Is Wenger holding out for Stephen Appiah?

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With a headline like the one above, I know it probably seems like I’m just stirring trouble. But I assure you from the bottom of my heart that this is not my intention and I’m posing it as a genuine question.

The rumour going around is that Arsenal – as well as West Ham – are considering a move for Ghanainan international midfielder Stephen Appiah. For those that aren’t aware of his situation, Appiah quit previous club Fenerbache for personal reasons around a month ago, leaving him as a free agent. As such, he’s not bound by the constraints of the transfer window which means he can be signed by any club at any point going forwards.

There will be people who are annoyed with me for bringing this up, but as I said yesterday we can assume nothing until Arsene Wenger’s French mug appears on the official Arsenal website. It seems peculiar that he is still yet to make a statement regarding the transfer situation and that alone gives me some hope that the signing we all expected and hoped for may still go ahead.

I’m remain tentative to comment any further on the issue until Wenger decides to speak. So as with yesterday, insead of going into detail about the other news for the day, I’ve put it in bullet form below. Observe:

  • The manager has been talking about Emmanuel Eboue and he believes he has become a ‘pass master’. I must have missed something because unless that is some sort of Dungeons & Dragon character then I don’t really know what Wenger is talking about.
  • Theo Walcott has been talking about Jack Wilshere. He’s happy to have another Englishman in the dressing room and he reckons he’ll get a couple of good chances this season. Good for him.
  • Carlos Vela has received some nice comments from the manager. He suggest he’s one for the future. Tell us something we don’t know, Arsene. Like you want to sign Stephen Appiah. Please…

That’s about it for today. Hopefully the manager will put us out of our misery soon. In the meantime, keep smiling – it’s a beautiful world out there! Sigh.

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57 thoughts on “Is Wenger holding out for Stephen Appiah?

  1. Eboué is THE ‘pass-master’ there’s no Dungeons & Dragons to it. I’d welcome Appiah in the club. Well to be fair, I’d welcome anyone. Even Jimmy Jim-Jim McJimbert the nymph.

  2. At the 2006 world cup, Appiah came out as a better player than Essien-good ball control,good vision,hard tackler and the works.He’ll definitely add value to arsenal if he joined but considering his age its unlikely to happen(unless he’s french of course).I think for the Manager the team is okay given its performance against newcastle; a position that most of us do not agree with.If we have another trophyless season there is likely to be a mass exodus of players.

  3. I think you’re the one holding out for Appiah.

    Remember that team spirit is very important to Wenger, which is why he let Diarra go when he was clearly a player for the future. If Appiah walks out of a club like that, who would want him? Certainly not Wenger. (I’m thinking Pennant, Bentley, Owusu-Abeyei)

    We have five players battling for the midfield role – Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Song and Rosicky. Getting another body in is not the problem – we have plenty of excellent kids to add bodies (Merida, Coquelin, Wilshere, Randall).

  4. Wenger doesn’t refer to Eboue as a pass master – that is just a poor pun in the headline over an article in which Wenger comments on Eboue’s good form. Not hard is it

  5. i heard he has dodgey knees and could retire from football.
    dont wanna get people’s hopes up but ive heard there still a chance of bringing patrick back to the club.
    all i say is watch this space.

  6. I very much doubt that the age policy applies in this case. Given that he’s 27, only a year older than Alonso who we were willing to pay money for. And we would be able to get him for free!

    I know nothing at all about this guy, but according to wikipedia (I know I don’t believe much on there either) West Ham are in talks with him. I’d welcome him on board if just to see what he’s like and to have an extra bod for when one of our glass bodied players breaks.

  7. interesting thought but the reality is we are clutching straws given the transfer window has closed. Diarra went because Wenger beieved he didnt have the engine he huffs and puffs alot but the stats were clear that of course and his big head!

    Rosicky is out until January and rumours are he is finished.

    We are short in midfield its plain to see. i am a little miffed that we waited all summer to bid 14m for Alonso on the last day! what is all that about.

    Do we think we have the money, there are many gooners who think we dont, i believe we have but le boss is following his mission of creating his own tema and not buying the finished article.

    As for team spirit this looked good at the weekend but lets not forget Birmingham last year Diarra wasnt to blame for that.

    Come on January we should make it till then provided Cesc stays fit and the we pounce sign a good’un for the run in and do the treble! Who cares about the Carling Cup ( me if we dont win anything else)

  8. “Rosicky is out until January and rumours are he is finished.”

