Ljungberg to Fiorentina? I certainly hope not.

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Ljungberg could be on his way to FiorentinaArsenal in talks with Fiorentina

The only real news of note today for Arsenal is the rising speculation that Fredrik Ljungberg may be on his way to Fiorentina. According to his agent Claes Elefalk, the two clubs are in discussions about the possibility of the Swedish midfielder moving to Italy.

“The two clubs are in discussions. If they can come to an agreement, then Fredrik can think about looking closer at a move. Fredrik is really happy at Arsenal, but if it is an option, he could also consider a move to Fiorentina.”

I must say that these comments have quite a different angle to the ones that Ljungberg himself made back in June:

“This will be my 10th season with Arsenal and I cannot wait to start the season with them. I am very much looking forward to the opening game against Fulham. It is great to start the season with a London derby.”

Ljungberg has had amazing success with ArsenalLjungberg’s wages not an issue 

As the longest serving player currently at the club, I think it would be a real shame to see Ljungberg go this summer. The feeling amongst most other websites and Arsenal blogs is that – due to his expensive wages – Ljungberg should be on his way out. I disagree. Money is not an issue for the club at this point in time and to suggest that because his wages are high he should be sent on his way is absurd.

He is still one of the club’s most effective players in front of goal, always gives 100% and does not mind fighting for his position from the bench. Even more importantly, Ljungberg provides vital leadership and drive for an Arsenal squad that is undoubtedly inexperienced. Take Ljungberg out and there is only really Gilberto Silva, Kolo Toure, Jens Lehmann and William Gallas who could be classed as senior players. And with the way that Lehmann and Gallas behave sometimes it would be easy to leave them off the list.

Ljungberg could emulate Ryan Giggs’ success with Manchester United last seasonLjungberg can still have an impact

Supporters also seem to have overlooked the possibility that Ljungberg may yet provide the answer to the club’s lack of width last season. You only have to look at the performances of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes for Manchester United last season to realise that if Ljungberg can stay fit he still has the ability to make an impact.

Ljungberg’s comments and the comments made by his agent suggest that it is Arsenal and their manager Arsene Wenger who hold Ljungberg’s future in their hands. If they think that Ljungberg is dispensible, they will surely let him go. If they want him to stay, then he will be more than happy to. After losing Thierry Henry to Barcelona I would personally hate to see Ljungberg follow him out the exit door.

On a more light-hearted note, the impact of Ljungberg’s possible departure is best summed up by The Man from East Lower:

“A loss of experience if he goes, yes, but also a great sentimental loss for those who have followed his career since that first, delicate lob against Man U in 1998. A brilliant player in his prime. In fact a brilliant player full stop, with an incredible motor and a nice line in pants.”

Good stuff. What do you think?

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40 thoughts on “Ljungberg to Fiorentina? I certainly hope not.

  1. Let him go, i’ve read that Fiorentina are also offering Valeri Bojinov with the 5.5 million to take Freddie. Just like Henry, he spent his best years with the club, and even if he stays healthy probably wont play much. Take Bojinov and the money!! Diaby can make up for him not being there.

  2. Haha, obviously I don’t agree! We don’t need to sell any more players – least of all Ljungberg. Money is not an issue; the club has ample money to spend if Wenger chooses. If they really want Bojinov then they should just buy him outright.

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  4. i honestly think arsenal need freddie and they need his leadership the way united needed, giggs, scholes, neville, soskjier…..these players are needed and even if its for one more season arsenal can afford his wages…..also who the hell is Bojinov…..im not a arsenal supporter but i wouldnt change a successful player of the premiership to some dude that would prob struggle in the premiership…..id buy him outright cause hed prob need a season to settle

  5. Ronaldo7 – For a Manchester United supporter, you’ve certainly talked a lot of sense. I absolutely agree. Whilst Bojinov has done reasonably well at Fiorentina and is quite young, if Arsenal really want him they should by him outright. Freddie needs to stay.

  6. i agree spanish!!! if arsenal lose freddie they will not only lose experience but they will lose there way through the hard times…he is needed for atleast one more season! if henry was still there then id say yeah its cool get rid of him! that is not the case

  7. I love freddie as an Arsenal player but if they let Freddie go, it wouldnt bother me. Most likely, this season is gonna be hard reguardless if we have Freddie or not, him sitting on the sidelines lookin in isnt gonna make it any easier, giggs, scholes, neville those guys still contribute to their club, Freddie will have a hard time getting any playing time, esp if his drought of finding the back of the net and bad form continues! I’d rather them keep Flamini and let Freddie leave. Our young guys are capable of holding it down without him.

