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Dear AFCBers,

The AFCB community is a tight-knit one, built on a shared love for the beautiful game and of course, the best club in the world, Arsenal. But it occurred to me recently, while chatting with Canadian-based reader Retsub, how little we really know about each other.

Everybody in the online world knows that anonymity creates an atmosphere where people can be aggressive and take cheap, cowardly shots at each other. Familiarity within a community, in contrast, promotes a feeling of respect, understanding and of course, a beautiful sense of belonging.

Because sharing is caring

The warm and fuzzy stuff aside, I want to give everybody the opportunity to share a little bit more about yourself to the readers and commenters you interact with every day. I’m not talking about bank account details or your view on global politics, more-so the basics about yourself and your relationship with that sexy hunk/minx that is the Arsenal.

Sharing little details could be enough to open up the opportunity to watch football in the pub with a new Arsenal-loving buddy or gain perspective about where someone might be coming from in a heated debate.

So if you’d be kind enough to connect a little bit more with the AFCB community please leave a comment below telling us the following:

  • Any combination of your age, sex, birthplace and current location that you feel comfortable sharing
  • Your all-time favourite Arsenal player and why
  • How you learned to love the Arsenal
  • How long you’ve been reading the AFCB
  • Your Twitter account (if you have one)

What’s more, if you’re a regular commenter I’d whole-heartedly encourage to get yourself a Gravatar. They’re the little square image that pops up next to your comment that marks you out as unique from the rest of the anonymous trouble-makers who pollute blogs posting their inane, misinformed dribble. They’ll make you 25% cooler and 35% more respected among this fine community.

Here’s the details on how to get one.

In advance I want to say thank-you and hopefully we can get a heap of comments on this post, demonstrating the awesomeness that is the AFCB community. Because, you know, it’s really cool and stuff.

Cheers and all the best!



77 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. I’ll start:

    (1) Male, 26. Born in Brisbane, Australia. Currently living there but moving back to Berlin, Germany in October.

    (2) Freddie Ljungberg. This is why.

    (3) Dennis Bergkamp was my ‘in’. Fell in love with him during the 1998 World Cup, followed him to the Arsenal and never looked back.

    (4) Since the Genesis.

    (5) @AFCBlog, or my personal one @andrewjweber

  2. 1)27,Male. Mumbai,India.
    2)Thiery Henry and Mad-Jens..The made me fall in love with Arsenal. The stars playing at two different ends of the pitch.
    3)”The Invincibles” run did it for me.
    4)since a few years

  3. New to this blog , not so new to my names Troy 21 years was born in new Zealand currently in Brisbane , favorite player would be thierry Henry, he Is the first football player I remember liking from a young age (think it might have been 98/02 world cup of applicable . And Thierry led me to loving arsenal , and I couldn’t turn back .

  4. 1. Male, 21, Port Harcourt (NIG),
    2. Jack Wilshere: Cesc broke my heart
    3. 2006 the knockout stage of UCL 06 was my introduction 2 club football. Arsenal was, still is my guide.
    4. 1 year ago
    5. @kalibrato

  5. male….19………born kinda near hughbury/emirates……everyone in my area supports arsenal so so do i….
    and began following arsenal properly like 9 years ago….
    i didnt really have a favorite player till i watched this game
    then it had to be him 🙂 hahahah
    and i have no idea how i ended up on this page actually

  6. 1) Sammy Mwandawiro 32, Male. Born and living in Mombasa, Kenya.

    2) All time favourite, Denis Bergkamp for the reason of that phrase signifying utterm6st loyalty; ”I love Arsenal…do you love Arsenal or Arsenal with trophies?”

    3) We’ve always prevailed through thick and thin.

    4) Known AFCB for 2 wks now.¡

    6) twitter a/c : @sam_mwanda

  7. Age 49 from Malaysia. A gunner fan since Liam Brady days when I was still a teen of course! Best times was that of the invincibles era – I think Arsene is trying to acheive that feat again before he retires but without the headache of big headed players but those who are committed to the Arsenal way…

  8. 1) 21 Male Sydney Australia
    2) Andrey Arshavin probably who i liken myself too the most when im out playing park football every week. Was absolute class when he first arrived disapointed how its sort of tailed off.. before arshavin it was bergkamp. exceptional.
    3) my old man was born in north london and always followed arsenal, his love of arsenal was passed on.
    4) only recently discovered the blog

    5) @KieranRandall1

  9. I’m 19, male, born in Bangalore, but now live in Los Angeles.

    My all-time favourite Arsenal player would be Thierry Henry – by miles. He is literally the reason I turned to football, and therefore, Arsenal with me living in a household and country dominated by cricket.