    You sure it’s not just voices in your head?

    Tomas Rosicky
    Thursday, August 21, 2008
    Wenger believes the player should have recovered from his hamstring injury by September.

  9. said it before i would like to know in these days of technology training techniques super dooper facilities why arsenal have so many long term injuries rosicky is a joke diaby two games then he’s out for another three months robin will get injured on international along with walcott not really interested in international results just keep my fingers crossed all come back injury free oh i’m just off to take a happy pill

  10. personally I would back the purchase of Appiah but I am not holding my breath. wenger will know all about the situation and if he has not bid for him there must be a reason.
    however, I understand we tried to buy him a couple of years ago but were unsuccessful so if wenger rated him then, then there is no reason why he shouldn’t now.

  11. Rosicky is due back in 3/4 weeks; playing that is.

    He’s got new bionic legs and ankles and will NEVER be injured again, just like RvP will never miss another game for us, honest!

    Appiah? Wow, we are desperate aint we!

  12. I really do not wanna start up again about the lack of a mdifeild signing. That was way too frustrating.

    The fact that Wenger is trying to convince himself as much as the fans, that Eboue is an option in central midfield is some kind of sick joke and shows what a tight arse he and the club are.
    Eboue aint even a decent right misdfielder, yet we have had to watch that useless piece of crap get games. Wow! He managed to create ONE assist for RvP and now he’s the answer?

    Him and Denilkson were appaling against Fulham, if we have to suffer him in central midfield again then we can kiss goodbye to any sort of success this year.

    You see?

    All this talk of signing Appiah has brought all the anger back again!

    Spanish Fry, I hold you responsible and you will be getting the bill from my Therapist.

  13. Appiah? Viera? Would either of those really be a step in the right direction? When you look at it, Diaby, Song, Eboue, Denilson are all playing for that place, these could all easily be better than Appiah, also you can add Ramsey into that equation. One more body is not needed for the sake of it!

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

    Eboue better than Appiah??????


    You guys kill me, you really do.

  15. this is exactly what i thought when i read that the hammers were interested but i doubt it will happen.

  16. Lets face it guys: the premier league is exactly that – a league!! we cant depend on one win (Newcastle). we shold learn more from the fulham loss. WE NEED AN EXPERIENCED MIDFIELDER! period. Lets not become Cesc FC in the same way another team was Cristiano FC last season

  17. Spike, I didn’t say Eboue was better than Appiah but he has a few years on him and could perhaps be as good. I was actually thinking more of Song, Diaby and Denilson

  18. drew10; No offence meant fella.

    I just have NO faith in Eboue, hope I’m wrong.

    Personally, I think Song could well be the one to fill that particular void, as well as Diaby, if he ever stays fit!

  19. appiah is wxxk if he is not good enough for the turks he is not fit to sit on a oxygen assisted cushion in the changing rooms!

    i agree with Spike but why doesnt he play Song instead of Denilson, it must be stats in favour of Denilson engine km covered etc but his passing has be woeful. Song gives more muscle and height to an area where we dont win may second balls.

  20. Eboue was our best player v to say he was appalling is rubbish.And he had a good game v newcastle

  21. I must say that neither Denilson nor Diaby has the capability to play the defensiv midfielder for us, Cesc would have to help them to much and we loose offensive force. I studied Denilson for a few games and he had so many turnover passes that I stood up and screamed at my tv. We need a pure defensive midfielder that can sweep up all the garbage at the back and go forward if necessary (Yaya Toure,Viera, Makalele, flamini typ of player!!) In this type of player the squad uppfront (Cesc and the gang) can fully concentrate on what they do best and not worry about def midfield. I say get Appiah in or get someone on loan.
    In Wenger I trust allways had ALLWAYS will.

  22. All this transfer negativity bullshit talk should stop.Wenger tried to sign Alonso didn’t happen and time to move on. Lets concentrate on the players we have and fit to do the job.Nasri has been a fantastic signing so far and much better than Hleb and Vela is another brilliant player we added to the squad. Hopefully one of the players will rise to the challenge and claim that midfield spot.People like to get on Eboue’s back.He is not the best passer or shooter of the ball but you can’t fault his commitment and work rate.

    Good news RVP is fit he always seems to be fit for Holland lets hope he doesn’t pick up another injury.

  23. Hey curbishly has just resigned/quit.
    Maybe West Ham’s Appiah talks will cease and ours will commence…

  24. With the transfer window closing and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger not bringing in the quality midfielder he wanted to add to his squad at the Emirates Stadium. Stephen Appiah, who has reportedly been holding talks with West Ham United has again been linked with Arsenal, according to reports.