  8. I don’t think Ljungberg has ever been in “bad form”. If he’s fit – he ALWAYS plays well. He’s one of the most consistent players I’ve ever seen play for Arsenal and the only trick is to keep him fit. In my opinion he is still worth a starting spot on a regular basis, provided he is fit. However, I agree with your view that Flamini should stay. I think he’s a great player and one who has been completely underused by Wenger. There have been scrappy games when Flamini’s less flamboyant style would’ve been perfect. However, if he wants to move on I wouldn’t stop him.

  9. Flamini should deff stay, what we are missing since Vieira left is toughness, someone to go into hard tackles and get the ball back. Bolton’s been beating our ass the last past years because they just push players off the ball. Theres been no toughness at all though the team after Vieira and if Famini leaves we lost one of the only players that is willing to do the things Vieira use to do. To me Flamini is someone that needs a regular start in mid-field, esp when we go up against the teams that just try to power Arsenal off the ball. Bolton set the blueprint on how to beat Arsenal, and now we need to get tougher, Julio Baptista would have been a perfect fit if he woulda been givin another try.

  10. I like Flamini. Like Ljungberg, he’s a hard worker and I don’t think there’s much difference in ability between him and Owen Hargreaves – it’s just that Hargreaves has played in sides that value that type of player (Bayern Munich, England and now Manchester United). I don’t think Baptista would be the answer though, not after last season’s showing!

  11. sorry fry u cant go comparing hargreves with flamini……thats highly overratting him…flamini hasnt shown has got a long way to go before he can be classified in that league of players…yet to be a international and yet to take a club by storm….also if flamini goes to valencia he will be a bench player…too many good mids there (albelda, barja, edu,) to a smaller extent hugo viana..he will be used there as cover for injury…put hargreves in that side and he would start….

    i think flamini will always be one of those players that fills in for ppl unless he goes to a club like everton or bolton

  12. Messina, Messina, Sicilia!!! FORZA ITALIA!! I live in the states tho now, i would love to see some Italian defenders come to Arsenal, Materazzi, Nesta, Grosso or even Buffon (which i thought at one point they were sayin he was comin in the summer).. Baptista had a bad go, but he has to get use to England, not only the style of football but the weather, at one point i read he didnt like the weather in England but givin time i think he would have been that type of player that could be that physical kinda player we badly need in the squad. If Flamini goes, i think it will have a bigger impact the Freddie, the team will have lost the only guy that will fight for the balls in mid-field, but as you said, Wenger probably wont play him anyways, so it’s probably better for him personally to leave.

  13. We (Fiorentina) offer something that Arsenal cannot. All the playing time his body can take. We are very short on wingers and we would have a starting place but with a reduced salary as we have a 1.5M Euro salary cap. But is he any good anymore? I hope so, because I’m pretty sure he’s ours.

  14. I think he will go to Fiorentina as well. I love Freddie as an Arsenal player, but i think his best days are behind him. He will play ALOT in Italia, so im pretty sure he will leave if the 2 sides can agree on the deal. I think he will do better in Italia then he will at Arsenal. Our Mid-field is already filled with great players, and maybe Eboue will move into mid-field since the Sagna deal looks like its gonna go thru, and Eboue has proven he can send beautiful crosses into the box, i would love to see him convereted into a wing player. If Freddie does leave i think he’ll do great at Fiorentina!

  15. Ronaldo7 – I think Flamini and Hargreaves are comparable players. I think Flamini is underrated and that is probably why you think I am overrating him!
    Demetrio – I’m Australian 🙂 So after last World Cup I can hardly count the Italian side as one of my favourites! Good to hear your comments though.
    Nicky – What can you tell us about Bojinov?

  16. LOL.. yeahhhhh sorry about that LOL. FORZA TOTTI!!
    Freddie would stand out and get all the playin time he wants there. Italian is a pretty easy language to learn so i think he’ll be ok, i also think the Premier League is more phyiscal then the Serie A, so he wont risk the chance of injury as much. And i agree Flamini is comparable to Hargreaves, Flamini just hasnt been given his chance to shine!!

  17. I agree with you all but let’s be clear. The guy has not been playing he gets injured any other match and spends weeks on the treatment table come back gets injured; but still collecting 70k a weeek. 70k a week while spending time on the treatment table? Nobody is getting 70k or more a week in the team now apart from Gallas; most of the players are getting far less. He’ been great for us and hurts to see him go but in the circumstances Arsene has no choice. Giggs, Scholes etc are better conditioned than Freddie. The fact is Freddie don’t have the physical demands required in the EPL anymore. He needs to move on, its a good decision.

