Leeds 1-3 Arsenal: Give me your thoughts

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As you know from yesterday’s post, I was unable to see last night’s 3-1 win over Arsenal.

Instead of writing something about nothing I thought I’d open the floor to the AFCB community and give you guys the opportunity to share your thoughts on the game.

Samir Nasri: The King of Accessories

Who were the top performers? Just how badly did Andrey Arshavin and Nicklas Bendtner play? Should Wojciech Szczesny have saved their goal? Can we go on and win the FA Cup?

And please, if nothing else, can someone tell me how Bacary Sagna scored again?!?

Have your say on Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Leeds by leaving a comment.


60 thoughts on “Leeds 1-3 Arsenal: Give me your thoughts

  1. It was a great all-round performance bar that of AA23. What’s worrying about him is the fact that he might have reached a point of no return. It’s a shame cos he is our most expensive signing till date & everyone expects him to be at the forefront of everything that this Arsenal side will achieve.
    Samir proved (once again) his importance in our push for glory. He’s a class act!!!
    Good to see Fab & RvP play their part in this great win & the good thing is RvP is on a good run of scoring goals. 5 in all competitions since his return from injury. Not bad I guess.
    I hope B52 will find a new club soon, if possible during this transfer window. He did nothing all night except setting up RvP for the 3rd goal. Woeful. By the way, what’s the latest in our hunt for a new CB? Bolton just signed one from Boro. May be Cahill coming to the Emirates? Only 11 days to go!

  2. @ MTY – I didn’t see Bendtner play but I just don’t agree with ANYBODY’s opinion that he should leave the club. 22 years old is ridiculously young for a striker of his style — how long did it take for guys like Didier Drogba come to prominence? — and what’s more, he’s being played out of his favoured position. Give him more time, getting rid of him now would be a huge mistake for our club.

  3. @MTY

    NB52 played out of position last night, yet he worked hard, had a hand in two goals and covered for Sagna admirably when called upon. He was doing what he was required playing not as a central striker and did it well. This is what Arsenal need, namely, people who put their head down and get on with the job at hand.

  4. Peter Drury is like a monster hybrid of all the worst parts of all major commentators in recent memory. He takes Motson’s stattoism (listing attendances of previous Leeds-Arsenal cup games from the last 25 years. REALLY? No, I STILL don’t care.); Clive Tyldsley’s bias, with Leeds taking on the “Pleease win Man Yoo, I love you sooo much” mantle; cliched, psuedo-opinionated, blandathon play-by-play that causes my soul to die a little every I hear it; he makes me crave Jon Champion. Nothing should make me crave Jon Champion. Ever.

    – Andy Townsend’s “earthly” wideboy schtick. If you’re really targeting that demographic, why not brand that cudgel to our cerebellums a little more obviously and put Danny Dyer in there instead?

    – Adrian Chiles, and making the switch from BBC to ITV. If Des Lynam can’t do it with any measure of success, what made you think you’d be any different? Just no.

    Save my blood pressure!

  5. Great game, great cup tie, great atmosphere, great attitude by our players, great footwork and finish by sammi (getting boring now though – cant he shin one in to make him look mortal?) great shot by sagna, great performance by both full-backs, great work-rate from the front three of arsh, nic and chamakh even if nothing else went quite right, great to see chamakh back, he will have a big say in our end of season, great cross from nic, great movement and header from van p, great to see jack and theo get a complete rest for wigan, great to see chesney again look composed, great tie up next which we could rotate with more confidence in a busy period. I really do beleive that those awful two cup performances in a week have been a blessing and the reaction has been top notch. A complete and utter pessimist I may be but very proud at that fighting performance last night. Nearly forgot – our two centre halves were great.