    Ghanaian captain Appiah is a free agent after annulling his contract with Fenerbahce earlier this summer. Which leaves the 27-year-old former Juventus player able to join any club still as a free agent. Though reports are claiming that the midfielder favours a move back to La Vecchia Signora in Turin.

    Wenger reportedly made a move for Appiah in 2007, with Appiah stating that Arsenal was his number one choice.

    In July 2007 Appiah said: “No deal has been done yet but 50 per cent of me is coming to Arsenal.

    “Clubs like AS Roma, Juventus and Marseille all want me. But I don’t want to go to Italy again.

    “I prefer Arsenal — they are my No 1 choice.”

    Appiah would not cost a transfer fee, but there are concerns about the midfielders physical state as he has just recovered from a long-term injury.

    However, although the Hammers have held talks with Appiah, the appeal of Champions League football with Arsenal could prove to be the deciding factor that sees him move to North London and not East

  25. I’d be ok with Appiah on the fact that he’s another body and would come without a transfer fee. Outside of that I think Appiah would really struggle to find a place in Arsenals top squad.

    In all honesty I think if we were to sign Appiah it would simply be Wenger appeasing the fans for a signing which as it’s shown that is not something Wenger does. If the quality for value is not there then he will not buy. And frankly in Appiah’s case I agree with him.

  26. Appiah looked quality in the few African cup games I saw him play and I was quite excited when we were linked with him last year. Who knows, he may be broken now and the story is probably just a few desperate fans hoping Wenger is going to sign someone but if he’s fit and playing anything like he was 18 months ago he’d be worth a punt – especially with no transfer fee.

    All that said, i’m not sure what most fans are going on about. So we didn’t sign anyone on deadline day. We tried to get Alonso for what Wenger thought he was worth and Liverpool wanted more, end of story. I’d have liked us to get someone like him in but only for sensible cash. We need people with the right qualities – whether that be a big star or an unheard of – there’s no point in just splashing cash because we’ve got it. I don’t want us to sign a £20+ player just because we can if he ain’t going to fit the way we play. I’ll leave that to Chelski and Man City.

  27. Appiah was definitely a very handy player, and apparently we were intersted in him before. But he has been out injured for almost a year and we’d be taking a chance on him, it would take him a while to get ready to do a good job for us, but if he cna get get back to his best he would be a very smart signing. As for him rowing with fenerbache, it was more the club that screwed him by freezing his contract to bring in another foreigner after sending him to a doctor who apparently did a dodgy job on his knee. I reckon he wouldn’t be disruptive and if he can get back to his best he’d add a bit of depth.

  28. Just one reason that Appiah is quite a good grab… he wont be cup tied (alonso would have been cup tied)

  29. WENGER KNOWS! WENGER KNOWS! WENGER KNOWS!Guyz fear not the worst position we’ve ever finished is 4th it can’t get any worse. Given the sort of chance the bookies had given us at the start of last season and how close we came to winnign the premier……somehow in the bottom of my belly i feel that Liverpool will struggle to finish in the 4th position

  30. WENGER KNOWS! WENGER KNOWS! WENGER KNOWS!Guyz fear not the worst position we’ve ever finished is 4th it can’t get any worse. Given the sort of chance the bookies had given us at the start of last season and how close we came to winnign the premier……somehow in the bottom of my belly i feel that Liverpool will struggle to finish in the 4th position

  31. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…….dont start roumers again
    Wenger is NOT going to buy any players……..he is a damm liar.
    We lias to the fans…….shame on you Arsene.

  32. are people forgetting about ramsey we have plenty of def mid but i would have like to see a big player bought in we need a comanding mid we need a new viera

  33. @ Justonge

    youre a bit tight arent you!?…although youd probably get a few barnet players for under 20 quid!

  34. Guys look at it from this angle,if wenger wants to sign a DM,he would do so,it’s not like wenger to go for any player just because the transfer market is closed and that player is on free transfer.He doesn’t sign anyhow,and even if he wants to sign a DM,he wouldn’t sign one who hasn’t played for a long time.

