Lehmann injured or dropped?

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Lehmann will miss two weeks - but is he really injured?Lehmann out for two weeks

After mentioning yesterday that all the Arsenal players had got through their International Friendlies without incurring injury, it seems that German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann was not so lucky. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealed that Lehmann has aggravated an achilles tendon injury and will be out of action for at least two weeks.

“Jens is out and he will miss two weeks, I think. Maybe more, I don’t know. He is going to see a specialist in Germany tomorrow. He had this injury before but it has got much worse.”

Every Arsenal supporter knows that Lehmann has made two truly awful errors against Fulham and Blackburn and perhaps needs a break from the first team regardless of his injury. When reading a comment like the one above you really have to question Wenger’s real intent. You just get the feeling that if Lehmann was in the form of his life and the Champions League final was this weekend he be playing for sure. But because his form has been shaky and Wenger just want Lehmann to take some time to sort out both his niggling injury and his head.

Almunia is ready to take over from LehmannAlmunia to take over

Whatever the truth is behind the story, the fact is that Lehmann will be replaced by Manuel Almunia – winner of the Arsenal Crossbar Challenge – rather than young Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski. Further comments from Wenger suggest that if Almunia does perform well in the next few matches he will keep his place in the side, and rightly so.

“Almunia is equipped to take responsibility because he did very, very well when he played last year. He is mature and he has all the attributes you need to be successful. It was a close decision who is my number one keeper because of his performances last season.” 

I have never hidden that I am a big fan of Lehmann but it is clear that he has not performed anywhere near the level required of him and this “injury”, however minor it actually is, has come at a perfect time for Almunia and the club. The Spaniard looked very sharp in pre-season fixtures and I’m sure supporters will be confident in his ability to take the chance he has been presented with. Heck, I’ve even put him into my Fantasy League team.

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Gallas should be back for the game against TottenhamGallas back for Tottenham

Wenger was also very vocal about another of Arsenal’s injured players, captain William Gallas. He has insisted that he wants Gallas, who suffered a painful groin injury in Arsenal’s Premier League game against Blackburn, to be treated by the Arsenal medical staff rather than the French national team’s medical team. Wenger also cleared up any confusion over the amount of time Gallas will be out of the side and I am delighted to say that it is less than I previously indicated.

“I  believe it is logical the Arsenal’s players get treatment with the club’s doctors. They are perfectly qualified. He is suffering a strained abductor muscle, the same injury he had last year, and that usually demands a 21-day break.”

Going on the number of injuries that Arsenal players have suffered over the past two seasons, there are probably a number of supporters who would suggest that the club’s medical team are not as qualified as Wenger thinks. But it is only logical that Gallas get treated by his club rather than the national team, especially if they have dealt with the same injury before. Hopefully Gallas will be back within 21 days – because it means he will be ready for the big game against Tottenham – and in the meantime, Philippe Senderos can perform the required heroics in his absence. I’ll be posting a preview of the Manchester City game tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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27 thoughts on “Lehmann injured or dropped?

  1. The break will only do good for Lehmann. He can get over his injury [if there is one] and can take some time to think whats going wrong with him.
    Meanwhile lets see how much Almunia has improved.

  2. I rate Almunia, I thought he played well when Lehmann was out a few seasons back. I’m not a big fan of Lehmann purely because of the way he carries on, on the field. Arguably, his foul cost Arsenal the Champions League trophy, as well as ruined Pires send-off. If Lehmann could tone down his antics, he’d be the ideal keeper.

  3. Hey Darragh, long time no comment! I have this deep down love of Lehmann’s crazy behaviour that will probably never go away, but I have to admit that as he gets older, these sorts of mistakes will only occur more frequently. I didn’t rate Almunia back in the day (a 4-2 loss against Manchester United was particularly awful) but there is no doubt he has improved and looked almost unbeatable in pre-season. I also have high expectations for Fabianski, but at this stage you’d have to go with Almunia.

