Let the Deadline Day debate begin!

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Just thought I’d open a post for you guys to share news, discuss rumours and get chatting about Transfer Deadline day.

Per Mertesacker, Park Chu-young and André Santos have already been confirmed. Who’s next?

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  2. Yeaaaaah i was playing fifa and i happen to have bought matersacker his good go on arsenal yeah wooo hooo

  3. Two areas I hope Arsenal and Arsene will careful consider and invest in, is coaching and coaches. I know Pat Rice is considered by le Boss to be a good prop, by from all on-lookers he has truly passed his sell-by-date. Wenger looks a sorry site when the team is over run and his assistant do not get him to think under fire. Let the man retire and enjoy his pension away from the dug out.

    So often we see the defenders making the same repeated errors and Carl Jenkinson already is picking up bad habits. It should not be hard to scout around for a first class defense coach. Now I know many Arsenal fans suggest Steve Bould, but I strongly disagree. Why? I see the same holes in the youth team!

  4. Those signings are pretty better but we still need like 2 more signing before tonight deadline in my opinion 1 attacking midfider and 1 defenderis still needed.

  5. Hazard is a must buy after gervinho was convinced to sign by nasri who told him he would stay only to be let down gervinho would be glad to see hazard at arsenal

  6. Arsenal don’t need to buy nothing. The damage has already been done. Even if we want to buy there are no serious players left. Lets hope for healing of our injured stars and vie for a UEFA CUP spot ……………………………..at least!

  7. If it was up to me I would be buying Dutch keeper Stecklenburg, Eden Hazard, M’Villa and either Alex/Cahill/Samba and Wesley Sneijder. I would break even on transfer fees from the sales of Toure, Adebayor, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Eboue, Traore, Bendtner, Almunia and Squillaci. I would be in profit by also selling Rosicky, Arshavin and Van Persie (who averages 16 games per season over the 7 years he has been with us) and would be able to buy a top quality striker who is not injury prone. By buying 6 players and selling 13 the wages should not be a problem.

    I am convinced Wenger does not know what he is doing and should have bought Van De Sar from Juventus to replace Seaman and not Lehmann and Suarez from Ajax to mention just two. There are many more I could mention and we have been very lucky that Denis Bergkamp was already there when Wenger arrived as he is our best post war player, yes, better than Henry (check out how many Henry goals came from Bergkamp assists) and I don’t think Wenger would have signed him. The question also has to be asked why there are so many ex-Arsenal players at Man City, Marwood, Platt, Vieira in the backroom and Toure, Adebayor, Clichy and Nasri playing. I believe the woes of our great club can be linked to 2 occurrences, David Dein’s departure and the arrival of William Gallas who was disruptive at Chelsea and was made our captain which destroyed unity in the dressing room with Toure and Nasri not even speaking to him and, apparently no-one liking him. I could go on – why have we never signed anyone from West Ham for example but will close here and eagerly await the abuse which I expect will be forthcoming from some quarters, especially the “Arsene Knows” mob

  8. Hazard (25m), Martin (15m) , Mbvilla (22m) and Cahil (12m)….would be good business
    yes its 74m but we do have it..not forgetting that Bendtner (10m), Traore (2m) to go
    with what we had pre Nasri, Cesc and Eboue sales……Good signing Mertscaker not
    sure about Park and Silva……………….

  9. i doubt if ngala is a true Arsenal fan..Our defeat to Man u seems to be a blessing in disguise..if we had won that match i dnt think wenger wuld be making such signings..i’ll cherish the presence of M’villa and Hazard in the squad..the season has just begon,we still got the chance to lift up tha trophy..

  10. I agree with you ucydon. Ngala doesn’t seem t know what he is talking about. Transfers are not magic that you pull out of the hat like that, have you thought probably Wenger planned that we get beaten like that so he could tie the boards hand to spend???