  35. once rosicky is back, the boss will play him on the left. Ve central mid will be nasri and cesc. Right will be theo or eb. As for tackles, nasri has shown he is capable of putting in a plenty. Just ask one joey barton. 🙂

  36. I think Appiah will be great for Arsenal especially in away games. He is big and strong. We are very light weight and get knocked over in away games. We need a destroyer in the centre of the park for these games. Then we can become consistent I believe. If we sign Appiah I feel we have strong team. When our injured players return we can really be a force. I feel Appiah will be a top signing especially because he it free.

  37. AW come on!!! sign Appiah. There is a player full of class, a DM, wont cost a penny (except wages) and his transfer situation doesnt refer to the transfer window, Arsene its on a plate! Get Appiah! Rosicky back soon and thats good, we have injured players every season 9Diaby, RvP and Rosicky, but they all talented which is wht we dont get rid of them, when they all fit, we unplayable!

  38. Well its a pity that we now have to rely on some grps of unestablihed DM simply becos arsenal now is controlled ay one man who we believe knows everything. Arsene talks of quality and he signed sylvestre who is still injured till now simply becos he is french he signs bischoff on risk becos he knew him when he started his football in france. But becos appiah is african u all are saying he has dogded knees and dat he is finished. I simply arsene has succeded in brainwashing u all. With all due respect his policy his disgusting.

  39. I have to agree with Jude to a point that Wengers tranfer policy is broken. But i dunno if Arsene really has the money to bring in big names. I know the board says he had 30million to spend but i dunno how true that is. Also, since he is French, he’s gonna bring in French players. If he was Italian he’d be more fond of Italian players since thats what he be confortable with and would play his system well. In Italia we play defence so an Italian manager most likely would bring in Italian playes that fit that system.

    But i do agree that Wenger has brainwshed people a little bit. He continues to say he has faith in the young players, yet 3 years.. they havent accomplished anything.. and every summer we lose the two best players from the season before. I think the football Arsenal play is the best in Europe, which attracks teams like Barca, Real, Ac, Inter etc to the players, and the fact that they dont win any trophies is why they leave. If Arsenal go another year without winning anything, we have a risk of losing Fab, then Wenger would bring in another 17 year old and tell us to have faith in him. Which makes me think that maybe the club isnt in suck great finacial shape as the board makes it out to be.

  40. SF, Wenger has a transfer policy? Didn’t he sign George Weah, Wiltord, Pires, Berkamp…These players all had their problems…It wasn’t until Anelka that all of a sudden youth were the thing…Appiah although I don’t know of him is free, has had troubles, and is a perfect Wenger signing…I hear these bleeps going on and on about policies and think am I missing something? Do these bloggers know the inside at colney? I know one thing AW is a person who does things out of necessity…Has always done so. From playing at AS Mutzig to coaching at Strasbourg, AS Monaco, Grampus Eight, to Arsenal…

  41. haha SPANISH fry- you must have started something- Appiah rumours going overdrive- could it be that your summer long wish will come true?? Speak it Softly!

  42. So even Skysports is reporting on the Appiah rumours now. Given that the first time I heard about Appiah was from a poster clutching at end of transfers window straws on this blog two days ago, I wonder whether Sky have a real source or are just combing the fan forums to see what people are saying?

    I’m all for Appiah. He would be the kind of signing people say Arsenal need. Experienced, ball winner etc. This morning I got up and was all excited and hyped to the point where if it didn’t happen I’ll be distraught again. But I’m trying to stay calm because I suspect this is fan forum hope turned into a rumour.

  43. Im all for giving Kolo a run in the DM postion if we dont get Appiah. Djourou has looked pretty good at CB. Silvestre can also play there. And Kolo i think would be good in the DM spot. But i’d rather Wenger sign Appiah so we can keep Kolo’s speed on the back line.

  44. okay… first of all will people please stop dreaming of Toure in DM. Wenger has come out repeatedly and said that he will not play there… geez gooners are a stubborn bunch…

  45. I personally would love to see Appiah playing for Arsenal not just because he been one of da best EUFA players but also because hes well experience and has achieved alot with hes formal clubs right. Let not forget that,its been like 3yrs now without any League trophie, this is the right time for the gunners to role in someone like Appiah who is very strong,skillful and could score goals.Wenger, please sign Appiah for us.

  46. Personally i think the gunners need a middle fielder as experienced, strong and could score goals like Appiah in the squard this season. Wenger please this time do sign him up oki.

  47. i saw song play against holand (i think) not so long ago and he was immense in midfield. confidence flowed from the guy and he dominated for long periods. so why on gods green earth doesnt he do that for us? if he played for us, like he played in that game, our CDM problem would be sorted.

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