  4. In my opinion Lehmann deserve to be dropped. Any player who doesn’t perform 2 games consecutively should make way for another player. That will make the players’ place more competitive and remind them there is always new young player ready to step in.

    7 days to go before the transfer window close. I was shouting Arsenal should sign Micah Richards and hopefully this will happen. But I know the chances of signing Richards is almost 0% this season. Just hope that Richards doesn’t extent his contract by end of this season. Anyway, with Gallas in treatment bed again (God know how long he is going to be out again this time) hopefully AW will buy a player who can play on the left back and center back. I’m really uncomfortable to see Gilberto or Song play in the center defender role.

  5. lehman is a immature donkey ……. just my opinion!!!

    All i know of alumini is the goals he gifted ronaldo in that 4-2 game…but best of luck to him and his new look…

    arsenal 2 man city 1

    goals fabregas, Adebyor

  6. “I’m really uncomfortable to see Gilberto or Song play in the center defender role.”
    I’m not so worried about Gilberto playing there but SONG?!?! Eek! Don’t scare me please!

    “7 days to go before the transfer window close.”
    Very true. I think we’d all love to see Richards join in that time but like you said, it’s just not going to happen. I think the best we can hope for is Wilson Palacios to sign and give our wide positions some stability. If it’s not a hoax…

  7. just wanted to who will take on the captaincy 4 gallas,gilberto and lehman is out,but probably think rvp will do us proud or kolo

  8. India-Gunner – We dont need a left back, are you mad, gael clichy is excellent and 100 times better that cashley cole! We do need a back up centeral defender, but i dont see wenger buying a defender, he will try to get buy till january and then recall Johan Djourou, if he buys he will buy a winger (i hope he does)

  9. Spanish Fry – I never knew that you could be recalled from you loan anytime, then Wenger will defo not buy a defender.

    Luka Modrić looks to be a good player and would help us alot! I just hope that we have a big name signing, i think that would create a massive buzz around the club, players and fans…think Wenger, should take the money he got from henry(£16m) freddie(£3m) reyes(£12m) which would give us £31m(€45m) to buy Ricardo Quaresma and Artur Boruc!!!

  10. well if rumors are correct, deco is available at £8m, i think thats a good price for a world class player.
    i know its not a winger, but he will improve any side. if we do play a 4-3-3 he will be very effective and well we can use rosicky and hleb as our wide men.
    luka modric looks like a player we will sign, but when is the question? but then again i thought of ryan babel as similar situation

  11. I’m not sure if there is clause by which Djourou can be recalled. Usually clubs that take on loan hesitate to keep that clause. Anyway his loan deal will end before ACN and if we can keep 2 of our defenders fit, it’ll be ok.

  12. Anyone who wants a good laugh.. check out Mark hughes’ and Brad Friedels comments today about the ganme last week. Basically, BB play good honest football, none of the fouls were aggressive. Upset the quality of their football isnt what grabbwed headlines. Jeeez these guys are thick. They “impose” themselves.. true enough, they impose themselves by standing on your head and or iniating their tackles on inch from the opposing player. Not to harp on abou them, but really is a shame when such respectabloe people come out with such shite..

  13. Who is going to tell Wenger to wake up 7 days to go before the transfer window close.!
    At least make some amendment,don’t sleep,just go and buy some good and quality players such as Ricardo Quaresma and Riquelme for the flank,It won’t cost much and both can switch play either side.We need two quality singings b4 the transfer deadline.I honestly think,we need a right winger.We don’t need a left winger,It’s on the right that we are short.
    I’m also very positive that Micah Richards will be joining the Gunners before the transfer window closes.
    If Wenger can improve our squad thats all that matter.
    We can get 1 or 2 players in the list below!
    Ricardo Quaresma
    Micah Richards
    Luka Modric
    Wilson Palacios
    Artur Boruc