  6. I`m still waiting to see the Arshavin that scored four against Liverpool and those goals from ridiculous angles,he didn`t turn up last night either! Bendtner..a great cross for RVP`s goal,apart from that,he didn`t impress.I think that he needs to stop trying to look cool,ditch the chewing gum and concentrate on keeping the ball! Everyone else put in good solid performances.I can`t comment on Denilson because I kept forgetting he was on the pitch.Sagna`s goal…excellent,I`m hoping to see him do that more often.As for the Leeds goal,it was a cracker,Szczesny had no chance.Apart from that,he had very little to do.I just love the lad!

  7. Please @MTY etc how can you guys say Bendtner was woeful. I totally disagree. He skinned his marked on severall occassions. Set up two good goals and tracked back through out the game. I am not a big fan of him but i must say I was impressed. He kept his head down and worked hard. AA23 on the other hand is going thru a bad spell.He can do without the stupid grins when he messes up.

  8. Sammy is reminding me of 01/02 robert/freddy.

    such confidence in his own ability. it’s beautiful to watch. loved how angry sagna looked…made such a difference having him back. I’ve noticed ever since the mare he had against wba at home he has really picked up his game and prob our 2nd best player next to nasri.

    Another thing i loved was robin juking is way into a shooting position late in the game…..i had this glimpse of him doing that against barca and winning the game..i hope we can go into that tie with our best side…i really believe we can get a victory

  9. Before last night I thought Bendtner was the biggest donkey I’ve seen in the last 10 years; now I’ve changed my mind…he’s the biggest donkey I’ve ever seen in my life, give him to Spurs on a free!

  10. You ask how bad was Bendtner; apart from the super cross he put in for van Persie’s goal, he was hopeless. Somebody earlier said he was good at backing up Sagna, no he wasn’t, twice after taking the ball off the winger he immediately lost possession near the corner flag and, by so doing, put our defence under sever pressure. His first touch was awful throughout the game and his lack of pace was shown up once again. He may only be 22, but he is just not progressing and I wouldn’t be disappointed to see him moved on during this transfer window.

    I’m still not convinced about Arshavin, he is without doubt an immensely talented footballer but does not fit well into the Arsenal playing ethos, too easily knocked off the ball, too easily dumped on his backside where, instead of getting up and getting on with the game, he sits looking aggrieved while the play moves on without him. On one occasion, having lost possession on the left of Leed’s penalty box, he ran after the ball almost to the left Arsenal’s penalty box without once making any attempt to get the ball or even to slow up the ball carrier. That said he did play an important part in Nasri’s opening goal with a lovely slick inside pass.

    Sagna’s goal, like Bradley Johnson’s was a screamer. van Persie’s header was a delight and Szczseny had no chance.

  11. Hi Guys, Leeds fan here. Great game last night. It was good to see a team like Arsenal back at ER again (even if it’s only a cup game). I think we gave you at least some decent resistence but the Premiership class did show in the end. Nasri looks a top quality player and ran our defence ragged at time. The game did show that the difference between top 4 premiership and top 4 championship is a big one. Just look at the subs on the night. We brought on Davide Somma and Leigh Bromby, you brought on Van Persie and Fabrgas……not much difference there….lol

    Anyway, it was good to kick it about a bit with a team like Arsenal again and I look forward to when we can do it in the league again (next season maybe).

    Oh, and did you see Bradley Johnsons goal ??? Not bad for a championdship midfielder eh….

  12. I forgot that Denilson played last night. Bendtner did nothing except for the cross. Indeed a great cross. Arshavin work hard but still far from what he can do. I’m praying for him. Szczesny can do nothing about the goal.

    Leeds defenders might forgot about their left side. They gave too much space on the left. Sagna taking full advantage by shooting from that side. I guess he wanted to cross but he realized he had space to shot. Good one from him. That’s how Bendtner can cross too. Too much space for him.

