I’m still alive as transfer shenanigans get set to begin

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Just a quick Friday post to say that I am still alive and so is the blog. For various reasons – Christmas, no computer, holidays, the general need for a break – I’ve been unable to comment on the various goings on at Arsenal at the moment.

However, the purchase of a new MacBook as well as some proper furniture to assist my blogging means that everything will be back to normal shortly. Which is just as well too, with the news about Kolo Toure’s transfer request surfacing and various other transfer shenanigans starting to bubble it’s bound to be an eventful month.

Stay tuned. I appreciate your patience and wish you all the best in the New Year. Huzzah!


95 thoughts on “I’m still alive as transfer shenanigans get set to begin

  1. @ Jay – Hey, just because Given is not coming doesn’t mean nothing will happen. A goalkeeper is low on our list of priorities right now.

    We need a replacement for Cesc, then a defensive midfielder, then a centre-back (particularly if Gallas or Toure goes). A goalkeeper is not necessary.

  2. sup SF? hope u enjoyed ur hols.
    we all love this blog but we need stories-on th same note i understand th trouble u going through n so all i can say is all th best.

  3. Hey welcome back SF. Do you think we are gonna sign any players this term? PHW is constantly lying about us not having enough money, we cant afford to buy any players and all that nonsense. We all know we have alot of moolah, over £90m of hardcore cash from last season alone. We have £5m from the Diarra deal. This story of not spending b/c we dont have enough money is a bunch of bollocks and its really pissing me off. The board must get its act together, we desperately need new players but they keep holding us back.

  4. @arsenaldamu,

    call me crazy but Ramsay looks good CDM. He is as cool as I’ve seen…And, if Hill-Wood (incompetent) is being truthful(no cash)then he will be excellent. Arshavin, would be outstanding if I had to pick just one transfer though. Back to Hill-Wood! He needs to be removed if what he is saying is accurate. A lesson for all you young lads and money….In hard economic times you??? SPEND! In great Economic times you??? Save! Why is that you ask? That doesn’t make sense? Well it all has to do with value…Supply increases in hard times. If you have too much the value goes down. When value is down so is price…(could be Hill-Wood is waiting for summer when things get worse transfer rates will plummet; my thought though is Emirates is too big of an expenditure and we are over are head). The other holds true when Economics are good…Money is readily availble so people buy…as buying continues…Transfer rates increase because the supply decreases….
    My concern really is the lack of control with Gallas – Toure. I can see why we are 5th in the table. This is alarming to which these two have poisoned the team. AW needs to squash this and now! If I had to be critical of AW it would be in the head cases he brings in? Look up the country any rattles in armour? AW c’mon get the individuals out…and the team players in!

    Posted by hartwick89 | January 3, 2009, 12:08 am

  5. @ knightman – I will tell some more stories soon. First things first I have to catch up on the news or else I won’t know what I’m talking about!

    @ Gibbs – We will spend. Not much, but we will. Wenger knows that the loss of Cesc is one person (in my opinion three players) too far. Maybe Arteta will come in, I’d love to see it happen.

    @ hartwick89 – Ramsay looks very good, I like him a lot. He could do very well if given a chance this season. I like his aggression and general “I will beat you attitude” he seems to display.

  6. Think i was a tad knee-jerk on the signings front. Its just i want new established players so badly, it hurts!! Im not asking for 30-40 million to be spend.

    Signings like Sagna, Eduardo, Rosicky: Shrude signings like this one.

    Arteta would be a fantastic addition to the squad. Scores goals, tackles, assists as well.

    Arshavin story looks to be gathering pace, but i think £20mill price tag is way to high for Wenger.

    Lets pray we have a new face soon (Centre Midfielder would be my priority) – Before Bolton would be lovely.

  7. @SF
    If you say so mate. Arteta, Veloso and Green is all i ask, thats 3 quality players for less than £30m, we can scrap Green and buy Hungeland or Zapata. But Wenger confirmed that he never aproached Arteta, so signing might not happen. At the moment, i will not believe unless i see it with my own eyes.

  8. What always happens – Arsenal are strongly linked with a good player – Given, David Villa, Andrei Arshavin and then Wenger comes out and says I am not interested in signing that player! COME ON WENGER!

  9. Come on everyone; this happens every year, both in the summer signing period and in January. Arsenal are always linked with anyone and everyone for many reasons, but the main reason is because the Press / Tabloids don’t have any clue who Wenger is looking at. Because of this they all speculate.