  18. Demetrio

    ‘Bolton set the blueprint of how to beat Arsenal’. How many times did they beat us last season and the season before? Check the records, we met thrice last season and it was 2-1 in our favour. You can scroll down our overall records since Allardyce joined and its still in our favour. They’ve been worrisome but not the way you want to put it. West Ham has been doing better against us in recent times than Bolton but they’ve never been physical with us.

  19. this freddie saga reminds me alot of the aimar saga that went on at valencia last summer…he was such a talented important player to the side but so light weight he always got injured and his wages were sky high…..valencia in the end did get rid of him!

  20. one thing that worries me, we losing players but we aint replacing them.

    freddie is going, he has been brillant a great player but you have to move on and i know wenger will sell £5m is good money and he is 29/30 and wenger always sells them.

    valeri bojinov i dont think he is involved why would they offer £5m + him it dont make sense i think it would of been a straight swap.

    if he can get £5m and plus £9m at least for reyes we got £14m and we can buy a winger like ricardo quaresma as chelsea, liverpool and united wont be in the running now.

    it will be us against atletico madrid

  21. Harlan
    When did Bolton start beating Arsenal? When they started to play rough, they have been more phyiscal then Arsenal in the games they’ve won, as have the other teams that beat Arsenal. Which is why Wenger needs to play a guy like Flamini, someone who will go into hard tackles to win the ball back like Vieira did. The reports i’ve read today say that Fiorentina are ready to offer valeri bojinov in the deal to take Freddie.. http://international.ibox.bg/news/id_915984598
    If its true or not i dont know. Point is, Freddie is better off in Italia, the Serie A is not as rough as the EPL so he shouldnt get hurt there. Plus Fiorentina will give him all the playin time he can handle and he should be their top player.

  22. valeri bojinov would be an interesting swap with freddie.

    but take the £5.5m and get another winger

    but rumours around next week or so angel di maria maybe announced

  23. Theres some sites that say Angel Di Maria has already signed with Arsenal for 3.5-4 million, doubt its true or im sure they would have put out a statement saying they have

  24. Croatian newspapers write that Wenger has another Dinamo Zagreb player in his plans. This time it is the best midfielder Dinamo had since Boban (played for Milan after Dinamo)- Luka Modric. Modric also became crucial person in the midfield of Croatian national team and is seen as one of the biggest potentials Croational footbal ever had because he is only 21. The newspapers speculate why Dinamo rejected a 25 mil Euro!!! offer for him from a wealthy Russian football club trying to make big impact in European Champ League. They write he is promised to Wenger because Arsenal is not sure with the outcome with Ljungberg and Cesc. This guy has also been followed by Bayern who wanted him but Dinamo din’t let him go.

  25. Where in midfield does Modric play? If he plays on either wing, i’d be happy, partnership with eduardo and all that.
    Bojinov being part of the 5.5 is because he doesn’t want to stay (refusing contracts etc.) and Fiorentina really want Ljungberg at all costs supposedly.
    The more I think about it, the more I am certain Eboue or Sagna will be pushed up. Sagna wouldn’t have come knowing that Lauren was sold so Eboue could be no.1 and saying ‘I will not come to sit on the bench’.
    So, Eboue as replacement on wing for Freddie? Wings = Eboue, Hleb, Rosicky, Walcott, (di Maria), (Modric)? I’d be happy with that.
    Flamini is 5th choice and Diaby is as physical. Him being there hampers the kids chances to shine.
    So our squad according to teh rumour mill:
    Lehmann, Fabianski, Almunia (I’m cool with this.)
    Sagna, Hoyte, Toure, Gallas, Djourou, Senderos, Clichy, Traore, (Eboue). (No huge problems here if they get time to gel.)
    Gilberto, Fabregas, Diaby, Denilson, (Djorou) Song. (I’d take this over any premiership central midfield.)
    Eboue, Hleb, Rosicky, Walcott, (di Maria), (Modric). (This would sort our problems out easy.)
    Eduardo, Van Persie, Adebayor, Bendtner, (Walcott), (Bojinov). This has enough potential, unlike last season, to cover for injury plagues.

    I’d say we could compete for the title with this.