  13. enjoyed the match, Van Persie’s header looked phantastically easy, so the cross by Bendtner for it, Sagna’s shot was a rocket, loved it, the ancle was impossible but it seemed to be so hard that the keeper couldn’t punch it away, it went past his fists,
    the opener from Nasri, well , it’s just Nasri, calm, clever, self-confident, a joy to watch. . . , just through the middle,
    and the cracker by Leeds, nice to watch Czesney** fly like a rocket, looked incredible, the shot and the keeper flying, ๐Ÿ˜‰ , can’t say really more because I’m a bit stressed, moving from A to B, it’s just cruel …………….

  14. Young Gooner – You are right, we were exposed down the left too much, we were without our first choice left back and Parker hasnt played too much this season and struggled in both games to be honest. He is only a young lad and will no doubt get better.

  15. A much improved performance with some real attitude been shown by our players, about bloody time too! I felt sorry for Arshavin as he didn’t play very well but there was significant effort there. Denilson was rank rotten again and Bendtner was awful but the cross for VP was sublime so he escapes my wrath this time. Central defence was very good and Nasri was tremendous again. Overall much better keep it up lads.

  16. Only saw the 1st half live, and I witnessed two of the best goals of the season. Gooners can take much pleasure in witnessing Nasri’s remarkable year. He is clearly enjoying the finest individual campaign of any current Arsenal player, with honourable mention to Sagna (he was a beast again last night). Hats off to Leeds’s Bradley Johnson for drilling that intercontinental ballistic missile into the top corner. Not a goalkeeper in the world would have a chance.
    It’s difficult to know what’s up with Arshavin. Success in any sport at this level as well all know is a matter of milliseconds and millimetres. Closing that final edge is often down to confidence, attitude. When in form (can anyone remember that far back?) he is the quintessential Arsenal player and seems to have all the tricks. I applaud his work late night but he’s far cry from the player scored 4 goals in a single match in his debut season. As for Bendtner, I am in violent agreement with AW. He may be looking like our Crouch at the moment but we should not trade him at this stage. For the first time in 2-3 years we have 3 healthy strikers and we will need him during the run-in. I don’t think this experiment of turning him into a winger (a Wenger winger?) is going to work, but it WAS a decent cross from him last night which led directly to a goal. I still believe that continued patience and time on the pitch will yield results this season. ‘Nough said, now bring on Wigan!

  17. Maybe I’m the only one, but I think Bendtner has looked fairly dangerous and positive on the outside from time to time. It’s not necessarily his highest and best use, but I like him OK out there.

    Other than fixture congestion, this win demonstrates why the first leg draw w/ Leeds at home wasn’t a big deal. I think that largely explains the squad’s lack of urgency in that game. Hopefully, the same will apply w/ Ipswitch Town in the CC.

  18. @ 1NilToTheArsenal -: Dude please dont comapre anyone from our team that overrated club,player or manager, its really ridiculous its the worst thing ever that can be said to any of our players.

    I wont slate anyone here its a win thats it, if its a win everyone in the team worked hard

  19. As a Leeds fan I have to say it was a privelege to be at Elland Road last night. Even though our lads couldn’t live with you at the end of the day, they still did us proud and your team were a joy to watch.
    That Nasri, what a player.
    I hope you’re back at ER next season and not in the Cup of course!

  20. @Terry Emmott: Your boys played very well over the two legs, especially that 1st game. You belong in the Premier League. Hope to see you at the Em next year. 1NTTA

  21. I can smell the trophies now. if this squad can keep up this form. they can win one or two trophies this season. AA has been in poor poor form. and by AW playing him, to me its showing that he has faith in him, but its not helping to get his form back. maybe he needs to spend sometime on the sidelines and feel that urge to play, so he can come back and show what hes made off. Bendtner is taking his sweet time in getting his form back. but the cross to VP came from Bendtner to score the header. so he has it in him, but he needs more games, and needs to pick up his pace more. our central defenders were emazing last night, they were unbreakable. i hope they can keep this partnership going just the way it is. also Gibbs seemed off his pace, hes still coming back to his form. but over all, the team as a whole, played very well. they covered for each other when one was out of position, and played like a good solid team. now they need to be consistent, and we can win something this year for sure. come you gunners, always believe…