    Wenger is as frugal as it gets, especially in transfer dealings, but he knows that he needs to buy 1 – 3 players.

    Although, there are many reports that say we have no money to play with.

    Players I would invest in:
    Inler / Gomis / Witsel / Hangaland / Given

    Anyone else is either too expensive and not worth the money, will take too long to aclimate to BPL, or is cup tied.

  10. The media could jeopardise deals on transfer, thats why the club is so discret about evrything concerning any transfer they will make.This is a big challenge as many clubs might also goin after the player you are hunting, so best thing to do is act quietly.Who did know that AW went to Portugal 10times to talk to Ronaldo, and that he was almost an Arsenal player? One thing which also differ this season is, ManCity and their cash;So evry clubs are very carefull now on getting the players they want.
    I think Arshavin will come to the Emirates@75% of a chance, perhaps AW just plays around with the media by saying that he doesnt need such players..etc..But i know that he needs Arshavin, and Id love to see that happen, seeing him along with Walcott on the wings, backed by Sagna and Clichy.The only pbm with Arshavin is his age, I dont think he s got much time on the pitch anymore but for now hes pretty good.
    About Toure??Im very desapointed! regardless of what people say abt Gallas, I always like him but would never swap Toure agst him or anybody else.Toure is a worldclass player,I wonder how could AW forget abt him?such fightfull minded player, and to me he is exactly the player that we need now, on the startin 11 and especially as captain.The absence of Toure may affect a lot of disturbin stories among the squad as well as the Fans

  11. @Radads;

    Toure-Gallas situation has been going on how long? What’s disturbing is it’s only recent that I’ve been privy to it…What we do know is Gallas has been erratic emotionally for over 1 year and Toure has been in rapid decline since after African Cup..Before that he was invincible. Like I said these two need to be squashed because our games which should have been won handily we end up with draws? Our back line right now Almunia who I’ve stood behind until just recently, Sagna-(better last year) still good form, Toure- like I said in real bad form (I still blame him for CL loss against L’Pool), Gallas- Birmingham & losing captaincy sums him up & now Cliche is starting to show glimpses of frailty. I have not seen one good cross from him all season..Disturbing! We are in need of a good shake up starting with Almunia(Given); replace Gallas; Shift Cliche CB; Keep Djourouh CB; Keep Sagna; Move Silvestre LB or recall Traore. Keep Toure iff he calms down.

  12. I have maintained on this blog for a long time that our problem is Gallas. Stripping him of the captaincy was the first step, now we need to sell him. He is the main reason some fans are crying for DM. I would love to see a Toure/JD CB pairing which I think will be very good.

  13. I agree with Tay. We must get rid of Gallas asap. He is a great player but he’s causing too many problems for the club, sell him for at least £5m and use that money to buy Hungeland.

  14. @Gibbs,
    Hungeland boasts a good statistical defence this year…With a game in hand are 4th in the league behind L’pool w/14 GA. Arsenal @an amazing 23… I guess this is a good clue where are points are going to.

  15. Heiko Westermann- relative unknown versatile defender 24 6’3 German int’l plays for schalke 04

  16. An American CB? Guess who 6’4 of Serbian decent….Only 20 years old and plays for German Club team. Speaks English and his team has only lost twice in the Bundesliga.

  17. @ hartwick89
    I would still go with Hangeland, 6ft5 and strong. He would bring much needed height in the team, a Djourou/Hangeland partnership would be great especially against teams like Pompey (with Crouch) and Stoke (with Delap’s long throws).

  18. Yea, but he wont be able to resist if the price is right. Fulham need some cash, they have to sell to keep the club from bankruptcy.

  19. For me the 2 CBs I would like are Hangeland/ Zapata… I think Hangelend is pretty realistic as well. Arsene says Given isnt coming which is what I feared- He likes Almunia but I thought the opportunity to add a world class keeper would have been enough to make him cave in… Other then that Arshavin and Inler still linked and would be great additions. There will be signings so stop worrying people…

  20. We don’t need Akinfeev, Veloso, Zapata or Arshavin.

    We have Almunia-Faulty, Song-MrClass, Silvestre-Silly and Diaby-NewViera/Zidane. Pathetic bunch of Cunts.

    Arsenal Board came out and said that Wenger has very little to spend. My guess is we will sign one player; either a decent CDM or creative midfielder(Arshavin). That’s all we will get. Mark my words.

    Arsenal Board should fuck off!!