    As far as how I learned to love the Arsenal goes – I think it came with me understanding and learning more about what the club did, and how I realized that it was truly a special club in many, many ways. We were and in many ways still are the perfect role-model club, and understanding this made me proud of the fact that my decision to pick Arsenal as my club was the right one, without any doubts.

    I think the first time I read anything on AFCB was about in early 2011, and the summer after the 2010-11 season – I have to admit that I am not entirely sure though. Let’s just say that I’ve been a huge fan of what goes on here for quite a while now; regardless of the recent hiatus. Glad to see that AFCB’s back!

    And my Twitter account for those interested is @themetalgooner.

  10. (1) Male, Born in the Republic of Ireland but lived in Brisbane, Australia for 96.77% of my life.

    (2) Dennis Bergkamp. Great visionary, brilliant technique, and I just love the way he could seem to always make a perfect pass. His goal against Newcastle is, for me, the greatest EPL goal ever scored.

    (3) The story of how I became to support arsenal.

    I started playing club football in Brisbane when I was about 11 years old. Everyone in my team had a ‘team’ to support, but I’d grown up watching rugby league and since the BRisbane Broncos didn’t play soccer, I really couldn’t rock up to training saying they were my favourite team. My dad loosly supported United and many of my friends liked Liverpool. However, I chose Arsenal.

    My first football coach was my uncle. He was a prodigously talented footballer who played in the U21 Irish international team in the 70s. Before he got married and moved to Australia, Arsenal were very interested in signing him. I heard this story when I was just starting out on my eventual obsession and I decided right then and there to support Arsenal even though I had little idea of who they were, what their colours were, and even who their players were. I recall picking up some kind of foriegn football magazine which had a poster of the 1993 Cup Winners Cup…winners, coincendently that was Arsenal. My team was then picked and I often think that it was fortunate that my uncle hadn’t been scouted by Stoke or Birmingham or anyone like that.

    I got one of the old JVC shirts for my 11th birthday, which I still have today. And that’s how I became a fan.

    (4) Since around 2006/7 I think. Fairly early on.

  11. I’m 21, Australian guy who has lived all over the place. Currently living in Australia.

    Wasn’t sure of this but then my first instinct said Pires as I just had a soft spot for that man. Also have to admit that Cesc is up there as it was in his time that I really started following hardcore and watching all games, just sad about the ending of that one.

    Learned to love Arsenal in the beginning through superficial ways. Playing a early 2000’s Fifa game and they were the first team in England and good so i used them, then started to actually follow the real team. Just the style of football, attitude of the club and style we have. We could not win a trophy for another 20 years and my support would never waiver, as when that moment comes that we win something our way… It will just be too glorious for words.

    I know Master Andy and have been reading the blog for a few years now pretty much since I met him through my sister and found out about it.

  12. – Age 40, Male living in Nairobi Kenya
    – A Gunner fan since the invincible s the likes of Lehman, Lauren,Ljungberg,Campbell,Cole,Viera,Pires,Henry,Toure,Gilberto,Bergkamp.
    – I still miss Cesc,Hleb,Flamini,Clichy,Adebayor,Nasri.
    – The likes of Senderos,Baptista,Gallas didnt touch my feelings.
    – The new team of 2012-2013 looks promising and even if they don’t deliver, I still love club coz the have a vision and somehow i never feel like switching off the Tv when the Gunners a playing even if its a replay………

  13. 1) Male 27, Nairobi, Kenya

    2) Pires

    3) Clean Passing Play, but I preferred the jet-fast counters of the likes of Pires, Wiltord, Henry, Viera and I might add in Reyes.

    4) Not new to ArsenalNews but new to AFCB

    5) @Arsenal254 and personal @SypherDena

  14. Male, 35years , from lagos nigeria, best player is definitely henry by a mile, but started loving them when kanu joined, and have not looked back since, even when things are not going the way we want it…. Got to know afc through a friend two years back , and I have been reading all the post here till about last year when I don’t know what happen to this blog again ……. @princeos2….

  15. 53, male, Hammersmith Hospital, London, lived near the Angel Islington in a town south west of London called Guildford

    Too difficult, depends on time and day of the week but for me Liam Brady was special the way he made the winning goal in the FA cup final was very special

    When I was young I was brought up near the Angel Islington, I really adored this girl her brother was a fantastic Arsenal supporter and a member of the North Bank. I thought if I became an Arsenal supporter she might go out with me ( she never did I was tongue tied). One of the highlights for me was the double win in 1971/72, the matches the tension and being outside Islington town hall when the team arrived.

    I read most blogs on Arsenal through, and read a number of articles

    Twitter : SurreyGunner

    PS Players come and go, but we are Arsenal and everyone underestimates, the UK media hates us, but we always prove them wrong and I think we will do well this season. Come on you Gunners where ever you are.