  22. @Andy about Bentdner,
    Maybe he shouldnt leave the club but what are we supposed to do, wait around 6 years till hes at his peak like you say and cross our fingers that he ends up a Drogba, when all the evidence weve seen for years say something very different, the guys touch never goes where he wants it, he has no finesse and his finishing with his feet is nothing short of poor……yeah he crossed a douzey last night but the LB was nowhere and he had oceans of time and space…..again I stress hes been paid a professional football players wages at the club who has the highest priced tickets in the league, age has nothing to do with it…..by the way our ticket prices are set to rise again this year, its quite alarming considering we dont spend big on transfer fees and are turning over so much money, why are the fans having to pay the most in the PL if we are so econimically sound?
    The performance last night was great, but its the way we should play against lower league opposition…..couple of worries I have;
    a) Chamakh doesnt seem to mind if he never scores in a game, he had one guilt edged chance and contributed nil thereafter, not good for us, we need a predator and if not that at least a guy who wants to score goals every time he goes out, to me this guy is too lax but I really wanna see him do well.
    b) Arshavin isnt having a good time at all, hes making the wrong decisions in possession and sometimes even his teamates are bewildered by his antics, when he smiled after putting the ball out of the ground second half it made me angry…..get your head down and make it happen, this shrugging the shoulders and waiting for someone else to do wont wash, everyone has a job to do and noone can fix your form but you.
    Two Scheznys couldnt have stopped the johnson goal it was a whopper.
    Johan Djourou was top drawer I thought, in the air and coming out of defense…..Koscielny has a long way to go though…too indecisive.
    If Wenger goes out and signs another french half-assed centre half I think I’l crack up.

  23. fantastic all round performance. No defence could stop their goal. A superbly done proffesional job which was an entirely fair result. We must have creat at leat 5 very very good chances. They created one if that and while they showed a lot of heart it was obvious to anyone who was the better team. So the right result and the right performance. All very encouraging apart from the form still of arshavin.

  24. I know I’ve said this before, but nothing will convince me that Bendtner is in the same class of the other Arsenal players. His first touch infallibly throws the ball where it’s no use, and if he gets a second touch, you can rest assured it will be a disaster. Just because one cross of his turned out decent does nothing to change my mind that he has no place in our team. The encouraging news is that RVP is fast regaining his sveltness and goal hunger, and, bar injury, should be a permanent figure in the team now. The less said about Arshavin the better – 6 months hard labour in Siberia should wipe that snide smile off his face every time he f***s up – and that’s pretty often. Still, I am confident that, if our first team can play more games together, we will surely see some silver this year.

  25. Cracking cup tie. The game was played in a good spirit with both teams going for it. A couple great goals and of course an Arsenal victory. The effort put in by ALL the lads was the most pleasing aspect of this match. Even if they didn’t cover themselves in individually in glory they worked hard as a team and it paid off handsomely

  26. it would feel wrong me for to berate any single person on this team. Overall our Arsenal we’re a clear step ahead. Bendtner did great, i don’t know why people are slating a guy that produced a goal.

  27. I hope NB 52 pops up and scores the winner against Spurs at WHL because nothing short of that will please some of you lot. All I can say, if it had been Walcott crossing the ball it would not have reached RVP! Good result, home tie v Huddersfield – what more can you want. Although (another) back up CB would be nice Arsene.

  28. Johnsons goal against us was one of those which 99 times out of a hundred lands in row Z. Against us of course it goes in. Arsenal always unlucky that way. Naim’s goal against Seaman, Bentley’s Spuds goal, that other spuds w*nker last season etc. A true reflection of the game would have shown 3-0 or 4-0. Having said that I admired Leeds attitude and it was a clean match too. Only one booking I think. Their crowd are a holy terror so great credit to our lads for not letting that get to them and credit to Leeds team for not opting for the boot them off the pitch approach. They’re probably too good in their own league for that. At least two Leeds supporters have come on this blog and made intelligent and worthwhile comments so if you come back and read this, thanks for that. We’re used to utter twats from Spuds and ‘the scum’ coming on here with their pathetic crap. See you in the Prem.