  21. @ Demetrio – Agreed. I don’t know much about Hangeland or this American but they don’t sound like the type of quality that would IMPROVE our defence. Gallas and Djourou is a good combination and if anyone is signed they must be at least pushing them.

  22. These are the players; CB Hangeland grew up in Houston, TX is from Fulham,I think he scored against Arsenal he is also Captain of Norway Nat’l Team…Neven Subotic is a Serbian International…Plays for Borussia Dortmund also a CB played every minute of every game as a result least scored on in the Bundesliga with least losses in Bundesliga Grew up in Salt Lake City, UT…Need anymore credentials? By the way Arsenal are bleeding in the back…Give me some names…

  23. @SF & Demetrio; you sound snobbish. Is what AW talked about in his interview Friday; “Big names with big prices and little return.

  24. Anonymous,

    Apologize for the paste but a good read nonetheless regarding the English economic crisis; which most of the bloggers aren’t commenting on? The reality of the situation is we are in a catastrophic economic state……”Arsène Wenger convinced that Arsenal can emerge in credit from crisisRussell Kempson
    Arsène Wenger warned yesterday that if times are hard in football at present, they could get harder. Yet as the credit squeeze tightens, the Arsenal manager believes that the North London club are better placed than most to emerge unscathed.

    Arsenal are saddled with the cost of building the Emirates Stadium, with the £260 million debt covered by bonds that will be paid off over 25 years. It is one of the reasons why Wenger has little money to spend on strengthening his squad in the transfer window this month.

    Nevertheless, the Frenchman remains positive about Arsenal’s long-term future. “I believe the way we have managed the club, we will come out in a very strong position,” he said. “We do not live on the edge, we live in a naturally healthy situation.

    “We do not depend on one person, we do not depend on the banks, because we make our profit and we respect our balanced budget. I believe that we should not be in trouble. The other clubs? Well, there are about 15 for sale in England and no one is buying them.

    Related Links
    FA Cup previews: Saha ruled out for Everton
    Graphic: FA Cup shocks around the clock
    Graphic: chances of winning the FA Cup
    “With a weak pound, it is more difficult, certainly. It was not long ago that the exchange rate was 1.4 or 1.5 \. Now it is 1:1. It’s a big handicap for English football. Some people in football still think that the market is like it was six months ago, but it’s not. Football will be as hurt as anyone in the economic crisis.”

    Arsenal supporters may be pleased by Wenger’s optimism. Their club will not go bust, they will survive as others topple. It is, though, the lack of activity in the transfer market that will concern them.

    For all the impressive promise of youth in his squad, Wenger needs to add experience if their challenge in the Barclays Premier League and Champions League is not to falter this season. At least, on the eve of their FA Cup third-round tie at home to Plymouth Argyle, the Coca-Cola Championship club, he admitted that he was still looking.

    “I am telling the fans not to be affected by all the negative publicity around the club,” Wenger said. “A lot of what the club has done in the past three years, maybe it didn’t get enough credit. But in ten years’ time, people will realise that it was good work. If we can get an extra talent in, we will do it, but it has to be a special talent.

    “First, you have to identify the player, then you have to convince him to come here. That is not easy. I have identified a few, I’m hopeful, yes, but it’s like promises that you are not 100 per cent certain to keep.”

    Arsenal — or any club — are unlikely to be able to compete if Manchester City, with their billionaire Arab owners, enter the bidding. “They \ are in an exceptional situation that has nothing to do with the economic reality of the world,” Wenger said.

    Yet despite Arsenal’s lack of substantial funds, they continue to be linked with the possible purchases of leading players — Mikel Arteta, the Everton midfield player, and Shay Given, the Newcastle United goalkeeper, among them. Wenger said yesterday that he had made “no inquiries” for either.

    The Frenchman could be more active in the area of holding on to what he has got, with Kolo Touré having handed in a transfer request. The Ivory Coast defender has played little in recent months because of injury, but it is no secret that his relationship with William Gallas, his fellow centre back, borders on mutual antipathy.

    “They get on much better than people think,” Wenger, who claims that Touré has now withdrawn his request, said. “Nobody can prove that fantastic friendship helps you to win football games. I have spoken to Kolo about it \ and I think he has changed his mind.”

    Taking notice

    Barclays Premier League managers offered their take on the story in The Times yesterday, below, which warned of the impact that the plunging pound will have on the European transfer market.

    Mark Hughes, Manchester City I think everybody is aware of the current economic climate. The business world has obviously been greatly affected by that. From our point of view, we have owners that are in somewhat of a better position than other owners, which may be to our benefit, but we won’t have a competitive advantage if we pay vastly inflated sums for players that don’t warrant those fees.

