Let the Arsenal celebrations begin!

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Fabregas and Adebayor celebrate their goals

2-0 Arsenal. The picture says it all, really. More to come soon…

In the meantime, have your say on Arsenal’s epic win by leaving a comment.


35 thoughts on “Let the Arsenal celebrations begin!

  1. Awesome! I missed the match unfortunately, but the bbc report is glowing. Last 8 here we come.

  2. we needed this and now lets bloody win all the games in the season we can do this.

    this win will put confidence in our team

  3. awesome tonight. could have been 5 as well. how much adebayors goal remind you off arsenals 5th by pires when we thumped inter. same corner for the cross as well. cant wait for the press to pick holes in this performance.

  4. we did it against all odds now!
    so i only say you lausy reportes who thought we will loss
    but did we
    no way
    we are we were and we will be the winners!!!
    like cesc said we have been powered by critics all season to tamble just so that they can be lebeled the best.
    to fuck offff all those who thought we luck confidence and consictency.
    so all punks against us don’t ever criticize us!!!!!!!!11
    seee yaaaaa alll gooners

  5. All those twats in the press who wrote us off. All those manc fans who said we were finished. I want the northern scum in the next round so we can put them out. This is the end of the blip we are going to be champions. fuck all you non believers this will be for Eduardo. I’ve got no voice and I’ve been watching on tv on my own! My neighbours must think I’m mental. I’m a gooner and I’m so proud tonight.

  6. Absolutely Brilliant. We gave the mighty Milan a footballing lesson.There will be a lots of pundits munching their words tonight.Not only we’ve won, we’ve won with style.So who would like to play us in the next round?
    no one.I was fed up of commentators going on about Manure wiping the floor with Lyon.Absolut crap.Unlucky Lyon.
    The whole team clicked tonight apart from 2 players I won’t mention their names as all we want now is to praise the whole of the team. The Arsenal fans at the San Siro were fantastic they gave it all.
    That final run by Theo summed this Arsenal team.We will stumble and get up stronger.With RVP is fit again I couldn’t be more happier.ENJOY

  7. Brilliantly done. The best we’ve played with a 4-5-1 all season.

    “To be the best, you have to beat the best.”
    – Cesc Fabregas

    Remember that it just might be the quote of the season.

    Arsenal till I rot.

  8. Get over it …. you arsenal supporters are ridiculous..when u lose you act like its the end of the world and you need to purchase a million players and when you win you act like you have won the world cup…facts are you have won nothing so get over it…you did well in beating ac milan but just face it they are coming 6th in seria A…..move on and cant wait till you dotn win any trophies this season and come back and remind you of this moment..move on

  9. Cracking result and performance from Arsenal tonight. Fully deserved a victory playig some superb football.

    I hope you go onto the final and beat Manure on penalties!

  10. Yada yada yada! So we owned Milan(sarcasm). We beat not only the european champions on their patch, but the world club champions too. And we owned them. I guess according to the honorable bufoons(the media), we might just been lucky!?!?!?

    Did anyone picked up on how much Milan were traumatized by Cesc nobody wanted his jersey?!?!?! I noticed he had a yellow jersey at the post match interview(I just saw him wipe his face with a yellow long sleeve) which I guess he had to mug Kalac for. OUCH!!!!!

    Off topic, is it worth paying 20+ million pounds for Benzema with our strike force in mind???. IF I had to have just one wish I would wish I don’t get to hear any Arsenal fan saying “we need to buy players” ever again for I believe what we have is the making of a football’s next dynasty.

  11. Ronaldo7: They owned you. You thought they will own us too. WRONG!!!!, guess again. We owned them. Savor your FA cup win against us as we were sacrificing the cup for Major stuff. I guess you would “luv it” to play us next, don’t you? Ooops! (Whisper!) We just beat the world-beaters!!!!!!

  12. ronaldo7 haven’t you skagheads got any sited of your own? It’s you who wom’t have any trophies. You’re shit and you know you are!