  29. @ malta gooner – “I know Iโ€™ve said this before, but nothing will convince me that Bendtner is in the same class of the other Arsenal players.”

    Doesn’t this comment you have made about Bendtner sum up a lot of peoples opinions of Bendtner? You’re basically saying that whatever he does in his career, he will never be good enough for Arsenal. It means that you will always look on him with prejudiced eyes and never let whatever good performances he has change your opinion.

    It just disappoints me because he is still so young (particularly for a player in his position) and will make such intense improvements as he gets more experienced.

  30. @ shambo – All I’ll say is that very few people considered Djourou to be an important part of our defensive unit at the start of the season — with most thinking he was the fourth of the fourth — and now look at things: he’s become our most important defender.

    Regarding Bendtner, I don’t know how I can say this any more emphatically: he REALLY, really hasn’t had the playing time to get any rhythm going. He’s being played out of position, he’s just had a child (no matter how much he earns it will have had an impact, players are not machines they are humans) and at the end of the day, he’s working hard for the team. Just cut him some slack and you’ll see. I have ultimate faith in him, just as I do/did with Djourou.

  31. @Andy – I agree with you and support you on Bendtner. Player improve as they mature.Compare to Bendtner, Adebayor was a crap at the beginning. All he needs now is support and Arsene warning to work hard on the pitch and put down his laziness .He will become good once he gets back the position and the thirst. The same goes for Arshavin too.

  32. Denilson,Arshavin,Chamakh &Bendtner are not suitable even as super-sub players.Looking for new good gunners is a must for Mr Wenger.

  33. @ Aung Myin – Are you serious? Take Arshavin and Chamakh out of our team this season and we’d be sitting about 6th on the table. Chamakh played in the absence of RVP and Bendtner and who would fill in if he wasn’t there? Arshavin.

    It’s not a MUST for Arsene to look for new players, that is just utter, utter rubbish.

  34. Andrew, Sagna’s goal – Bendtner’s run the ball into the Leeds box and a defenders stuck a foot in – the balls bounced out to the edge of the area, Sagna’s side, and he’s picked it up. The Leeds defence stood off, presumably expecting a cross as he might usually do – instead, seeing as no one’s challenged him, he’s advanced a couple of paces and put his foot thorough it. Schmeichel2 is there and has his hands up to it but its too powerful and goes through his mits.
    Gooooooooaaaaaallll!!!! Lovely. Very much like his other this season against Everton. Apparently he’s on Arsenal TV talking about his new found confidence in front of goal!! We all score. I tell you. One of these days Chesney will score.

  35. Andrew, I feel your exasperation. I’ve been defending Vela with the same vehemence that you defend Bendtner with.

    As far as I’m concerned, both could be key players for us in the future and getting rid of them on the cheap seems very short-sighted.

  36. Asked this question before but didn’t see an answer yet, and I think it makes a difference:
    Did Bendtner, himself, use the new born as an excuse? OR
    Did some one else throw it out there for him?

  37. I love that guys continue winning so that you shut other people’s mouth. Arsene Wenger let your gun keep shooting. I smell the cup too. Nise time guys but sorry to Thomas v.

  38. @ JJ – I brought it up, no-one else. He hasn’t used it as any sort of excuse, but for me his exclusion from the squad against Spurs and lack of action was a direct result of his family situation. Just my opinion though.

