Luis Nani: what a berk

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So, we may have finally officially lost the title but at least we don’t have to put up with anyone like this…

Oh, wait…

…oh well.


18 thoughts on “Luis Nani: what a berk

  1. I saw the highlight yesterday and I just shook my head. Don’t know what he was thinking other than that he wanted to shower early. Ridiculous. If only West Ham had a prayer of making him pay for it.

    As for today. Let’s go Gunners.

  2. red card well deserved and maybe another 6 match ban will serve him right lol ….any soccer lover who will like to interact with other fans and dicuss any soccer related issues should check out Soccer fan base dot com it is free to join.

  3. I have never liked Nani and when i heard he had got sent off i just smiled and grinned. West Ham played poor. Even when Nani got sent off. good Goal by Tevez though, oh and who could forget Ashtons goal. Title cannot be won now but if Chelsea slip up at Newcastle it will be last day of the season to find out who gets automatic champions League. C’Mon theo get another Goal.

  4. Nani is obviously stupid. remind us of the young Ronaldo and also Rooney.

    Surprisingly Gunners are interested in discussing about our player.. why oh why.. hehehe.. i dont mind really..

    bendtner score again!! how many points did u salvaged with the help of Mr Bendtner? And yet nobody is grateful enuff to him for all the things he done.. poor danish..

  5. Maybe he knew man u had already won the game, and he was really looking forward to taking an early bath?

  6. Was a stupid move on his part, but lol that all these Arsenal fans have to do is whine about a United player. I guess you have a lot of free time when you’re not playing for any trophies. Also Neill should probably be suspended for grabbing Nani’s groin to instigate it.

  7. Yeah.. it was on TV in Italia today on Sky Sports Italia.. He signed the deal and will arrive here in Italia in July. Im sad to see him leave.

  8. Actually Gattuso wants to go to England. I think Flamini will be put in as his replacement, and i think Gattuso knows it so he came out yesterday and said he’d like to play in England. Pirlo can still play on the field in a wide postion, or in front of Flamini so he wont have to worry about fighting for a place, unless Gattuso stays which i think he wont. The rumor here in Italia is he’s leaving for an English club.

    As i said before, no one can play football forever, and each year health isnt guaranteed, he honored his contract so im not mad at him. He wont be worth that much money forever, so he may as well make it while he can. Plus, he grew up a Juve fan.. and most of yall know that if you played pro football for a team you didnt grow up as a fan of, and some other team offered you more money, you would take it, you’d be stupid not to. I could understand if he was an Arsenal fan and then turned his back on the club but thats not the case. Flamini has been a great player this year, he honored his contract and now he’s moving on. It may have been about the money.. but what in this world isnt about money?! Its all about money and you have to make it while you can.

  9. i dont think Gattuso will move on. AC Milan formation does not include winger. They often use centre midfielder. Now, they have very ageing squad. Emerson-32, Gattuso-30, Ambrosini-31, Seedorf-32, Pirlo-29, except for Gourcuff-22. To keep the team competetive, u need to slowly change the team. AC Milan current squad wont last for 90mins. In my opinion, they can only play competetive football for 60mins. So they need younger player who can compete with opposition such as Arsenal, who keep on running for 90mins. Thanks to Walcott.

    I strongly believed AC Milan will play 4-1-3-2 formation in which Gattuso will play as holding midfielder, supporting Seedorf, Pirlo and FLAMINI.

  10. In December we have 3 really good defensive midfielders and NOW we have 0 (considering that Gilberto will leave the team)

    Diarra could be awesome replacing Flamini, damn

  11. “Why should Flamini leave Arsenal just like that?”

    He’s a greedy c–t, that’s why!

    The difference between the first video and the 2nd is that the Jens and Didier Show is hysterically funny while the first video is just plain stupid.

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