    David Moyes, Everton I can see how it can have an impact and I certainly think that it will affect things, but it’s not affecting us at this present time. I don’t think it’s the January sales, I think it’s the January top book price. I don’t think there are sales in January and in the football market it’s more expensive. If you want something, it’s a dear buy and I don’t think you get very much.

  25. More on my unknown from Serbia; [edit] Borussia Dortmund
    On 4 June 2008 it was announced that Subotić had signed with Borussia Dortmund on a 5-year contract. He debuted for his new club in the unofficial German Supercup match against Bayern Munich, which Dortmund won 2-1. Subotić’s defensive displays quickly turned a lot of heads. In December 2008, he was named in the ideal 11 team of the first part of the 2008-09 Bundesliga season.

  26. Mo,

    Will make this signing worth ten-fold! And, imagine unless I’m naive the best investment since Sir Stanley @stoke!

  27. Also, that Arshavin video was definitely something. I like the way he uses his body to make up for a lack of speed and his willingness to be selfish in front of goal. If he comes he will be a good addition.

  28. opps…this guy is goin’ to make a purchse but ..i feel arshavin is on his way with 80,000 per week and 16ml euros….then boss needs to add a deffensive midfielder and a central defender….if possible a man born to scoore goals….if not i think gooners will be boared of the lies na dmisinformation in the last five years is going to continue……what i mean is the boss will keep saying the lads are capable again….as he was doing back for those years, though the kids always prove that they are not….or they need some adition…..oh wenger .,……..what a theorian!!!!

  29. That video of Arshivin is impressive, even by the standards of YouTube compilations. I am surprised nobody bought him in the summer. His skill, ability to change speeds, and the incredible calm, even arrogance with which he shoots reminds me of TH14. Vela has a bit of that too… In some way it was like watching Alex Helb in a parallel universe where he has a great shot.

  30. What is been told if I thought I went through a article it said that arsenal where (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richest_football_clubs)It was said arsenal are the third richest club in the world. We all so know that the world is going through the financial crisis. All are going through it but Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood came out with an article on transfer window. I mean what is he thinking we cant spend big in transfer. Boss somebody tell him we don’t have an experience and good quality midfielder and for that we have to pay. You people cant go on tell us that young midfield will grow and deliver. But you people use the past tense that is not required know we want results otherwise this could be one of the worst season of AW. I strongly feel we need good midfield player with good experience and one RWM or and LWM and one big nasty and importantly and English defender. Please AW listen to people and fans of arsenal. We need at least and one good midfielder this time around. We still believe in you and in arsenal but sometime you need player to prove yours decision and right now we are short of player with right experience and zest in most of the department.

  31. That was a great Arshavin vedeo and i hope we sign him. But knowing our stupid board, we probably wont b/c “Mr.Wenger wont be able to spend money he doesnt have”. I only hope the board gets its act together, we need at least 2 big signings this term. Is Gazidis still quiet, has anyone heard anything from him yet? Im tired of PHW, he has to shut up now.

  32. Hey, Gibbs, if Arsenal don’t buy Arshavin it won’t be because of the board, it’ll be Arsene’s choice. I’m pretty sure if AW said ‘I must have Arshavin.’ (sounds weird -ha ha)then the board would allow him the dosh. But as we know AW doesn’t like or approve of throwing money at players who’s price is inflated. What’s the latest quote on Arshavin’s price? 20 million quid is it? For a player who’s never played in the Prem? Who in fact has never played in any of the major leagues – only Russia.
    I’d rather AW spent 10 million a piece on 2 players who I’d never heard of because you can pretty much guarantee that they’d be class if AW wanted them.

    Judging from the latest pronouncements it seems likely there will be at least one new face in (though I believe we need more) so it’s going to be exciting to see who it is. ‘Til then all these names that you guys keep throwing up is a good laugh tho’. Keep it up. Very amusing. I reckon we’ll buy Nikolai Valuev and put him in defence.

  33. Im praying for Arshavin and Inler now…


    —Van Persie———-Adebayor—

    That lineup until Walcott, Rosicky, Fabregas, Eduardo are bak and running makes us extremely capable. Arshavin is also versatile enough to play in RVPs spot…

    Ideally we would add a CB like Zapata as well but three signings may be a bit too ambitious haha…

  34. IMO Arshavin will move from Zenit in January and it will be for less than 20 million. I don’t know if it will be to us. His price has dropped considerably from post Euro 2008. He wants out of Zenit and is not having a particular good season in the Russian Prem. It’s time for him to move to become a better player. If he doesn’t he risks never being able to take the next step.