  16. Age 27, Male living in Bruxelles, Belgium

    Fabregas was the one to make me love the club, and still is my favorite

    A Gunner since the season 2007/2008. Maybe I have a hidden love for challengers but officially, it’s all Arsene Wenger playing the beautiful game with the money he has, the way he does and the player he puts on the spot light.

    I’m not a regular of this blog, but I do read it from time to time since 2009/2010 season

  17. Joseph Delano ,Kampala Uganda.
    I and a majority of fans converted to arsenal in the era of invincible and as i speak Uganda has the biggest fan base.
    V.persie to me had nearly attained my love and respect due to the style of his game.
    I miss Song so much and i will at least have a soft spot and keep on following Barcelona that’s if they are not our immediate opponents.
    Song comes from a poor humble African family and couldn’t blame him for going to one of the biggest clubs in the world to get the money. As for V.persie only God knows.
    Has any one heard about the SAHIN DEAL!!!. Whats happening, is Mourinho playing hard to get tricks. If we can’t get him Mvilla is anxiously waiting.

  18. 30,Male,lagos,nigeria.Thierry Henry,the passing game gives me joy though alwayz very sad when we are down,been following not quite twitter is@ taiwo_showkey

  19. 1. Daniel Knight – 23, From Worcestershire England.

    2. Fav player of all time; Henry

    3. Their style of play has always had me in awe.

    4. Been reading here since the begining of last season. Even started printing out the blogs to read on lunch breaks at work.


  20. 1.) Im 30, residing at Brisbane, Australia

    2.) I love intelligent players with a good eye for a pass. Cesc Fabregas. Santi could be my new favourite!

    3.) Im a EA FIFA series enthusiast! I chose a team after World Cup 2006, Henry was gone and Arsenal was rebuilding with youngsters. How exciting!

    4.) Been reading since last season and will continue to do so!

  21. 1/ Bloke, Barnet born & bred, 49

    2/ So many wonderful players to choose from, but under torture would have to go for DB10 for his coolness, skill, attitude and sublime moments that still make me grin.

    3/ Initially rebelled against THFC luvvin mother. Luckily found my soul mate in AFC. Particularly remember Alan Sunderlands FA cup winning goal which cemented the love affair for good.

    4/ Read most blogs on Newsnow to get a wide range of opinions as I dont get to the Grove more than a couple of times a season.

  22. Male,22,born in nigeria,but presently schooling in cyprus.
    Thiery Henry!bcos of his goal scoring ability.
    It all started when Kanu joined arsenal nd since then,have been a gunner..
    Over a decade now.
    my twitter handle is @thobilorba…holla for follow back…..

  23. Male 54, residing in Wollongong, NSW, Australia, Born in Lambeth Hospital, London. I use to go Highbury with my father back in the 70’s, in those days it was just a matter of paying afew pence and walking through the turnstile. My all time hero is Bob Wilson, but i use to love watching Alan Ball, Charlie George, Georgie Armstrong etc.etc.
    I did a legends Emirates tour with Charlie George about 4 years ago, fantastic.
    Excited about the new season with all the new players the boss has signed, it is about time he brought quality and not youth, we need to win something this year.
    I have converted my 24 year daughter into a gooner, she wears an Arsenal track suit when she coaches football and also plays the game with the mighty Thirroul Thunderbirds. Lots more i could say, but this will do for now.

  24. 1. 28 years old, live in Durham, England.

    2. Favourite player, Thierry Henry and Tony Adams (He was a really loyal Gunner)

    3. Funny though, I remember was about 14 years old when I watched my very first match on television. It wasn’t long Wenger had been shipped in from Japan. The flow of football was breath-taking. And then cupid shot me. The End.

    4. Stumbled upon AFCblog via Arseblog, been reading it for about a year.

    5. Twitter: @MisterSpruce1

  25. 1. WOAH. Am I the first female to be commenting here?
    Navdha. 24. Born in India, but been living in London for the past 3 years.

    2. If I had to pick, all-time favourite would be Henry. For obvious reasons.

    3. Not really sure how the love affair started. Been a Spain supporter for a while-followed Cesc to Arsenal, and Arsenal and their style of play just made sense. Strategically found a flat 7 minutes from the Emirates and (sadly) organise my social calendar according to the games.

    4. I think I discovered AFCB last season. Proud to say that I introduced my Gooner brother-in-law (who lives in Brisbane) to it.

    5. @NavdhaM

  26. 1. Male, 27, living in London.