    Anyway what is lacking from the players last season was committment and this season we have committed players the players that have left were not committed and everyone says we aint doing nothing yet he has bought 3 internationals from their respective country who have experience.

    Cahill has no experience CL or world cup, M’vila is a DM we already have Song and Frimpong.

    Carl Jenkison is a good defender did you actually watch the match, he played very well made mistakes but come on as if we dont make mistakes. If I can remember everyone was shouting his praise when he played well during CL at Udin.

    Now he is not good, very funny be consistent with you critic……….

    I say we have a good team at the mo and I cant wait for the season to begin……………………..

  11. I would like to see Hazard and Cahill or Alex, but I don’t think Chelski would sell hime to us.

  12. We need- gregory van der wiel, hazard, m’vila, Martin, Alex, Ribery, gorcuff is a must! And possibly either montolivo or Vargas! But the players above are musts if we are to get in the top 4!

  13. I think we should add in players we don’t want anymore into sOme deals! Does anyone think we will get any of Martin, hazard, gorcuff, ribery, m’vila?

  14. there are loads of you saying we need 5 or more players to reach the top 4. are you kiding. we should get in the top 4 as we stand now as we got per. and gervihino. but i think to compete with top spot we need one more mid. that bloke who said sale van persie what are you about 6 years old. i would in a real world like to se either hazard, gotze, m’y’villa or falamini from everton and yes cahill as well. im impressed with jenkinson so far looks like wenger has done well with him, i hope oxlade will be good to

  15. I had lost hope in Wenger’s sense of direction, but I think he has the resolve to steer arsenal to victory. Remember no player would give us a deal if we hadn’t qualified to play champions league. Lets get a strong midfielder and defender.

  16. we need another midfielders Arteta and Benayon not F. Libery please Mr. Wenger just do this

  17. Can’t believe 29 comments and only one mentioned continuing need for another striker. We know RvP is a great poacher, but he has been injured a lot. If (when?) he goes down, where do the goals come from? And it’s always about scoring. Love the improved defense with PM! Think he will score a few too or at least be a threat to at 6’6″! Would love to see Sneijder. At any rate, however late, we are back in the game.
    Losing to ManUre pile was a lessing in disguise, for sure.

  18. there are lots players available rite now though time is against us i wish demsey, cahil, if possiple hazard. wengers sense came back after humilaiting defeat agains our worst rivals for years wish our top 4 couldnot in danger

  19. If Rosicky & Arsavin are still in Arsenal, the gunners will become deserters. they have lost their prime time.

  20. Even if mentally retarded wenger is able to sign couple of players in next few hours things are not bound to improve taking into consideration the quality of squad that includes shits like arshawin, rosicky, diaby, ramsey, djuoro, bendtner, vela, almunia, fabianski , squallachi as well as mules like jenkinson. These players have no place in the world’s most demanding football league epl. On the other hand I am also certain 2011-12 will be the seventh consecutive year without trophy. .

  21. Even if we sign Speedy McScorealot, Gigantor Grappler, Stretchy Stickygloves, Leon Legsmasher, and Diego Dribblerano , some fans will still moan.

  22. For me a lot of people miss the mark in thinking we need to replace Cesc-replacing Cesc is not possible. The moment Cesc left a change in the makeup of the team needed to be addressed, not a like for like replacement. Sign M’Villa because he brings real steel to your midfield and his distribution is good. That then provides cover to all you play makers who then share the responsibility of picking up the creative baton that Cesc left behind. Wilshere and Ramsey can play in the attacking role and you can even drop Van Persie when you decide to…heck, he practically plays there right now anyhow as a false 9. Think of what Flamini did in that one season for Cesc and how good we looked. Flamini ran 8,000 meters a game and covered every blade of grass and Cesc went out and had his best year as a 20 goal scorer. Sign M’Villa and you will be amazed at what happens with the rest of the squad creatively. M’Villa could be our Claude Makalele. We missed out on him do not miss out on M’Villa Arsene.