    I like Hangeland but Hodgson isn’t going to let him go till Summer at the earliest. He’s going to make sure he can finish mid-table.

  35. Pple, If we see how the board and AW are going about bringing in 3 world class with their usual “Little Money” slogan, I tell u guys what,we have the biggest fan base in the world and as such, if we all dig into our piggy bank we can help bring in 1 or 2 word class player(s).I for one will be ready to let go my house as part of my contribution for the signing.
    We really need the inclusion badly to bounce back quickly.

  36. @SF, I like Gallas, Ive never had any single thought of getting rid of him, despite all the bad talks abt him evrywhere I go, but Id rather see him go instead of Toure.We dont really know the fight between the two but I think AW must take serious decision on this matter.I strongly beleive that Toure didnt have any intention to go but the request of transfer were abt to tell the club to choose between him and Gallas.To me there’s nothing wrong with Gallas, but if Im asked to choose between him and Toure, Id go for Toure.Quality wise:Toure is better and run faster,commitement to Arsenal:Toure has been there long long ago before Gallas.wE HAVE NEVER TRIED MUCH OF DJOUROU AND TOURE, SO I DONT THINK IT’S PROPER TO SAY THAT GALLAS DJOUROU IS BETTER THAT TOURE DJOUROU.Most of the time we see Toure,Silly, and Toure has had many times on the bench for injury.
    NOW LETS TALK ABOUT ARSHAVINAL.Fisrt of all many thanks for the video MOMoney.I blvthat everybody here has already watched it.Franckly,Ive only seen his quality durin Euro and the uefa cup final in Moscow, and I knew that the guy was gud and also his name was mentionned evrywhere in the media but I dint really know that this guy is much much better than I thought he was.Holy cow!!!!this guy has got evrything:from driblin like Messi to shootin from 25m like Gerrard.
    DRIBBLE LIKE MESSI, Runs mostly like Walcott,Agressive as Ronney,strikes target as Gerrard,move like Eto’o, has got clever final touch as Robinho, and finally passes like Fab.Id buy him for 20M if I were Arsenal.His only pbm is his age and I blv Nasri woud be like him after 1 or 2yrs.He is also very much goal minded mdfldr.Im really dreamin to see the lad lined up with Walcott, Fab and Diaby, with Ade and RVP in front.
    Song- Diaby
    Walcott- Fab – Arshavin
    For now with Walcotts injury id put the same full back but like this in the mdfld:
    Vela -Deni-Arashavin
    RVP – Ade
    This team would kill anyone ESPECIALLY WHEN WE HAVE WALCOTT BACK AGN.And I think Arshavin is on his way to the Emirates but it will be like a surprise.

  37. Yes I would surely be the solution to all Aresnal’s problems!

    I have seen the video about 3 times now and all I can think about is Arshavin in an Arsenal shirt… Please let it happen Wenger. And throw in a DMF and I cant complain! may have to sim it on PES tomorrow…

  38. Hey fellas, Gooner Talk says we got Arshavin for £18m on a 5 year contract. Gooner Talk is not the most reliable of sources but i hope and pray that its true.

  39. Oh! I’ve gotta mention this! The BBC website (www.bbc.co.uk/) Top News story is ‘Opposition leader wins Ghana poll’ and the little picture with the text shows two blokes celebrating – one of them wearing an Arsenal shirt! Have a look! Nice one.

  40. Hi Folks what we came to knew is that the arsenal are making a bid for Mikel Arteta. I suppose he is a decent enough player. And that is lesser price than Arshavin. I still have my doubt on him (Arshavin) may be he will not be as good as he is in EPL. Maily because here now at arsenal we have plenty of stylish player and good runner with the ball. But we need is stability in the midfield. One person who can hold on to the ball and make some proper passes. We need to understand here at arsenal our history at transfer window we never had a expensive midfielder so we need to understand the truth Arshavin is not coming at arsenal. Rather AW will go for Podolski who can play right for left of midfield or as an striker which I think will be good spend of money. Or rather go for Charles N’Zogbia rather than Say Given and give more fabianski the GK chance.

    My Arsenal Line up…I always wanted an English Centre back for arsenal which missing for some years. My team at the movement with some key player missing.

