Arsenal in Brisbane? What a joke.

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Regular readers of the blog will know that I’m Australian and I’ve never once seen an Arsenal game live. What a farce it would be if the first game I actually got to see was in my home town of Brisbane rather than in London at the Emirates Stadium. Enough said, really.

Enjoy your weekend and if you get bored, have a read or enter the Arsenal Opus competition.

What do you think?

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21 thoughts on “Arsenal in Brisbane? What a joke.

  1. u have to be kidding? who cares where you see them,ITS ARSENAL.I live in Sydney and i would go to brisbane if need be to see arsenal play , it would be a once in a life time opportunity. If thats your attitude if arsenal play in brisbane then brisbane doesnt deserve to have the opportunity and honour of hosting the best team in the world. I agree with you that , Yes it would be nice to see arsenal at the emirates but come on this is an opportunity you cant possibly pass up. Here’s hoping arsenal play in australia.

  2. Bloody brilliant!!!!!!! I live in Sydney and would go anywhere to see the Arsenal. I reckon they would fill the olympic stadium at homebush. People in Brisbane are not all like “spanish fry” are they????????????

  3. With you Spanish Fry, this is the most daft and ridiculous idea. It’s pure footballing greed, we may suffer respectively having to watch SFC and QR, but to suggest it’s a good thing for the arse to travel round the world to play a game in their season is insane, selfish etc. and could have seriously negative effects on our seasons outcome. Sooo many reasons why this is a bad idea. Come on you reds, up the arse!

  4. i would love to see arsenal play in australia; i would travel to perth if necessary. however, i absolutely disagree with the proposal that those games should count towards the season. it completely compromises the integrity and fairness of the game. fair enough, have the games abroad, but not a random draw that counts for points. its completely unfair. it is a delicate balance already and this would completely fuck it all up and devalue the system.

    *imagine the title being decided by one of these games?! they must not allow it to happen.

  5. Wenger being 1 of those who rarely takes his team overseas for friendlies, this concept would interest those(overseas fans)who dont have financial access of the well to do. Though if the games are of those which wont generate any effect on the race to the 1st or 2nd of epl or even the top 4(champs league spot) or worse, the relegation drop would the epl fans still be interested?
    The fans located in England wont like this idea too much as they would want games to be exclusively theirs BUT it should be remembered this are not a reduction of 1 game in England but an addition of 1 game outside of the current location(England).
    And if it actually gains a Yes from those in charge(FIFA,UEFA and the national FAs)how would the lobbying for those holding the matches be done? Would the richer countries be able to lure the bigger clubs to their location? Benefits are there but any injuries arising due to poor pitch conditions and jet lag plus timing of the matches(in order to hold relevance of value)etc must also be
    taken into account.
    Generally, most fans/supporters(outside UK)would love it due to their rare access to seeing their teams live.

  6. Live in Wollongong and went to see arsenal v chelsea last May. How good would it be if I could see then in Australia

  7. I live in Brisbane, I support Arsenal, I’ve seen them play at Emirates.

    I can’t see how regularly playing games in overseas nations as part of their league requirements will benefit the football Arsenal play. Such a proposal seems to only to benefit the pockets of the FA and perhaps the clubs.

    I’m really against this idea.

    Also, for those Brisbane fans of football – what a Roar match we were treated to last night!

  8. Arsenal playing overseas? It may be counter productive as the after effects may affect the outcome of games thereafter negatively.

  9. This is not a good idea! Arsenal either play league games at the emirates or away to the premiership grounds! I think the FA want it to happen so they get more money.

  10. yes you have got to be kidding. imagine Arsenal at suncorp stadium. we could easily reach 45000+. it would be awesome to see Arsenal play live. but i am against the idea of it counting as an extra round. if the idea was to be implemented it should be based on rotations as well as a chance to advertise the brand globally.

    btw its great to see the Roar getting stronger and stronger crowds each home game. lets hope we go on to win the whole thing.

  11. Sf-I understand what you mean you have that dream that one day you will come to London to see Arsenal at the Emirates and nothing can beat that. If they bring Arsenal to your door step then the dream will go. So I say to you come to London before this plan takes action. I don’t like the idea myself. You might have the means to come to London but there are Million of fun who will never get that chance to see their team in the flesh. its all about demand if fans around the world demand it and the trial works then why not. In my opinion it should be a one off not every season or once every 4 years.Still if they come to Australia I’m sure you’ll queue for the ticket.

  12. I don`t want to sound stupid here but why a 39th game in the first place?the biggest argument i keep reading is the ramden lottery of who plays who and where,surely a more fesable way would be to still have your 38 games,and if a winter break is introduced have that game that is penceled to play,played in a selected country,this would massivly reduce the unjust and the unfairness of it all.even though it`s still not right it sounds a lot better than what those idiots are suggesting.

  13. I love the idea!! I hope Arsenal comes to America, at least a game in L.A. or Texas would be great for me

  14. I will watch Arsenal game that will be anywhere in USA. Actually I was planning to travel London coming summer to watch Arsenal game. So I will never be against this proposal. But as arsene said it is not good if it’s only for some extra money.

  15. Lehmann
    Arsenal 4 – Blackburn 0

  16. Completely stupid idea, how can you play 39 matches? EPL is English Premier League, would have to change it to WPL (world premier league)With the amount of games the top 4 play going after all the competitions by the time the league finishes players are knackered, the FA cup is usually an anti climax, because nobody has anything left. No wonder that English clubs have so little success in winning Champions League. Europe play 36 matches and have a winter break. This is what these muppets at the FA should be sorting out, not adding to the fixture list.

  17. A very good day’s work for Arsenal without kicking a ball. We have to deliver the big blow tomorrow against Blackburn and open up a chunky 5 point gap. We can’t choke on this one. I don’t think we’ll have a better chance. Watching Chelsea V Liverpool was torture it was absolutely rubbish, boring, its a crime to play football like that with the amount of money they spent and listening to Avram Grant after the match almost sent me to sleep. I think it will be business as usual tomorrow.

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