  23. @Todd
    What is the Frabregas legacy?
    He won what,when and how?
    I miss winning, I miss Viera and Berkamp and crazy Freddie and Sol.
    I miss being respected and even feared even on away grounds.
    The Cesc myth holds no magic for me I’ve been HERE for the last six years.
    Now I’m more than ready to move on.
    Come on you Gunners sign some Grit,Guts and muscle.
    The pitty-pat years are over.

  24. nice to see the new guys, but all the signings in the world won’t help much if the team continues to play with tactical naivety.

  25. i would love to see arteta ov everton cahill 4rm bolton ive been tracking him he is very good as i live close to bolton also why not shaun wright phillips he wouldnt cost that much he can improve under arsen wenger he will improve iknow it he has ian wrights dna a natural footballer” we have park mertersaker and santos this is good but we need strenght in depth !!! i am arsenal 4 ever but i never want to see a performance like the 1 against man u ever again that was shocking too see” i was devestated” wenger ur a great manager but you need to get more talent in and fast even scott parker would be good for us strength in middle as well as skill look at chealsea n manchester united they both balance this well so get us back to the top arsen plz i know you can do it ” and get rocky robin a good partner up front and a back up for theo wallcott who may i say has improved so has robin and jack also the players i have named bring them in plz we have t5he money make arsenal f.c great again plz!!! thank you” now come on arsenal!!!

  26. Arteta, although he is a very good player, he has given his best years to Everton and i dont he will help the team in the strength department. Arsenal already have enough players like im. Song and Frimpong are the future for the center of midfield.

  27. Wenger made his move!Thanks for that and now you gained my trust back. I know you are working very very hard to sign a midfielder now and I hope we can sign Arteta. Please Wenger. All players that he signed are above 26 year old and that’s a good news. A midfielder and we almost complete! Work hard for it Mr. Wenger.

  28. You got to be kidding arteta! are gooners gone mad!no top club is going to compete with arsenal becoz they are not interested,why are we wasting our time with arteta we a top player not a player that can’t even make it to the spain national team, we need. Top quality that will be able to get pass the manu,city, barc and chelski.hazard,mvila,martin is what we need.

  29. samba, arteta and back left can make the clab to revive its hope of being the top four other than top ten.

  30. Stat from OptaJoe on Twitter apparently.. 2.7 – Only five players have created more chances per 90 mins in the Premier League since 06/07 than Mikel Arteta.

  31. It looks as if it may be Arteta.Not a first pick for me but perferable to the no-pace Benayoun.
    Does anyone know if Bentdner is going to Rovers?

  32. The dream is; Mvilla, Arteta and Cahill….Hazards way overpriced.
    The reality may be Arteta and thats it. personally Im content ,not over the moon but content that we actually have made an effort to sign International quality and salvage our season.
    I thank you Wenger, though Id say your signing those cheques through gritted teeth.
    Now, if we could only get rid of Bentdner, Arshavin, Almunia and Squillachi Id be well happy, imagine nobody wants to sign Nicholas ‘the next big thing’ Bentdner.
    Looking forward to seeing Mertesacker and dos Santos and I like the cut of Parks jib….even though its a bit ridiculous signing a player who must leave after two and a half years to participate in compulsory national service, but hey were Arsenal we dont do it by the book.
    Mind you if Cahill ends up at spurs Im not gonna be a happy bunny….he can stay at bolton only if we get him for free next season.

  33. Arsenal have withdrawn from the Arteta deal. Wait and see I guarentee its to sign the cheap option of Yossi Benayoun whos not a patch on Arteta, I knew Id spoke too soon Wenger you tight shortsighted git. Really the stinginess beggars belief at this stage.

  34. @shambogunner
    Goddamnit, I hate it when your right.
    a couple of hour left to go perhaps we will still do the business but time is very quickly running out.