    Podolski/N’Zogbia Arteta Nasri
    Clichy Gallas Toure Sagna


  41. ‘The boys done good.’ Once again we saw flashes of the real Arsenal there. Particly towards the end. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of confidence makes.
    I thought Nasri was fantastic in the latter stages.
    Ramsey busy. Well done Gibbs. And of course RVP – a bit special ain’t he?

  42. AW should play Vela on the LM & Nasri in Fab4 position until Fab4 back to form. Ramsey looked better than Song or Denilson in the DCM position but can’t tell yet because he was against Championship team not PL team.

  43. I only caught the last 20 minutes of the match, unfortunately. It seemed a bit ugly for a bit, and I felt Bendtner played poorly. Vela’s addition brought a spark to the squad and I’m not sure if we pick up the 3rd without his presence. I was also happy with what I saw of Gibbs.
    In my eyes, Vela and Nasri had the tendency to hold the ball a touch too long. They need more match time on the field together. If we pick up a defensive mid we’ll suddenly have a very solid midfield. Cesc, Walcott, Ramsey, Nasri, Vela, plus whoever we may pick up. I feel very comfortable with that selection. Now we just have to maintain a spot in the top four until we get healthy (god i hope we get healthy someday).

  44. Bendtner played poorly.. what a surprise….. I would sell him to Inter for a cup of ice cream if i was Wenger. He is terrible.

  45. I havnt watched the game yet, its gud to hear that we won 3-1 thou.
    Arshavin is dfntly a gud buy for us, they guy is just sensational, I cant just wait to see him in the white -red jersey.No way for Podolski, i know he is gud but 1st we will never get him 2ndly he is far lesser quality than Arsha.Arshavin is the guy that we need now, and I strongly blv in total change of our quality when he comes in.We need CDM but I think addin Arshavin woud be enugh for our situation.I hope that the rumours abt 18M and the 5yrs contract will come to reality.

  46. 18 mil for arshavin then inler for 8 mil and we are set… 26 mil ifalls under the reported 30+ mil the media reported so it would work into all the wenger quotes. He also said he wants 2 midfield players. Its the perfect scenario tbh but if we just get Arshavin I think I will be too excited to care!

  47. Demetrio,
    U r a unhappy bastage! Anything + ever hit you?

    Algonner Thanks for the heads up on wealth of clubs….Keep in mind Arsenal have 42% debt. So we are 9th richest….Having said that Wenger needs to be strong and fight for some reinforcements!

  48. How gud is yaya I so wish WE could get him he would make a big impact in our squad. I would rather see him in an arsenal shirt than anyone else atm.

  49. Yur Roma has already bin beat 7 times in the league – that’s even more then us and we’ve played more games. We’ve scored more league goals – 33 to your 21. Plus the EPL is a tougher league. ‘Fraid your mob’s gunna git their asses smacked, Romey. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

  50. While we’re playing the imaginary transfer game I just happened to come across an article about Inter midfielder, Olivier Dacourt, saying he’s thinking of leaving because he can’t get into Jose Moron’s current first team:
    “I am thinking about leaving,” the 34-year-old told Radio Monte Carlo. “There are some offers and I am ready to go. I have offers in Italy and England.”

    Reasons why AW might buy him –
    A) He’s French.
    B) He’s ‘A touch tackling midfielder’
    C) He’s played in England before with Everton and Leeds
    D) He’s 34 – hence experienced.
    E) He might be cheap if Moron doesn’t want him.

    Reason why AW might not buy him – He was out for a long time with a bad knee injury but he’s supposed to be fully recovered.

    I haven’t read anything linking with him us – but you never know…

  51. @Romanista – You are either brave saying that on an Arsenal blog, stupid for the same reason, If United trumped u 7-1 in 1 games then im sure Arsenal can win. Come back after the 2nd leg before u start claiming things. Walcott should be back by then and he has done great things past Liverpool and AC!

  52. To that poor bloke who’s a Roma fan – Its a pitty i wont be able to see your face when we beat Roma up.

    Anyway, enough speculating fellas. We’ll just have to wait and see who Wenger buys, it just might be unknowns yet again.

  53. Poor Romanista!!!!You think you know evrything but you dont evn have a clue of who we are!!Guess what Fellow Roman:I almost jumped up to my roof when the resul;t came out that we face your poor Roma.A team that dont know Arsenal will never them.You will see the best quality of football ever performed by Arsenal this season so far.

  54. Headline: “Arsenal need more firepower after star striker falls pragnent”.

    lol, i know its the women’s team but that still doesnt sound right! Am i the only one who thinks that thats the wackiest headline ever?