  14. Emre – Newcastle – LM, CM, CAM
    Arda Turan – Galatasaray – LM
    Deco – Barcelona – Winger, CAM
    Micah Richards – Man City – RB, CB

    Any of these signings will be great for arsenal. If we sign
    Lassana Diarra – Chelsea – CDM, CM then we must send Song on loan. Toure will captain arsenal 2mora. Arsenal 3 – 1 Man City : RVP, Fabs, Sagna – Bianchi

  15. “We don’t need a left winger,It’s on the right that we are short.” Though without a natural right winger, we have many pople thay can play there and are naturally right-footed. Walcott, Eboue, Hleb.. Though I feel none of them are the answer to our right side, they do the job. As of yet, Rosicky is the only real left-sided player, and even then I feel he is better centrally. Traore and Clichy can both push forward and Gibbs may be ready in a season or two. Apart from that we would have to push RVP or eduardo to the left, which would be an arguable waste of strike power. I personally think either of them could play the left sided role in a 4-3-3 with Bendtner or Ade playing centrally. But that is a whole other subject. As you see though, we are very short on the left side compared tom the right. Injuries to the left and we frightfully short. Riquelma is nt a winger either…

    As for Richards, we wont be signing him. I like to think he is, but the fact is they wont let him go for anything less than silly, and these could be exciting times for the club and he may well want to be a part of that. He is the defender I would most like to see at the Club, but reality is its not happening.. right now.

    Jay: Emre isnt a winger, and he wouldnt get in our current midfield. Deco is too old and not a player we need either. I feel Hleb is just as effective in the same position. Dont know Turan too well..

  16. “Anyone who wants a good laugh.. check out Mark hughes’ and Brad Friedels comments today about the ganme last week. Basically, BB play good honest football, none of the fouls were aggressive.”


  17. We might not need a Left-sided player but a winger is a winger. LM or RM. Emre is still the player i would go for.

  18. alf15 : When I suggested to buy a defender can play on LB & CB, I don’t mean to replace Clichy but this new defender should able to cover CB & LB. He will be a backup not first team player.

    Just wonder when was the last time AW bought a player from other PL team? Sol Campbell didn’t count because he was free transfer. Francis?

    I don’t who is coming in before transfer window close as long as the player coming can play in the first team or at least can challege the first team . Age doesn’t bother me too much, first team player is I’m looking for. Come on AW, don’t keep all the profit in the bank. Show me your passion and your desire to win the title!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Walcott is the kind of players fans love to watch I believe Walcott could eventually be a suitable replacement for Thierry Henry.Walcott and Micah Richards together could be immense.
    He moves a little like Henry and I think that will be important.Walcott has the capacity to be one of the big players in the world.He will be a good player you can compare his pace to Henry,He has a good knowledge of football and good technique.His pace is absolutely incredible.I think he showed that playing for the under 21s they had to foul him to stop him.Also,he is stylish.
    I’d like to see Walcott get more games for us,he is definitely the new Thierry Henry.
    Arsenal against Man City
    Adebayor-Van Persie.

  20. Just when it cant get any funnier, Moyes has joined in and said: “I watched the Blackburn game, and I didn’t see anything untoward at all.

    “You have to remember football is a strong sport, with tackles and challenges that are part of the rules.

    “When you play the big teams you have to bridge the gap, usually by working extra hard and by not giving them any time and space on the ball.

    “There’s nothing wrong in that. I certainly don’t see Blackburn as a ’violent’ side.

    “Committed, yes. Over-physical, no. I see them as a team that play much better football than people give them credit for.”

    Now this is just getting stupid. Bias aside, many mates who support other teams from across the globe have said Blackburn had one game plan: play the man first, ball second. Moyes et al. are just making excuses for their lack on confidence in their own game.

  21. i just heard that Robinho might be avaliable for a loan deal. Come On AW!! Bring someone in – Emre, robinho, richards, please!!!

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