  35. Wenger knows the importance of signing a quality midfielder. How on earth is benayoun going to get pass the manu and city defence,this is really poor decision making from wenger if it’s happen,we need quality not a reject.

  36. @shard, Even if we sign Speedy etc etc etc, some fans will still moan! Isn’t it like saying if Asnl loose five games in row you will only look for positives. Being negative about certain aspects does not mean one is any worse a supporter or fan, it just shows one expects a higher standard from ones team.
    Shambo, how you doing mate. I dont think Arteta is the player for Arsnl because not only will he not bring in anything different than the squad already possess, he is another feather weight who’s best years are already behind him. Also he has had some major injuries.
    I must concur with your suspicions about Yossi in place of Arteta because of the fee and salary (they owe it to the fans) and adding to that im not impressed with the quality of the signings. I’m still waiting for a big name that will give the young players and fans faith in Arsene and the near future. Shambo, how good is Mertesacker and Dos Santos will they hit the ground running.
    Skysports just confirmed the Artet signing is GOOD TO GO. (Still say he is the wrong player to many injuries)

  37. Seems we’re good at picking up left-overs! No amount of new players will make a difference until Arsenal has a manager with super tactical skills – one who can adapt and move around his players according to how the game is going. Take ManU – they have three great players, Rooney, Nani and now Young (maybe still Giggs) while the rest are pretty average, but Sir AF can mould any 11 players from his 25 or so, into a great team, any time he wants. It’s all about tactics, not necessarily class

  38. wowsers!
    my socks have been knocked clean off my dogs and into the washing machine!
    Who would have believed it?
    If you would have told me 24hours ago that we would folow up the signings of Per Mertesacker and Andre Dos Santos with Mikel Arteta and Yossi Benayoun I would not have come close to believing it.
    Actions indeed speak louder than words.
    I noticed the official Arsenal website is down.
    maybe we can’t afford it anymore. (hyuk,hyuk)

  39. @malta, how the hell can u say manure have so many “pretty average” players. They ave a very good defence, full of quality and now youth, MF full of young quality and attack full of quality although Fergy does make them gell. How can a team win so much with average players, that means the others r shit.

  40. @shard
    You know, your right about the fickle nature of the fan but in this case I think even the most intrenched gooner groaner has to acknowledge that an attempt to right the ship is being made. Perhaps it’s a little more counter-flooding then bildge pumping but the fact that the problem is being (at last) recognized and adressed is heartening.
    Too bad we couldn’t dump the Squid but every squad has some un-valued assets.
    If he isn’t much help to us perhaps we can keep him in a position where he cannot harm us. (I’m thinking on the bench right next to mooney and Fumblehanski)

  41. @theicehammer
    Hammer your’e missing it.
    They get more out of average players than we do. Their mediocre player scratch and claw and kick. Missing the skill Sir Alex keeps a foot up their asses.
    we have had players with talent that stroll around the grounds while we get pummelled.
    Try that at Olde Trofford and you will get served up.

  42. 5 players signed and I’m looking forward to see them on the pitch. All are above 26 and good. Come on fans, stop complaining. We need to support the team. We have covered all area. 2 midfielders came to cover 1 lost. Arsenal till i die.

  43. Shambo – I’ll expect you’ll be retracting calling Wenger a git because he was fialing to act on arteta…because we now have signed him….

  44. Arteta is CLASS. With Wilshere and Walcott with Frimpong behind…. a good midfiled. Experience and youth. About bloody time!!!

  45. @theicehammer – I hope Lansbury does well for you guys. He showed a lot of heart for us. Too bad it hasn’t worked out for him here (yet). Maybe you’ll get too see him celebrate with the Dougie.

  46. All the new signings are a step in the right direction and are very much welcome obviously. But the way some fans are getting carried away, its just ridiculous. They behave like we’ve just won the quadruple and Wenger is suddenly a genius and he knows once again.