    2. Easily Dennis Bergkamp, such a surly master and a joy to watch. There are many players who score great goals, but some of his were like priceless works of art. Sometimes the only thing I loved more than a Bergkamp goal was a Bergkamp red card! That face.

    3. I think it was all thanks to that lovable scamp Ian Wright. I remember watching him score a goal on the news and just going absolutely mental with his celebration, such unbridled joy. It was the 1992-93 season and looking back, that is Arsenal’s worst in a long time. But I had this poster of Wrighty on my wall, arms behind his back, shirt untucked and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. The following season we won the Cup Winner’s Cup and I never looked back.

    4. I think about 3 odd years now!

    5. @Helioscopes

    And here’s just a few more:

    Biggest Heartbreaks: 1995 Cup Winner’s Cup Final, 2006 Champions League final, Thierry leaving, Cesc leaving, 2001 FA Cup final!

    Biggest Joys: Bergkamp’s final goal on Bergkamp day. Any quote from a fellow pro re: Bergkamp, Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona at the Emirates, a ten year dominance over Tottenham, Invincibles season, man – so many.

  27. Male,66 Yangon/Myanmar. 2 Robert Pires .3 The beautiful & not sure enough result until the final whistle. 4 about 2 years.

  28. @ Navdha — You might be the first to comment on here but you’re certainly not even close to being the only female reader. We have bucketloads, hopefully a few more will come out of the woodwork.

    Great responses guys, really enjoying your answers. I think I might put a permanent link to this post up on the front page as a reference point.

    Good idea?

  29. I also wonder in my generation of Arsenal fans whether there has been a more influential player than Dennis Bergkamp. So, so, so many people I talk to cite him as their reason for loving the Arsenal. Of course, Thierry’s influence soon after just intensified the romance.

  30. Male 27 and a medical student in ukraine

    i became a fan because of Kanu his 3 goals against chelsea where just unbelievable

    the season we went unbeaten was just awesome. i was sold on the arsenal after that. in addition to the fact that arsenal inspite of all the up and down are still the aristocracy and every thing about the club just oozes class.

    i’ve been reading this blog about a year

    twitter handle; @lorenzodwin

  31. i am a 48 year old male born and raised in oakland california, but have been living in st. louis missouri for the last 15 years. i am a freight car inspector and mechanic for the largest railroad in the united states.

    while i have loved many players, cesc fabregas has my heart……….i’ll be ok…i’ll get over it and move on…i promise….

    i’ve played football for many years growing up, as a C A M for different leagues and school teams and watched the E.P.L when i could and knew of the arsenal, they became my true love after reading johhny rottens book NO BLACKS NO DOGS NO IRISH. he is a gooner and it sparked my interest and started to give them a closer look. no other team has the class and play of arsenal.

    i’ve been coming ’round for about 2 years

    peace and love to all, and lets get some silverwear this year

  32. 1: 43, born in Detroit, living in San Diego, California
    2: Szczesny because of the fire he brings to the pitch.
    3: Started following Arsenal a few yrs ago after deciding that football looked pretty cool and I liked the way that Arsenal played.
    4: About a year
    5: @andyinsdca

  33. i have been an arsenal fan since 1960s although losing faith in arsene and his managership . My faourite players have and will always be keeper Wilson and one man team Tony Adams although I admired the artistry of Bergkamp and the goal poaching of Henry.

  34. 1. My name is Sean Linden, I am a male, age 20. Born in Chicago I currently go to college in Cleveland, OH.

    2. My Favorite player has to be Cesc Fabregas. I have not been an Arsenal fan for long but I loved watching him play.

    3. Truth be told I used to hate soccer but in recent years I saw the passion and intensity that goes into the game. When I was a kid my dad would bring me a soccer jersey from the country he had just traveled to. Arsenal was the first EPL jersey I ever got and so I stuck with that, now I couldn’t imagine being a fan of any other club.

    4. I found the blog in June when it wasnt up and it looked like a very well organized site with a lot of thoughtful comments. I look forward to being a part of the afcb community and reading all the great articles Andrew posts.

    5. No twitter for my sorry

  35. I am a medic working on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. Born in 1956.
    I started supporting Arsenal in the early 1970s after Pat Rice had paid a visit to my local footie team in Belfast, N Ireland and he made a very positive impression.

    favourite player of “all time” is Bergkamp and favourite present player is Sagna’

    This Blog is objective and generally positive about the best club on earth – keep up the good work please.!

  36. 1. Hi people fellow gunners,my names Brendan ,i reside in Cape Town South africa

    2. My all-time Favorite player has to be Dennis Bergkamp,such grace and class on the ball.And that control woah!

    3. Think i was 13 when i watched my first arsenal game, “OVERMARS!!”, the way the commentator said THAT surname made me sat down and watch.Think i always been intrigued by arsenals style of football,and i would like to believe that once we win a cup any cup,we will be back mentaly into that “we can win this league” mindset.