  55. That’ll be a very tough tie. They’re a good side, near the top of their league and they’ll come at us hammer and tongs at their home ground. The Gunners will really have to be up for it to get through.

  56. Tough draw agreed……although im sure Aaron is relishing the chance to pop back to Wales……With Spurs potentially playing Manure and the scouse derby ..its not all bad for us this year!!

  57. A decent enough side for next round. Hopes are still there as I love arsenal for EPL title. Staying optimistic. But what about the current scenario thanks bro hartwick89 for your feedback in our financial condition. But still believe in AW for arsenal he is the right man and I agree with you he has some very though decision which he has to make. I think this is the season were we can judge how good AW is we all know what an excellent job he has done. But I think this is the season we will see or we might not see the real AW. I will pray he comes out best. Because his decision will effect the club. I love this club

  58. Well, i must say, out of the “big 4” in the FPL (F for Foreign) Arsenal is the by far the team that i have most “respect” (i use the term lightly) for. At least you guys sorta kinda earned you’re money and prestige throughout the years. The developement that you guys have is one of the best, sorta like Roma.

    You would be suprised on how much the two teams have in common. As for the 7-1, yeah that was a beatdown but it was also a growing experince for the man who will shine and be the difference maker at the Olimpico, that man is Daniele De Rossi (DDR).

    Your fowards are better, our midfield is better and both our defences are suspect. Honestly, what midfielder do you have that can match DDR’s physicality? Cesc? Cesc coming off injury? highly doubt it.

    Nasri is a talent but with italian defense he could fall easily, lets not forget, it nat even a year ago since he played in that bushwick league in France.

    All in all its Italy V.S “England” (Foreignland)

    Unless Arsenal bulk up the midfield, they dont stand a chance.

  59. P.S- we beat the best team in London 3-1 and lost 1-0 at the bridge. So we cant beat the second best team in London? i dont get it.

    We are a serious threat. Forza Roma Per Sempre.

  60. Best team in London? We beat them at their place unlike you and they cant even beat fulham as of late… I cant wait for the Roma games as they will be quite entertaining IMO. DDR is a beast in the middle but I am confident if we make the signings we are targeting, that we can handle it. Other then 1 game against Chelsea this year Roma have not been impressive. Totti should be back and it sucks that Cesc will be out but they will be 2 awesome free-flowing games in which Arsenal will advance…

  61. @ Romanista

    I have to agree with some…definitely not all of what youre saying…i have a lot of respect for Roma and reckon Totti has been one of the most exciting forwards in Europe for some time..I am hoping the stregthening of our midfield happens this Jan and DDR is on my list lets see if hes on AW!! Im sure he’ll love to play for a top european club with real prospects to win a CL…

    Forza Arsenal para sempre tambem!!

  62. hey SF

    if i remember correctly there was some confusion as to when the last transfer window ended!!!…well again the January window has been extended……..just so youre in the know!!…….

    “The January transfer window is open and the period for buying and selling has been extended to 1700 GMT on Monday 2 February because 31 January falls on a Saturday.”

  63. Luxinbrasil-

    I appreciate the admiration that you have for my boy DDR (born in ROME) but he is another Totti. He will never leave Roma because he is a full blooded roman through and through. Their was this whole rumour that the man was going to your very club a couple of months back on Goal.com (bullshit.com)

    He just renewed his contract to 2012 and is part of the backbone and future of Roma

    Im sorry but you are gonna have to take DDR out of you’re list or prepare for heartbreak cause it aint never gonna happen.

    Alberto Aquilani (born in ROME)a.k.a bubble boy, because he is always hurt is more of a realistic target for Arsenal but i will bet my bottom dollar that you will not see ONE Roman player in an Arsenal kit in this winter market.

    Roma management is not THAT dumb (they are somewhat dumb)to sell a key player to a squad that they will face in the biggest club football stage in the world.

    BTW i agree, this encounter has all the ingredients of being a classic but my Romans want to lift CL trophy in Rome and I think that will give them a little extra edge.

  64. Totti MIGHT be back for the clash at the beautiful Emirates stadium (a stadium that i envy for its magnificent architecture). I am a realistic Roma fan (i dont drink the Kool-aid) and analyze the team from outside the box.

    Roma depends on Totti way too much and for good reason, you give him space hence you give him a goal. However he is getting older and his legs are not what they once were. That was our downfall against manure and could be the downfall against the gunners. but like Gibbs said, we will see.