    Fact is, these are the kind of signings that should have been been a year or two ago, to complement the likes of Cesc and Nasri. Now we’ve lost both these world class players, and have not signed someone of equivalent calibre to replace them. Have we truly taken any step forward since last year? The truth is, we’re still not much better off than we were, and the jury’s still out as to how this new players will perform.

    Please don’t forget, a club like Arsenal should be at the top challenging for the top prizes each year. Especially since they deem it fit to charge the highest season ticket prices in the league. No more of the ‘4th place is a huge achievement’ or ‘new signings take time to bed in’ bullshit please. Fact is, more than enough time has been given to sort out these issues, and its Wenger’s own fault he only made serious transfer moves after the OT humiliation. If at the end of this year there’s no serious progress in terms of trophies or challenging for honours, I expect nothing less than Wenger’s dismissal.

  47. ITZ A START OF AN ERA NOW………. with new players in…. and alot of experience in the side… I’M SURE,,, v will avenge d defeats .. in no time……………….!!!!!!!!!!11

  48. i must… HOW THE HELL DID ARSENE WENGER… manage soo many transfers and place soo many offers in jst 48hrs…. mind blowing

  49. I will in all faireness change my tone today and begin expecting results from Wenger.One good turn deserves another as he promised Fergie a different occassion at the Emirates.In arteta we have a guy who can shoot and take the game by the scruff of the neck. I though doubt his visionary passes like Fab did.I genuinely believe in Wilshere we have an almost Nasri.Dont even forget Gervinho though his shooting is suspect.Benayoun is equally a mouth full and he ably replaces the ageing tired Rosicky who cant play more than 20 minutes.We have some depth in that area to compete all these top . I have nothing to say with the defense. Metserka definetly is starter with TV. Which team wouldnt fancy having Jourou as a back up center half or Koscienly.Defense is a done deal. Its the attack line which only flutters to scare abit since am not sure ho quick and sharp the South Korean is.Am not sure whether he is not afraid to shoot.I just hope that he relegates Chamak to the reserve team.Wehave more than enough Wingers in Miyachi and AOC. Guys this might be the beginning of something different. Soon or later our priority may not be the top 4 but the title itself. We manged to maintain top four with a pathetic team and on several occassions the likes of Fabrgas and Nasri we are glossing about were injured and never played some crucial games . They sometimes played those games and we were equally humbled. I believe the quicker these guys intergrate in the team the quicker we are gona see results.We shall definetly top our Champions league group now and with a change of style and grit even Barca wont have it its way.Fabregas has never helped us alot in Europe apart from the goal he scored against AC Millan meaning we shall not miss him so much in Europe especially with ambitious experienced players like Arteta and Benayoun. Arteta even adds to size in the midfield that with Frimpong and Song the likes of Stoke or City taste the same pill. Am so optimistic guys we should now get behind these guys and i just hope the Korean makes good use of sitters the likes of B52 AND Chamakh have been missing. I hope Swansea do us a favour in overturning the goal ladden deficit e have ever since the Old trafford drubbing.

  50. After the last match I had said it is up to the club- board and manager- to replace faith again and get us to believe. I feel they have done enough to get fans onside and backing this team again. It isn’t perfect but it was never going to be. I think it is still a work in progress. Selling Cesc AND Nasri in the same year, plus letting many of the fringe players go (as was being demanded) was always going to mean that there would be some teething problems. As such I think we are in the midst of restructuring. Crucially however, we have bought for the short(er) term to help us in that process. I hope we are looking to change our wage structure, and I think it might be happening. The likes of Almunia still stick around but Bendtner, Denilson, Vela etc have been shipped out (though on loan) . The younger players now coming through will hopefully be given more incentives in their contracts, and we now have experience in our team to guide those youngsters through and be the leaders in the team.