    4. Think two years and running now,just digged the simplicity of the site design wise,but with well written passionate articles.And i like the rants after we loose a game lol

    5. No twitter

  37. 1) Male, 20, Born in Northampton, UK but live in Plymouth, UK
    2) It was RvP but we all know why that has suddenly changed before it was Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry. Had a brilliant connection and just 2 world-class players.
    3) 2003 FA Cup Final. Didn’t follow football that much before but was round a mates and he had it on and I simply fell in love!
    4) Right from the very start, back when you called yourself SF!
    5) @BayfordSpyro

  38. 1) Any combination of your age, sex, birthplace and current location that you feel comfortable sharing
    – Male , 31, Chennai India
    2) Your all-time favourite Arsenal player and why
    – Rosicky .This guy is an artist does he really plays football.
    3) How you learned to love the Arsenal
    – This roots to my childhood stories. India is cricket crazy but i could remember scoring on my left foot though i am right footed, when i played in my school days aged around 11 playing as a midfielder .Later my love for football was surpassed by the cricket dominance and had very few chances to play again .But still remember Romario of 94(i really don’t know if i watched this on tv or heard it) helped win world cup and my pressurized volcano erupted with watching world cup in tv supporting Ronaldo in 98.At that time Henry was my villain.I have learnt to fulfill my football fervor by playing FIFA versions now.

    Once watched a game of football in TV with only 20 minutes left out and the team was down by 2 goals and i remember bergkamp entered the arena.But the elegance ,passing and the thrill of who will score the final ball attracted me only later to realize my villain plays in the team and turned out to be my hero by scoring along with bergkamp. to settle for a draw. That day onwards i couldn’t get my eyes and heart out of this special club.I really don’t know when i fell for it and when that match happened but all i could remember ,after that is one name Arsenal.After that i am glued to TV set when this team plays and amuse my parents with a range of emotions ,even turning my mom a fan for Arsenal and Walcott.Slowly my dad is picking up on this and nowadays exhibiting same emotions as mine.

    4) How long you’ve been reading the AFCB
    Well Spanish Fry words mesmerized me around 2007.
    5)Your Twitter account (if you have one)
    Currently No.

  39. 1. Male. 27. Karachi (Pakistan).
    2. Robert Pires. One of the most prolific of goal scoring midfielders you’ll ever see!
    3. It all started with Dennis Bergkamp and Tony Adams 🙂
    4. One year.
    5. @asadsaiid

  40. Shane Kevin,aged 28, Born and reared, well half reared, in unglamourous Co Kildare Ireland. 4years married and proud father of beautiful baby girl, and soon to be gooner, farrah.
    Favourite player..too hard! Darragh had said what i was going to above word for word about Bergkamp, then theres the elegance of Brady, the ultimate midfielder Vieira…but Ian Wright really caught my attention when I was couldnt take your eyes off him for a second.
    When I was 6 there was a guy 9 who lived near me who followed Arsenal who would kick around with me everyday, I thought little of it as I did the much better supported Man Utd and Pool…but then I got to the age of been able to sit and concentrate on one thing for an hour and a half and watched that back four, Merson, Parlour and Ian just seemed natural that they should be my team. The success that has come since I now know I took for granted as I was too young to respect what it was we were achieving so to be honest its actually only since we havent won anything that Iv truly learned to love Arsenal….for one who has bemoaned the off field tactics for years here I do confess that its these efforts toprotect this club and its integrity that make me love it more.
    Reader for 5 years…posting, and rolling Andys eyes to heaven, for 4.

  41. bola female 48 born and lives in Lagos,Nigeria
    the kind of football Arsenal plays
    read almost all arsenal blogs

  42. – 36, born in Cleveland, Ohio, living in Biddeford, Maine right now.
    – i don’t remember who they were playing, but I saw BERGKAMP play and that was it… too many plaayers to name them all since, but I can’t wait for Wilshere to get back, might be my fav current player.
    – this kind of play still knocks me over: and with the current squad this is totally possible again
    i’ve been reading this, and occassionally commenting for a few years now, this is one of the best blogs around

  43. @shambo

    Ha, interesting you’re from in Kildare. That’s where I was born and my father’s family are from (before they all moved to Australia). Maynooth is my home town.

