a world class player. It’s just a shame that Gary Neville and Co. effectively cut him out of the Premier League back in 2004.

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  6. Absolutely – he’s at a prime age – still with ~7 years at the top left, and having proved himself at the top level. Put like that, it really is a shame he never made it in England. I’d love to see him skin Neville one more time but it’ll never happen.

  7. spanish fry

    I also share your position about Reyes. Gary Neville and the so-called northern teams were responsible for destroying the future of Reyes in the EPL. Why refrees allow northern teams to kick players off the park sometimes bothers me. In the end it’s affecting British football, so called physical play does not allow British players to develop their skills but hack opponents just to win. The chief proponents of such play are SAM ALLYDICE, MARK HUGHES and sometimes even FERGUSON. So let’s blame the refrees not the players. I remember in the match that should have given us the unbeaten run of 50 matches, Reyes was kicked left and right at Old Trafford and Graham poll just watched, seeing nothing wrong. BUT WHY DON’T WE BEG REYES TO REPORT BACK, HE IS STILL OUR PLAYER YOU KNOW. AW SHOULD CONVINCE HIM TO BE BACK. His contract is a long one, up to 2011, I think; mind you, we’re still looking for an LW, and Reyes is the type we need.

  8. Pete – You’re very welcome. It was good wasn’t it 🙂
    Harlan – I don’t think any amount of begging will get him back. His heart is set on a move to Real and I wouldn’t really want to force a player back into our side – it just wouldn’t be right. We should be cashing in on him and his performance against Mallorca will help with this considerably.

  9. Reyes is history, so all I care about is the best transfer fee possible for AFC. He was generally a trier and a hard worker and obviously technically exceptional, but never consistent enough to be a top player.

    Some of his performances in big games were absolutely woeful; the CL home leg against Bayern in particular made me want to throttle him, he was so inept.

    The impact of ‘that’ game at Old Trafford is exaggerated, I think; Reyes had already experienced the distinction of being the most fouled player in La Liga at Sevilla, and a couple of nasty kicks (albeit he should have had much more protection from that p1ss-weak t0sser Riley) should not have destroyed his confidence, if they did.

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