    I feel we have come out of this window stronger in many ways and we have seen a unity in the squad already. We have good goalkeepers, potentially a very good defense, we have more speed and width compared to last year. We have better cover for Song even if inexperienced, Gervinho is more than capable of replacing Nasri, and Arteta and Benayoun for Cesc is decent enough. Experienced PL pros. Up front I guess it depends on if Chamakh can get his mojo back, and on how the South Korean captain can do (I have a good feeling about him though). Now if only we can get Arshavin and Rosicky performing again, and Wilshere, RVP and Diaby to stay fit we’ll have a very exciting squad.

  51. Regarding change in wage structure..How I Hope it is being done.
    1. Ship out the relatively high wage earners who are fringe players and haven’t shown they deserve it.
    2. Bring in experienced pros to fill the gaps in the squad, for the short term, and pay them similar wages to the established players in the team.
    3. The rest of the money available is used to give better contracts to those who have earned them from our current team, and are nearing the end of their contracts (RVP, Theo, Vermaelen)
    4. Once the senior players like Arshavin, Rosicky, Arteta etc are gone/leaving, we push up our wage cap further, and
    5. Keep working on increasing our commercial revenue and once the new shirt deal is done (2014) we use the increased revenue to buy the more high profile players.

    It’s easier said than done of course, and is challenging to transition while maintaining stability, but I am hopeful that is the direction the club is taking, and that the majority of the upheaval has already been done this summer.

  52. Waking up this morning and reviewing the new signings still leaves me feeling that its not enough to the get the club into the top four, although i do hope im totally wrong.

  53. Good last post there Shard.

    I find it interesting that some of our departures are on loan basis eg Denilson, Bendtner. Maybe Wenger still believes in them and hopes they’ll come good whilst on loan. We’ll see.

    Another I wonder about, will our formation change? The current 4-4-3 we play was built around Cesc (correct me if im wrong), and since he’s left, there’s a huge hole in his playmaking position to fill. Currently I don’t see anyone (even among our new signings) that can fill that gap, maybe only Wilshere in a couple of years time. Our play so far this season has left RVP very isolated up front and there’s no one to ping the passes to the likes of Walcott (Ramsey has been awful, so has Rosicky).

    I’d personally love to see Walcott given a chance up front with RVP just dropping slightly deeper. Gervinho and Arshavin/Park on the wings, with Arteta and Frimpong (I rate him above Song) in midfield. Our best days came from the classic 4-4-2 employed to perfection by the Invincibles, and I hope that we’d give that formation a shot again

  54. @Shard: “Even if we sign Speedy McScorealot, Gigantor Grappler, Stretchy Stickygloves, Leon Legsmasher, and Diego Dribblerano , some fans will still moan.”

    Hahahaha !! Nice one 🙂

  55. Great signings made, better than we could hope for in the short space of time and all will help Arsenal get back to winning ways THIS season, but more needed in January and next summer.

    Ok, now let’s talk for real now, transfers behind us and start asking questions to our manager. Did he really believe that before the 8vs2 loss that our squad was capable of competing for the premier league this year? Because with the frantic transfer activity, it shows me that he actually didn’t want to sign anyone. Am I the only one that is majorly concerned by this?

    I am a huge Arsene Wenger fan, and never ever thought his job is even close to being on the line, but he needs to now start being honest with the fans. The young signings hasnt worked for him and he has gone for experience, something that all Arsenal fan’s have been calling for in the last 5 years. Why has it taken him so long to sign the players?

    And let’s not forget about the out of date board that I have wanting to change for a few years now. They have to go! Why are the tickets so high, but the wages of players still so restricted, preventing us from attracting the big big players to the club? This has to change! Football has changed. Arsenal FC need to change with the time and unfortunately that means paying players even more money. The board might not like it, but they need to do it or get out and let others do it.

    I can’t stand the fact that our majority shareholder is a business man who couldn’t give a rat’s ass for Arsenal, just his bank balance.

    Changes still needed

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