  44. 1. Kenya, living in Nairobi aged 32 male
    2. Loves Thiery Henry
    3. Fell in Love with Arsenal when Wenger came in and the started the beautiful soccer
    4. Since 2010
    5. @francis.wadegu

  45. 1. Hello All! I am 23 years old, male, born Seoul, South Korea, but now living in New York
    2. All time favorite has to be Thierry Henry because he just puts a smile on my face
    3. I loved Arsenal when I first played Fifa 04 on the Game Boy Advance. Arsenal was first on the list of choices, and everything just snowballed from there.
    4. I just started reading today actually. Really excited about it.
    5. Don’t have a twitter account

  46. Hi !

    -I’m Mark, 25, born in London, UK and have been living in Berlin for the last 3 years.
    – Dennis Bergkamp. closely followed by Cesc, Adams and Pires.
    – Much has been written about what a wonderful place Highbury was and it’s all true. I was 10 and my dad brought me to my first game there. What a game –
    Instantly hooked.
    – Been reading the AFC blog for just over a year. Great editor, great community and I’m chuffed to be a contributor.
    – @markd_thompson

  47. Darragh,
    Im from Monasterevin, half an hour away…Maynooths a nice town bro but I dont know many people there bar the football team we play.
    You must have been quite young moving, would loved to have visited Australia but am well settled now despite the gloom around the country.
    You would probably be surprised at the amount of Arsenal jerseys around Irish streets and its funny, overall we are all quite similar, I suppose you have to be of a certain disposition to follow the Arsenal, its not a case of luck or a generic, tow the line type thing like being a Utd or (less so) a Liverpool fan, you’ll very rarely find an obtuse Arsenal fan, although Im sure they exist..just not as abundant as Utd fans who you just cant have a footballing conversation with about anything other than Utd related and who believe debt is just a four letter word and that the rules that govern us dont apply to them, for some reason.
    Sorry about that tangent there
    What do you do for a living daragh?
    I think this was a great idea and would like to hear from Shard and other long time posters like darragh!

  48. 1. Steve, Male, 50 living in Salisbury UK.

    2. Tricky, but has to be Bergkamp or is it Liam Brady what about Henry………..there are too many.
    I agree with Darragh, Bergkamp’s goal against Newcastle is easily the best goal i have ever seen, it still send shivers down me whenever i watch it, the guy was a genius.

    3. I have supported Arsenal since i was 6, so i am told, i do not know why i chose Arsenal despite constant pressure from the rest of my family to support Bournemouth our nearest Professional Club.
    Arsenal is my club, i still get butterflies on any match day and they have caused me pain and pleasure in equal measure down the years.
    However my earliest memory is the 70-71 FA Cup Final and Charlie George’s winning goal against Liverpool.
    I love Arsenal so much that i am still bewildered as to why any player would want to leave for any other club?.
    4. A long time.

    Was 32 on sunday, male, Nigerian, location is Eket(Oil city), Nigeria
    All-time favourite Arsenal player is Dennis Bergkamp….cos i love the Dutch national team(favourite national team after Argentina) and he represented in USA 94 during that infamous loss to Brazil in the semis.
    I learned to love the Arsenal when the premiership came to audiences in Nigeria via satellite and i saw my man Bergkamp feeding Anelka to score in some crazy, but quite quick and often counter attacks which made Real Magreed come for him. When Overmars came in, I was completely bought over. Not part of the story but i still think we need a Ljungberg and Wiltord.
    Been reading the AFCB from a news app. i had on my Omnia 1 called SPB insight…. late 2008. What made me read it more consistently was that i really loved the way the articles were clearly written in very good simple English. The way he set about defending the manager and some weak players after we had bad games was really impressive even if you were not in support of his analysis. Andy is a true legend in the Arsenal FC support community no doubt. Andy, you are the best. Never felt like commenting.
    No Twitter account, but friends with Andy on Facebook.
    Hope my avatar pops up too.

    Also, noteworthy is the fact that I do not comment on other blogs. I hear we have a more closely knit community here and I am really proud of this.

  50. 1) Steve, 57, from Fall River, Massachusetts (by way of Newport, RI)
    2) Bergkamp with Thierry very close 2nd.
    3) became a full Gooner about 1999-2000, it was Ian Wright who got hooked & I’ve ‘addicted’ ever since
    4) I luv the style of play most of all – I’m NOT ashamed to say I’m of the AKB persuasion lol.

  51. 1) Steve – 31years young – Born in London – Living in London – Season ticket in North Bank Lower.

    2) Thierry Henry. I’m of an age where my intellectual understanding of the beautiful game (my football brain?) peaked when Thierry was in full flow, so my appreciation was intensified around him. Although Bergkamp and Merson are high on the list.

    3) I come from a long line of die-hard Arsenal supporters (and have recently increased that number by 1). Bought the t-shirt…and the bed spread….and the curtains…you get the point! My first memories of Arsenal including terraced stands with steel barriers and Perry Groves hugging me after he scored a goal. Awesome.