  39. Well all right then. I feel better. Thought B52 really had some good shots on goal including at least one very well taken when he returned from his first injury spell. He looked pretty bad coming back on defense against Leeds, but at least he tried. Cross for RvP goal was excellent. He does seem more than a little slow and clumsy outside. Problem is, we don’t use formation with back to goal target man striker, so he looks wasted much of the time. Can’t blame him for that. My problem is that, even when we do use central target, Chamakh appears better suited and, of course, RvP is best of all when healthy and in form, since he has savvy and experience to drift in and out as needed. Despite his relative lack of speed, RvP is quicker and more agile than either B52 or Chamakh.
    Sky Sports talked about Cahill very seriously this pm, hope they are right!

  40. This my first time writing here !!
    i wana share some of my opinion with you guys regarding some players.
    Szczesny: i still remember wenger recommendation to give him an English passport quickly ๐Ÿ™‚
    i saw some clips during his loan to Brentford
    i can’t imagine that we have a goalkeeper like this guy
    He looks like vandersar , he is mini vandersar in one word.
    we have to keep this confidant keeper as much as we can, he is the present & the future of the goalkeepers.
    Vela: he need to play at the highest level and given full opportunity, as happened with nicolas
    this player is smarter than walcott, shammakh and nicolas.
    Denelson: I think he got a full opportunity and he did not provide expected of him so far
    we have to sale this player immediately and bring a defender or midfielder.
    Shammakh: can i say this deal failed or we have to wait till he consistent with our style and approach.

    Thanks all for this opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions.

  41. Arsenal 3–Wigan 0

    van Persie hat-trick ensures three points and another clean sheet!!!!

    The mighty Gunners march on!!!

  42. Great win by Arsenal over wigan . And for those who are whining about selling van persie. Look at his hat-trick, thanks to walcott for holding the defender for persie to rush and score.

    Somebody confirm me this one , i see wilshere is mentored by Rosicky. I saw familiar style of rosicky in wilshere.This guy will become the messi of england. Trust me he is practising for it.

    Song is mastering his offensive qualities.

  43. Well Well Vanpercy, opps!! Vanpersie has started to score some goals and trying to prove me wrong, I still maintain he is not an out & out striker but you know what i don’t care who score as long as arsenal win and keep the pressure on UNITED.

  44. @”Ahamad Fadil”- Not only is it your first time commenting, it looks like you just found Arsenal. Before you voice any opinion(which really does not matter), learn how to spell the players’ names. “Minivandersar”? Are you serious? Then you decide the Chamakh deal has failed, after half a season? Then you suggest which players to “sell immediately”, and bring in a defender or midfielder. You failed to tell us which defender or midfielder to bring into a team full of MFs, or how much they will cost, or if their teams want to sell, etc.
    In summary, you display utter ignorance of how the team is set up.

  45. Some fantastic football against an unbelievably poor Wigan, but three points, Man $ity and Spuds dropping points – a good weekend to be a Gooner. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Arshavin though when he came on. Talk bout being down on confidence. Even simple passes were going astray. I was hoping Wenger would bring him on for Walcott sooner to give him a chance of a goal, but the way he is playing right now – well as we used to sing – he couldn’t score in a brothel!

  46. @”Byo”
    Thanks man for your great welcoming . ๐Ÿ™‚
    have a nice day & congrats for our big win against wigan.

  47. @Fadil relax this is our blog soon you will grow in confidence and get facts right. Any way i wonder how anyone can be so myopic to blame B52. The guy created to goals apart from a few mistakes he make in our defense which didn’t cost us any way.He made the initial run into the box which disorganized the Leeds defense and i the end Sagna put it home. What more can you demand from a player out of position unless you are insane.I wouldn’t blame a player who misses a goal scoring chance and really shows you concern than a Chamak who doesn’t care whether he has scored or not in a game which is a lack of ambition for a big club like arsenal.How do you say if i score 20 goals it will be a goo season for me. Since he scored 10 goals last year he is still waiting to score more 10 and rests his case.Arshavin needs to start the Ipswich game for 90 minutes thats when he will improve.

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