Interview with a United Supporter – Arsenal FC Weekly Podcast #2

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Arsenal FC Weekly - The Arsenal FC Blog's Weekly PodcastI’m joined in the studio this week by Manchester United supporter and regular reader of the blog, Ronaldo7.

We discuss Arsenal’s 1-0 first-leg defeat to United and preview the second leg at The Emirates. We look at good and bad performers in the first game and chat about the possibility of Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson making any tactical changes, as well as discussing the importance of who scores first in London. 

There’s no chat about the win over Pompey (unfortunately I missed it!) but I will be announcing the winner of the Arsenal shirt competition so get involved and have a listen by clicking the play button below. 


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27 thoughts on “Interview with a United Supporter – Arsenal FC Weekly Podcast #2

  1. @SF
    Great blog, I thought both yours and Ronaldo7’s comments were both incisive and to the meaningful. It was good to hear the two contrasting points of view on which way the game would go. Maybe if you are still friends after Tuesday you can have another chat for next weeks podcast. I like you hope we get an early goal, and maybe if we defend well, we can do what manure did to us in the first leg and attack quickly on the break. Does anybody know if RvP is available? I think Saturday’s game will give Wenger a bit of a selection headache, not such a bad thing. Will he play Vela on the left, please no Diaby, with Wallcott on the right, Cesc and Song in the middle with RvP!!! and Adeybayor up front, just get the defence right and hopefully we can get at least the 2 goals we need without conceeding but lets get 3 to make sure that it doesn’t matter if they score in the last minutes.

  2. Great job on this one… Much better then the first IMO. Only thing that through me off a bit was that you two had similar voices so referring to “we” confused me a couple of times. Not the biggest issue though. Great step forward this week SF

  3. Taken from the main site

    Robin van Persie and Mikael Silvestre have been included in the Arsenal squad for the Champions League Semi-Final second leg against Manchester United on Tuesday.

    Both players had improved sufficiently from their groin injuries to participate in training on the eve of the game. The Dutch striker seems to have recovered somewhat better than the French defender but both will be involved.

    “Robin van Persie is available and back in the squad,” said Arsène Wenger at Monday’s press conference. “Mikael Silvestre is in the squad aswell but he still has a little groin problem. We’ll assess that tomorrow.

    “In a game like this, you want everybody available to give you an opportunity to make a decision.”

    Lets go 4-4-2, RvP to score a hat-trick.

  4. Forgot to say Arsenal Ladies have won the FA Cup final 2-1, no idea what the game was like, we were winning 1-0 until 92 mins when we scored our second then Sunderland scored in the 97 minute, lots of injury time there. Not bad for a second division team. Arsenal Ladies will now have to beat Everton Ladies to retain the league.

  5. Brilliant SF, great episode. Its good to hear the voices behind the regulars on this blog. Keep it up.

  6. i expect Arsenal this time to be more agressive in front and midfield . am very optimistic that we are going through no matter what.

  7. Thanks everyone.

    I’m just thinking, the podcast posts don’t seem to be generating a whole lot of discussion. Anyone know why that might be?

  8. Possibly its a good idea to end the discussion with a question or ask what the readers/listeners think of the comments and analysis made ?

  9. I must say I thought Ronaldo7 was a typical United fan ‘ we are best team in the world, lick our feet ‘ kinda attitude, but my attitude has defo cahnged about him and I will be looking forward to his comments from now on. Great podcast

  10. No reason for a separate post I think. Just include it in the days post that way all the discussion is in here. Then you can have an archive of posts somewhere else… Just my two cents

  11. Oh nevermind. For some reason I thought you had a post that had the podcast and a post that has a write up- I got two emails at the same time so I assumed.

    Asking a question would be good- simple stuff- top 5 favorites, your starting team… Idn

  12. @ MoMONEY – I did have two posts. One was about the Portsmouth game and one about the podcast. Perhaps it confused people or separated them because the discussion on both was pretty poor.

    Ronaldo7 is a balanced and realitstic supporter, it’s just that he happens to support arguably the best team in the world. As a result he often sounds pretty proud of his team, which makes sense.

  13. @ Ronaldo7 – It’s not a bad idea. We could look at something like that in the future to end the show. Could generate good discussion.

  14. i think if you read some of the readers comments and talk about them on your show it could generate some more discussion.

  15. Thanks SF and Ronaldo for the great review…I am actually hoping for a 1 nil to arsenal and penalties where I fancy our chances….

    And yes, your voices do sound very similar…..

  16. Yea lol- so that 2 post thing is a bit confusing. Maybe do them both together like Arseblogger- his method seems to work. Though I think involving members will be the key to making it different then his… Amazing achievement tbh tho- A couple weeks ago you were just wondering if you should do a podcast- you already have a pretty damn good product out there. You will learn over time im sure. Great start

  17. @SF
    No you definetly sounded alike. When I was in Brisbane an Australian thought I was from Sidney. In America they don’t have a clue, I was talking to an Australian girl at a bar and the bar lady thought I was the Australian, I said no I’m English she’s Australian.
    Can’t wait for tonight, lets hope for a good game where if we do go out that we can have some pride in doing so, last week we escaped from what could have been a thrashing.

  18. @ MoMONEY – Thanks mate. I try 🙂

    @ Dally – Fair enough then. I’ll have to drop some bass in my voice to differentiate and sound more manly.

  19. i listened to the podcast with R7 and it was entertaining and enlightining. It was realistic and self assuring in that there was no bais just the plain truth. I referred the podcast to a lot of guys in Nigeria and comments will soon start flying. Another reason for the slow response is that everyone is focused on the game and kinda waiting in anticipation.Final reason being that what more is to be said.You guys said it all. I wont watch the match for fear of heart failure.will browse on line instead. Goodluck guys.

  20. SF – perhaps you should go a bit more ‘Alf Stewart’ in the podcast.

    “Flamin’ hell Wenger, why in the blazes did you put Denilson as the defensive midfielder? He went and buggered the whole game up. Song’s a genuine battler, he’ll be ridgy-didge in defense mate, too right.”

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