  26. In my oppinion Modric is the best as central midfielder but I see him as a footballer who can play anywhere in the midfield. For Dinamo he always plays in the center because no one can raplace him there. Although, you can often see him giong either left or right where he shows and offers more than the left or right midfielder playing together with him. He is also a player who runs the most in the team. Both Dinamo and national team. Many people in Croatia think he will be one of the best midfielders in Europe in the upcoming years. Offer from Sahtjor worth 25 mil EURO was a shock here because it was never offered so much for any Croatian player. When Dinamo said “no thanks” it was even bigger shock. Actually, the club said Modric said no and if its true the reason could be he got offer from a more attractive club like Arsenal. All this could be just a rumor and and Modric is not going towards Arsenal but I’m confident that soon he will play for one of the biggest clubs in Europe. He is just too good Dinamo could keep him…

  27. Boji is a guy with a world of talent but just as much immaturity. We got him from Lecce in January of 04-05 for 11M Euros. His coach there, Zdenek Zeman, played a very attack-oriented formation so that really inflated some of his numbers but I really do think that he is a super-talented striker. A quick and powerful runner; we think of him as a left-footed striker but I have seen him score on some real missiles with his right, too. If he doesn’t see as much pitch time as he’d like he will complain about it… Loudly, so I don’t see Arsenal as a great fit as (I assume) he would not be first in line. We are getting rid of him, though, as his contract expires in June and he does not wish to re-new.

  28. The world of football moves so quickly. It seems like Ljungberg’s exit is now more than likely – which is annoying. I still think he can have an impact if he stays but it’s hard to deny a four-year contract with a club which is likely to start him, especially in a less physical league. There has been talk about Bojinov, Gouffran, Sagna and Modric and at this stage I’m not overly fussed on any of them. Sagna’s signing seems inevitable but I am still perplexed as to how this would alter the shape of the team. It seems only Arsene knows…

  29. The thing that troubles me is all I seem to read about is players leaving the club. Arsenal seem to believe that once your over 30 you have had it look at the problems experience on new contracts by Pires and even Dennis (surname to follow) Now I read that reading areoffering 2mill to see if Hoyte “Has a future at Arsenal2 To let him go would be inexcusable as it would for Freddie.Any Team that has sserious title ambitions cannot afford not to have stregnth in depth.The trouble is that I,among many other Gooners,really do not know what is happening at Board or managerial level. Certainly we seem to be way off the pace in signngs and as things stand i think we will struggle


    Freddie is loyal, great guy but 70k per week and spending two-thirds of the season on the surgeons bed is just too much. We’re Arsenal and we earn our money unlike Chelsea. It’s painful to see him go but let’s give some respect to Arsene, he knows what is best for Freddie and Arsenal.

  31. I’m pretty sure Freddie is leaving and Gallas too. So no player get paid more than 50k per week. Any player who want to get better than that has to fight for it! So new era and do or die season is coming. We are either top 2 or out of top 4 next season. BIG gamble from AW.

  32. I was actually pretty excited when I heard about Bojinov being part of the deal for Ljunberg. I thought he would be a great player when I saw him playing for Lecce. He spent last season on loan at Juventus, and with Wenger managing him he could turn into another great player. If he becomes part of the deal, I think Arsenal’s striker problems will be much more manageable.

    That said, if Ljunberg left I wouldn’t really be sad, even though we would be losing experience. The only player I’ve ever been sad to see go has been Pires. I think his skill and passing were just too good to let go, and it’s probably Wenger’s biggest mistake.

  33. Gallas will start the season and hopefully bond with Toure. At the end of the season Toure had played like every match and was in need of a rest, making mistakes and at the start we will see two of the worlds best defenders together.

    I really won’t be fussed if Hoyte leaves. Like Flamini, he is alright but with Sagna I see no place for him at arsenal.

    I’d like Ljungberg to stay. Fiorentina are supposedly only offering 30k a week, if he took a paycut of 10/15k, he’d still play half the season at a club he loves.

    Modric is a central midfielder? Hmmm, with 4 competeting natural midfielders hleb and rosicky, flamini, song, merida, randall all here it seems strange he’d come. Unless like hleb and rosicky he’d be converted.

    If Hoyte stays (did just sign a contract) it will mean Sagna becomes no.1 right back and eboue pushes up.

    Bojinov’s name seems to no longer be mentioned concerning the Freddie transfer. Shame. Him being a bit of wild-card doesn’t really concern me. Wenger straightened out people like Ade who were supposed to be as bad.

    Just some of the many thoughts of my over active mind.

  34. I really think that the only likely transfer of the ones that have been mentioned is that of Bakari Sagna. Ljungberg MAY be leaving but in my opinion, he probably won’t. We’ll have to wait and see.

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