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Just a quick post this morning to tell you about an interview that I participated in with Blue Champions.

Arsenal host Chelsea on SundayFor those who don’t know Blue Champions is a very nice Chelsea blog run by a fellow named BC. As someone who blogs about Arsenal it’s always good to keep an eye on your competitors and I’ve always used Blue Champions as my resource for everything to do with Chelsea.

Since running this blog I’ve struck up some good friendships with other bloggers and when BC came to me with a list of questions to answer in the build-up to Sunday’s game I couldn’t resist. It’s the first interview I’ve done since creating the Arsenal FC Blog and you can read it via Blue Champions by clicking here.

Just so you know, there will be another post a little later to discuss the day’s Arsenal happenings will be no other post today. Unfortunately/fortunately I have my work Christmas Party this afternoon.  In the meantime, let me know what you think about the interview.

What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “Interview with Blue Champions

  1. its cool its a pity you didnt get his/her views as well although he did mention he thinks the same scoreline in their favour

    i do think you are right tho,tha it will depend on our injuries otherwise a draw wont be that bad in the long run,but i would like us to show them and the rest of the prem we mean business

  2. Forget Drogba, he is good no doubt, but i would be more worried about Essien. He has been the one to hurt us. If he isnt playin i think our chances of winning are very high. If not for his goals we would beat them last year.

  3. New just in Van Persie will start, Cesc, Hleb and Flamini are all training and all 3 have a chance of playing on Sunday. We cud have our best squad back!!!!1

  4. Listen fellow Gooners : Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas trained on Friday and could be in line for a return against Chelsea.

    Fabregas has been sidelined with a hamstring injury since 27 November but trained along with Robin van Persie, Mathieu Flamini and Alexander Hleb.

    Ricardo Carvalho (back) and Florent Malouda (knee) could be back for Chelsea if they pass fitness tests.

    Didier Drogba (knee), Michael Ballack (ankle) and Michael Essien (suspended) are definitely unavailable.

    Drogba and Essien are out whilst Fab, Hleb & Flamster cud be bac!

  5. hey guys, i seen that bulgarian player we are trailing. this guy looks great, left footed and a great dribbler, seems like hleb but a left footed version and he shoots. good technique and balance with skill.

  6. SF you lead me to that Chelsea Blog. They are calling you “spanish Fly” you know what that means. I gave them some banter.Now I’m back home.

  7. I just went to Blue Champions and I thought the Chelsea fans would be really horrible and abuse arsenal but they were so nice i was surprised. I lyk that blog. The fans appreciated our ) arsenal fans) opinions.

  8. Hi Guys,

    I am a Chelsea fan from INDIA..just thought of dropping in on your blog..nice place..Good work SF

    All the best to ur team for the big match on sunday

    Just for the record..Arsenal is my 2nd favourite team after Chelsea & I would prefer that Arsenal wins the EPL if Chelsea cant.


  9. gunnershabz… I would just like to point out that Hleb is (Very) left-footed. But hey, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take a second Hleb!

  10. if Flamini will play then we won’t have to worry a bit.he’ll give us a confident mid field and to speak the truth if i were to choose between either Cesc or Flamini starting it would be the french man (obviously if both will make it then we are game) coz he gives that hard aggressive touch to our game and the likes of Mikel Obi(he’s gonna get a red card) won’t bully us around..
    one more thing – we have Van Persie back and that’s great but Adebayor must know and understand that we gonna depend on him to create lots of trouble for chelsea and he must deliver..Confidence is the key Ade…turn around with the ball and take as many shots on & off target till you get one in the net. CHEERS!

  11. Team today:

    Sub Lehnman, Hleb, Bendtner, Denilson, Song/Senderos

  12. Diarra accuses Wenger for breaking his promise and that promise is to start regurlarly. so he wants to leave this is what he said: “We’re halfway through December, and I’ve decided: I want to leave Arsenal. The bottom line is the coach doesn’t need me,”
    Does he really expect to start instead of fabregas or Flamini he must be living in cocoo land.I’m not bothered if he goes He has great potential but there are a lot of faults within his game no creativity and loss posession. He’s been at Arsenal for 5 minutes and he is talking already. He needs to look at Clichy and learn. Clichy lived in shadow of so many years and never said a word and now he got his chance.I would say Adieu to Monsieur Diarra.

  13. Tom, it’s a Chelsea blog and I think they have all the right in the world to be disappointed and vent their disappointment. Just because a few of them feel they should have got at least a point out of the game doesn’t make them sore losers. I do agree that the article could have been a bit more professional, but then again it’s his blog and it’s his opinion. Had Arsenal lost to Man Utd, it would be the exact same thing on this blog. Congrats to Arsenal for winning though. Was a quality game. I thought Clichy was a standout for Arsenal and Mikel was amazing.

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