  13. Ronaldo7 You look good against shit teams like fulham and toon (even a weakened arsenal team) but against anyone good you’re just average and rooney is the most over rated wanker in the league.

  14. Taygoon,we are both gunners but lets face it..we still
    need to strengthen our squad..remember that the biggest
    room in the world is the room for improvement……..
    Next season we need Quaresma,Benzema and M. Richards.
    Then we’re set & good to go.still..Arsenal till i rot..

  15. good to hear that u guys are still alive.. i tought many of u are still mourning the lost of Eduardo..

    at some point, for me as Man Utd fan, it’s good the fact that Arsenal won the game. simply because:-
    (1) we often find it difficult to beat AC Milan, compare to Arsenal
    (2) we need Arsenal to be busy by schedule (EPL and Champions League) because we are even busier (with FA cup)

  16. Hope we get you next round so we can knock you out….sorry arsenal supporters but id rather play you guys than ac milan

  17. Truly great game.. Loved the entire performance… And it was worth waiting till 1:15am here in India to watch this match.. Also couldnt sleep after that.. Woke up at 6:45am(even after sleeping at 4:15am) when I usually wake up at around 8.

    Cesc & Hleb were awesome.. Walcott when on showed his true pace.. Ade worked for entire 90mins.. Flamini and Sagna kept Kaka silent for most of the Game. Gallas was solid throughout the match and senderos while shaky in the first 15-20mins, picked himself up and had a decent performance.

    now, lets channel some of the performance on to the league…


  18. What a wonderful win. AC Milan’s virginity has finally been broken and Man U fans should know that we are going all the way to win the EPL and CL. Watch this space and Arsenal are now playing without a handbrake.

    I watched the match and have slept for only three hours before reporting to work today and was really proud of the performance….

  19. Excellent performances from everybody. Milan couldn’t deal with Fabregas, Hleb, and Adebayor. Flamini as always had tons of energy, and the whole backline dealt with Kaka and Pato superbly. Diaby and Eboue also had great energy. The game passed Milan by, which doesn’t happen very often. Probably the highlight of the season so far.

  20. super played by the arsenal..i watched the march live on my home at 3.3.am here in Sabah, Malaysia..no one know how enjoy i am..thank 2 God 4 maked it happen…well skill n Absolutely Brilliant. this is the night 2 remember…

  21. Excellent performance.Exactly what I had hoped for as per my comments earlier in the day on this blog: “I think we have a good chance. There is no team that cannot be beaten.What is home advantage anyway?the crowd?the pitch?the weather?We have overcome these before and we will tonight…….Arsenal is a big team and I believe this is the best chance for us to announce to all and sundry that we’ve come of age at the CL level……We have even beaten INTER 5-1 in the same stadium so why can’t we do it tonight?I have no doubt in mind that if the boys play as a team and for each other, they will make it.In my opinion, the key ingredients of victory tonight are:100% concentration,determination and a “never-say-die” fighting spirit.

    2008 could just be it.Remember in 2006 we were drawn against the best and came out tops i.e. REAL,JUVENTUS etc.
    After AC MILAN, REAL/BARCA/INTER are the next victims.Watch this space………………….It doesn’t matter anymore who we are drawn against now in the last 8

  22. It’s so great to see everyone so happy. Andrew is right by the way, this is definitely the highlight of the season so far. Let’s hope there are many more after this though 🙂

    Thanks guys, an unbelievable night for an Italian Gooner..I was scared, I was worried because of Milan, his players and his lucky star, but we were great yesterday, we deserved to win and did it!
    Stand Up For The Arsenal!

  24. Unfortunately no, Fry..I haven’t found the tickets!I hope I’ll find some tickets for the QF, for our home game..it’s easier to get the tickets for the Emirates than find some tickets for the italian stadiums..so, please, if you have good addresses or good news about the tickets for the next tie email me!
    Thanks mate, great posts and great blog!
    C’mon gunners!

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