    4) Been reading AFCB for about 3 years (the posts are a little more scarse these days).

    5) @SGF80 – you’ll find me chatting with Tim Stillman and the Arseblogger on occasion. The AFC community really is the best!

    Great idea Andrew, I hope this generates some decent debate on twitter.

  52. Male, 47, name’s Guru. Born in Coimbatore, India, living in Singapore formover 18 years.
    DB 10 and Thierry. (I can name two, can’t I?).
    Fan since 2001. Whe I started watching soccer. Wenger, something about him that made me follow Arsenal.
    Been reading AFCB a couple of years.

  53. Mandy. Female.53yrs old.Born in Auckland New Zealand but have lived in Brisbane Australia for 30yrs.
    My favorite player is Song – I will miss him! Other than him I would have to say Pires or mad Uncle Jens as he is known in our house!
    I came to love Arsenal through the passion shown to me by my sons, Andrew & Patrick.You may have known them as Spanish Fry & Panda!!!
    Yes, I am the proud mother of the author of this blog and I have been a reader and sometime contributor since the beginning. I enjoy the community of AFCB and feel as if I know many of you personally
    I haven’t got a Twitter account and Andrew hasn’t shown me how to made an avator yet!

  54. 1) Male, 29 and my name is Wynn. I was born in Philadelphia, PA, in the USA. I currently live just outside of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, in northern VA.
    2) My favorite all time players are DB10, TH14 and Freddie. Looking forward to seeing the likes of Wilshere and co going forward, though. Hopefully, they can add to the list.
    3) Been a fan since 2007-2008. I actually starting likely the club through the Champions League that year as they started showing it more and more on TV. The likes of Adebayor (I know, I know) and RvP (I know, I know, again) were my favorite players. Like it or not, playing FIFA played a big part in me becoming a huge fan of this wonderful game and this simply amazing club, and I’m not ashamed of that at all.
    4) I’ve been reading AFCB pretty much since it kicked off, I believe. Glad it’s back!
    5) Twitter is @wynnwynnsitch


  55. 1. Im Jesse Oyieke, Male, 28 Born in Nairobi, Kenya currently live in Eldoret, Kenya.
    2. Favorite player of all time is Henry…that man is a true Arsenal Legend…his pace and vision and finishing.
    3. been a fan since 2002 after watching a few games and TH14 in particular and also coz i dint want to be supporting the same team as my brother who is a Man U fan.
    4. been following the blog since i stumbled upon it..cant remember the exact year.
    5. @jesseoyieke

  56. Male 36, Anthony Iyamah, stays in lagos, Nigeria. Forex and gold signals provider, owner of fxprosignalalert and getforexsignal. I have been supporting Arsenal since since the year kanu moved to Arsenal. Surprisingly in 1992-93, I was invited to the Nigeria U17 camp along with Kanu at Rojenny camp Ogba in Onicha, I was then playing for Bendel rovers a none league club side in Benin City,Nigeria.Unfortunately I was among the last players dropped before Japan,93 under 17 world cup.
    My all time favorite Arsenal player is Thienry and Rosicky .
    Been reading AFCB for 3 years now.My twitter account: @scopusng

    In Arsenal I truly trust.

  57. Thats a nice email you sent. I think Arsenal will surprise a lot of people. I live in England, I supported Arsenal the late sixties and through the seventies, I remember when they did their first double in70-71, what a season that was. In those days they did’nt have the big squads like they do today and eight of those players did’nt cost a penny, so you see they developed their own players then. Arsenal will always develope their own players and thats the way it should be. You wait and see when the financial fair play comes, this will give Man City and Chelsea big problems. All the best

  58. Been awhile since I posted Mr Webber….but Im sure you’ll remember me!!

    Im Iain…im always going to be 21…I was born within 3 miles of Highbury but now I live in the cold, wet and windy Brazil.

    My favourite AFC player is and will always be David Rocastle. My hero through out my school days! A true legend! RIP.

    Going to school equidistant between AFC and THFC …and deciding to support the best team in north london.

    Found the blog when i arrived in Brazi about 4 yrs ago….really enjoyed Andys writing and also love the Football Nomad stuff too!