    Just cant wait for this match, these draws are the best i have seen in years.

  65. Romanista do you live in Roma??

    I’m not gonna criticize Roma because I’m Italian and i don’t criticize my fellow Italians. Especially Roma who has raised many Italians and given them a chance to shine at home, so i respect them over AC or Inter who buy their titles, dirty Northerns.

    But Romanista, the problem with what you said is that Roma tied with Napoli 1-1 earlier this season. We went TO ROMA and tied which is a big deal. Roma are to come to Napoli on the 25. If Roma cannot handle Napoli and the style of football being played here, then i doubt Roma can handle Arsenal with or without Totti. Napoli play a style of football very similar to Arsenal. Arsenal are better at it because they have mastered that style of play which is why i say if Roma lose to Napoli, its a good sign for Arsenal. Saying that, fellow Arsenal fans, i would do what Gibbs is doing and not talk too much about what Arsenal is “going to do” to Roma. Just wait for the game and enjoy. Roma is a VERY tough team, and very hard to beat in Roma, don’t let their league form fool you. With the final being held in Roma, their motivation will be much higher then that of AC’s last season, because as Romanista said, they will want to lift the CL title in front of their fans, Totti especially. Things like the final being held at your home may not seem like a big deal, but it gives teams extra motivation to play harder at home. We will need to win by 2-3 at the Emirates to really be safe to go to Roma. 1-0, 0-0, or 0-1 will be VERY dangerous scorelines to take to Roma where they are very good at keeping clean sheets and snatching late goals.

  66. Demetrio- No, i do not live in Rome anymore.

    Agree with you, while the north represents italian football, they have also disgraced it and created a “dirty cheating” stereotype for all squadras

    Yes, i remember that tie. Napoli went down to ten men (Roma’s weaknes for some stupid reason) and Napoli scored a fair and nice goal. It was a horror movie type beginning to the season but after that but we got 7 or 8 consecutive wins until we lost to Catania before X-mas break. Sicily is a tough place to visit, some crazy mofos in the stands

    Roma need to to beat Napoli (a team i have much respect for but lost respect for the fans after their vandalism in Rome) at home to make up for it, all Serie A followers know that it is extremely dificult but doable.

    Enough about Roma, this is the Arsenal blog but i think it is good to follow the league campaign of your future opponents in the CL and have some knowledge.

    I have been following every Arsenal game since the draw and i wont lie, I wasnt happy when Cesc got injured but i sure wasnt depressed. It is a nshame that he is not gonna be their, he is one hell of a young footballer.

  67. Sorry guys but Roma will never beat Arsenal.Arsenal is back now on their confidence, and especially after the 3 PL games of this January,Which will all be tough games but I beleive that We will set up for a 3victories.1st: Arsenal is strong at playing high profile team, 2nd:Arsenal is a team playing La liga style football mixed with English football which makes Arsenal a very unpredictable team.And with a team who havent played really so often with them, they will hit them.For me, only PL clubs can have the capacity to put us down coz These guys know our game.And still, all of this will also depend on our form, recovery of injured players, individual progress of all players (must remember that all Arsenal players are improvin game after game coz of their ages).New signings this winter and gain of confidence after these PL matches late Jan and Start Feb will change a lot of things into our quality.Teams that Im really worried abt are Inter,Barca and the other English teams.

  68. What in the world is this story about Walcott? Is there anyone who could tell me how reliable is that GOAL.COM website??? This story is shaking my world!!!really!!!
    We cant just loose the guy, he is one of our favrite.

  69. – Radads. You are worried of Inter and not of Roma? Why? cause they are just like Arsenal? Full of foreigners? Inter are a joke in Europe and always will be, why? cause they can buy Serie A tittles but its tough to buy Champions League titles. Dont be worried of them, they cant play without Zlatan and Zlatan is a big game choke artist.

    Im sorry but Arsenal are not on their “confidence” they are “struggling”. No concrete captain due to injury.

    Beleive it or not, you CAN lose. Did you think the same way before Arsenal faced Hull? I do agree on one thing, Arsenal have brought their A-game against the top clubs in the FPL. Lets see what they can do against a real Serie A team that does not cheat to win.

  70. i think wenger is killing dreams again,his groom-them-policy isn’t bad but he must buy experienced players that can fight for glory to win laurels and m ix them up with the young lads.do you remember when Arsenal last won anything worthwhile?the board must force or ask wenger to buy players.
    i am moving a motion dat d fans protest this b y not watching one of arsenal’s major matches.

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