  59. 1) I’m Ryley Henderson male currently living in Toronto, Canada
    2) Dennis Bergkamp, and Cesc. They both had such vision and grace on the ball.
    3) My Dad lived in London and cheered on the Gunners as a kid. I started supporting them in 2002 when they won the double.
    4) Been reading since about two hours ago. It’s a great blog and I’m happy to have found it.
    5) Don’t have twitter/

  60. Old Fart. Born in London. Now in Canberra, formerly Sydney and before that London N6. Alan Sunderland – ridiculous afro hair style and scored the winner in the 79 Cup Final – my first ever time at the old Wemberley! And against Manure too!! Next Liam Brady and more recently Dennis. Supported the Gooners since 1976 – first ever game Arsenal 5 Newcastle 3 (Malcolm Macdonald hattrick – could have made him one of my all time faves but he was such a prat!) Been reading AFCB for a couple of years at least. Will think about a Gravatar but I will never ever Tweet!!! Sorry.

    nice to have you back Andrew.

  61. Hi, I’m Tashif Ehsan.. Born and raised in Faisalabad, Pakistan.. Still living there!
    Henry and Vieira.. Henry’s ability to create something out of nothing was pure magic! Vieira’s grace and skill despite his height and build, he was the complete midfielder. I’ve been a gunner since 2004 (the invincibles season) and it was my brother who introduced me to the Arsenal that year. Never looked back since then 🙂 Read the blog for the first time today.
    My twitter is @JumboJutt_10 for anyone who’s interested.

  62. Andrew didn’t show me how to get an avator but I managed to get a Gravator ……. all by myself!!
    By the way, I’m almost over Song leaving ……… Hello Olivier Giroud! Nice, very nice!

  63. @Mandy – We AFCB readers are grateful to you for giving us Andy. Could you please tell us the spell you taught to Andy , by which he creates magic with words to form the posts.

  64. karthick frm india,chennai..
    even in dreams i shouted for henry…i love arsenal…after life too…henry my favorite al time greatest legend…i growed up watchin his play..

  65. Male, 25, Pakistan.

    Thierry Henry – greatest player ever. He had magic in every molecule of his body. The way he moved was grace personified. He could bend time with the way he moved. Here’s evidence – documentary (must watch)

    Learned to love the Arsenal fairly quickly after I started watching football, which was around the turn of the century. Was a witness to the Invincibles – the greatest football team ever. It was an easy decision which club I would support thereafter.
    That combined with the ridiculous refereeing bias that exists in England (Man Utd fans in the FA etc) and Europe (vs Barcelona Champs league final ’06 and countless other times) against Arsenal.
    Add to that the insane amount of injuries we seem to have every single season, derailing our campaign.
    And finally, there’s a feeling that this club is built on values. There’s a feeling that the history associated with this club is still intact.
    Also, Arsene ‘le Professor’ Wenger

    Been following the blog for a couple of years now. Was lucky I checked the site recently, since it had been in hiatus for a while.

    Twitter – @TyteesGunners

  66. @shambo Yeah, I moved to Australia with my mum and dad when I was one, way back in the 80s. Been here ever since, although I regularly go back to Ireland to visit my extended family. Usually Donegal because that’s where my mum is from.

  67. Im Kevin, a 25 year old residing in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Although I am a huge Ajax fanatic, I’ve always really enjoyed watching Arsenal play. Besides that, I also really appreciate their strategy concerning transfers and development of young players. Where as most bigger clubs, Barcelona being an exception, choose to attract players with big money contracts Wenger & company choose to go with talented youngsters to form a tight knit team. Unfortunately a rare sight.

    The arrivals of former Ajax players at Arsenal helped aswell. Players like Overmars and Bergkamp are pretty big over in Amsterdam. And now with Vermaelen.

    I think I’ve been reading this blog on and off since the last two seasons. I can’t really remember how I got here, but I really enjoy these articles and like how they’re written from a unique perspective compared to other blogs.

  68. Retsub is my dog spelt backwards

    Male 56 live in Kent uk and have been an Arsenal supporter all my life it’s in the genes
    Favourite players John Radford, Charlie George Thierry Henry, Aaron
    Ramsey, gets so much bad press I have become protective

    favourite memory that Michael Thomas moment

    Twitter think its retsub5 but barely used

  69. hi,

    i’m fredrick odhiambo from nairobi kenya and I fell in love with aresnal during the george graham days and have been a fan since 1990.
    my favourite player of all time has got to be thierry henry as well as tony adams as they embody all arsenal attributes I so admire. i guess I loved our mean defence and tight attack and counter attack.
    i have been reading the blog for the past 2 years and my twitter handle is @nairobigooner, cheers

  70. Am from Chennai,India.23 years of age.King Henry is my favourite.Captivated by the development and trust in youth system @ arsenal.I like Cesc,Nasri,Sagna,Van persie,Alex song,Vermaelen,Diaby and Cazorla are my favourites.New to blogs.

  71. Up to now, you require to term of hire an absolute truck or van and will also be removal equipments to valuable items plus check out the new destination. From the long run, which end up with are few things except anxiety moreover stress and anxiety. removals stockport

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